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Chapter 97: Yanyan

“What did you say? Hello? Hello?” Xu Lichen shouted, “Why is your picture not moving? Is it a network issue?”

Then he himself suddenly froze! His mouth is open, and his eyes are not blinking!

After three seconds, the video screen hangs up.

The people behind you are still walking around! What kind of network issue was that?!

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

She threw the cellphone aside, pulled on the quilt and continued to sleep!

After being tossed around by Xu Lichen, a psychopath, in the middle of the night, Zhang Yansheng got up late the next day. Zhang Heling also said, “Sister, why do you have dark circles under your eyes?”

D*mn it.

She wanted to apply a facial mask, but remembered that she hadn’t bought any.

In fact, when she was 15 or 16 years old, her skin condition was so good that she didn’t need a mask at all. Zhang Yansheng has never bought this item since she was reborn.

She still has to prepare some, at least an eye mask, Zhang Yansheng thought.

She knew that Director Xie might be busy yesterday, so she waited until the afternoon before calling him.

“If he makes a fuss or something, you can call me, and I will fly over and bring him back right away.” She said.

Director Xie laughed and said, “You look down on Xiao Xu too much! Needless to say, I have decided to add drama to him! I will finish filming his scenes for him before school starts!”

Zhang Yansheng: “???”

“Well, Xiao Xu, I thought he couldn’t endure the hardship.” Director Xie said emotionally, “I didn’t expect a child like him to stay with us all night yesterday without shouting a word of pain. He is also helping everywhere, asking how to help or something. Today, he also paid out of his pocket to improve the food for everyone…”

Is this person Xu Lichen? Why does it feel different from the Xu Lichen she knew?

“Also, I really didn’t expect Xiao Xu to be trained in martial arts!” Director Xie said, “There is a character whom we had to hire a martial artist, so he just saves us!”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

No, don’t thank him, please don’t let him mess around!

The butterfly effect should not affect her investment!

But Director Xie believed that Xu Lichen was fine, and Zhang Yansheng’s advice could not change his mind.

Zhang Yansheng had a black line, and she always felt that Xu Lichen was like a wild horse that had taken off its reins, and was running in a direction that didn’t feel good.

But Director Xie is a professional and he has produced works that have both great reputation and box office like《Leaving the Solar System》, which has brought Chinese science fiction to the international level in one fell swoop. Zhang Yansheng can only choose to believe in his vision.

She could only say: “Please let him come back as soon as possible. School will start soon. He hasn’t finished his winter vacation homework yet.”

There was a burst of laughter on the other end of the phone.

On the morning of the same day, President Yue met Yue Song, who had disappeared for a day, at the dining table.

“You’re back?” President Yue asked, “Did you come back last night?”

“Yes, it was a bit late, so I didn’t bother you.” Yue Song said.

President Yue asked about the situation over there, and Yue Song said, “I am very optimistic. I plan to invest in them.”

President Yue nodded: “You can handle it by yourself.”

This is not Yue Song’s first investment. Since he went to university, President Yue has given him certain financial authority and left it to him to make his own arrangements. Yue Song has a lot of autonomy in the matter of investment.

He nodded and there was no need to tell his grandfather more about this matter.

But after Yue Song had eaten a bit of breakfast, he suddenly asked, “Grandpa, do you know the old lady Song Lanying from Xingnan Group?”

President Yue said, “I have heard of her, but I have never had any dealings with her. What’s the matter?”

Yue Song smiled and said, “One of the two high school students mentioned by Miss Mo is the granddaughter of this old lady. Her father’s name is Zhang Huan. I heard that the old lady has two sons. I don’t know if it is the eldest son or the second son.”

“Oh, it’s their family.” President Yue said, “I still think I’m anxious enough, but there are other people who are more anxious than me. The child is in high school, so she was pulled out for a walk?”

‘Walk’… Yue Song was speechless for a moment and said, “Anyway, she is a very good little girl. My sister did a charity auction event before and I saw her there. She was brought out by her parents, and she seemed to take it very seriously.”

The Yue family has been passed down for three generations. Yue Song has no first cousins. The ‘sister’ he refers to does not need to refer specifically to the cousin of his maternal uncle’s family.

Yue Song has been in and out of the company with President Yue since he was a child. Many people in the company know him and know his identity. At this age, he needed to be familiar with the company’s grassroots business, so he went to the Xue family. No one in the company over there knows him, so it is much more convenient to do things.

So, on one side, he is an ordinary-dressed intern college student, getting familiar with grassroots business in his uncle’s company; on the other side, he is a well-dressed heir to the group, following President Yue to watch him make various decisions.

If anyone sees how he is running on both sides, I’m afraid he won’t be able to tell the difference.

“Families that value their children are discerning families.” Old man Yue sighed, “Like me, when I was young, I was too busy to take care of your father. I raised him like a wild crane in the clouds, who doesn’t know the suffering of the world… By the way, where are they now?”

Yue Song took out his cellphone and took a look, then turned it over to old man Yue: “Basking in the sun.”

In the photo, the white clouds are lowered and the sun is shining brightly. A middle-aged couple is basking in the sun on the white and delicate beach. The two of them have their faces against each other, smiling brighter than the sun, and their flesh is numb to death.

Old man Yue wanted to have a heart attack on the spot: “I’m still pulling the plow diligently like an old scalper, and my son is already enjoying life! What’s the use for me to give birth to this kind of son!”

“It’s okay, you still have a grandson.” Yue Song comforted him, “I will work hard to get you to retire as soon as possible.”

“…” Old man Yue, “Do you still want to usurp the throne? It’s not your turn yet! Your grandfather can still do it for another five hundred years!”

Yue Song: “…”

So, it’s because you just don’t want to rest at all.

Mo Lin kept working. She has a company with about 200 people on her side, and she is expected to stay there for two weeks for due diligence.

Suddenly she received a call from Yue Song: “I decided to invest.”

Mo Lin felt that she had been possessed by a koi carp during this period of time and asked, “How much do you intend to invest?”

“I’ll invest 100 million first.” Yue Song said.

Mo Lin couldn’t just leave as soon as she came. She worked overtime there for two days, coordinated the time, and flew to K City.

In K City, Yue Song asked his cousin Xue Xintong, “The granddaughter of Madam Song from Xingnan Group, what is her name?”

“Huh?” Xue Xintong joked, “Didn’t you say you don’t want to cultivate her?”

Yue Song was speechless and explained: “I invested in a project and found that the little girl also invested in it. I’m just a little curious.”

Xue Xintong was a little surprised, asked carefully, and said, “This Zhang Huan, I really can’t tell.”

Yue Song asked, “So, what’s her name?”

Xue Xintong thought about it for a while, and said with uncertainty: “She seems to be called Zhang… Yanyan?”

Zhang Yanyan?

The name is a bit tacky.

Yue Song recalled the girl’s cold and bright face, and felt that the name did not match her temperament.

Zhang Huan, this person is not very good at naming his children.

Seeing Mo Lin again, after everything was settled, Yue Song asked, “How did Miss Mo and Miss Zhang from Xingnan Group meet?”

When Mo Lin heard this, “You already know.”

This is not the client information she leaked, nine out of ten it is probably either Director Xie or Producer Wang.

Sure enough, Yue Song said, “I heard it from Director Xie and the others.”

Mo Lin said, “It’s fate. At the financial forum in Shui Zhen, I slipped and injured my feet, then ran into Miss Zhang…” She told Yue Song how she got acquainted with Zhang Yansheng.

She concluded: “Although Miss Zhang is a young girl, she is a girl with a lot of personality. She is very different from most ordinary girls.”

Yue Song nodded, and had a preliminary visualization of ‘Zhang Yanyan’ in his heart, except for that unforgettable face.

Xu Lichen rushed back before school started.

He didn’t want to come back. Director Xie really arranged several faceless shots for him. For a while, he was standing guard at the door, and for a while, he was patrolling the passage with a gun.

Anyway, no matter what it is, just let him wear that mecha combat suit, and he will be very happy!

And he’s really obedient, so the director can do whatever he wants. Once he took off his costume, he would run to help the props crew.

Some people didn’t know him, and treated him as a handyman’s assistant, who called him back and forth. Young Master Xu ran around without complaint.

Director Xie once turned his head between filming and saw this gold master running around doing hard work for him.

Director Xie: “…”

How did he know that Xu Lichen’s family also has millions of yuan in various handicrafts, and the prop group is… giant handicrafts for him! He enjoys it very much.

Of course, Director Xie wouldn’t know, so he felt touched, so touched!

In another scene, the action coach went over to talk about a scene, and Xu Lichen made a few gestures. As soon as the expert takes a shot, he will know if there is one.

Action director: “Yo? You’re trained?”

Xu Lichen proudly said: “Since I was six years old, I have been training in free combat for 10 years now.”

When they took the shot, the frame was quite beautiful. He has a handsome face that can make his debut after packing up. Director Xie slapped his thigh, adding drama to Xu Lichen!

Xu Lichen: Sure enough, hard work really pays off!

The hateful thing is that Zhang Yansheng called Director Xie! Squatting together for dinner in the evening, Director Xie asked in his busy schedule, “Have you finished your homework for the winter vacation?”

All the people’s eyes were shot at him. Xu Lichen scratched his neck and said: “It’s finished.”

Director Xie stared at him: “Really finished?”

Xu Lichen: “Almost finished!”

Director Xie: “Almost?”

So, Xu Lichen stayed there for four days and was hurried back by Director Xie.

Director Xie: “How many days are left before the start of your school? Set aside time for you to catch up with homework.”

Xu Lichen: Hateful!

But Xu Lichen was beaten sarcastically by Zhang Yansheng, and he didn’t want to drop out of class when school started, making Zhang Yansheng look down on him. In the last few days, he really held back at home rushing to finish his homework.

When Mother Xu came back at night, she couldn’t see her husband, so she went to her son’s room to take a look. Her son was not playing games nor wandering outside, but was sitting on his desk instead.

Mother Xu was surprised: “What are you doing?”

Xu Lichen: “Hurrying to finish my homework!”

Since he learned the truth about his parents’ marriage, he had a showdown with his mother. On the contrary, this mother and son are a little closer than before.

Mother Xu clearly felt the changes in her son. She had to wear armor at all times when she was outside, and she still had to wear this armor in front of her husband when she returned home. She has long been used to it, and she doesn’t find it hard.

But suddenly in front of her son, the armor was removed.

Mother Xu’s eyes suddenly became faintly red.

“What are you doing, I’m doing my homework here, but what about you?!” Xu Lichen’s scalp is numb. He could bear his mother scolding him, and not when his mother’s eyes turned red. He quickly pulled a tissue for his mother.

There was a watery light in his mother’s eyes, but she smiled.

Holding his son’s shoulder, she pressed hard: “You, you have grown up. Mother is really happy.”

Xu Lichen: “Hmm.”

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