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The Eldest Daughter Was Reborn

Author: Xiù Cè (袖侧)


In her previous life, Zhang Yansheng wasted her life because of her scumbag father and stepmother—smoking, drinking, getting tattoos, and drag racing. Reborn back to high school, Yansheng, a rebellious girl, looks at the luxurious mansion and million-dollar cars at home… What’s with being rebellious? Isn’t it better to inherit the family business instead?

Yansheng is now determined to study hard and be a qualified heir of the family.

What about the stepmother and half-brother who are actually devils? What she wasn’t able to do in her previous life was to win the fight. So, Yansheng puts an end to her bad demeanor and follows the right path this time.

Scumbag Father: I will listen to Yanyan!
Half-brother: Sister, I won’t dare!
Half-sister: My sister is the prettiest in the entire universe!
Grandmother: Yanyan is the heir of the family!

The stepmother, with her precious son, cries bitterly, “The eldest child was obviously a daughter, so why did she inherit the family’s property? I gave birth to a son!”

Everyone says that the prince of the Yue family, Yue Song, is a cold-hearted person, cold as winter. Until that day, someone has seen his gentleness to Yansheng, gentle as water. “I want to talk to you about marriage between heirs of powerful families.”


Zhang Yansheng – main character
Yue Song – male lead
Zhang Huan – MC’s father
Zhang Heling – MC’s half-sister
Zhang Shuocheng – MC’s half-brother
Liang Yingying – MC’s stepmother
Auntie Luo/Mrs. Luo – MC’s nanny
Granny – MC’s grandaunt
Grandma/Song Lanying – MC’s grandmother/Zhang Huan’s mother
Mr. Zhou/Driver Zhou – Zhangs’ driver
Auntie Wang/Mrs. Wang – Shuocheng’s nanny
Liang Zheng – stepmother’s nephew
Zhang Yu – MC’s uncle/Huan’s brother
Zhao Lanfen – Zhang Yu’s wife
Zhang Lin – Zhang Yu’s son
Zhang Qi – Zhang Yu’s daughter
Qin Hao – Heling’s classmate (extra character)
Xu Lichen – MC’s friend (previous and current life)
Wang Qian – MC’s bestfriend in the previous life
Zhang Zhiyuan – MC’s classmate
Cai Yan – part of the girl group of bullies
Zou Zihan – part of the girl group of bullies
Ye Qingwen – Xu Lichen’s father’s mistress
Xu Mulin – Xu Lichen’s half-brother
Mo Lin – an investment consultant
Qian Wei – ML’s dormmate
Xue Xintong – ML’s maternal cousin
Yue Qifeng – ML’s grandfather
Wu Zhihua – Zhang Qi’s suitor
Huang Zhe – drug dealer

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Chapter 1: Rebirth (Part 1)
Chapter 1: Rebirth (Part 2)
Chapter 2: Summer Vacation (Part 1)
Chapter 2: Summer Vacation (Part 2)
Chapter 3: Going to a Banquet (Part 1)
Chapter 3: Going to a Banquet (Part 2)
Chapter 4: The Elders (Part 1)
Chapter 4: The Elders (Part 2)
Chapter 5: Get into Trouble (Part 1)
Chapter 5: Get into Trouble (Part 2)
Chapter 6: Younger Sister (Part 1)
Chapter 6: Younger Sister (Part 2)
Chapter 7: Snatch (Part 1)
Chapter 7: Snatch (Part 2)
Chapter 8: Lesson (Part 1)
Chapter 8: Lesson (Part 2)
Chapter 9: Beaten (Part 1)
Chapter 9: Beaten (Part 2)
Chapter 10: Anger (Part 1)
Chapter 10: Anger (Part 2)
Chapter 11: Later
Chapter 12: Mrs. Wang
Chapter 13: Second Beating
Chapter 14: Use the Car
Chapter 15: Go Out
Chapter 16: Ferule
Chapter 17: Obedient
Chapter 18: Take Pictures
Chapter 19: Sisters
Chapter 20: Award Certificates
Chapter 21: A Living Father
Chapter 22: Teach a Woman
Chapter 23: Nephew
Chapter 24: Cousin
Chapter 25: Brush Shoulders
Chapter 26: Shopping
Chapter 27: Birthday
Chapter 28: So Beautiful
Chapter 29: Go to Work
Chapter 30: Idiot
Chapter 31: Mockery
Chapter 32: Those Times
Chapter 33: Throw a Glass
Chapter 34: Strange
Chapter 35: To Like
Chapter 36: Died
Chapter 37: To Brag
Chapter 38: Sneak Shot
Chapter 39: Teach a Lesson
Chapter 40: To Report
Chapter 41: Hatred
Chapter 42: A Deal
Chapter 43: Scheme
Chapter 44: Intimate
Chapter 45: Police Report
Chapter 46: Get Out of Here!
Chapter 47: Seek Refuge
Chapter 48: To Complain
Chapter 49: Hostility
Chapter 50: Node
Chapter 51: Youth
Chapter 52: Teach a Lesson
Chapter 53: Save the Beauty
Chapter 54: Teach a Lesson
Chapter 55: Second-Grader
Chapter 56: Twist and Turn
Chapter 57: Licking Dog
Chapter 58: Holiday
Chapter 59: Perplexed
Chapter 60: Mental State
Chapter 61: Hostility
Chapter 62: Easy to Crack
Chapter 63: Punishment
Chapter 64: Leave Request
Chapter 65: Make Trouble
Chapter 66: Accept a Friend Request
Chapter 67: Teenager
Chapter 68: Evil Fire
Chapter 69: Beaten
Chapter 70: Pains
Chapter 71: Meeting
Chapter 72: Clear-Headed
Chapter 73: Paraphrase
Chapter 74: Suggestion
Chapter 75: Fight for Favor
Chapter 76: Good Person
Chapter 77: Weekend
Chapter 78: Approval
Chapter 79: End of Semester
Chapter 80: Intelligence Quotient
Chapter 81: Attend an Event
Chapter 82: Younger Male Cousin
Chapter 83: High School Freshman
Chapter 84: Clean and Orderly
Chapter 85: Chinese New Year Celebration
Chapter 86: Go Together
Chapter 87: Dark Horse
Chapter 88: Gain
Chapter 89: Refusal
Chapter 90: Separation
Chapter 91: Swelling
Chapter 92: Subtle
Chapter 93: Field Inspection
Chapter 94: Negotiation
Chapter 95: Clear Conscience
Chapter 96: It’s Her
Chapter 97: Yanyan
Chapter 98: Comparison
Chapter 99: New Semester
Chapter 100: Birthday
Chapter 101: Birthday Celebration
Chapter 102: Pervert
Chapter 103: Arrangements
Chapter 104: Too Difficult
Chapter 105: A Friend
Chapter 106: Law-Abiding Citizen
Chapter 107: Invitation
Chapter 108: Pity
Chapter 109: Vacation
Chapter 110: Internship
Chapter 111: Rely on One’s Prestige
Chapter 112: Expose
Chapter 113: Rewards
Chapter 114: Relax
Chapter 115: Variable
Chapter 116: Shoulder
Chapter 117: Plan
Chapter 118: Return of Investment
Chapter 119: Destiny
Chapter 120: Coincidence
Chapter 121: Thunder
Chapter 122: Bring to an End
Chapter 123: Develop an Interest
Chapter 124: Identity Exposed
Chapter 125: Confused
Chapter 126: Sail to the Sea
Chapter 127: Because of You
Chapter 128: The Taste
Chapter 129: Return of Investment
Chapter 130: Talk Later
Chapter 131: Humans
Chapter 132: Scum
Chapter 133: Celebration
Chapter 134: Oh No!
Chapter 135: Competition
Chapter 136: Go for a Kill
Chapter 137: Official’s Prestige
Chapter 138: Squeeze Out
Chapter 140: Wait Idly for Opportunities
Chapter 141: To Make Some Inquiries
Chapter 142: Agree
Chapter 143: Principle
Chapter 144: Period of Time
Chapter 145: Change in the Family
Chapter 146: Response
Chapter 147: Deal
Chapter 148: Obedient
Chapter 149: Final Chapter
Chapter 150: Epilogue

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