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Chapter 18: Take Pictures

Yansheng was also studying in the room all morning. She made a plan for herself to get back all the knowledge from middle school before the end of the summer vacation.

In the basic education stage, there were many things to memorize by rote; and mathematics, physics, and chemistry were all about formulas.

It had been many years since Yansheng said goodbye to these things. So now, she basically had to learn them all from scratch. She started stuffing knowledge into her mind two days ago and it was really painful. On this day, she finally felt that the blocked areas of her brain had been hard-opened, so she began to absorb and digest it gradually.

When it was time for lunch, a servant downstairs called her. She hung up the phone and went downstairs, but she ran into Yingying on the way, who was wrapped in a silk nightgown. She was a little surprised that Yingying didn’t go out today.

When Yingying lifted her long hair comfortably and deliberately exposed her neck, Yansheng suddenly realized that this woman was not going out, but had just gotten up instead.

The skin exposed on her neck and chest was covered with strawberry marks, suggesting the reason why she got up so late today.

Yingying said lazily, “I was exhausted last night. I have to have lunch quickly. I made an appointment to go shopping in the afternoon.”

Her charming eyes were silky and the breath of heat was exuded all over her body.

Yansheng stared at the strawberry marks on her skin and suddenly remembered something.

In the past, during weekends or holidays, there were indeed times when Yingying would get up very late. If she got up late, she would often dress very exposed and would dangle in front of Yansheng, with strawberry marks on her neck.

This situation had actually existed since a long time ago. However, Yansheng didn’t understand the meaning behind it until she got into high school. Occasionally, she would feel sick whenever she saw those marks and thought that they were the traces left by her father.

Yansheng was so sickened and never realized before that Yingying did not inadvertently let her see those marks, but did it on purpose instead.

With an ostentatious and proud mentality, Yingying deliberately let her see those traces left after a night of intimacy with Huan, and deliberately disgusted Yansheng.

An adult woman secretly used her sexual affairs with a man to disgust an underage girl. That man was still the girl’s father.

Yansheng stared at Yingying.

Right now, Yansheng was no longer ashamed or disgusted by the traces of male and female sexual affairs. However, she really felt sickened by Yingying’s mentality and behavior.

She took out her cell phone with a straight face and took a few pictures of Yingying’s chest and neck.

Yingying had no reaction at first and continued to go downstairs.

Then suddenly, she was stunned and caught up to Yansheng. “Hey, why did you take pictures of me?”

“You are bare-chested, didn’t you just show it to me?” said Yansheng, full of sarcasm. “I took some pictures, so I can take a good look later.”

Yingying wrapped the left and right sides of the open silk nightgown, fastened the belt, and ‘covered’ herself up. “You delete them now!”

Yansheng stopped and gave her a sideways look. She opened her palms, made a fist, opened it again, and made a fist again.

“You know what? It’s best not to approach me within half a meter,” said Yansheng. “Everyone has a self-defense mechanism, so when a disgusting thing approached me, I wanted to punch it naturally.”

Yingying remembered how Yansheng strangled her the night before and she didn’t know exactly what happened at that time. Yansheng’s fingers were like pincers and she couldn’t break from Yansheng at all. It really didn’t look like the strength of a fifteen-year-old girl. So she instinctively moved a little farther away from Yansheng. “I’m telling you, what you took just now, delete them for me!”

But Yansheng just gave her a blank look and continued walking to the dining hall.

The servants were already setting the dishes on the table.

Yansheng went straight over and sat on the main seat. Yingying wanted to talk to her, but her eyes swept over, and Yingying cringed inexplicably. So Yingying snorted and sat down at the other end of the long table.

Yingying just woke up and her stomach hadn’t woken up yet, so she couldn’t eat rice and stir-fry food with Yansheng and the others.

A servant asked, “What does Madam wants to eat?”

“The usual—milk, oatmeal, and vegetable salad,” replied Yingying.

The servant went to prepare them.

Yansheng did not look up at Yingying either. She just fiddled with her cell phone, looked at the photos she took just now, and picked one that didn’t show Yingying’s face, only the woman’s neck and cleavage outside the sexy nightdress, and posted it on her Moments.1朋友圈 – Moments is a function of the smartphone app WeChat. Moments mainly focuses on sharing pictures with captions, while sharing statuses and sharing websites are also permitted.

She blocked the other people, so it was only visible to the ‘relatives’ group.

She included the text: “My father’s wife only got up at this time and kept yelling at me that she’s so tired, as if she didn’t have any strength. What does she mean? Does she want me to accompany her to the hospital to check the rashes on her chest? Nice try.”

Heling and Shuocheng also came down.

Yansheng put her cell phone away, said nothing, and cast a gaze at Shuocheng.

“Baby~” Yingying greeted Shuocheng. “Come and have lunch now!”

Obviously, her children were all in front of her, but she only had her son in her eyes.

Yansheng found Heling’s expression indifferent. The little girl had obviously become accustomed to being ignored like this a long time ago.

Shuocheng ignored Yingying, stared at Yansheng’s gaze, and walked over—full of confidence. He said in a rough voice, “I have finished my homework today!”

I am very proud. You have no reason to beat me now, right?

Yansheng asked slowly, “Do you have to be beaten up before you can learn how to properly address people?”

This made Shuocheng stiff.

Heling gave him a push from behind. “Call her sister!”

“Repeat what she just said,” said Yansheng.

Yingying yelled strangely, “What are you doing, picking bones from the eggs?2Pick the bones in the egg 鸡蛋里挑骨头啊 – means to deliberately find faults and problems from people without problems or things without problems Shuoshuo, just ignore her!”

So Shuocheng hesitated.

But Yansheng smiled and said, “Believe it or not, the first thing your mother will do after lunch is to put on makeup and change her clothes, then she will go out.”

Shuocheng looked at Yingying and saw her expression with her mouth open and unable to say anything to refute, which proved that Yansheng was right.

Heling urged him again from behind.

Shuocheng finally relented and swallowed his anger, then said, “Sister, I have finished my homework today.”

Yansheng raised her eyes to look at Heling. The little girl understood it and hurriedly said, “He’s really done with his homework for today and I’ve checked it. There are many mistakes and I have asked him to correct them.”

Yansheng nodded. “Not bad so you can play whatever you want in the afternoon. Let’s eat now.”

Shuocheng was relieved and cheered. Heling also smiled with a sense of accomplishment that she had fulfilled her great responsibility. The two of them sat on Yansheng’s right and left side. Since the three of them had breakfast, they were eating a decent lunch now. Unlike Yingying, who just got up, she had to eat some light food to wake her stomach up.

However, this picture really dazzled Yingying. Why does it seem that the cubs I gave birth to have listened to Yansheng’s words?

How can this work?!

She turned her head and asked her son, “Shuoshuo, do you want to play your game console?”

Shuocheng’s game consoles, cell phone, and tablet were all locked up by Huan the other night in anger. Shuocheng hadn’t touched them for three days now.

His eyes lit up and he replied loudly, “Yes!”

However, he hesitated again. “But Dad locked it!”

Yingying chuckled a bit and said, “Silly child, Mom has the key! You just wait, okay? Have lunch first and Mom will give it to you later—”

Yansheng interrupted her and said, “My father said that he is not allowed to touch the game console for a week. Is what my father said rubbish?”

“Hey! Your father is Shuoshuo’s father too, and I am Shuoshuo’s mother. His father saying that he can’t play is okay, but now that his mother says that he can play, can’t he?” said Yingying.

Before Yingying could speak again, Yansheng’s cell phone rang. Yansheng glanced at the incoming call, stretched out her finger, and gestured to Yingying. She motioned for Yingying to ‘shut up’ before she answered the call.

Unsurprisingly, this call was made by Huan.

The first person to see Yansheng’s post in Moments was her paternal uncle’s son. Her cousin was drinking coke at the time and he sprayed it out in one mouthful all over the table. He coughed and hurriedly called his father, who was also Huan’s older brother. “Dad! Look at the post in Moments, Yanyan’s Moments, the one she just posted! Don’t ask what it is, just look at it!”

Huan received a call from his brother in the office. His brother scolded him, “What the hell is that?! Delete it quickly! If you let Mom see it, you will not have a good end!”

Huan was baffled from that call and when he clicked on the recent post in Moments, he almost passed out in a fit of rage.

He quickly called Yansheng.

At the dining table, Yingying, Heling, and Shuocheng heard Yansheng’s voice that was calm and cold as well.

“Delete it? Why?”

“Can’t be seen by others? Then why did she let me see it on purpose?”

“I have never seen anything that cannot be seen by others. What I can see as a middle school graduate should be suitable for all ages.”

“Yes, it’s like that, so I don’t understand why it can’t be seen by other people. Am I not human?”

“Okay, yes, I promise.”

Yansheng hung up the call and said nothing. She picked up her chopsticks and prepared to eat.

“Did you hear what I said?” Yingying continued the topic just now. She was happy to do and emphasize anything that could prove her ‘legal wife’ status.

She didn’t receive a response, so she asked, “Is that your father? What happened to your father? You have to understand that your father is my husband! I am your father’s old…”

But her cell phone also rang suddenly and the ringtone covered her last words. She took a look and suddenly became happy. She picked up the cell phone to answer the call and said in front of the children, “Hey, husband~”

Heling had goosebumps hearing the word ‘husband’. It was so sticky that she really didn’t want her mother to talk like that. I also met my classmates’ mothers at school but they don’t seem to be like Mom, she thought with distress.

It was only last night when Huan was so gentle as Yingying coaxed him very well. But this time, he roared as soon as she answered the call, “What are you wearing?! Go and change your clothes now!

“Do you really have to show those traces on your body to the children?! You really have to show them to the children, huh?! Don’t you have any constraint in your heart?!

“Hurry up and change your clothes now! There are two little girls in the family! D*mn it! Don’t lead them astray!

“Liang Yingying! You are my wife now! You are my children’s mother! So you have to be a f*cking decent person!

“If you let me know that you show this conduct in front of my daughters again, then just get lost!”

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