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Chapter 44: Intimate

Heling’s birthday was celebrated in a restaurant at noon.

Huan’s secretary had already prepared it and asked someone to deliver the cake directly there.

Although her mother was not there on her birthday, Heling was not unhappy because this time, her elder sister held her younger brother down, and her father gave her the first piece of cake he cut.

If her mother was present, the first piece of cake would have been given to her younger brother. If she didn’t give it, his younger brother would cry and roll around the floor.

Only that day, her younger brother watched sternly. But under the pressure of her elder sister, he didn’t dare to cause much trouble.

It was really a happy day.

Heling took the first bite of the cake, and somehow, tears suddenly appeared in her eyes.

Huan faintly understood the reason behind his younger daughter’s tears, and couldn’t help but feel very embarrassed and a faint sense of guilt deep inside. But he didn’t know how to comfort his younger daughter in this situation so as not to be embarrassed, he had to look at Yansheng.

Yansheng stretched out her hand and patted Heling’s head twice.

On the other hand, Shuocheng was engrossed in eating and did not notice anything.

When they returned home, it was only in the afternoon.

Everyone was surprised that Yingying was at home in broad daylight.

“Didn’t you go out to play cards?” Huan asked.

“Why? Isn’t it Hehe’s birthday today? So, I came back early.” Yingying complained, “Honestly, why didn’t anyone call me when you all went out to the amusement park?”

Heling felt slightly uneasy.

Huan didn’t change his expression and replied, “Everyone knows that we are going out to celebrate Hehe’s birthday today, so we all got up early. How come you don’t know how to get up early?”

That was not entirely true. At least Shuocheng had forgotten about this a long time ago and it was Heling who went upstairs to call him early in the morning. As soon as she said ‘going to the amusement park’, he got up immediately.

However, it was enough to make Yingying choke. At that moment, Yingying became the one who was in the wrong.

Heling breathed a sigh of relief, but was not disappointed. It just proved that her own mother had forgotten her birthday, which was not surprising to her at all.

Then, she saw Yansheng walked upstairs without saying a word. She shouted ‘Sister’ and caught up with her.

Mrs. Wang also dragged Shuocheng upstairs to change clothes.

Yingying really felt that the children didn’t seem to be as close to her as they used to be. Furthermore, what made it worse was that Huan also didn’t seem to have the same attitude towards her as before.

This made Yingying wary.

She groaned and grabbed Huan’s arm. “Come on, it’s not that you don’t know me. I watched a drama until late last night, so how can I get up early~”

She dropped out of school and came to K City to work as a so-called model. She was brought to some ‘dinner parties’ by a younger sister and met Huan, whom she followed at a young age.

At that time, she was invincible in her youth, coquettish and cute, and Huan was particularly fond of her.

But now, Huan’s feelings had changed.

He felt that Yingying’s coquettishness was not as cute as before. After all, how old was she then compared to how old was she now?

At her current age, she was not very good in doing this old stuff, so Huan didn’t like it anymore.

Especially when it was in his own home, in the presence of his children and helpers. This was not a hidden sweet town1温柔乡 – literally means ‘sweet town’; refers to a place where there are charming ladies, or to a spiritual state of gentleness and sweetness. outside where you could go to enjoy. In his own home, in front of his children, he had to act properly as a parent.

But he couldn’t just do it by himself. Yingying was a mother, so how could she continue acting like this?

Yingying’s coquettishness and show-off attitude remained the same as it was ten years ago, but Huan’s requirements for her had changed.

In the past, he was greedy for her youthful body. But now, what he wanted was a wife who could take good care of his family and children. Could this requirement be the same as before?

Huan gently said, “At home, don’t keep doing this act. The children are watching.”

Yingying was a little confused.

After Huan said that, he shook his arm as if he wanted to get rid of her.

So, Yingying hugged his arm tightly and said cautiously, “The children are all upstairs.”

“Then don’t keep doing this.” Huan frowned and continued, “How old are you? You’re a mother of two children already, so don’t always pretend to be like a little girl. I’ve told you about it last time, was it all in vain?”

Pretend to be like a little girl??? Yingying seemed to have received a slap on her face, which turned blue and red for a while.

She felt a great sense of crisis in her heart, and she refused to let Huan go. She gritted her teeth and insisted on smiling and said, “It’s hot outside, isn’t it? Let’s go upstairs and take a shower.”

Huan shook his arm again, but couldn’t shake her away. In the end, he shook his head and let her cling to him, then they went upstairs.

It was indeed very hot in the summer, so it was actually quite hard for adults to take children to play outside.

In particular, Yansheng took the initiative to take Shuocheng over this morning, so she sweated a lot. When they got home, she took a refreshing shower and then dried her long hair. As a girl, she inevitably spent a little more time.

After changing clothes, she went downstairs. The two kids were already playing game consoles there.

As soon as Yansheng got off from the stairs, Huan and Yingying also came down, and called her from behind.

Yansheng turned her head, and when she saw Huan, she felt that he was a little different. She frowned slightly. When Huan walked up to her, she could see that he looked very relaxed, with a kind of contentment between his eyebrows.

Then, she looked at Yingying and saw that there was a bit of spring in the corners of her eyebrows. What else could Yansheng, whose soul was already an adult, not understand?!

She was speechless for a moment. Just had to go upstairs to take a shower and change clothes, so her father and this woman could have a good time.

Yansheng turned her head back and walked faster to get away from these two people who had just made love.

In the small living room, she also deliberately went to sit next to Heling because that position was the farthest from where Huan often sat.

Since everyone was downstairs, a servant brought up some fruits.

Yansheng didn’t want to eat for the time being, so she didn’t move.

On the other hand, Yingying had always been attentive to Huan, so she pick up a fruit and tried to feed him. Huan took the fruit fork and gave her a meaningful look to prevent her from deliberately showing intimacy in front of the children.

After eating some fruits, Heling put down her game console and went to the bathroom. Shuocheng finished playing a game before he looked up.

At first glance, he didn’t want to eat fruit, he wanted to eat popsicles instead. Although he had a good time in the morning, it was really too hot. When they got home, he still wanted to eat popsicles to cool down.

He jumped off the sofa, ran to the refrigerator in the dining room and opened its door.

He took an ice cream and suddenly remembered that Yansheng hadn’t eaten any fruit, he couldn’t help but hesitate. After a while, Shuocheng took another one and ran back.

“Here,” he said in a rough voice as he handed the ice cream to Yansheng.

Huan and Yingying both stopped and looked in surprise at this kid who had always been lawless and would not think about others.

In the past, when he took something delicious, he would never bring some for others as well. But he actually remembered bringing one to Yansheng just now.

Huan and Yingying had been sitting there, but they clearly knew that Yansheng had been looking down at her cellphone and did not ask Shuocheng to get her ice cream.

Yansheng was also surprised.

Indeed, after her rebirth, she disciplined Shuocheng, but she didn’t do it for his sake. She did not like him in her previous life, so she was not kind to him at all. She just wanted to prevent him from harming others in the future.

But this Shuocheng in front of her now seemed to have deviated a little from her memory.

Yansheng was silent for a while, then took the ice cream. “Thank you.”

For the first time in Shuocheng’s life, Yansheng thanked him. This was also a very novel experience for him.

With a sullen face, he replied stiffly, “You.. you are welcome.”

It was Yansheng who taught him the manners of saying ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’, with the use of a ferule and her fist.

Huan blinked in amazement as he watched this siblings’ interaction. This was just an act of courtesy that a normal child should have, but to have witnessed it from Shuocheng, a naughty child, he was simply surprised and moved.

Since Yansheng started to discipline Shuocheng, he had become much more worry-free.

However, Yingying felt the opposite.

She felt outrageous.

This was a son she personally gave birth to and raised. How many times had she instilled in him that ‘Zhang Yansheng is a superfluous thing’? So, why did he suddenly get close to her now?

Even her, as his own mother, had never gotten anything to eat or drink from him.

Yingying remembered what her girlfriends said that Yansheng was scheming to win over her children. She didn’t think about it very much at that time, thinking that after all, they were born by herself and should know who they should get intimate with. But now, there was a clear evidence in front of her.

Zhang Yansheng! You are so d*mn clever!

She underestimated her.

Yingying was so angry that she was dizzy, as she stared at Yansheng fiercely.

She didn’t realize that in the short period of more than half a month, after Yansheng was reborn, she had lost her previous calmness when facing this fifteen-year-old girl.

In the past, she had a smile at the corner of her mouth, provocative eyes, and sarcasm in her words, which made the young girl furious and even hysterical.

Now, the young girl in front of her was calm and silent, very indifferent.

In this kind of fight, whoever was anxious and impatient would lose first.

Yansheng lowered her head and gently took a bite of the ice cream.

The ice cream Shuocheng gave her was a rare thing.

Then, she suddenly felt those staring eyes. She raised her head and found that her father and his young wife were staring at her. However, the eyes of these couple were showing very different expressions.

Huan’s gaze was admiration and relief, as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t say it, while Yingying’s gaze was poisonous and vicious.

Yansheng slowly took another bite of the ice cream. She ignored Huan that showed a deeply moved appearance and looked straight back to the other person.

Huan, who was originally feeling emotional, suddenly felt that something was wrong in Yansheng’s expression. He turned his head along her gaze and saw Yingying sitting next to him with fierce eyes.

He was speechless.

He used the back of his hand to nudge Yingying a few times. “Hey, what are you doing?”

Yingying returned to her senses. Why did I show my true colors in front of Huan? D*mn it!

She quickly smiled flatteringly and said, “I was thinking of Shuoshuo, how polite Shuoshuo is now.”

“That’s right.” Huan said indifferently, “Yanyan has taught his younger brother so well.”

Yingying choked uncontrollably and felt a deep hatred in her heart.

Huan turned his head to look at his eldest daughter again.

The corners of her mouth were slightly tilted, as she slowly ate the ice cream, and her gaze had fallen back to her cellphone. It was as if she hadn’t seen or heard the conversation between the husband and wife.

When his youngest daughter came back from the bathroom, she saw his son eating ice cream and said that she was also going to eat the same thing. The son laughed out loud. “I took the last two of this flavor.”

The little daughter was so angry and went to get something else.

The two children continued to chatter.

In the midst of this lively moment, the young girl who quietly looked at her cellphone gave a very different sense of maturity.

Huan sighed inwardly as he made a comparison deep inside.

His wife, who was almost thirty years old now, was not as good as his fifteen-year-old daughter.

Soon Friday had passed, and it was now Saturday.

Young Master Liang, who had moved away from the Zhang’s house for a week, was there again.

“Is my aunt here? I came to find Hehe and Shuoshuo to play,” he said with a smile.

He had such a noble and benevolent aura, and there was no ill-feeling look at all.

Unfortunately, Huan and Yingying were not at home, even Yansheng had a training scheduled for boxing.

Zheng’s eyes lit up when he heard this. “That’s just right! No, no, I mean, it just so happens that I’m going to see my brother and my sister. Hey, don’t worry about me, I’ll just go upstairs and find them both by myself.”

So, the servant just let Zheng go upstairs.

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