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Chapter 110: Internship

Mo Lin called Zhang Yansheng and informed her of the progress of《Leaving the Solar System》.

“At present, the funds are all in place and the progress in the later stage is still guaranteed.” She said, “The current plan is to release it during the summer vacation next year. Producer Wang is very confident about this schedule.”

Mo Lin said confidently.

However, according to Zhang Yansheng’s knowledge in the previous life, the movie was bounced all the time, and it was not released until the Spring Festival the following year. So, she didn’t actually believe Mo Lin’s words.

Of course, she didn’t think that Mo Lin deliberately deceived her. The basic responsibility for delaying the release of a movie lies with the producer, and Mo Lin can’t control it. She can only evaluate and then inform investors truthfully.

But the ‘unbelief’ in her words was of course noticed by Mo Lin. Mo Lin couldn’t say such empty words as ‘have some confidence in me’. She smiled and said, “Since I met you in Shuizhen, I don’t know if it was my koi that possessed me or if I have to thank your koi. Anyway, the financing went better than expected. From your K City alone, it has raised to almost 150 million.”


“From K City?” Zhang Yan was surprised.

“That’s right.” Mo Lin said, “You and Xiao Xu add up to 44 million, and I also got another investor who invested 100 million.”

Zhang Yansheng reconfirmed: “It’s from our K City?”

Mo Lin said: ” Yes.”

Zhang Yansheng was really surprised.

Because after this movie became popular in the previous life, the internet was full of various behind-the-scenes, various breaking news, and various analysis and commentary disputes. Zhang Yansheng probably knows several big investors in this movie. In it… there is really not a single sum from K City.

She asked: “Which one is it?”

Yue Song was already an investor in the movie and he did not specifically ask for confidentiality. Mo Lin told Zhang Yansheng: “It’s from the Qingting, do you know this business group?”

Zhang Yansheng honestly admitted: “…I don’t know.” In her previous life, she had been messing around since high school, and had been messing around until she died, so she had no contact or paid attention to the business community of K City.

Not every successful entrepreneur likes to show his face in the media like Xue Xintong. Many entrepreneurs and ordinary people have no idea what he looks like, what his name is, or even his existence.

Mo Lin smiled. She looked at Zhang Yansheng, after all, she was just a freshman in high school.

“I also met him in Shuizhen. At that time, I was on crutches. Chairman Yue of Qingting Group saw it and asked me what was wrong. Later, we exchanged business cards. He is also in the business. When I came back to K City, I came to talk to him about another project, and then I just mentioned this movie, but I didn’t intend to present this project, and the investment was settled at the end.”

So, it should be the butterfly effect, right? Anyway, she didn’t delay her movie financing, but it seemed to be a little smoother than in her previous life? As long as the director and producer do not change, there will be no major problem with the quality of the film.

Zhang Yansheng thought for a while and felt relieved.

Under Zhang Huan’s instructions, Liang Yingying had to take on the responsibility of being a mother, taking the two sacred beasts, and with the assistance of Aunt Wang and Xiao Zhou, they went abroad to play.

The house was very quiet.

When Zhang Huan woke up in the morning, he felt that the air was very fresh. When he stretched out and walked outside, he saw Zhang Yansheng cruising in the swimming pool like a mermaid.

Zhang Huan looked at her with his hands on his waist for a while, and felt that her daughter had really grown up. Now Zhang Yansheng is really the child who worries him the most.

When she came ashore, he said to her: “Don’t stay at home all the time. Look, Qiqi and Xiao Lin have gone to play, so you should go out and play too. Are you out of money? Dad will give you some.”

Like a Tang Monk, Zhang Yansheng was speechless: “I just want to stay at home, can’t I?”

If you played too wild in your previous life, you will rebound a bit in this life.

Do homework, swim, and practice boxing every day. It’s a holiday now, and she goes to the boxing gym almost every day.

In short, as a freshman in high school, Zhang Huan was a little surprised by her self-discipline.

Zhang Huan didn’t know which of the tendons was wrong, or he suddenly found it in his conscience. Anyway, somehow, his heart suddenly became hot, and he blurted out: “Otherwise, let’s go on a trip!”

Zhang Yansheng was really surprised.

Zhang Huan coughed and said, “After thinking about it, it seems that Dad has never taken you on a trip alone.”

It’s true that there is no such thing. When she was young, it had a family of three traveling, and the photos were still there.

Later, Zhang Yansheng’s mother became ill and traveled in the first year for the operation, but then she relapsed and died. Zhang Huan had traveled with his three children in this life. But after her mother’s death in the previous life, Zhang Yansheng never had the opportunity to travel with Zhang Huan, let alone to travel with him alone.

If Zhang Huan said in the previous life that he would take Zhang Yansheng on a trip, Zhang Yansheng would probably shed tears on the spot.

But when Zhang Huan said this just now, her conscience discovered that he was a lifetime late. Zhang Yansheng had neither expectations nor interest. She picked up a bath towel and wiped the water on her body: “What’s the point of going out with you.”

She was actually disgusted, Zhang Huan was filled with the sadness of being an old father.

Zhang Yansheng skipped this topic and asked him, “Is our family familiar with the Yue family of Qingting Group?”

“I’m not familiar with them and I don’t know much about them either.” Zhang Huan asked, “Why did you ask about their family?”

Zhang Yansheng told him: “Big Sister Mo told me that they invested 100 million in the movie.”

“Oh, some people have the same opinions as my daughter.” Zhang Huan thought for a while and said, “I know Xue Xintong very well.”

Zhang Yansheng “…?”

Zhang Huan looked at the expression on Zhang Yansheng’s face and smiled. After all, she was still a high school student. He told her: “Xue Xintong’s aunt is married to the young master of Qingting Group.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

In her previous life, she was so estranged from her relatives that she ignored them and had no contact at all. She didn’t expect that she would have to figure out the relatives of other people’s families in this life.

Zhang Huan likes to see Zhang Yansheng’s expression when she encounters her own shortcomings.

He smiled and said, “These relationships, you will know more about them if you have more contact with them in the future.”

He asked again: “You really don’t have plans to go out and play?”

Zhang Yansheng put on a bathrobe: “Dementia in old age can be treated early.”

“Tsk.” Zhang Huan, who was buried in the survival of the fittest, turned his eyes and discussed with Zhang Yansheng very carefully, “If you don’t want to go out to play, it’s better to go to the company to help your grandmother.”

If it weren’t for a rebirth, Zhang Yansheng really didn’t know that there were so many selfish calculations in her father’s stomach. In her previous life, she really felt that he was a rough man, busy with work and neglected her family.

How stupid was she?

Seeing Zhang Yansheng stopped, Zhang Huan said: “You are idle anyway.”

Zhang Yansheng played wildly in her previous life, but she has been calm in this life, and she is indeed not so interested in eating, drinking, or having fun. Zhang Huan’s proposal indeed impressed her.

She thought for a while and said, “Okay.”

Zhang Yansheng then went to the company.

Zhang Huan had already informed the old lady, but when the old lady saw Zhang Yansheng, she still complained about her son: “He’s just tossing around, how can he not let his children go out to play during the summer vacation. Qiqi and Xiao Lin have gone out to play. I heard that Hehe and Shuoshuo also followed their mother to play. Why did you ask him to arrange for you to come here and mess around?”

No matter what contradictions are in the family, Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Huan have common interests when they leave the Zhang family. So, Zhang Yansheng had to speak up for Zhang Huan.

“I don’t want to go out to play. My dad saw that I was just staying at home, so he asked me to come to you, see how the company works, and learn something”, she said.

“He’s just anxious, how old are you?” The old lady groaned, but then said, “Actually, it’s okay. Look more, listen more, don’t place yourself above the common populace. I think that your uncle and aunt are being a little bit irresponsible with Xiao Lin.”

There is not much age difference between Zhang Qi and Zhang Lin, but it is not for no reason that the old lady chose Zhang Qi as her heir in her previous life.

But Zhang Yansheng was still young, and she was just a high school student who didn’t understand anything. The old lady was not in a hurry. She felt that instead of taking her by her side, she might as well let her go to the grassroots level to see and listen.

Zhang Yansheng was then arranged to work as an intern in a subsidiary company.

There were four interns in the summer, and the other three were all college students. They asked Zhang Yansheng which university she belonged to, and Zhang Yansheng said, “I am not (yet) a college student.”

She has a calm temperament and a calm expression, which often confuses people about her age. The college students misunderstood, thinking that she had graduated from high school and was not admitted to university. They can’t help but have some psychological advantages over her in terms of academic qualifications.

But Zhang Yansheng is beautiful, and the two boys have a good attitude towards her, while the other girl often gives her some work to do.

Zhang Yansheng was not a good person in her previous life, let alone once reborn. She followed her instructions quietly. The girl intern thought that she is very proud and useful psychologically. Of course, she feels that this beautiful girl with a high school degree is actually very easy to manipulate.

Then that day, a department manager gave the girl intern the materials for the meeting and asked her to make copies. The girl took it with a smile, turned her head and threw it to Zhang Yansheng: “Twenty copies of this, bound it, and give it to me before 9:50 a.m..”

Zhang Yansheng nodded and took it.

At 9:50 a.m., the girl came to Zhang Yansheng to get the materials for the meeting.

Zhang Yansheng asked rhetorically: “What materials?”

“?” The girl said, “The one that Manager Li will use for the meeting later.”

Zhang Yansheng said calmly, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it.”

The girl was dumbfounded: “Why haven’t you seen it? The one I gave you in the morning!”

“I don’t know.” Zhang Yansheng said, “You haven’t given me anything.”

The girl was stunned by Zhang Yansheng opening her eyes and talking nonsense, and couldn’t believe it. She stared at Zhang Yansheng in disbelief, her voice rising: “What are you talking about, I gave it to you personally!”

Zhang Yansheng: “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it before, you’ve got it wrong.”

The department manager came over at this time and urged her: “Where are the materials?”

The girl immediately threw the pot, pointed to Zhang Yansheng and said, “She lost the materials!”

Department manager: “?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “What materials, I don’t know about them.”

The girl was so angry that she wanted to tear Zhang Yansheng apart, pointed at her and said to the manager: “I asked her to make the copies. Now she’s telling me that I haven’t given her the materials!”

Zhang Yansheng said to the manager: “I have been busy today, and you have not given me anything for me to make copies.”

Department Manager: “I gave it to you, Xiao Fang.”

The girl surnamed Fang said, “I gave it to her!”

Seeing that a meeting was about to take place, the intern was still entangled, and the manager became angry and said, “I gave you the copy. Why would you give it to her?”

The girl was dumbfounded: “…”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Who can prove that you gave it to me? I have never seen it at all.”

The girl almost laughed at Zhang Yansheng’s shamelessness. She pointed to the people around her angrily and said, “Everyone has seen it! They can testify!”

“Brother Chen, Brother Xia, tell us, did I give the material to Zhang Yansheng? You were all there at the time! You should have seen it!”, she shouted.

However, Brother Chen and Brother Xia, who were named, looked at each other in dismay, both shook their heads.

“I didn’t pay attention.”

“I was busy in the morning and didn’t see it.”

Not to mention that everyone was originally busy with their own affairs, but they really saw it. However, to stand up now would be tantamount to getting involved in this incident.

No social animal is stupid, and no one is driven by profit, and no one will find trouble for themselves in vain. What’s more, compared with each other, the girl surnamed Fang is a bit eye-catching, but her work is slippery. Zhang Yansheng is beautiful and quiet, and works steadily.

If you bully the pretty little girl yourself, why let us be your gunman?

The girl was dumbfounded.

For the first time, she felt the severe beating from the society.

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