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Chapter 5: Get into Trouble (Part 1)

Yingying had a small movement under her hand just now and Shuocheng’s performance was not good. This made Yansheng’s grandmother displeased.

This pair of sisters-in-law—her grandmother was a businesswoman who had a strong personal ability. After marrying her grandfather, she participated in the family business and was very competitive. On the other hand, her grandaunt had a good background and great marriage. She supported her husband and raised her children well, so she had become a noblewoman for a lifetime.

The two old ladies looked at each other not so pleasingly, and it can be said that they had been fighting for a lifetime.

Now, both their husbands had passed away first and only these two old ladies were left, so their relationship had eased a little bit than before. It was just that those competitions in the open and clandestine fights still couldn’t be avoided.

Her grandaunt had a harsh mouth. All her life, she had criticized her grandmother for being busy with her career and neglecting to take care of her children. So, her grandmother would be upset to a great extent when her children and grandchildren shamed her in front of her sister-in-law.

Shuocheng had grown up in the past two years, but he had become less and less like her. In short, he had never given his grandmother a face.

Her grandmother’s grandson was not just him, so she treated him just so-so.

“You go ahead and play as well. I’ll stay here with Grandma and Granny.” Yansheng said to Heling.

The old ladies liked to be lively and to have someone to talk with. But how many young people were patient enough to speak with an old lady? Even Huan, her grandmother’s biological son who had spent a long time in front of her, wanted to slip away.

Huan’s eldest daughter suddenly became so well-behaved and sensible, as if she had returned to the time when her mother was still alive, so he was indescribably happy. Seeing Heling raise her head to look at the adults, he nodded hurriedly. “Go ahead and play with your brother.”

I’m not going to look after him.

Heling got permission from the adults and ran to the children’s play area, looking for girls of the same age.

Huan looked around and said, “Mom, then I—”

“Okay, I know.” His mother waved impatiently. “Go, go ahead.”

He was relieved and quickly left. Yingying didn’t have the arrogance when she was at home, so she immediately followed him as well.

Yansheng’s grandmother looked at Yansheng who was left behind and said warmly, “You go ahead and play too, don’t worry about us.”

Yansheng smiled and sat down next to the old lady on the sofa. “How old am I to still play?” She took her grandmother’s arm and sighed. “You haven’t seen me for a long time. Don’t you miss me at all that you even want to chase me away?”

Her grandmother laughed, patted her hand, and said, “I’m just worried that you’ll think that we, old ladies, are too boring.”

“No way!” Zhang Yansheng refuted, “I like to listen to you two.”

She looked at the fruit plate on the coffee table, pierced two strawberries with a fruit stick, and handed one to both old ladies. The two old ladies both smiled and ate elegantly. 

They were talking while eating.

“When will Shuchen’s wife give birth?”

“The due date is by the end of August.”

“That’s coming soon. Have they seen it? Is it a boy or girl?”

“They didn’t check the gender yet. The young man said to keep it as a surprise,” Yansheng’s grandaunt said, “Men and women are the same now, it’s not like how we were back then.”

Her grandmother also said, “Yes, after all, the times are different.”

Although Yansheng’s grandaunt was her husband’s younger sister and got married later than her, she gave birth early. Now, she was able to hold her great-grandchildren already.

The two old ladies chatted again about a certain family’s good-for-nothing son, so the daughter was chosen as the heir. Then in another family, the children were fighting for an inheritance, some even went beyond and were ruthless, and almost killed each other.

At this age, the past was like smoke, the conversation was all about children and their offspring.

As soon as the topic changed, it suddenly turned to Yansheng.

“Your sister Rongrong will go to Europe to have fun in a few days, you should come along,” her grandaunt said with a smile.

Yansheng replied, “I’m not going, I want to make up for the lessons this summer.”

Both the old ladies had the look of surprise.

Yansheng lowered her eyes and explained, “After Mom died, I didn’t work too hard. Now, my grades are not as good as before. I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up after entering high school, so I want to make up for it this summer vacation. Moreover, there is a placement test, so I really need to exert great effort.”

The old ladies sighed.

Her grandmother was even sadder.

Yansheng used to be very good and she was considered to be her favorite among her grandchildren, so she often showed off in front of her sister-in-law. But after the child’s mother passed away, the child had become much worse than before, and even her personality had become unpleasant. The grandmother and granddaughter gradually drifted apart.

Looking at her now, she had grown up and was now a big girl; but she is still the cute, sensible, and charming little granddaughter.

It was her father’s fault for bringing such a woman into the house that ruined their family.

Such a poor child. After a few years of stubbornness, she now appears to have grown up and became more sensible.

The old lady sighed and touched Yansheng’s head.

She asked, “You’ll be in high school now when the school starts, right? Which school are you going to?”

“No. 1 High School,” Yansheng replied, “My mother always wanted me to go to No. 1 High School.”

When she was a child, Yansheng’s mother thought that she could get to the best high school in K City based on her grades. But now, Yansheng was sent in by her father with money.

Yansheng originally just wanted to use this topic to get closer to the elders.

She remembered the expectation that her deceased mother once had for her. However, she was expelled from No. 1 High School, got mixed up, and died in disdain at the end. If her mother knew it, how sad could she be?

Yansheng showed a regretful expression.

The look in her eyes really shows that she had grown up.

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