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Chapter 91: Swelling

“The script of the movie《Leaving the Solar System》actually only intercepted a short period of time at the beginning of the novel. Because the timeline of the entire story of this novel stretched for a thousand years.”

Zhang Yansheng quickly summarized the main contents of the novel.

In the future, the technological level of human beings on Earth will finally develop to enter space. The three countries of Z, M, and R jointly built the first spacecraft to explore outer space. The spacecraft was named “Advance” and carried a total of 2,000 scientists, technicians, and soldiers from various nations, and began a journey of human exploration of the universe.

After advancing for 14 years, the Advance finally flew out of the solar system, just like a person who lives in a remote place and has never walked out of his house, finally stepped out of his own house.

But when he stepped over the threshold, he realized that outside the door… boats were coming and going, and the traffic was heavy. There used to be so many intelligent races in the Milky Way.

The bad thing is that the first to discover the Advance was an unfriendly and belligerent race. Realizing that this was a visitor from a planet they had never heard of, they attacked and tried to capture the Advance, wanting to obtain the coordinates of this unknown country planet to occupy and plunder. The Advance began a life-and-death escape that lasted for several years, and many tragic stories happened. Many people sacrificed their lives to guard the coordinates of the earth.

In the end, the brave crew members fought back in desperation, captured the alien spacecraft that was chasing them, and drove the more advanced alien spacecraft back to Earth.

But the earthlings understand that the earth is not alone in the universe, and may even be in danger. The earth no longer sends exploration spacecraft outwards, but hides in the solar system and develops quietly.

More than two hundred years later, the existence of the Earth was finally discovered by aliens, and the invaders came with malice. But the earth, which has developed for two hundred years, already has the strength to counterattack.

When the Earth’s defense system was deployed and the first Battlestar was nearing completion, the enemy hit the door of the house. At this time, the earth has no country distinction, and people of all skin colors have only one common identity — Earth human beings.

With the unity of billions of earthlings, an epic battle to defend the Earth started in the solar system.

The Earthlings paid countless lives and a heavy price, and finally won this battle of self-defense.

But the existence of the earth has never been a secret, and the earth can no longer live in a corner and develop silently. The earth civilization once again stepped out of the solar system. This time, the scientific exploration ship and the warship went hand in hand, and the Earth civilization stepped into the big stage of the Milky Way civilization.

In the timeline of more than 600 years, it is said that the Earth civilization has experienced arduous struggles, developed step by step from a weak rural planet, and finally became a force that all races and civilizations cannot despise.

The story ends with the earth finally gaining a seat in the Upper House of the Galactic Federation.

“The movie script actually only captures the first ten years of the timeline, from the departure of the Advance to the encounter of an alien civilization, being chased for several years, fleeing, fighting, and fighting back, and finally capturing the enemy’s spacecraft and returning.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I read through the script. Although this is only a short timeline in the original work, the adapted script is a complete and logical story.” The screenwriter himself is a fan of the original work, and he has absorbed the original work very thoroughly, and in the adaptation, he made up for the shortcomings of the original author, Dayang, who was not good at writing emotional lines.”

“In this script, there is a flash of individual heroism, a moving collective spirit of sacrifice, and the display of human nature is also very three-dimensional; love, friendship, family affection… are very full.”

“The screenwriter’s adaptation is in place, and there are many colorful plots, which not only attract attention, but also move people’s hearts.”

At a critical juncture, you have to press that button to die with the enemy in order to save everyone.

But there was only one person who could do this at that moment. His name was Xiao Shan, and he was a 10-year-old child. This child was born on the Advance. His mother is a scientist and his father is a major. His feet have never set foot on the land of the Earth.

But he knew that the earth was their home.

His mother’s heartbreaking voice came from the communication channel: “Xiao Shan! Xiao Shan! Don’t do it!”

The child looked at the sea of stars and enemy warships outside the porthole window, and sighed softly: “Mom, I really want to take a look at the Earth.”

That was his farewell words, his last wish.

Then he slapped his palm and pressed the button. Shattered to pieces, he died with the enemy, saving everyone.

Zhang Yansheng remembers this scene very clearly.

Xu Lichen watched it 10 times, and cried like a dog every time this scene came up. When he left the theater, he didn’t admit it. He would say that the theater decoration was irritated by formaldehyde and made his eyes red. Then, he would say that he would go to the Consumer Council to complain.

The little actor became so popular afterwards.

“Almost all the popular actors are cameos. The main characters are all unknown but professional actors. Unlike many productions that rely on fresh meat to guarantee the flow of traffic, the 150-million-yuan investment so far has been spent on production rather than the actors’ remuneration.”

“This is a post-production partner… this is the publicity plan…”

“Regarding the quality of the finished product, we can take a look at this demo…”

Zhang Yansheng observed the expressions of the old lady and Zhang Huan while playing the demo.

They watched very intently, and were obviously attracted by the three-minute presentation of this demo, and the old lady nodded unknowingly.

Zhang Yansheng rested for three minutes, and she had a completely different feeling, as if hot water rushed from her head to foot. It was so hot that could wash people from the inside out.

By the end of the demo, Zhang Yansheng felt that her skin was still steaming and her strength was exhausted.

“Director Xie makes products with an attitude of making work of art.” She said, “If it is a literary film, it is probably not popular. But fortunately, the more serious and refined the subject of science fiction is, the more popular it is.”

“In a nutshell, I think this movie is worth the investment.”

“What do you think?”

Zhang Yansheng fixed her eyes on the two elders.

The eyes of the two elders also fell on her.

This child specially dressed up for today, trying to make herself look mature.

In fact, it is not such an excellent business presentation. Both the old lady Zhang and Zhang Huan have seen a lot of really professional and admirable presentations. In comparison, Zhang Yansheng’s presentation is rough and lacks experience.

But Zhang Yansheng is just a child, she is a high school student.

A few days ago, when she said she wanted to invest, she didn’t understand anything. She just subjectively feels good and joins in the fun. She is completely a layman.

A few days later, of course, she did not become an elite, but obviously, both the old lady and Zhang Huan could see that she had stepped into the threshold with one foot, at least she was no longer a layman.

A kid who is only a freshman in high school! How many freshman children are still sneaking around to play games behind their parents’ backs? Zhang Yansheng has consciously thought about how to make money, dared to invest, and was willing to devote energy and time to it.

As Zhang Huan said to Zhang Yansheng early on, for children from families like them, academic performance is not that important, and even academic qualifications are not that important. Some other things are actually more important.

Zhang Huan and the old lady looked at each other and saw affirmation in each other’s eyes.

Zhang Yansheng waited with bated breath. Not living up to her expectations, Zhang Huan smiled and said, “Okay, I decided to invest. You want 6 million to make up for 10 million, right? Don’t move your own money, don’t move it. Dad will give you 10 million yuan.”

The old lady smiled and said, “Like I said, how much does your father pay, I will double it for you. I will give you 20 million.”

In this way, Zhang Yansheng has 30 million yuan available for investment.

Before today, being able to get this amount had exceeded Zhang Yansheng’s expectations. She knows very well that her current identity is just a high school student. If she wants to invest, adults will give her a little money to let her try the water, but she won’t really invest hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in it like they invest by themselves.

So, her goal is to get 6 million from Zhang Huan, about 10 million from the old lady, plus her own money, to make up 20 million in total.

But now, after finishing her first business presentation in her life, she can’t be satisfied with a mere 30 million.

Zhang Yansheng could clearly perceive the swelling in her heart, but this feeling of swelling1内心的膨胀 – Swelling refers to a person’s heart becoming more and more arrogant, feeling that he is great, despising others and even a little bit of contempt for everything. made her feel completely comfortable. Moreover, she has the foresight of the previous life as her confidence, so she has the support to expand.

She said: “Since you all agree with the investment value of this project, why do you only invest 30 million yuan?” The old lady and Zhang Huan looked at her, and she said, “The current estimated funding gap is 200 million yuan. They plan to release the movie during summer vacation next year. But in this kind of large-scale production, the most common things are delays and overspending. I think it is likely that it will not be released until next year. With 200 hundred million… I don’t think it will be enough. The most expensive thing is the post-production. In terms of publicity and distribution, the existence of original fans can save some, but I think at least it needs 300 to 400 hundred million yuan.”

“But it’s all worth it. This investment will definitely get the return it deserves. Our family can come up with these 300 to 400 hundred million yuan. Grandma, I think we should invest this amount.”

Zhang Yansheng’s eyes were full of expectation and confidence. Her facial features are not only beautiful, but also very heroic, and she is a bit aggressive.

There was a moment of silence in the conference room, and then the old lady and Zhang Huan both laughed.

“Mom, look at her, she is so ambitious at a young age!” Zhang Huan pointed his finger at Zhang Yansheng and said, “It looks like she’s really from our family, right?”

The old lady smiled and said, “Yes, she’s the same just like how you used to be!”

The two of them laughed happily, Zhang Yansheng glanced at the ceiling speechlessly, and said solemnly: “You two, give me your approval.” Don’t just laugh there.

And what’s so funny about this?

After going up a step, do you have to just stand still? Shouldn’t you look up to see the next higher step?

Anyway, someone must hold Zhang Yansheng in place and tell her that this is enough. She should be satisfied, but Zhang Yansheng is not satisfied.

Finally, the two powerful people and big gold masters are finally happy enough.

The old lady said, “No, we won’t give you more money.”

Zhang Yansheng was stunned.

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