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Chapter 13: Second Beating

Yansheng had accidentally heard Shuocheng on a call and said that he would spend money to find someone to help him with his homework.

He complained that it was convenient when he was a child, as the homework in elementary school was simple and the former nanny at home could help him do it if he gave her money. She started doing his homework in the first grade, but it didn’t work later on. The nanny didn’t have a high education level, so she couldn’t do his high school homework.

When Yansheng told Mrs. Wang that she had to supervise Shuocheng’s homework, she didn’t take it seriously. She thought that both of the child’s parents were still there, so how could it be Yansheng’s turn to take care of her younger brother’s affairs?

Besides, Yansheng was not even a mother yet.

Mrs. Wang didn’t know how Yansheng could pinpoint her shortcomings directly.

Heling stomped her feet. “How can you help him with his homework? Don’t you know that this is harming him?”

The little girl was angry and anxious. She was Shoucheng’s sister, although there was a gap in their relationship, she still cared about him. So she became anxious when she heard what Yansheng said.

“A third-grader kid can understand the situation, so why can’t you adults understand it?” Yansheng sneered.

The ridicule and contempt in her eyes were too obvious. Mrs. Wang was sweating profusely. Of course, she understood it as she had raised her own children herself. Whoever wanted to do the homework for her children, she had to chase after him with a broomstick.

But Shuocheng, this little devil, asked her to do his homework while holding a red banknote on his hand. To do his assignment for a hundred yuan at a time, how could Mrs. Wang not want to make such easy money?

If she was in someone else’s house and this child’s parents were looking at her, she might not dare. But in the Zhang family, the father only cared about making money outside. For the mother, she was enchanting in makeup all day long. As soon as they went out, the children were thrown to the nannies at home, so she was bold enough.

Mrs. Wang actually didn’t know that this kind of thing would be discovered by her employer sooner or later, but some people just couldn’t stand the temptation.

Now that she was exposed by Yansheng and was threatened, Mrs. Wang’s face turned pale.

If she lost her job, she could just look for a new one again. But if she were to lose money or get into it too deep, who knew what was going to happen?

Yansheng suddenly sneered, the corners of her lips slanted, and she said slowly, “I just said that I don’t care about the past. I will take care of things from now on. Do you understand?”

When she said this, Mrs. Wang was relieved and nodded quickly. “I understand, I understand.”

Yansheng then asked, “Where is Shuocheng? Is he up already?”

“He is playing in the backyard. As a child, he got up early and had breakfast early.”

Yansheng said nothing, only glanced at the watch on the wall and then at Mrs. Wang.

Mrs. Wang was smart and said, “Now is the time to study, so I will call him!” Then, she ran to the backyard.

Heling said, “Sister, that auntie is not good. Let’s tell Dad about it and let him fire her.”

Yansheng’s eyes swept like a knife at the little girl. “Who authorized you to take care of this matter?”

Heling suddenly wilted.

But Yansheng regretted her action and words immediately.

Heling was already fifteen years old when Yansheng died.

She should be a young and bright girl, but her personality was not very good. She didn’t dare to speak, she couldn’t express herself, and she was a bit submissive. To put it more bluntly, she had a cowardly temperament. There was Yansheng, a bomb that exploded at any time in the family, and Shuocheng, a lawless little devil, while Heling was just a little transparent and had no sense of existence.

Even the servants at home didn’t take her seriously.

The development of this kind of character was caused by the long-term neglect of her family and the belittling and reprimanding that her mother threw on her at every turn after she entered the puberty.

Just as Yansheng didn’t even think about it, she negated the little girl when she blurted out.

Recalling the moment when this little girl was crying silently, who had no one’s attention, at her funeral, Yansheng, the arrogant older sister, felt a little guilt in her heart.

The half-sister in front of her turned out to be the only one in the world who was really sad for her death.

But Yansheng was also used to being held and coaxed by a group of friends. She always had a bad temper and never apologized.

Watching the little girl biting her lip and lowering her head, and her eyebrows also lost their spirit, so Yansheng looked away.

But after all, she was a reborn person. Technically, she was twenty-one years old and an adult already. So she didn’t need to be awkward when interacting with an elementary school student.

Yansheng glanced at the ceiling for a while, took a breath, then turned her head again and said stiffly, “What you said is not wrong.”

Heling raised her head.

The little girl’s face was pink and tender, and her eyes were moistened. Yansheng’s heart completely softened.

“Dismissing her is also an option. But when she leaves, we have to find a new nanny to look after Shuocheng.” Yansheng explained, “Considering Shuocheng’s bad traits, the new nanny may not be able to take care of him properly. If you look at those three days where these two nannies were exchanged, it will be so annoying. It’s not as good as keeping it like this. She’s been taking care of him for many years, so she knows everything about him. It would not be surprising if the new nanny that will be caught and scratched by Shuocheng will resign and leave.”

“But…” Heling still wanted to refute but she didn’t know what to say.

Yansheng understood Heling’s thoughts. Little children looked at the world as either black or white, that people could only be divided into good and bad, and things could only be divided into right and wrong.

She used to be an extreme person, wanting Huan’s attention, so she made all kinds of troubles.

In the end, she killed herself.

She was also a child.

“She did do something wrong, but this is just the right thing. I am trying to handle her and she didn’t dare not to listen to me.” Yansheng said, “Otherwise, if things are like as it was before, do you think she will listen to me?”

This nanny, with a surname Wang, didn’t take Yansheng seriously before.

She was hired by Yingying before she entered the Zhang family. She took care of Shuocheng since he was born and later followed Yingying into the Zhangs’ mansion. In her heart, she only regarded Yingying as her employer.

Yansheng and Yingying had a stepmother-stepdaughter relationship. Didn’t they all say that if you had a stepmother, then you would have a stepfather too? Mrs. Wang naturally felt that there was no need to take this late wife’s child too seriously.

Anyway, her main job was to take care of Shuocheng and she didn’t need to get along with Yansheng at all.

Although no one had actually pointed out these things, Heling actually felt something. When Yansheng said those words, she felt a sudden realization and nodded. “So that’s how it is.”

“What are you doing now?” Yansheng suddenly asked, “Have you finished your summer homework? Why do you keep sticking with me here?”

Heling stuck out her tongue. “I’m going to do it now.” After speaking, she was ready to go upstairs.

“Heling!” Yansheng suddenly stopped her.

Heling immediately stopped and looked back.

Her older sister was sitting on the sofa, holding her chin with her backhand, covering her mouth, nose and small half of her face with her other hand, but her eyes looked elsewhere. It was as if she wanted to say something but couldn’t say it.

Heling was puzzled.

Yansheng struggled for a few seconds and finally overcame her own emotions. She put down her hands and looked at Heling.

“I didn’t have a good attitude towards you just now, I was wrong. If you have any opinion, just say it like you did just now. Don’t be afraid to say it because others deny you. Only when you say it, others will be able hear it and look at you, and only then will they notice your existence.”

Heling didn’t seem to understand it completely, but she felt little happiness in her heart. Yansheng talked to her kindly and calmly, with instruction and guidance, and this was the first time it happened. So she smiled and replied, “Okay, I got it.”

There was a smile on the little girl’s face, as bright as sunshine, as clear as spring water, and there was no haze at all. It made the reborn people who had been extreme, resentful, and gloomy in the past felt ashamed of themselves.

Seeing Heling bouncing up and down the stairs, Yansheng sat for a while before standing up and preparing to go upstairs to get her bag. She planned to go outside.

But maybe it was her unlucky words because just now, she said that a nanny was ‘caught and scratched’. And now, Mrs. Wang rushed back with her arm raised.

“Miss Yanyan, take a look! It’s not that I’m not good at my job! Take a look, take a look!” She was really scratched by Shuocheng on her arm. “I can’t handle him, look, he scratched me.”

Shuocheng was only in the first grade but he was already so lawless. Thinking of what he would do when he grew up, Yansheng’s face immediately became hostile.

“Where is he?”

“Sand pool in the backyard.”

The sand pool was built by Yansheng’s mother when she was a child. Later, when Yansheng grew up and stopped playing with sand, she abandoned it, and the sand gradually condensed into soil.

Later, Yingying took Heling and Shuocheng into the house, and Huan asked some workers to switch it into new sand for the children to play with.

Yansheng walked past Mrs. Wang in big strides. Her feet landed soundly on the ground as she walked vigorously.

Mrs. Wang was secretly speechless. Although this young lady used to quarrel with the madam a lot, she was okay with the servants at home and didn’t use her temper with them.

Yansheng was a child left by the master’s late wife. Seeing that the new wife gave birth to a son, Mrs. Wang and the other servants were very ordinary to Yansheng, and they were not at ease.

Unexpectedly, the Yansheng suddenly became powerful yesterday and had beaten Shuocheng, the little devil, for the first time. When the husband and wife came back, all of them went to the corridor to watch the excitement and how the Yansheng would end up.

As a result, they had seen how the girl, who usually only punched the target dreary, had stunned her stepmother.

What was even more surprising was that the husband didn’t blame her too much, and his attitude seemed to be more biased towards her.

Mrs. Wang felt that the rhythm of this house was going to change a bit.

She was speechless and quickly followed.

Shuocheng already scratched Mrs. Wang and she still said, “Your sister asked me to call you to do your homework! Your eldest sister!” Then she left.

Aside from not listening to her, the little boy even continued to play there. And when he saw Yansheng appearing in the backyard, he immediately jumped up and ran away.

Yansheng turned her head and saw that there was a knee-high bouncing ball in the toy box under the eaves of the house. There were two horn-like things on the ball. The ‘horns’ are for children to grab when riding on the ball.

She grabbed the horn, her eyes caught up with Shuocheng’s trajectory, she aimed at the front of him, and threw the bouncing ball with a flick of her arm.

It hit Shuocheng, just right in front of him.

Shuocheng was a child, so he didn’t have the ability to react so quickly, and he pounced on the ball all at once. Instinctively, he grabbed the ‘horns’ and rolled on the ground with the ball in his arms. As soon as he wanted to get up, Yansheng grabbed the collar on the back of his neck.

She grabbed Shuocheng’s neck collar and wanted to lift him up. Unexpectedly, Shuocheng seemed like a loach. As soon as the two small arms were raised, the little boy slid out of his shirt in a stab, wanting to run again.

Yansheng almost laughed, but she moved and reacted quickly. She stretched out her hand to catch Shuocheng’s waist.

Shuocheng kicked his short legs indiscriminately. “Let me go! Let me go!”

He opened his mouth again and shouted, “Mom! Mom!”

He knew that his mother was still at home at this time.

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