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Chapter 99: New Semester

“First thing is the script.” Mo Lin said, “In the past few years, the dramas that made money were all serious dramas. In the past two years, the dramas that have become popular are all adaptations of female novels, so now, some people are looking at male novels. Several projects established this year have been adapted from male audio essays. When I was doing industry research, I happened to study this project.”

“The original author of this novel is indeed a great god, but this is his early work, which belongs to the ancient cool novel genre. It does not have the tortuous emotional development of female frequent novels, and it is more of an old-fashioned slap on the face. But this kind of low-level coolness is okay to write in novels, and it can be expressed in film and television… To be honest, I feel very embarrassed, as the coolness of the story is greatly reduced.”

“A few pieces of fresh meat are obviously used for capital preservation. According to their website traffic data, in theory, even if the film is bad, it can still save money.” Mo Lin said, “But this is under the premise that the data must be true. But in fact, I think the flow data of these small fresh meats is very watery.”

“So, whether they can protect their capital or not depends entirely on the conscience of several brokerage companies. The larger the data size, the higher the probability of losing money. This is not something I can say accurately, because after all, I can’t get the real data.”

“I got it, Big Sister Mo. Thank you.” Zhang Yan said.

Mo Lin asked: “Are you going to invest in it?”

“It’s not me. I just invested in Director Xie’s movie and I have no plans to continue investing for now. I still have to go to school, but I only invested in it when I ran into you.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I heard that someone invested in this drama, so I just asked.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Yansheng told Zhang Huan what Mo Lin said. Zhang Huan nodded: “Almost, almost the same. If you don’t lose money, you just keep your capital, and there is no profit. It doesn’t mean much, so it’s better to do something else.”

Zhang Yansheng said, “I still hope that Sister Qiqi’s project can make money.”

Zhang Huan let out an “Oh” and said, “It just sounds like you already make a steady profit! You worry about yourself first, what if you lose it?”

Zhang Yansheng: “Are you expecting me to lose?”

“…“ Zhang Huan didn’t admit, “How could I be expecting you to lose! Isn’t that my money?”

Zhang Yansheng was quite certain: “You are just looking forward to my loss.”

Zhang Huan quickly responded: “Nonsense!”

In the other direction, in another car, Zhang Yu’s wife, who is also Zhang Yansheng’s aunt, her surname is Zhao and her full name is Zhao Lanfen.

Zhao Lanfen was furious all the way: “This eccentricity is too much! If Yanyan invests, she will give 20 million yuan. But when it comes to Qiqi, she will only give 5 million yuan?”

Zhang Yu hummed twice.

Zhao Lanfen became more and more angry and she said: “Qiqi is the eldest granddaughter anyway. She is a college student. It’s time for her to learn how to do business! What is Yanyan? Just a freshman in high school! The old lady’s heart turned to the Atlantic Ocean!”

Zhang Yu hummed twice again.

Zhao Lanfen couldn’t get a response, so she became angry and gave him a moment: “Can you at least say something!”

Zhang Yu: “I’m driving!”

“Do you drive with your mouth?” Zhao Lanfen said angrily, “If you also think that it’s not fair, let’s turn around and go back! Let’s talk to the old lady!”

Zhang Yu has a headache. Although he knew that Zhao Lanfen didn’t have the guts to talk to the old lady, he still had a headache. He had no choice but to say, “That is the old lady’s money, so she can give as much as she likes. No one can control her. Besides, if she gives it for nothing, how can there be too few, there is no such reason.”

Zhao Lanfen became angry with embarrassment: “Am I angry because I have more money and less money? That I am short of that 10 or 20 million? I am angry that the old lady is eccentric!”

Zhang Yu said, “That’s absolutely nothing! They are all her grandchildren, and the old lady is not eccentric to anyone.”

Zhao Lanfen’s voice sharpened: “She’s not? Then tell me, what is the difference between these 5 million and 20 million, it’s 15 million, right? So, is it just an air?”

“That’s different.” Zhang Yu explained, “Yanyan just ran into that project, otherwise she would not know anything as a child. The old lady just teased her and told her that if Zhang Huan agreed to invest, she would double her investment. Who knew that Yanyan was lucky, so she ran into a fairly reliable person and found a fairly reliable project? Zhang Huan saw that it was okay, so he invested 10 million yuan — look, he is stingier than us, we invested 20 million yuan for Qiqi, and he only invested 10 million yuan. When the old lady saw it, what she said before had to be counted, so she gave 20 million yuan.”

“The old lady said that and she can’t change it.” Zhang Yu said, “When it comes to Qiqi, we can’t force the old lady to give her 20 million yuan. It’s already nice for the old lady to give 5 million yuan to join in the excitement and give a show.”

Zhao Lanfen still wanted to talk, but Zhang Yu said, “If you think it’s still not okay, then I’ll listen to you, let’s turn around and go back. Let’s talk to the old lady again, and I’ll just say Mom, Qiqi’s mother is not satisfied with you…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Zhao Lanfen said angrily, “Who is dissatisfied?! Who said I was dissatisfied?! Don’t buckle this hat on my head! Let’s go home!”

Zhang Yu chuckled.

Zhao Lanfen couldn’t sprinkle her anger on her mother-in-law, and couldn’t talk about her husband, so she had to turn around and scold Zhang Qi who was sitting behind her.

“You are the only one who is dumb!” She said angrily, “You also went out with your grandma. Yanyan knows how to get in touch with people and find projects to invest in! What about you, foolishly behave as a maidservant for the old lady! What’s the use of it! Do you think your grandma sees you in her eyes!”

Zhang Qi lowered her head and bit her lips, without saying a word. Zhang Lin knew from the moment he got in the car that his mother would definitely complain all the way, so he put on his headphones and listened to the jingling electronic music, his head still fluttering with the rhythm of the music.

In this loud music, he saw his mother’s mouth open and close, one by one, and the rhythm was quite accurate.

The children and grandchildren have gone back, and the old lady has regained her tranquility.

An old aunt brought her health tea and asked gently: “What’s wrong with you?”

The old aunt has been with the old lady for many years, and it is easy for her to know the old lady’s emotions.

The old lady sighed and gently blew the floating tea leaves: “I’m worried.”

The old aunt smiled and ridiculed her: “Look at what you’re saying, you have a full house of grandchildren here, and your family is rich and wealthy. What are you worried about?”

“I’m worried about my two sons.” The old lady sighed softly, “One of them has a good mind and can manage business, but his wife is not so agreeable to me, and he is also susceptible to his wife’s influence. The other one hasn’t grown up very much, like a child, he was lucky enough to marry a clear-headed wife, but she fell ill early and he got someone into the house that he didn’t know what to do. He was purely a troublemaker.”

The old aunt covered her mouth and smiled: “I think the person stirring their family spirit is very afraid of Miss Yanyan now.”

“It was Yanyan who stood up by herself.” The old lady smiled, “People, no one can help them if they don’t stand up by themselves. Fortunately, Yanyan did not disappoint.”

The old aunt said, “I heard that you scattered your wealth again today?”

The old lady said, “What can I do? When I get old, I will be like a boy who scatters his wealth. However, scattering my wealth is not necessarily pleasing to other people.”

The old aunt curled her lips: “Your heart is too big.”

“She’s idle. She is just too idle.” The old lady said, “She hasn’t gone out to do anything serious for a day. She at least reads a book before she gets married. After she gets married, she doesn’t do anything. Can she spare time for problems? This person, she really can’t be too idle, as it’s easy for her to have brain problems.”

“That’s right. Those who come out to work like us, how can they have time to relax?” The old aunt agreed, “My sister-in-law is angry with my mother-in-law, who is on the top, and her daughter-in-law is at the bottom. My mother-in-law is 90 years old and she still has to fight with her, and her little grandson is watching the fun.”

Rural women and wealthy ladies seem to be far apart, but they are essentially the same.

The old lady shook her head.

“Actually, I didn’t even think about letting the children practice their hands so early. Why hurry, my sons are both in their mature years, and the following five grandchildren are thriving. Why am I worried?”

“At first, I thought that Qiqi went to college already, so I took her out for a walk. All the things she learned in school are dead. So, I want her to listen to what real people say and think, and broaden her mind. Oh, who would think that Xiao Huan would be like a kid grabbing candy when he is so old and he had to push Yanyan out.”

“How old is Yanyan, I wondered what she would understand. So, I just took her to join in the fun. Who knows that Yanyan, this child, will have that spirit and was able to meet new friends and find herself a decent investment project? The children have done their parts, and they have worked so hard, and I have given my words, so of course I have to do it.”

“For such a trivial matter, some people felt uncomfortable and wanted to find peace. What are they looking for, does she have the final say on my own money? Pulling seedlings to help them grow seems to be a foolish move. If you want to find peace, I will let her see and let her understand that there has never been 100% peace in this world.”

The old aunt covered her mouth and smiled: “You, oh you, your heart is really so big. Why are you getting angry with the young people?”

When the old lady heard this, she felt much more comfortable, and smiled at herself: “I might be idle too…”


The school started as scheduled and the sacred beasts were all caged. You won’t know how many parents across the country celebrated with their foreheads.

Yi High School checked the homework during the holidays quite strictly, unlike many schools where the teachers didn’t even look at it. The teacher scrambled the homework and distributed it randomly so that the students could check the homework anonymously. The missing parts must not only be filled, but also a punishment mechanism.

The classmates all tilted their mouths and smiled. They checked very carefully, and they covered their mouths to prevent others from seeing whose homework they were checking.

The air was full of suspicion. Whoever looked up at him suspected that the other party was checking his homework, and he was very hesitant to make mistakes for himself.

Xu Lichen had a black line on his head, and he was fortunate that he was stimulated by Zhang Yansheng and finished all his homework seriously.

Otherwise, it will be embarrassing as soon as school starts. At that time, Zhang Yansheng would laugh at him again.

Fortunately, fortunately!

However, Zhang Yansheng did not become impetuous because of this speculative investment made during the holidays. In fact, her grandmother and her father taught her a good lesson.

When school started, her heart calmed down completely.

《Leaving the Solar System》was first scheduled to be released for this year’s summer vacation, and it is definitely going to bounce back. When they saw Director Xie and Producer Wang, they promised that it would be released during next Chinese New Year! Zhang Yansheng believes that it’s not going to happen.

In her previous life, the film was finally released during the Chinese New Year in the next, next year. So, when you compute it, it will have to be next year. It will be the time for her to be a senior in high school.

So, if you invest money in it, you don’t have to worry about it for the next two years, just do what you should do.

But Zhang Yansheng didn’t expect that it had only been a few days since school started. After returning home that day, Zhang Huan suddenly stopped her in the evening and hesitated to say something important to her.

Maybe it was her sixth sense. At that time, Zhang Yansheng had a bad premonition in his heart.

Sure enough, Zhang Huan said embarrassedly: “Aunt Luo talked to me today and she wants to resign.”

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