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Chapter 96: It’s Her

Mo Lin’s schedule is particularly tight.

Taking advantage of the time to go to the bathroom, she rinsed her mouth with mouthwash, and after bidding farewell to Zhang Yansheng, she went straight to Yue Song.

This young man is still as handsome as a pine, but his calm demeanor does not make it obvious that he is still a student. He was often instructed and taught by his grandfather, a business tycoon, and he was educated from an early age.

Compared with the little cabbages like Zhang Yansheng and Xu Lichen, Yue Song has clearly stepped into the business circle and has the qualities that a businessman should have.

Mo Lin cheered up to deal with it. In the end, she felt that Yue Song was likely to become the next gold master of《Leaving the Solar System》.

Sure enough, Yue Song finally made a request to go on a field inspection.

Mo Lin suppressed the joy in her heart and said: “I’ll make arrangements.”

“I hope it can be done as soon as possible because…” Yue Song said slightly apologetically, “School is about to start.”

Mo Lin covered her face. If Yue Song hadn’t said that herself, she would have forgotten that Yue Song was still a student.

Yue Song also smiled. At this time, there was a bit of youthfulness belonging to the young man between his eyebrows.

“I will confirm it for you later.” Mo Lin said with a smile, “This is the second time I have heard the phrase ‘school is about to start’ today.”

Yue Song still remembered that Mo Lin was going to meet her clients who are high school students today. He smiled and asked, “How are the high school students?”

“It’s settled.” Mo Lin said, “Their parents are very relieved. They didn’t come in person. They only sent a lawyer for each of them and asked them to talk by themselves. It went well.”

“Congratulations.” Yue Song grinned, “Then I’ll wait for your call.”

Mo Lin said goodbye to Yue Song, went back to the hotel to get her luggage, and called Director Xie on the way to tell him: “Young Mistress Zhang and Young Master Xu’s 44-million-yuan investment has been approved.”

Director Xie said “that’s great, that’s great” on the phone.

Mo Lin told him Xu Lichen’s request, and said with a smile: “He actually wants to wear that mecha combat suit.”

Xie Dong laughed loudly: “I knew it! Xiao Xu stared at the combat suit that day with his eyes straight, and he couldn’t walk anymore! Young Mistress Zhang had to drag him away.”

Mo Lin wondered why Zhang Yansheng was Young Mistrees Zhang and Xu Lichen was Xiao Xu.

Director Xie suddenly started gossiping: “Hey, Xiao Mo, what is the relationship between these two children? Are they…”

“I don’t know what the relationship is between the two of them, don’t ask me.” Mo Lin said, “But I can see that Young Mistress Zhang can control Young Master Xu.”

Director Xie laughed wildly.

“Then I will leave him to you.” Mo Lin said, “The second thing, I found another potential investor for us. The other party hopes to go over and do an inspection as soon as possible.”

“Yes, he can!” Director Xie was surprised and delighted, and immediately agreed, “Xiao Mo, you are so capable! I am here to greet him at any time, when will he come?”

“I’ll confirm the time with him again.”

When Mo Lin arrived at the airport and passed the security check, she immediately replied to Yue Song: “Anytime is fine.”

Yue Song said: “I have arrangements for two days… Well, I will fly over tomorrow morning.”

Mo Lin and the two sides have finalized the time, and the specific matters have been arranged. The day’s work came to an end, and she boarded the plane solemnly.

Director Xie’s side received Yue Song, who had flown over the next day.

Yue Song didn’t wear an expensive suit like he did at the office, and his shirt was neatly ironed. He dressed more casually, carrying a backpack on his two shoulders, and had no other luggage.

“If there are no other arrangements, then I will go back tonight.” he said.

With such casual clothes, it is obvious that he is young.

Director Xie felt that Mo Lin was amazing, and the gold masters she found could make their debuts one by one by relying on their faces.

Director Xie knew that Yue Song was the grandson of a certain group boss. Although he was young, his demeanor was clearly that of a noble son. Director Xie didn’t dare to neglect him at all. When he came up, he called Yue Song: “Master Yue.”

Yue Song smiled and said, “I’m not used to it. Master Yue has always been my grandfather.”

Director Xie Dong had seen a lot of people, and he responded quickly: “Then, Young Master Yue.”

That’s how the name was settled.

Yue Song looked at the scene and asked many questions. Some are more acute, asking directly about the many difficulties that the crew may face or even have encountered. He is much more difficult to deal with than the two high school students who came before. Director Xie and the producer rallied to deal with him.

When it was time to eat lunch, there was no atmosphere like pushing glass which happened with Xu Lichen before. Everyone was sitting in jeopardy, making it as if they were going to listen to a lecture.

This meal was not easy to eat, and he had to deal with the questions of young master Yue at any time. Several assistant directors ate with stuffy heads, while holding their ears and listening to the bitter Old Xie talking non-stop there.

Young master Yue nodded occasionally and listened intently.

Finally, young master Yue said with compassion: “I have nothing to ask for the time being, let’s eat first.”

Director Xie breathed a sigh of relief.

The producer said, “Young Master Yue is also from K City, right? This K City really produces such outstanding spirit people. We only received two investors a few days ago. They are also from K City and are very young.”

Yue Song smiled and said, “Those two high school students?”

“Oh, you know.” The producer said, “Yes, they are high school students. Your K City is really amazing!”

Hearing these two ‘high school students’ repeatedly in the past two days, Yue Song was still a little curious in the bottom of his heart. He knew that Mo Lin would not disclose customer information, but these people might not, so he tentatively asked, “What do they do at home?”

The producer said, “I really don’t know. Just the girl’s surname is Zhang, and what is the boy’s last name again?”

Several people at the dining table said at the same time: “Xu! The last name is Xu!”

Yue Song thought for a moment, which two people would have the surname Zhang and Xu in K City.

An assistant director took out his mobile phone: “It’s the two of them.”

The mobile phone was handed over by someone else’s hand, Yue Song took it and looked at it, then narrowed his eyes slightly.

On the phone is a group photo of Director Xie and other assistant directors on the set, as well as a pair of young teenagers.

The girl’s photo was deleted by Yue Song at the beginning, but that face was hard to forget after seeing it, not to mention that Yue Song’s memory was still so good, and that he was so impressed with her at the time — so deep that he went to his cousin to find out who she was.

Yue Song really didn’t expect it to be her.

He took a closer look. She still wears makeup. At a young age, she likes makeup so much and always pretends to be an adult.

The color of the lipstick is still gorgeous, which makes her look cold. There was no smile on her face when the photo was taken, so obviously it was not her idea to take the photo together.

Somehow, Yue Song looked at the girl in the photo, and the corners of his mouth curled slightly.

He went to look at the young boy, who should be another high school student, very handsome. Is he her boyfriend? The young couple invested together?

The little arc of Yue Song’s mouth was smoothed again, and he returned the phone to others: “I don’t know either of them.”

“But…” he sighed, “They look so young.”

The people at the dinner table thought in unison: You are not that old either!

It’s just that they can hook up with Xu Lichen, but they don’t dare to talk casually in front of Yue Song.

These words can only rot in their stomachs.

When Yue Song left in the evening, the producer took him to the airport and waved goodbye to him with a smile on his face. When young master Yue’s figure disappeared, the producer turned around and went to the arrival gate.

After waiting there for less than half an hour, Xu Lichen appeared.

The producer waved his hand: “Xiao Xu!”

“Big Brother Wang!” Xu Lichen still remembers the producer, and he can remember anyone whom he had a drink with together. He didn’t feel at odds with the older brothers and sisters who could be his own fathers at all. He waved his arms vigorously and walked over with a full face of spring: “I’m here, I’m here!”

His steps were very fast, as if he couldn’t wait at all.

When the producer saw Xu Lichen, he didn’t know how to relax. He laughed and gave Xu Lichen a bear hug. The two of them went to the car affectionately, cooing all the way.

“Lao Xie has arranged several faceless shots for you!”

“Big Brother Wang, let me tell you that I must wear that mecha combat suit! I made it clear to Big Brother Xie on the phone!”

“Wear it?! Then you wear it! But won’t you feel stinky by wearing it? The suits are worn more frequently, and the sweat is quite strong!”

“We’re all men, so who still thinks it’s stinky. But Big Brother Xie had already told me about it, so I bought a bottle of cologne…”


Since Zhang Yansheng was reborn, her work and rest time has been called super regular and super healthy — as a high school student. She has a fixed time for school and after school every day, and it is indeed impossible to be unhealthy.

So being woken up by a cellphone ringing at 3 o’clock, just few hours after midnight, is really annoying for her.

But when she saw that it was Xu Lichen who was asking for a video call, Zhang Yansheng’s heart suddenly contracted, and the first thought in her mind was: “Did his parents tear their faces already?”

As a result, when the video was connected, Xu Lichen on the other end had a few soot stains on his left face and blood stains on his right face, and she almost couldn’t see his teeth as he was laughing so hard.

“Look at me! Look at me! Zhang Yansheng, look at me!” He stretched out his arms to zoom out the camera, exposing as much of the mecha combat suit as he could, and asked, “Am I handsome? I’m so handsome!”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Yansheng felt a volcano arched up on top of her skull, and it was about to erupt!

If it weren’t for the internet, she would have punched Xu Lichen’s handsome face! Hit him until his nose bleeds!

“Xu Lichen, are you sick? Do you know what time it is?!!” She wanted to yell at him, but she woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and seemed to be a little low in blood pressure. What she said was weak, and she didn’t have her usual aura during the day.

With a distance of thousands of miles, knowing that Zhang Yansheng could not reach him, Xu Lichen was not afraid.

He arrogantly said: “Isn’t it only 3 o’clock in the morning? Look at you, lying on the soft bed, sleeping soundly! Do you know what some people are doing at this time? Look at me and Big Brother Xie who are still filming now! The people in the crew are all spinning right now, I’m telling you! Look at these people! Then, look at you again! Hey, don’t bury your face, look at me again! I’ll be on the scene in a bit! Just watch me! Quickly, look at me again! Hurry up, hurry up!”

He urged her in a stack of voices.

Zhang Yansheng was powerless to scold him. She buried her face in the pillow, woke up, calmed her blood pressure, and then raised her face for a long time: “You already went there? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I can’t report everything to you, you are not my mother.” Xu Lichen smiled, “I told Big Brother Xie that I will start school in a few days, and asked him to arrange this for me as soon as possible. He said that if I could come here today, I would be able to be on camera today, so I flew over without saying a word. I’ve been waiting here for six or seven hours, and finally it’s my turn to be on the camera! It’s not easy, I’m telling you! It’s hard work!”

Many people behind him are busy, and Zhang Yansheng can imagine the situation there. Especially after the explosion from the previous life, the internet was full of behind-the-scenes footages. Zhang Yansheng knew the hard work involved in the shooting.

It’s really not easy. After condensing so much effort, it finally gained fruitful results.

Zhang Yansheng rubbed her eyes: “Let me emphasize to you again, don’t let the director change the scene blindly! No layman is allowed to command insiders!”

“Oh, you are more chattering than my mother, I know it all!” Xu Lichen said, “Can you turn on a light there? With your matted hair, your pale and blue face… it looks a bit scary.”

It’s like a ghost film.

But still a good-looking ghost!

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Yansheng rubbed her face: “I’ll ask you one more thing…”

Xu Lichen: “Say it!”

“You…” Zhang Yansheng’s face was flushed by the light of the cellphone, “Have you finished your winter vacation homework?”

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