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Chapter 31: Mockery

Yansheng got into the car and Mr. Zhou started it. He drove slowly at first and asked, “Miss Yanyan, where are we going?”

“Anywhere, just find a place to drive around,” Yansheng replied indifferently

Mr. Zhou was happy. “Thank you.”

Yansheng didn’t need to go out at all and just pretended to use the car. She basically took this matter to herself. If she didn’t take the car out and if Mr. Zhou did not give in to Zheng’s request, Yingying would blame him and he wouldn’t be able to bear it.

But now, since Yansheng had taken him and the car away, this meant that she had taken this matter on herself. This became a matter between her, Yingying, and Zheng now.

Mr. Zhou smiled and praised her, “Miss Yanyan, you are so clever. You understood my intention immediately when I called you.

“That person is so annoying. He eats at your house, lives in your house, and receives salary from your company, which is as high as twenty-five thousand to eighty thousand yuan. Who does he think he is?”

Yansheng stroked her fingers and said, “I thought you always listen and obey Liang Yingying, and should be on her nephew’s side.”

Mr. Zhou replied with a smile, “Considering what you’ve told me before, it’s your father who pays my salary. It’s just that your father assigned me the job to drive his wife and you. This is my duty and there is no personal feeling involved.”

However, Yansheng really regarded him as Yingying’s person in her previous life—in fact, not only him. For her, in this family, apart from Mrs. Luo, no one had turned their eyes towards her. But Mrs. Luo, the only one who favored her, had gone away.

When she recalled that time, she really felt that she was all alone. She recalled the feeling of loneliness and how she had hostile eyes towards everyone.

And when she thought about it now, she felt that it was so ridiculous.

People like Mr. Zhou and Mrs. Wang were just working for the sake of money. In fact, there was no such thing as anyone to exist for someone.

Even Yingying herself, it was difficult for people to give her a good impression. Mrs. Wang gossiped about Yingying with the other servants back in that time. She even told them about the piercing the condom incident and she actually had a lot of dissatisfaction with Yingying.

Unfortunately, Yansheng had blinded her eyes and couldn’t recognize the whole picture.

Under the feeling that ‘the whole world is the enemy,’ she ran away from home and abandoned the place where there were many memories of her and her mother. She easily left that home to Yingying which made Yingying a total winner in life.

She was wrong.

In this life, no one was going to take away her home.

Yingying was woken up by a phone call before she got up by herself. She picked up her cell phone and saw that it was from her brother. She answered it after a yawn, “Hello?”

“Yingying! What does your Zhang family mean? Do you look down on us this much, huh?”

Yingying got a headache from the loud voice. “What’s wrong again?”

Her brother immediately became a chatterbox. He reiterated to her all the grievances his son had just complained to him and said, “What happened? Didn’t you say that you had squeezed that little girl in the palm of your hand a long time ago? Zheng said that she is powerful and not afraid of you at all. Moreover, she is even in charge of her younger brother and sister!”

Yingying cursed in her heart.

She was not afraid of anything else, but she was afraid of losing face in her natal family.

Obviously, Yansheng was so stupid in the past and she exploded as soon as she was tipped off, which made Huan dislike her more and more. Yingying didn’t know what medicine Yansheng had taken recently, as if she had become a different person, and Huan also began to favor her now.

Yingying replied stiffly, “Don’t listen to Zheng’s nonsense! I am an adult, so how can I quarrel with a child? That’s too much!”

Her brother said, “Zheng said that your house is very inconvenient to live in. He can’t get to and from work the same way as my brother-in-law. They both live in the same place, but they can’t be picked up and dropped off together!”

Today was only Tuesday and Zheng would go to work tomorrow again. Huan didn’t tell his wife anything and Yingying didn’t pay attention either. After she heard what her brother said, she woke up suddenly and realized that Huan might not be happy to let Zheng take his car every day.

She thought about what Huan said before as well when he asked Zheng to stay in their home first and find a house as soon as possible. Seriously, all the drivers and servants have a place to live in such a big house, so why is there no place for my nephew to live here?

She couldn’t help but complain in her heart.

But she couldn’t lose face in front of her natal family. She pretended to be composed and said, “It’s not a big deal. We live in a villa district and it’s completely different from the places where small white-collar workers live near subway and bus stations. You haven’t been here that much to know these things. This is a low-density area! You don’t understand it at all.

“It’s easy to solve the problem of going to work. Zheng is an adult but why does he have to grab a car from a child?” Of course, she also wouldn’t say that she and Yansheng fought over that same car and driver before, but she lost.

However, Huan bought her a Ferrari because of this.

In her heart, this was because Huan loved her and also because she coaxed him well.

She never thought that if Yansheng was over eighteen years old and could have a driver’s license, this Ferrari might have been bought for Yansheng instead.

She asked her brother, “Does Zheng have a driver’s license? There are several cars at home, so I can let him drive one of them.”

She was rich anyway, so she opened her mouth and promised to give Zheng a car to drive. Her brother’s anger turned into joy in an instant. “Yes, he has a driver’s license! He went to take the exam before graduating from college. Hey, you should pick a better one for him, don’t be too reserved. Anyway, it’s for the nephew of the big boss!”

She exclaimed angrily, “The Zhang family doesn’t own a worn-out car, okay?!”

“Well, that’s true.” Her brother slapped his mouth and added, “By the way, I saw your post about your newly bought Ferrari. F*ck, that car is worth millions, right?”

She downplayed, “Just three million yuan.”

Her brother was so envious. “You are really living a good life—” He stopped and turned the conversation. “Look at you. Any leak from your fingers is enough for our big family to eat and drink. So then, your sister-in-law and her brother—”

“Stop!” Yingying immediately blocked her brother’s mouth. “Sister-in-law and her brother have a bullsh*t relationship with me!”

“Don’t say that, after all, she’s your sister-in-law…” Her brother forced a smile.

Although Yingying’s brother was an idler and had no decent work, he was pretty good to her before. It had only become annoying after he got married. Her sister-in-law had never been very fond of seeing her, who was still young back then, at home.

But who would have thought that this young girl would later climb up the ladder? So now, this sister-in-law wanted to curry favor with her, but she held a grudge against her sister-in-law. “I don’t care, so what can you do about it? Let me tell you, whether it’s borrowing money or finding a job, let them dream.” She grunted and continued, “I can help Zheng because he is my nephew, so forget about mentioning the others to me. Do you think I’m someone who has a lot of money but is stupid? Dream on! Sister-in-law and her brother want to find a job, right? It’s okay! Just let Zheng go back and make room for his uncle. I don’t mind anyway. Do you think that’s okay?”

“Bullsh*t!” her brother exclaimed. “Of course not! Okay, I’ll go back to talk to your sister-in-law.”

Yingying curled her lips into a smile.

It was really good to be rich, as it gave weight when she talked to her natal family.

After she hung up the call, she thought about Yansheng troubling her again, then she gritted her teeth with hatred.

When she went downstairs for breakfast at noon, she only saw the two kids she gave birth to. After waiting for a while, she didn’t see Yansheng so she asked, “Where’s that girl?”

Heling raised her eyes. “Who?”

Yingying grunted and said, “Yansheng.”

“Why don’t you just directly refer to her as my sister?”

Yingying got angry. “You really think that she’s your sister, huh?!”

Heling was silent for a while, then she asked in surprise, “Am I not my father’s child?”

Yingying almost choked on a mouthful of milk. She coughed a few times and yelled, “What nonsense are you talking about?!”

“We were born from the same father, so of course, we are sisters,” Heling said affirmatively.

Yingying felt that this stupid daughter was hopeless, so she rolled her eyes in anger and asked her again, “Stop talking nonsense! So where is your good sister?”

“Sister went out.”

Only then did Yingying realize that she was stupid. Her brother just called her because Yansheng had taken Zheng’s car and went out.

When Zheng came back in the evening, he would definitely complain to her about this matter. After she had ‘breakfast’, she went to the garage and wandered around, and had a plan in mind.

After she fixed herself and dressed up, she drove out again in her newly bought Ferrari. She had gained the envy and hatred of her girlfriends, and she was proud of herself.

On the other hand, Yansheng went out in the car driven by Mr. Zhou. She pondered for a while, then she came back to her senses and said to the driver, “Turn around and go to Laili Plaza.”

Mr. Zhou happily agreed. “Okay!”

Yansheng went in front of the escalator where she saw ‘that man’ the other day, and wandered in the open space under the escalator for a while. Of course, it was impossible to see that man again so easily.

She felt that she was stupid and laughed at herself. Then she went upstairs to have lunch alone and after that, she went to the queen cake shop to buy some cakes to take home.

When she got home, she asked a servant to make some fresh juice, then she called Yansheng and Shuocheng down to have afternoon tea.

“It’s delicious!” Shuocheng instantly fell in love with this brand of cake.

“Sister…” Heling thought some more and asked carefully, “Since we eat this today, then tomorrow… are we still going there?”

It was originally planned that they would go to have afternoon tea and play VR games on Wednesday. The little girl was worried that they would not go out tomorrow after eating the queen cake today.

Shuocheng also became nervous. However, he was severely cleaned up by Yansheng a few times and he didn’t dare to yell at her now. If it was Yingying, he would have been rolling all over the floor, while crying and shouting that they should go.

Yansheng glanced at the two little ones and couldn’t help but feel amused when she saw their four round eyes.

Heling was really a beautiful little girl and Shuocheng actually looked a little cute when he was not naughty. Yansheng thought that her eyes must have been muddled to think this way.

“We’ll go,” she answered generously. “I promised you already, so my words should count.”

The little ones cheered.

A servant brought them some fruits and couldn’t help but smile when she saw the three siblings hanging out. She went back and told the others, “Look, when that woman is away, this house is so harmonious.”

Yansheng returned to her room after having a snack. Mrs. Luo was putting her freshly washed clothes into her closet. As Mrs. Luo was getting busy, she murmured, “That woman, really, I have never seen a mother like that. Why does she have to say that they are positioned in the back and that it’s not good for the children she gave birth to have a good relationship with the child in front of them? Does she really have to teach bad things to her children?”

Yansheng raised an eyebrow and asked, “What did she teach them?”

Mrs. Luo repeated to Yansheng the conversation between Yingying and Heling at lunch earlier, then she sighed and said, “The mother is not a good mother, but the child is a good child.”

Yansheng sneered.

Of course, since Zheng was attacked today, this matter shouldn’t just pass by, so Yingying had to annoy her.

It was impolite not to reciprocate this action, so Yansheng sent a message to her father: Your nephew is very dissatisfied that you don’t take him to work every day.

She also included a mocking emoji pack.

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