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Chapter 120: Coincidence

Zhang Yansheng called the waiter to pay the bill only to find out why she felt that her arms were full, she was still holding Zhang Heling!

As soon as she loosened her hand and let Zhang Heling slide down, Qian Wei suddenly patted the table: “Ah! You are! It’s you!”

Zhang Yansheng/Zhang Heling: “?”

“You are that girl! You are that girl!” Qian Wei became excited, “Koala hugged the female alpha!”

He just thought how the look of this girl’s hug gesture was so familiar! She is the girl who was on fire for a while last year. Later, she said that he would not make a video, so the popularity gradually decreased.

Such a shameful title can be said to be a man of God.

Zhang Yansheng was speechless. Yue Song’s eyes are full of smiles: “We followed you on the video platform.”

Seeing the smile in his eyes and thinking of those videos with fake acting skills, which has left a black history on her life like this, people like Zhang Yansheng who are so calm want to hold their foreheads.

Yue Song smiled even more.

He watched Zhang Yansheng input his phone number and looked up at him. He said: “Yue Song. The Yue is for the mountain, the Song is for the pine tree.”

He also finished typing Zhang Yansheng’s phone number. Zhang Yansheng said, “My name is…”

“Zhang Yansheng. The Yan for the wild goose, Sheng for the loud voice of hope.” The corners of Yue Song’s mouth curled up, “I know.”

The two people looked at each other again.

Zhang Yansheng saw the temperature in Yue Song’s gaze. He was not impatient, but rather very calm.

Her heart suddenly calmed down.

She did not ask Yue Song why he knew her name on the spot. In this life, neither she nor Xu Lichen will ever be short-lived again. The future is infinite. She has a lifetime to trace the fate that happened with Yue Song before they met.

The waiter came and Zhang Yansheng paid the bill.

Qian Wei and the others had never experienced such a thing of being treated by a beautiful girl who they had never known, so they were all a little at a loss. But Yue was relieved, as if the money paid by the girl was not money.

A few hundred yuan!

Yue Song asked, “Would you like to eat here?”

Zhang Heling hurriedly said, “We are going to the next one! Uncle… Big Brother, the next one is recommended with five stars, and this one is only recommended with four and a half stars!”

Qian Wei looked very old, like a 30-year-old, Zhang Heling wanted to call everyone at this table uncle, but when she saw Yue Song’s handsome young face just like jade, she subconsciously changed her mind halfway through.

Zhang Yansheng patted Zhang Heling lightly on the top of her head and said, “Yes, we are going to the one next to this restaurant.”

It’s not that she doesn’t want to talk more with Yue Song. In fact, when she saw Yue Song again in this life, there were thousands of words surging in her chest. But at the same time, she clearly felt that this young man, who had been in her heart since she was reborn, was actually a complete stranger to her.

Those thousands of words can’t be spit out.

But still, there will be ample time for that later.

She said, “We’ll go first, let’s get in touch later.”

Yue Song nodded: “I’ll contact you later.”

He watched Zhang Yansheng lead Zhang Heling away, as if they were not strangers who had only met today and only reported their names. They seemed to have known each other for many years, but they just had a chance encounter today.

“Otherwise, don’t eat it.” A roommate said nonchalantly.

Another roommate seconded: “I’m full.”

Yue Song: “…?”

Qian Wei turned into lemon essence and said bitterly: “Who can eat a belly of dog food?!”

Zhang Yansheng took Zhang Heling to the restaurant next door and got a seat smoothly.

After ordering the must-order signature dishes recommended on the Internet, Zhang Heling began to ask soulfully: “Sister, what do they mean by following you on the video platform?”

Zhang Yansheng said absent-mindedly: “My classmates shot some videos and posted them on the platform, and they saw them.”

Zhang Heling immediately took out her mobile phone and asked, “Which platform? What are the keywords?”

After watching all those videos, Zhang Heling’s whole body was sour!

“This is too much! This is too much!” She kept muttering.

Zhang Yansheng: “Huh?”

Zhang Heling complained tearfully: “You didn’t even tell me about such great videos with your classmates!”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Her sister’s complaint was further escalated: “You don’t even shoot one with me!” She wants to be koala-hugged by her as well!

Zhang Yansheng had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, Zhang Heling unilaterally announced: “We will shoot it when we get home! Let Shuoshuo take the video for us!”

Zhang Yansheng rubbed her forehead, and then heard the little girl continue to ask, “Sister, what does Alpha mean? Why do the comments say that you are a female alpha?”

Zhang Yansheng also had this title somehow, and her classmates had already told her. But she was unable to explain and just dodged: “Make good use of search engines, don’t take it for granted, and ask others everything.”

Zhang Heling did a good search and it was a great time, as it opened the door to a new world!

Alpha, Beta, Omega! The ABO world of three kinds of people and six genders is so magical!

It turns out that the ‘A’ of ‘A burst’ is the initial letter of Alpha!

That’s what it meant!

Zhang Heling obsessively read the popular posts of netizens, and then raised her head, her face glowing.

“Sister! Me too!” She was so excited that she was incoherent, as if she had found a goal in life, “I also want to be an alpha! I don’t want to be an omega!”

A burst like her sister!

Zhang Yansheng: “???”

She just let her search, but what messy things did she look at?

The meal ended in Zhang Yansheng’s ethereal silence and Zhang Heling’s incoherent excitement.

Zhang Yansheng called the waiter to pay the bill. The waiter said, “Someone already paid for this table just now.”

Both Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Heling looked at the waiter, with a smile on the corners of the waiter’s mouth: “It’s a tall and handsome guy, he said you know who he is.”

Zhang Heling said “Ah”: “Sister! Was it that person just now…” Zhang Yansheng clawed her hand on the top of Zhang Heling’s head, and smiled at the waiter: “I got it, thank you.”

“I got it, I got it, so it turns out that you can do it like this!”

On the way back, four boys in a dormitory squeezed into a taxi. Qian Wei opened his eyes today and couldn’t help but mutter.

One roommate beat him ruthlessly: “What did you learn? This kind of high-end operation can only be performed by high-profile people.”

Another roommate was even more ruthless: “If you use your face value score to do this kind of operation, there will be no gain other than loss of money. Don’t think about it. Ah, no, maybe you can recognize a niece or something.”

Yue Song held his forehead: “Okay, okay.”

He sent his roommates back to school.

“I’m going home today.” He reminded them, “Don’t be late for reporting tomorrow. Qian Wei knows the place, so just follow him.”

The roommates agreed and said, “We will invite you to dinner again another day, not today.”

Yue Song readily agreed.

When he got home, he called Mo Lin: “Miss Mo, I’m sorry to disturb you so late.”

He said: “I just want to ask, will the Xingnan Group investors attend the premiere in B City in two days?”

Mo Lin said, “Yes, Miss Zhang asked me to reserve three seats for her. She said she would take her sister and her father.”

Her younger sister is the little girl he saw today, and her father is Zhang Huan from Xingnan Group.

Mo Lin asked: “Are you asking this…?”

Yue Song pondered for a while and said, “My original arrangement here has been canceled. Please save a seat for me. …No, I won’t go on stage, I don’t need you to arrange it. I’ll just go and have a look.”

Mo Lin agreed and Yue Song asked again, “Which flight will Young Master Zhang take? I’ll take the same class, just to get to know each other.”

From beginning to end, Yue Song did not mention ‘Zhang Yansheng’. Mo Lin had known him for more than a year, and it was only when he invested in the movie. He seemed to ask how she and Zhang Yansheng met out of curiosity.

This kind of deliberate arrangement to get acquainted with others is also common in shopping malls. Mo Lin herself often has to look for all kinds of opportunities to meet the people she wants to know. Therefore, Mo Lin did not have any doubts about him, and told Yue Song the flight number of Zhang Yansheng and her party, and said: “I will arrange a pick-up for you.”

Yue Song cheerfully said: “Okay, thank you.”

He had other arrangements and didn’t want to go to the premiere.

But… this is not an arrangement from heaven.

During these two days, Zhang Yansheng glanced at her cellphone from time to time. But to her surprise, although they added each other as friends, Yue Song did not send her any messages.

Soon, she and Zhang Huan will take Zhang Heling to B City. Before they left, Zhang Huan said to Liang Yingying, “You must look after Shuoshuo.”

This is purely formality, because even if Liang Yingying is at home, an aunt is actually responsible for watching Zhang Shuocheng.

But even so, Liang Yingying had to take a formality and show responsibility: “Don’t worry.”

Zhang Heling instructed her solemnly: “Mom, you must check his homework every day. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t take the initiative to do it. He will definitely play around all day!”

Liang Yingying grinned her teeth and said angrily: “I know.”

All three of them glanced at Zhang Shuocheng, and they all saw the excitement that couldn’t be hidden in his eyes, or rather a sudden urge to move.

The three of them glanced at each other and left tacitly.

As soon as their car left, Zhang Shuocheng became excited as if she had unloaded his bridle, and asked Liang Yingying to take him to the amusement park.

Liang Yingying hated taking her children out the most, so she refused: “On such a hot day, adults wouldn’t want to dry out under the sun!”

But there was no one in the family who suppressed Zhang Shuocheng. He returned to his previous state in a second, and began to howl and roll when he fell to the ground, still holding Liang Yingying’s leg and forbidding her to leave.

Liang Yingying became annoyed and was about to beat him!

Zhang Shuocheng jumped up, pointed at her and said, “If you hit me, I’ll tell my dad that you don’t watch me at home and you just go out to play mahjong all day long!”

Liang Yingying was dizzy with anger.

When did this young son learn this technique?

Has her status in this family been so low that even her youngest son can bully her?

But it was not the same as before. She raised her hand, raised it again, then raised it again, and finally put it down bitterly: “Didn’t you say to go to the amusement park? Change your clothes!”

Then she shouted, “Aunt Wang! Aunt Wang! Where are the others? You will go with us and call Xiao Zhou as well!”

When Yue Song also appeared in the first-class cabin of the plane, Zhang Yansheng was surprised again.

Yue Song smiled and said hello to her and Zhang Heling: “Hey, we meet again.”

Zhang Heling was also surprised: “Ah, Big Brother!” Yue Song was so good-looking, so she still remembered him.

Zhang Huan turned his head when he heard the sound and saw an older boy with long legs. Wearing a white T-shirt, he looked very clean, with a smile on his eyebrows and a warm temperament.

Good-looking people take advantage of it, and it’s easy for people to feel good at first sight. Moreover, Yue Song’s appearance is of an upright type, unlike Xu Lichen’s romantic and unrestrained appearance, Zhang Huan has a good impression of him at first glance.

The first-class seats on the plane are all separated, and Yue Song’s seat happens to be in the same row as Zhang Huan’s.

He took a seat and stretched out his hand to Zhang Huan across the middle aisle: “You are Young Master Zhang from Xingnan Group, right?”

Zhang Huan also stretched out his hand and asked rhetorically, “You are…?”

The two shook hands and Yue Song introduced himself: “My last name is Yue, Yue Song. My grandfather’s taboo name is Shangqi Xiafeng.”1名讳 – Taboo name – The pronunciation of name taboo is míng huì, which used to refer to the name of the elder or respected person. In the old days, it was called a name before death, and a taboo after death. Separate use has different meanings; combined use has the same name, but with respect.

When he made this introduction, neither Zhang Yansheng nor Zhang Heling understood. Zhang Huan suddenly realized: “Oh, you are…” After understanding the convergence point of social relationships, his attitude suddenly became affectionate.

“Are you also going to B City to participate in the premiere?” Yue Song looked back at Zhang Yansheng behind him with a smile, and explained, “Me too.”

His surname is Yue, he belongs to K City, and he went to the premiere.

This information flashed in her mind, so Zhang Yansheng suddenly understood: “Are you the investor from Qingting Group?”

“Yes.” Yue Song smiled at the corner of his mouth, and the stars seemed to flash in Zhang Yansheng’s eyes, bright and glittering, “It’s a coincidence.”

What is a coincidence?

Fate is a coincidence.

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