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Chapter 111: Rely on One’s Prestige

Zhang Yansheng insisted that she had not received the documents, and no one was willing to testify for the girl surnamed Fang. The girl felt a major grievance and died unjustly.

But the department manager is not Bao Qingtian.1包青天 – Bao Qingtian, fictional nickname of Bao Zheng 包拯[Bao1 Zheng3] (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty He has no intention of judging this case. His face is as black as the bottom of a pot: “I don’t care if you gave it to her or not. I gave it to you, so I’m asking you now. Where are the materials? I am going to have a meeting soon! What about the materials?”

Some of the materials are faxed copies sent from abroad, but they are only available on paper, so they need to be copied.

The girl was about to cry when she was asked by the manager in public: “I… I don’t know, I really gave it to her.”

The department manager became anxious, unable to control his emotions, and lost his temper. The girl couldn’t bear it and cried in front of everyone.

Someone came over and said, “Well, I just saw something on the box next to the copier. Are these the documents you’re looking for?”

The girl and the manager went to take a look, and they turned out to be.

The meeting time had already arrived, and the manager scolded the girl again in the copy room. The girl cried while twitching, while busy copying and binding. Of course, there was no doubt that the meeting was delayed. She also had endured the strange eyes of everyone in the office, and she couldn’t wait to plunge her head into the floor with her head so low.

Many of these eyes also turned to Zhang Yansheng.

Although none of the people around them would admit that they knew that the girl surnamed Fang gave that information to Zhang Yansheng, in fact, some people did have the faint impression that the girl did give Zhang Yansheng something in the morning. Mainly because of her arrogant appearance, which is quite impressive.

Then combining this memory and looking at Zhang Yansheng again, everyone’s eyes are not quite right.

This girl……

It is really true, dogs that can bite don’t bark!

Zhang Yansheng stood still.

In her previous life, she had an unorthodox image, and she would attract many strange eyes wherever she went. These sights did not put pressure on her at all, what should she do?

Her majestic appearance made others’ eyes even more complicated.

After lunch, Zhang Yansheng was stopped by the two other intern boys. They led her to a safe passage and said to her: “Be careful, Fang Xiaohan is related to someone here.”

Zhang Yansheng: “Oh?”

The other boy said: “Her relative is a high-level boss in this company. We saw her go upstairs just now, so she should be looking for that relative.”

Zhang Yansheng looked at the two of them: “So you want me to…?”

The two boys looked at each other.

One of them said: “How about you reconcile with her?”

The other boy said: “Or perhaps you will also look for someone?”

Zhang Yansheng clearly understood the meaning behind his words.

In fact, they all came in through relationships, all the interns. The only difference is whether the relationship is far or close, and whether it is strong enough.

For example, some people use their own relatives, very close and tight relationships. Some people only came in after two or three layers of relationship, which is just not strong enough.

How could Fang Xiaohan, an intern, dare to dictate other people who are also interns, just because her relationship with a certain boss is strong.

Zhang Yansheng, a girl who only has a high school education (big mistake), can enter the company, must be because of her relationship with someone as well. Everyone knows it in their hearts.

But Fang Xiaohan was high-profile from the beginning, while Zhang Yansheng was the opposite. She was very low-key and even obedient. Everyone naturally felt that she might not have a strong relationship with the relative, so she would bow her head and admit defeat.

No one expected she would dare to dig such a pit for Fang Xiaohan.

Therefore, the boys used to call Zhang Yansheng with a smile and would not ‘draw a knife to help’, but now they have a new estimate of the relationship behind Zhang Yansheng, so they might as well remind her.

Zhang Yansheng nodded: “I understood, thank you.”

The social animals have their own ways of survival. What happened in the morning, everyone pretended to be quiet in the afternoon, and no one showed any abnormality. It was just for the very beautiful intern surnamed Zhang, when assigning a job, the other’s tone was somewhat more polite than before.

However, at about 4:00 p.m., Zhang Yansheng was called upstairs.

It was the vice president surnamed Wang who asked her to go to his office. As soon as she entered the office, she saw Fang Xiaohan standing behind the desk, standing next to Vice President Wang, looking at her with a grudge.

Vice President Wang looked at Zhang Yansheng up and down, as if a little surprised that such a beautiful girl would be so scheming and bold.

He turned the laptop over to show her: “Zhang Yansheng, right? Take a look at this.”

Oh hoh, they pulled the office surveillance records.

The screen showed a few minutes of video where Fang Xiaohan handed Zhang Yansheng some documents. Then Zhang Yansheng took the documents and went to the copy room. She returned in less than two minutes, with empty hands.

After the video was played, Mr. Wang leaned back and asked, “What do you have to say?”

Fang Xiaohan had an expression of relief and hatred.

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyes and asked, “What do you want me to say?”

Fang Xiaohan was so angry: “Uncle, look at her!”

Zhang Yansheng’s speech was not swift and slow, and her expression was not panicked. Mr. Wang was a little surprised.

His niece came to him and talked about this. While he was checking the surveillance videos, he asked his boss and several other vice presidents to inquire about her. Zhang Yansheng did not have any relationship with any of them.

That’s nothing to be feared as well. Even if her relationship is with one of the director-level figures, President Wang is not afraid.

He tapped the table with his knuckles and scolded the beautiful girl: “The evidence is here! You still won’t admit it?”

Zhang Yansheng was surprised: “What do you want me to admit?”

Vice President Wang said in a deep voice: “In the morning, Xiao Fang gave you the documents. You still won’t admit it?”

“I admit it.” Zhang Yansheng said, “In the morning, she gave me some documents and she asked me to destroy them, so I took them to be shredded. Now, the debris is still lying in the shredder.”

Fang Xiaohan almost exploded with anger! This Zhang Yansheng, why does she dare to lie so much?!

“You are talking nonsense!” she said loudly.

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows: “Why are you saying that it’s nonsense? Do you have evidence?”

Fang Xiaohan pointed to the computer: “The evidence is all here, how dare you open your eyes and talk nonsense?! What I gave you this morning is obviously the information that Manager Li and the others need for the meeting!”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Sorry, but from this video, I can’t really tell what kind of files you gave me. How can you tell? Do you have an electro-optical eye?”

Fang Xiaohan was speechless and shocked by Zhang Yansheng’s shamelessness.

Indeed, it can only be seen from the video that she gave Zhang Yansheng some documents, but she couldn’t see what document it was.

The copy room downstairs, which is said to be a ‘room’, is actually a narrow aisle, with some invaluable stuff blocking one end and the other end is open. There are office items such as copiers and shredders placed inside, and there is no surveillance camera there.

She really has no evidence to prove her words.

“What evidence do you want?! What evidence is needed?!” Vice President Wang patted the table angrily, “Would Xiao Fang lie to me?”

Interesting. They asked her to come because they felt they had ‘evidence’. But when the evidence was found to be inconclusive, they felt that the evidence was no longer needed.

“Under the premise that there is no evidence on both sides, how can you be sure that she did not lie, and how can you be sure that I lied?” Zhang Yansheng asked, “Is it because she is your niece?”

Vice President Wang deeply felt that his prestige had been provoked.

When his niece came to him to complain, he was already very upset. It’s up to the owner to beat the dog! But Manager Li, who scolded his niece and made her cry, is the backbone of the company’s business and is a tough one. He can’t trouble Manager Li for such a trivial matter, so he can only trouble Zhang Yansheng.

He patted the table louder: “Yes, so what?!”

That is the argument and evidence, and he began to piece them together for this fight.

“I have never seen a little girl like you, you are too courageous!” Vice President Wang began to scare Zhang Yansheng, “Do you know how much time has been wasted? If this project has been delayed, do you know how much money the company will lose?!”

There will be no loss, at most the company will just not earn money.

And he hasn’t heard of any projects they’ve lost because of the 10-minute late start in the meeting. Plus, the meeting that was held is not with a client, but an internal meeting.

Zhang Yansheng said indifferently: “It’s not much, it’s only a few million, and I can afford it.”

Fang Xiaohan grinned: “Can you afford to lose millions? Zhang Yansheng, do you think your family owned this company?”

Zhang Yansheng glanced at her: “It’s not your company anyway.”

This is too insulting. This is directly hitting Vice President Wang in the face.

Vice President Wang pulled his face down, and he didn’t plan to argue anymore with Zhang Yansheng, who is just a little girl. He could see that Zhang Yansheng was simply messing around. He pulled his face and asked, “Tell me, who introduced you to this internship?”

This shows his intention to take drastic measures to deal with the situation, to get rid of her.

Zhang Yansheng said, “It’s my grandmother.”

Her granddaughter is this old already, so how old is her grandmother? Vice President Wang wondered for a while, but he couldn’t remember which woman in the company’s management was so old.

He asked: “Who is your grandmother?”

Fang Xiaohan said loudly, “Say it, let us hear who it is?”

Although Fang Xiaohan knew that her uncle was a vice president, who in the company would be so blind to mention “Vice President X”, they would mention “President X” in front of the vice presidents. Fang Xiaohan had forgotten that there were still chief executives above her uncle’s head, and there was always a feeling that her uncle was ‘very big’ or even ‘the biggest’ person in the company.

And she, with such an uncle, naturally has a different identity in the company.

Because of such a background, she dared to walk sideways, and dared to order Zhang Yansheng, who is also an intern, to work for her or to do her job.

However, the reality is cruel, once a person becomes too rampant and overdo it, he is easy to kick the iron plate.

If you fight like this, you are likely to lose.

She heard Zhang Yansheng say slowly, “My grandmother’s name is Song Lanying.”

She was still wondering, which woman in the company’s management is named Song Lanying? There seems to be no one with the surname Song, right?

In a blink of an eye, she saw her uncle stunned, as if he had seen a ghost.

With a “zi” sound, Zhang Yansheng pulled the chair away and stood up.

“My dad’s name is Zhang Huan.” She said to Vice President Wang, “If you have been in the company long enough, you should still know my mother.”

Fang Xiaohan was confused. She didn’t even know the name Zhang Yansheng had mentioned. It seemed that there was no one with this name in the company, right? Why does her uncle seem to be sweating on his forehead?

Inexplicably, she heard Zhang Yansheng say again: “You got one thing right…”

Fang Xiaohan looked up at her suspiciously.

The beautiful girl who made her jealous said: “The company is indeed owned by our family.”

The girl’s chin was slightly raised, and her eyes were full of coddling and arrogance.

She has been the little princess of the family since she was born, and grew up under the careful care of her mother. Even though there have been some ups and downs later, the pride of the eldest daughter, who has been engraved in her bones since she was a child, has never been lost.

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