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Chapter 132: Scum

When they went to B City for the premiere of《Leaving the Solar System》, Mo Lin took advantage of the hot iron to recommend new projects to Zhang Huan. The entertainment industry has developed well in the past two years, and Mo Lin has several film and television projects in her hands.

After going back and forth, Zhang Huan hooked up with a female star.

Mo Lin felt that she was the middleman who caused the two of them to hook up. If it were another customer, Mo Lin wouldn’t care. It’s none of her business anyway.

But this is Zhang Yansheng’s father. Mo Lin and Zhang Yansheng are very close to each other, and their relationship is more or less beyond the relationship between ordinary clients. After thinking about it, Mo Lin decided to tell Zhang Yansheng, afraid that Zhang Yansheng and her mother would suffer.

“In fact, it has been a long time.” She said, “But I’m afraid that it will affect your college entrance examination, so I waited until now. Sorry, Yansheng.”

“Needless to say, I’m sorry, Big Sister Mo, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s none of your business.” Zhang Yansheng told her, “You don’t have to worry about me. My dad’s current wife is not my mother either. My mother passed away a long time ago.”

Mo Lin was relieved when she said that. She had learned that Zhang Yansheng’s father is a habitual offender and that Zhang Yansheng seems to be used to it a long time ago. After thinking about it, she said to Zhang Yansheng, “Then you… have to protect your interests, okay?”

Zhang Yansheng laughed: “Big Sister Mo, I like your personality.”

She did not talk to her about her feelings or anything, but she first wanted her to protect her own interests instead. This is really too appetizing for Zhang Yansheng.

That being said, when she sat on the terrace and looked at the snow-capped mountains and the open sky in the distance, she still felt a trace of the desolation of the stagnant water like an old man.

This kind of sentiment is no longer aimed at Zhang Huan himself, or at one of his behaviors, but at the marriage itself.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t understand why Zhang Huan had to get the certificate with Liang Yingying before, because people like Zhang Huan could live a life without red flags but colorful flags instead. However, after she experienced the rebirth, seeing Liang Yingying’s current position in the Zhang family, and seeing Zhang Huan’s attitude and requirements towards her, she already vaguely understood.

It turns out that sometimes when a man marries a woman and lets her enter the family, he may not actually want a wife. There may even be a very large majority of men who think this way.

But when the focus is on the female group, this ratio is just the opposite. The vast majority of women want love, husbands, and harmonious and happy marriages. Of course, there are also some women who only want a person and use it as a tool, but compared with men, there is an inversion of proportions between women and men who think this way.

Zhang Yansheng is also a woman, so she cannot agree with Zhang Huan’s view of marriage. Because essentially, this view of marriage despises the sacredness of marriage itself, making marriage utilitarian and rather low-level, and becoming a means to achieve a certain quality of life.

This is true for Zhang Huan, and so are Xu Lichen’s parents. What Father Xu really likes is clearly the kind of weak little white flower, but he married Mother Xu. It’s mainly because Mother Xu is capable, able to support a family, and able to help him in his career.

This makes Zhang Yansheng lose interest in marriage itself.

She even started to think about it now, to the point where Mo Lin had to call and warn her. Is Zhang Huan’s love affair so obvious for other people to notice it, or was it just rare for Mo Lin to see it and find it strange?

Aside from the little star in front of him, Zhang Yansheng was even considering if there will be a day where such a woman will appear and make Zhang Huan want to change his wife, then what should she do?

As a result, after Zhang Yansheng compared various hypotheses, she found that she might… take the initiative to help Liang Yingying stabilize her Mrs. Zhang’s position.

Because compared to other people, Liang Yingying is really a very weak opponent. Even to Zhang Yansheng, she is now unworthy of being regarded as an opponent.

Zhang Yansheng had suppressed her to death, made her instrumental to the greatest extent, and minimized her influence on Zhang Huan, and even changed her influence on Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng.

Not to mention the staff at home, from the aunts to the drivers.

To put it simply, in the state where Liang Yingying is Mrs. Zhang, Zhang Yansheng controls and influences almost everything, including Zhang Huan.

Her interests can be maximized and her life can be most stable.

And if there is such a woman who has a great influence on Zhang Huan to the extent that he would want to change his wife, you can imagine that it is a variable which is difficult to control. If this variable reproduces other variables, such as giving birth to Zhang Huan again, there is no doubt that Zhang Yansheng’s interests will suffer losses and her status will be threatened.

This is not what she wants to see.

Therefore, supporting Liang Yingying is her best choice.

At this time, Yue Song came to the terrace. He took the mixed wine and handed it to Zhang Yansheng.

This made Zhang Yansheng wake up from these hypotheses and suddenly realized that her current thinking pattern was completely separated from the girl in the previous life who hysterically only wanted her father to look at her more.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help being startled.

“What’s wrong?” Yue Song asked.

“Nothing.” Zhang Yansheng took a sip of wine. At this time, it is very suitable to have a little alcohol to stimulate the nerves.

Yue Song asked her at this time: “Do you like it here?”

His neckline is open, his collarbone is delicate, and his Adam’s apple is sexy. Zhang Yansheng woke up in his arms this morning.

This place is far away from the world, without the troubles of self-serving vulgarity and selfishness, only the beautiful scenery of nature and the kisses and hugs of close lovers. It is simply a perfect moment.

It would be great if life could be frozen here.

But obviously, some people don’t think so, because some people hope that time will continue to advance.

Yue Song gathered her hair and said: “Our family has vacation houses like this all over the world. Some are in this kind of environment, some are in the metropolis, and each has its own advantages.”

Zhang Yansheng exclaimed: “Auntie and uncle are really so happy to see the scenery all over the world.”

Yue Song smiled slightly: “I want to do the same.”

Zhang Yansheng looked at him. His deep eyes were looking at her, and there was affection surging and gushing out from those eyes.

Zhang Yansheng was startled, with a faint premonition, but she didn’t want to think about it.

“Yansheng,” Yue Song said, “I hope to take you to every vacation house of our family, just like my parents.”

Zhang Yansheng did not speak.

Yue Song stretched out his hand, took the wine glass from her hand, and put it aside.

He stood up holding her hand and knelt down on one knee in front of her.

Zhang Yansheng’s premonition really came true.

At first glance, the ring is ancestral, with a classical style and a huge gemstone, with a heavy sense of inheritance and ritual.

Yue Song proposed to her: “Yansheng, marry me, and we will travel all over the world together, okay?”

Zhang Yansheng, a girl who is a scum and put on her skirt and turned her face to deny others, thought of the first reason for rejecting the proposal: “I am not yet of the legal age for marriage.”

“Of course, I know, so I think we should get engaged first.” Yue Song got up and sat beside her, squeezed her hand, and explained his reasons for doing so, “Our family is different from yours, unlike your family, who has your father and uncle. Our family is inherited from generation to generation. When my grandfather is older, he always worries about when he will suddenly give up, so he pushes me very tightly and that is why I didn’t go to graduate school. I will officially enter the family business this year. I will be really busy in the future. This means that I can’t stay with you all the time in school.”

And college life is completely different from high school life.

Colorful, youthful and free, the campus is full of hormones. There are a lot of boys who are really the same age as her.

It took a while before Zhang Yansheng understood it: “Are you afraid that I will change my mind?”

Yue Song looked up at the blue sky and admitted, “It can be understood that way.”

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows: “You don’t seem to be such an insecure person. Or do you have no confidence in me?”

“I have confidence in you and me. But I am worried about something else.” Yue Song was honest, “Because I have been running at both ends of the school and the company, I am particularly aware that the two sides are completely different environments, and it can be said that there is a dimensional wall. And you have to stay in school for at least four more years. What I am worried about is that these two environments will bring different changes to you and me.”

“Logical paradox.” Zhang Yansheng pointed out mercilessly, “If by then, we have really become unsuitable to be together because of the influence of our surroundings, what if we are married? Does the operation of divorce have no meaning?”

Yue Song and Zhang Yansheng have been together for a year, and he knows very well that Zhang Yansheng is a persistent and tough person. If you can’t convince her, then it’ll be useless to say more.

And the logical paradox she pointed out really exists and cannot be refuted.

Yue Song sighed and put away the ring, but still held Zhang Yansheng’s hand: “Tell me then, how can I tie you?”

Zhang Yansheng smiled, leaned over, and kissed him.

The kiss was lingering and affectionate. Because this is the stage when young men and women have the most impulsive hormones and the most dopamine control of the brain.

Hormones tell their brains that at this moment, they are very happy and merry.

But Zhang Yansheng was really a trash, she just wanted to stay in this state with Yue Song, and didn’t want to go any further.

Zhang Yansheng and Yue Song returned to K City in China.

Everyone’s progress is different. At this time, Zhang Heling, who is about to graduate from elementary school, is already preparing for her graduation exam, while Zhang Shuocheng, who is in the fourth grade, has not finished his curriculum this semester.

“Yoh, did you have a good time? Where did you go to play this time?” Zhang Huan asked.

Zhang Yansheng was obviously very relaxed, and all the blue and black eyes caused by lack of sleep in high school were gone. The skin was so supple and shiny, it was like a shelled egg, and there was no flaw.

Being so young makes middle-aged and elderly people jealous!

Moreover, Zhang Huan always felt that Zhang Yansheng seemed to have some different feelings between her eyebrows, but he couldn’t tell. Zhang Yansheng also looked at Zhang Huan.

She was too busy studying before and didn’t pay much attention to him. After Mo Lin reminded her, after a closer look, she really saw something.

That look really shows the spring breeze that the man and woman both have grasped with a flushed of success.

Liang Yingying’s attitude towards Zhang Yansheng is completely different now. She came up and said flatteringly: “Are you tired from sitting on the plane for a long time? If you want something to eat, I’ll tell the aunts to get you something.”

Zhang Yansheng moved her gaze and also glanced at Liang Yingying.

With that look, Liang Yingying couldn’t help but think of the rich men who looked at her when she was still a wild model, when she went to those dinners and parties.

Liang Yingying shuddered slightly, as if clearly seeing her position in the food chain.

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