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Chapter 124: Identity Exposed

Mo Lin brought the producer and director over to meet with Zhang Huan.

Obviously, the investor is Zhang Yansheng, but when this parent who ‘gave his child tens of millions to play with’ appeared, Zhang Yansheng has ‘been’ put in the back.

Age is really a mishap! Zhang Yansheng hopes that she will quickly pass her senior year of high school.

Adulthood, as long as she grows up as an adult.

The producer and director also introduced each other to the rest of the investors. The investors are also happy to get to know each other.

They are all middle-aged people who are elders, with the exception of Yue Song.

Today, like Zhang Huan, he also wore a delicate suit with a white shirt inside. His temperament is clear and even a bit cold, standing with other investors, it is difficult to guess that he is still a student.

Yesterday, they chatted at the dining table and he said that he grew up next to his grandfather, and Zhang Huan praised him for his calmness and maturity.

“Zhang Yansheng!”

Zhang Yansheng turned her head, and Xu Lichen and a middle-aged woman appeared.

Xu Lichen is also wearing a suit today. Like Yue Song, he is a tall and long-legged clothes rack with a good face. Like Yue Song, he attracted the attention of some people, and they wondered if he was a little star.

As for the middle-aged woman, Zhang Yansheng also knew that she is Xu Lichen’s mother.

In her previous life, she had met with her several times, but had never talked to her. She only watched Xu Lichen talking to her from a distance.

At that time, the relationship between the mother and son was not very good. Xu Lichen was kind to her because he knew her suffering. With his detached character, he was really patient with her.

But at that time, Mother Xu was always dissatisfied with Xu Lichen. Every time she saw him, her brows were always frowned, there were bitter lines on her mouth, and her expression was stern. She would occasionally cast a glance at Zhang Yansheng, with obvious dislike in her eyes.

At that time, Zhang Yansheng was riding a motorcycle, and multiple tattoos could be seen on the skin of her clothes. She also had a strangely colored head and put on makeup that could not see her original appearance.

But now, Zhang Yansheng is standing there. Holding a small bag that matches the clothes in one hand, and holding her clean, soft, and cute sister in the other. Although the color of the lipstick is brighter, the face is clean and the temperament is cold.

At first glance, she is a young girl with a good background and a strong aggressive personality.

But Mother Xu likes such girls. In contrast, she hates those weak little white flowers and hypocritical green tea ladies. She likes this kind of clear and strong woman.

When Xu Lichen opened his mouth to introduce them to each other, Zhang Yansheng called out, “Hello, Auntie.”

Zhang Heling was also well-behaved and polite: “Hello, Auntie!”

The expression on Mother Xu’s face stretched out and her eyebrows were smiling: “Hello, you girls are Zhang Huan’s daughters, right? I know your father.”

She looks a few points younger and a few points better than when she was about the same age in her previous life. After all, a woman always frowns and has deep bitter lines on her mouth. She can see the weight of life in her expression, and she really can’t look good.

Zhang Yansheng said, “My father and the producers are over there, and all investors are over there as well. Would you like to go over there?”

Mother Xu nodded: “Okay, you guys play first.”

Xu Lichen also accompanied her to go over the group. He greeted the director and producer, and introduced his mother to them.

This is another parent. Mother Xu quickly integrated into the group of middle-aged people and said to Xu Lichen: “You don’t need to accompany me here, go with your classmate.”

Xu Lichen nodded, greeted the producer and director again, and went to find Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Yansheng watched from a distance, and when she saw Mother Xu talking to Xu Lichen, her brows were patient and gentle. But compared to her attitude towards him in the previous life, Xu Lichen and his mother in this life seem to be kind and filial, but in reality, there is a slight estrangement.

Most people can’t tell, but Zhang Yansheng is familiar with Xu Lichen and knows how their mother and son got along in their previous lives, so she can find this out.

But this can’t be helped, you can get some in life and lose some at the same time.

Those who get something means that it will always cost something in return.

“You should wait to see my performance later.” Xu Lichen said triumphantly, “Don’t cry when I die.”

“Wow, Big Brother Xu, are you acting as that kind of sacrificial hero?” Zhang Heling asked excitedly.

“Yes, it’s a particularly tragic kind of hero! It’ll be very easy for you to cry~” Xu Lichen looked around, eager to tell everyone that he had also participated in the movie. Well, it doesn’t matter, they will all see it later anyway.

He looked around and saw his mother talking to Zhang Huan and Yue Song. People who come from the same place, and those who know each other, will naturally come to approach.

“Shock! Why is that big brother so happy to be surrounded by middle-aged Mediterranean people?” He said exaggeratedly.

“When did you go to work in the UC Shock Department?”1UC震惊部 – The UC Shock Department is actually the title party on the UC browser. Various spam advertisements often appear on UC browsers, and most of the headlines start with shock, such as:
Shock! 99.99% of people don’t know how to die!
Shock! The President of the United States was stunned when he saw it!
Because there are so many “shocked” articles, netizens think that UC must have a shock department dedicated to publishing such articles, so the UC shock department was born to tease UC’s way of taking titles.
Zhang Yansheng was speechless.

“In the future, do we have to do this too? Mixing with a group of middle-aged and elderly people?” Xu Lichen asked, rubbing his chin.

“When the time comes, you will be middle-aged and elderly, thank you.” Zhang Yansheng laughed at him.

“Tsk, it’s still early for that day, I’m still young and handsome.” Xu Lichen said, “But Lao Yue is a bit miserable. He is young and wants to mix with your dad.”

“…” Zhang Yan said, “Lao Yue?”

“You went upstairs yesterday after dinner, and the two of us went out for a drink again.” Xu Lichen said, “We are already buddies now.”

Zhang Yansheng was curious: “You were together? What did you talk about?”

“What else can we talk about?” Xu Lichen teased. “This warrior asked me about you.”

Zhang Yansheng said: “What’s with the warrior term?”

“Those who dare to like you are warriors.” Xu Lichen sighed, “Those who are as ignorant as I was are fearless.”

Last night he clinked his glass with Yue Song’s: “I respect your courage. Don’t misunderstand our relationship. If Zhang Yansheng needs me, I can go through fire and water for her, and I will do whatever it takes! But! But! When I see her every day, I have the feeling of looking back and seeing the face of the head teacher coming out of the small window at the back of the classroom! My heart can’t stand it. I hope you can handle it.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Yansheng then stepped on Xu Lichen’s foot.

Xu Lichen’s face became marvelous.

Zhang Heling suddenly punched him!

“I knew it! I guessed it right!” She became excited, “Sister, Big Brother Yue wants to chase you, right? I really felt that something was wrong yesterday!”

All of a sudden, she feels so smart and social!

Xu Lichen tried his best to save his feet, and said with emotion: “The whole world can see that Lao Yue has bad intentions towards you. Uncle Zhang is the only one who is so silly and sweet.”

The premiere is about to begin, and everyone has entered the theater.

After entering the screening hall, the investors and their entourage were led to the front row to sit with the filmmakers, directors, and producers.

When they got to the seat, Yue Song bowed to Zhang Huan, and Zhang Huan bowed to Mother Xu. Mother Xu nodded and walked in first before Zhang Huan walked in.

But Yue Song didn’t move, and Zhang Yansheng didn’t move either.

Xu Lichen walked in first with a wink.

Zhang Yansheng led Zhang Heling in. She took a seat, but didn’t see Yue Song behind her. When she looked over, she saw him still standing there, saying something to a film crew member wearing a badge. The staff nodded and ran away.

Yue Song just came in and sat down next to Zhang Heling and Zhang Yansheng.

“I heard that Lichen also participated in the movie.” He said, “And after that, he wanted to be an actor now, right?”

One is Lao Yue and the other one is Lichen. Friendship between men really happened so fast.

Zhang Yansheng nodded and spoke for Xu Lichen: “He is serious about it, so it’s very good for him.”

Xu Lichen poked his head over: “Why did I hear my name? Are you speaking ill about me?”

Yue Song sneered: “We’re praising you.”

Xu Lichen let out a chuckle and retracted his head.

Yue Song asked again, “How about you? Where do you want to take the college entrance exam in the future?”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t actually have a specific target school in her mind. Like the Top 2 in Q University and B University, her grades are not enough to get to any of these schools. She was thinking that after the college entrance examination, she would look at the results before making a decision.

But now, she has a target school.

“K University,” she said.

There was brilliance in her eyes.

The eyes are the windows of the soul and can speak.

Yue Song’s eyes also flashed with brilliance.

The two looked at each other across Zhang Heling’s head and smiled.

The staff member who ran away just now came back, holding a large bucket of popcorn and handed it over: “Young Master Yue.”

“Thank you.” Yue Song took it and gave it to Zhang Heling, “Here you are.”

“Wow! Thank you, Big Brother!” Zhang Heling’s favorability for big brother Yue has risen steadily!

Xu Lichen probed his brain: “Where is mine? I have none?”

Very dissatisfied, he stretched out his hand to call the staff member: “Give me a bucket too!”

The staff ran away again and came back again. After a while, Xu Lichen also had a bucket of popcorn. He also generously asked Zhang Yansheng, “Want to have some?”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Heling was reminded, looked around, and said generously: “Big Brother Yue, Sister, you eat too.”

“Thank you.” Yue Song stretched out his hand and picked one.

Under the light, Zhang Heling saw the ring on his index finger.

“Hey, Big Brother Yue, what does it mean to wear a ring on your index finger?” Zhang Heling asked.

Yue Song put popcorn in his mouth: “It means that I’m single.”

Zhang Heling became clever now: “My sister is also single!”

Zhang Yansheng pressed the top of her head: “Can’t you close your mouth when you eat?”

Zhang Heling was pressed to shrink her neck.

Yue Song smiled. Turning his eyes, he saw Zhang Yansheng’s slender and delicate wrists above Zhang Heling’s head, which was very interesting.

Xu Lichen said that she was a strange woman. If it weren’t for watching those koala-hugging videos and seeing her hug Zhang Heling easily with his own eyes, Yue Song would really find it hard to believe that such a slender arm has so much power.

On that wrist, a string of a unique style bracelet also faintly reflected the light.

Yue Song suddenly felt that this design style looked familiar. He has seen it. “Salvatore’s design?” He rubbed his chin and recalled, “This is the girl power series, right?”

Zhang Yansheng was slightly surprised: “You know?”

Zhang Yansheng liked this bracelet very much, and later paid attention to the designer, knowing that he was a very niche designer. Unexpectedly, Yue Song actually knew about it too.

“I like his designs very much. He is very unique.” Yue Song raised his hand with the ring, “This is also his work.”

“He has a unique style and has his own ideas in the design.” Zhang Yansheng agreed, “I also like this bracelet very much. I will take it out and wear it when I am not in school.”

Zhang Heling raised her head, a little proud: “I bought it! I gave it as a birthday gift to my sister!”

Yue Song suddenly paused.

Salvatore’s work.

This design of the girl power series.

Birthday gift from an elementary school student sister to a high school student sister…

He was silent for so long that Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Heling both looked at him: “What’s the matter?”

Yue Song asked Zhang Heling slowly: “You, you wouldn’t be…”

He paused and, with some difficulty, he said the magical name that is generally hard to forget under the spell: “…PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite?”

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