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Chapter 14: Use the Car

“I asked Auntie Wang to call you to do your homework, didn’t you understand?” Yansheng shouted, “What are you running for?! Can you still run away from this house?!”

“I won’t do it! Mom! Mom!”

“Let your mother get a good night’s sleep. You have me as your sister. From now on, I will take care of you!”

This pair of brother and sister loathed each other for a lifetime, and they never really regarded each other as a sibling. At this moment, Yansheng called herself a ‘sister’, which felt a bit insidious.

In any case, Shuocheng was suddenly frightened.

Yansheng said that while taking Shuocheng into the house.

Shuocheng felt that it was going to be worse and that he was going to fall into the tiger’s den. He struggled hard, and Yansheng was careless so she was scratched on her hand.

It hurt so bad.

Yansheng was furious. “You are so naughty! You just scratch people at every turn!”

She squatted down on the spot and directly pressed Shuocheng’s back using her knee. Without a tool this time, she raised her hand and spanked the little boy’s butt with a ‘slap’.

Shuocheng shouted hoarsely, “Mom! Mom! Yansheng hit me!”

Another slap fell hard onto his butt, causing Shuocheng to scream in pain.

Yansheng said coldly, “What did I tell you yesterday? Can you just call me by my name?”

Shuocheng squeezed his neck and didn’t stop howling, but the content of his scream changed. “Mom! Sister hit me! Mom!”

“Shut up!” He was slapped again twice.

But Shuocheng didn’t scream for nothing this time. The window on the third floor suddenly opened and Yingying, who was wearing a sexy lace nightdress, leaned out and shouted angrily, “Yansheng! Let go of my son! You stop it for me!”

She was sleeping soundly when she heard Shuocheng’s wailing. The air conditioner was on, the quilt was covering her up to her ears, and she didn’t really want to get up. Anyway, there was a nanny who would definitely go over there upon hearing Shuocheng loud voice.

When Yingying heard Shuocheng’s howled again, she wondered how Yansheng was beating him.

Then, she got up suddenly. When she opened the window and took a look, she almost fainted.

She found that Yansheng did not only hit her son, but Yansheng also stripped Shuocheng’s clothes. His son was shirtless now.

This is too much bullying!

Yansheng raised her head and glanced at Yingying’s chest that had been dazzled by the sun, then she sneered.

She lowered her head to Shuocheng’s ear and muttered, “How long do you think it will take for your mother to come down from the third floor? How much time do you think is enough for me to hit you? Have you forgotten all the lessons from yesterday? You’re still counting on your mother to save you? When I suppressed your mother yesterday, do you think she really had the power to fight back?

“What now? Do you want to get beaten again? Or do you want to do your homework obediently?”

This woman is a demon, right? Shuocheng thought, she is definitely the worst villain in the world!

But Shuocheng’s butt was hurting so much now. Although it was not as painful as it was yesterday, when Yansheng used a hanger, it was still very painful. He thought about what happened yesterday and remembered that his mother was strangled on the sofa by Yansheng and was unable to fight back.

“Don’t—don’t hit me anymore!” He cried out, “I will do my homework!”

Yansheng smiled a bit.


“Where are they? Where are they? Where did they go?”

By the time Yingying rushed to the backyard, both Yansheng and Shuocheng were already gone. She turned around and grabbed her hair angrily. After thinking about it, she rushed into the house again and bumped into Yansheng on the stairs.

“Where is Shuoshuo! What did you do to Shuoshuo? Zhang Yansheng! I’m telling you, if you dare to touch my son again, I’m not going to be done with you!” she shouted sharply while pointing her finger at Yansheng.

Yansheng looked at her finger that was about to poke the tip of her nose.

Yingying’s fingers were really beautiful. Her nails were also long and delicately done, and there were even some small crystals or bling-bling on them.

Yansheng raised an eyebrow, then she suddenly stretched out her hand. She grasped that finger and bent it backwards.

Yingying screamed and knelt down directly. In order to relieve the pain in her finger, she twisted her body along Yansheng’s strength and basically lay down on the stairs.

“Let go! You let go! Ahhh~” cried Yingying.

It really hurts.

Yansheng clutched that finger. “Who taught you to point at others with your fingers? Your mother?”

Yingying screamed, “It hurts~ Ahh~ Ahh~ It hurts~ Let me go!”

“My mother taught me to be self-respecting and self-loving since I was a child. I can’t tolerate others pointing at the tip of my nose like this.” Yansheng said coldly, “I don’t care who taught you to be so uneducated, you can go back and talk to that person! If you dare to point your finger at me like this again, then don’t ask for this finger anymore.

“I didn’t do anything harsh to your son. I just spanked his butt a few times. My father asked me to manage your children’s affairs since you don’t care about them anyway, and I agreed to it. I have made it clear to Shuocheng that during this summer vacation, he needs to do his homework every morning and can only play in the afternoon, and he also agreed to it. I am going out now. When I come back and find that he has not yet finished his homework for today, then I’ll beat him again.”

After Yansheng finished speaking, she finally let go of Yingying’s finger.

Yingying immediately grabbed her finger that was broken in pain and gasped.

Yansheng stepped over her body and went downstairs.

Yingying’s pain and crying caused snots to come down from her nose. She panted for a long time and felt that it didn’t hurt so much afterward.

Yansheng walked out of the door, while Liang Yingying got up in a haste, breathed in, and went up to the third floor.

Shuocheng was actually doing his homework in the room. When he saw Yingying, his mouth flattened with a hint of crying any minute. “Mom, Sister beat me…”

After being beaten twice, he finally remembered for a long time and didn’t dare to call her eldest sister ‘Yansheng’.

Yingying felt distressed and said, “Let me take a look.”

She pulled Shuocheng’s pants down to check, but his little butt was white and didn’t even have the red marks it had after being beaten yesterday. Children’s recovery ability was really strong.

She was too stunned to speak.

She hated that there was not even a trace. She couldn’t complain if there was not even a decent evidence. Her husband, who had a big heart, would definitely say ‘it’s okay, it’s okay’ again to her.

“Mom, I don’t want to do my homework! Sister forced me to do my homework! She said that if I can’t finish it, then she will beat me up!” complained Shuocheng as he shook Liang Yingying’s hand.

“Let’s see if she dares!” Yingying shouted, “Don’t be afraid of her, Mom will never let her beat you up again!”

Shuocheng’s eyes lit up. “Then don’t go out today! You have to protect me at home!”

Yingying almost choked upon hearing those words.

How could she not go out? It would kill her if she stayed at home.

“I have an appointment with your Auntie Lisa—”

Before she could finish her words, Shuocheng spoke again, “Sister will beat me up when you go out! You are not allowed to go! You are not allowed to go!”

He tugged at Yingying’s nightdress.

When the nightdress swayed, it was too short to cover her butt. Her black T-back panties and white butt appeared from time to time.

In fact, if she went downstairs in her nightdress, she would wear a silk night robe on top of it. But today, she was so irritated and came down directly just wearing her lace nightdress.

Fortunately, there were no other men in this house and Shuocheng was still young.

But Mrs. Wang rolled her eyes as she stood on the side and she scolded Yingying in her heart, She’s so indecent!

Shuocheng refused to allow his mother to go out, so Yingying was annoyed. She slapped his butt twice and yelled at him, “Knock it off, okay? Don’t you know that Mom has something to do? Do your own business! Come here! Come here and do your homework!”

Today was probably Shuocheng’s unlucky day. He didn’t know what happened to the women in the family. One or both of them slapped him on the butt and forced him to do his homework.

He lay on the ground crying and refused to get up.

Even so, Yingying would not go out just for him. She called out to Mrs. Wang to manage him. “Take care of him. Don’t let him cry for too long.”

She looked up at the clock and was anxious. “I will be late if I don’t put on makeup now!”

She hurriedly went back to her room to wash up and do her makeup.

On the other hand, Shuocheng lay on the ground and howled for a while.

It was normal for him to lie down and howl, and Mrs. Wang had witnessed a lot of this situation so she was not impatient. She just sat on the side while knitting a sweater. After a while, she said, “You have to hurry up, you know. You’re doing your homework slowly. Your eldest sister said that you must finish it before noon. She asked your second sister to check it for you. If you do not finish it soon, your second sister will definitely tell your eldest sister. Then your eldest sister will beat you again.”

Shuocheng yelled, “Mom said she will not dare!”

“She beat you twice already, yesterday and today. Do you think she will dare do it again?” Mrs. Wang continued, “You see, even if your mother is at home, you still got beaten, so it’s useless. Your mother and your father are no good.”

Shuocheng recalled what happened yesterday and stopped howling.

“Hurry up, look at what time it is. Chinese, mathematics, and English—you have three subjects to finished!” Mrs. Wang said, “I won’t do it for you anymore. Your eldest sister said that this is a crime. If I help you with your homework, then I’ll be sent to the police station! Oh, that’s so scary! I heard that aside from the adult being locked in a cell, the child will also be locked in a cell while the policemen will watch you do his homework!”

The little boy was a bit scared after hearing that.

Mrs. Wang murmured bitterly, “If you keep lying down there, then your eldest sister would be back soon, so hurry up.”

Shuocheng finally got up angrily.

Mrs. Wang also found it strange. In the past, who in this family could make this little boy submit so quickly? She concluded that Yansheng was quite powerful.

She pulled a tissue and wiped away Shuocheng’s tears and snot. “Okay, finish your homework now.”


Yingying washed her face, changed clothes, and put on her makeup. She was carrying an expensive bag and prepared to go out alluringly. She walked out of the house, but found that the car and driver were not there.

The driver knew her daily routine and he usually parked the car at the door to wait for her around this time.

She was a little angry. She took out her cellphone and called the driver. “Hey! Mr. Zhou, where are you? Hurry up and drive the car here! I’m in a hurry!”

On the other end of the call, the driver replied helplessly, “Miss Yanyan asked me to take her somewhere.”

As he said that, he subconsciously raised his eyes and glanced in the rearview mirror.

The girl, who didn’t want to be in the back seat, also raised her eyes and glanced at him. Obviously, she just graduated from middle school but her cold eyes was so scary.

Mr. Zhou quickly retracted his gaze and continued responding to Yingying on the call.



“No, we haven’t arrived yet.”

“How long? I don’t know either.”

The girl in the back seat suddenly spoke and said coldly, “Just tell her to drive by herself. I’m using this car today.”

If it wasn’t for her rebirth, Yansheng really didn’t know that when she was a teenager, all the servants at home probably despised her so much.

Mrs. Wang had always been estranged from her and had a casual attitude towards her. In the past, she didn’t like talking to Yingying and Shuocheng at all, and she barely talked to Mrs. Wang so she didn’t care anyway.

After being born again, she realized that something was wrong.

Mrs. Wang was just an employee, but she actually treated Yansheng with such contempt and didn’t take her seriously.

When she walked out the door today, she realized that she didn’t have a driver’s license when she was fifteen years old and couldn’t drive out by herself.

It just so happened that there was a car parked outside already and the driver was smoking in the shade of the porch.

She walked over the car and said that she wanted to use it.

However, she didn’t expect the driver would be brazen enough to refuse her.

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