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Chapter 113: Rewards

What is life like as it approaches the college entrance examination? Except for the word ‘monotonous’, Zhang Yansheng could hardly think of other adjectives.

The head teacher asked them to arrive at school at 7:20 in the morning, and then poked them frantically with the pointer to go and run, in order to pass the physical education.

Zhang Yansheng often takes the lead in the morning.

She is physically strong and runs easily and rhythmically. For long-distance running, the pace is really important. Finding someone with a good rhythm to run with, there is a sense of ease in the body.

So, in the morning, you would often see a large group of people running behind Zhang Yansheng. Everyone was in the same pace and had an accurate rhythm. It was also an early morning scene.

The next day was an exhausting day, and there was nothing in their minds except to study. It was not until it was dark, that they would walk out of the campus under the starlight and moonlight.

On weekends, other lessons that cannot be arranged normally are naturally squeezed into weekends.

For example, extra tutoring class, or skills and talents, and so on.

Zhang Yansheng no longer has that pleasure-seeking activities of her previous life in this life, and now leads such a monotonous life, but she does not have the emptiness and loneliness of her previous life. She is so busy that she has no time to think about other things.

In this monotonous schedule, time flies quickly, and it only takes a blink of an eye after school started, and it is now the Golden Week in October.

Zhang Qi spent the entire summer vacation playing outside, this kind of short vacation is not long enough. So now, she hurried to the old lady to act as a filial granddaughter afterwards.

She also criticized Zhang Yansheng: “As soon as the holiday starts, you won’t be able to see her. I envy her for still having this kind of crazy mood to run around. Unlike me, when I get older, I don’t have this kind of mood to run around. I just want to read books, listen to music, and accompany you at home.”

The old lady smiled: “She is still young.”

On the last day of the holiday, Zhang Yansheng came back. Then, she followed Zhang Huan, taking Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng, to see her grandma. Zhang Yu’s family also arrived.

Zhang Qi asked Zhang Yansheng, “You’ve been playing crazy for several days, where have you been playing?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “N City.”

Zhang Qi asked again: “With whom?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “My classmates.”

Zhao Lanfen was surprised: “Aren’t you going to a public school?”

Zhang Yansheng: “Yes.”

Zhang Qi asked, “Can you have fun somewhere with your classmates? Those classmates of mine in high school, when they went out to play, they all lived in very cheap places and ate very cheap meals.”

Zhao Lanfen recalled: “You even wanted to go with your classmates at that time. I asked you not to go and you were unhappy. Then, when you saw the photos they sent, the accommodation, the bathroom… you kept shouting that fortunately you didn’t go.”

Zhang Qi said, “Yes, that’s right.”

This pair of self-talking mother and daughter made Zhang Yansheng quite speechless.

They also asked about the details, and Zhang Yansheng told them: “We rode a high-speed rail and lived in a youth hostel.”

“Youth hostel…” Zhao Lanfen’s voice became high, “Is it that kind of special place?”

A famous lady like her, a youth hostel or something, is an impossible place for her to set foot on, and she won’t dare set her foot there in this life.

“It’s fine.” Zhang Yansheng recalled, “It’s just that the bathroom is really a bit worse. It’s a squatting pit, and then the shower is on top of the squatting pit, and you have to line up…”

Before Zhao Lanfen screamed, her cousin Zhang Lin screamed first: “Stop, don’t talk anymore! I’m going to vomit!” He rubbed his arms, obviously he had goosebumps, and he was acting like he was really vomiting, and his face was a little green.

The old lady frowned slightly.

Zhao Lanfen complained to her brother-in-law, Zhang Huan: “What a terrible thing to do this to a child!” She also glanced at Liang Yingying.

It looked as if Zhang Yansheng had been abused by Zhang Huan and Liang Yingying.

Zhang Huan smiled, with an MMP in his heart, and said: “She is willing to go there herself!”

The old lady tried to mediate and asked Zhang Yansheng, “Can you really stand it?”

Zhang Yansheng smiled: “The toilet is a bit worse, but it’s not like I can’t stand it. Everyone else uses it too, and it’s quite interesting.”

She said, “There are six of us girls and four boys. Originally, we all booked six rooms for girls, and the boys and girls lived separately. As a result, one day, there was only one 12-person room in that youth hostel, so we have to live together. The girls are all fine, but the boys blush like red cloth one by one, and we laughing at them to death.”

The old lady laughed: “Kid, it’s really interesting.”

“The other two beds are occupied by a college couple.” Zhang Yansheng said, “The two of them occupy a bunk bed and sleep together in the lower bunk at night. The boys’ faces had become even redder.”

Everyone laughed together.

Zhang Lin is a boy with a brazen face, and he winked: “Is there no movement at night?”

Zhang Yu poked his head and derided: “D*mn it! Hehe and Shuosuo are here!”

Zhang Heling: “?”

Zhang Yansheng rolled her eyes: “There are no curtains in the 12-person room, but there are night lights. There was no such movement and they just slept. They probably just love to squeeze themselves to sleep.”

Everyone laughed again.

Zhang Heling: “?” Why are they laughing?

Zhao Lanfen gave a “tsk” and said with some disgust: “Some girls are really not too self-loving.”

Those words, no matter what they mean or who they are aimed at, they still don’t sound very pleasing to the ear. The old lady and Zhang Huan frowned, even Zhang Yu frowned and looked at his wife, while Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows.

She and her aunt had no grievances or feuds in her previous life, and they had no conflicts. Even when they met occasionally later, she would take her hand and sighed and squeezed two tears, saying that she was wronged, and asked if she was short of money, and insisted on giving her money.

So, in this life, Zhang Yansheng didn’t care when he saw Zhao Lanfen’s harmless little scheming and clever words. It is nothing more than the normal and ordinary small thoughts of an ordinary person.

But this sentence was uncomfortable just now. Because she used the word ‘some’, Zhang Yansheng and her female classmates seemed to be included.

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows: “Who do you say doesn’t love themselves?”

Unexpectedly, Zhao Lanfen said, “Like that, if you find a boyfriend who is so poor, then you’ll have to live with so many people when you go on a trip. It’s so sad for the parents to know this.”

“But maybe such a girl might be on the same level as well.” She said, “Anyway, you girls, you must remember that when you are looking for a boyfriend, you have to find the right one. Don’t be fascinated by this kind of poor boy.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Yansheng did not expect that this is what she meant. She felt as if she had hit the cotton with a punch, and almost lost her breath.

Sure enough, the thinking of young girls and middle-aged and elderly women is very different.

It is rare for the old lady to support her eldest daughter-in-law once, she nodded and said, “Lanfen has a point. Don’t think that this is old-school thinking. It is not only whether you have money or not, but also different values formed by different family conditions and educational experiences. There is too much conflict of values, and this life cannot be passed.”

Zhang Yansheng was even more speechless: “Grandma, I’m only in my second year of high school.”

The old lady smiled and said, “I’m telling this to your sister.”

Zhang Qi was displeased, “Grandma~~”

The old lady took the opportunity to ask, “Does Qiqi have a boyfriend now?”

Zhao Lanfen said modestly: “There are several people chasing her, all of them are okay. There is this one, who is the youngest son of the Luo Ming Electronics family in Z City. He looks good, he has a model…”

Then, she talked about Zhang Qi’s relationship problems.

Zhang Yansheng was bored, touched her cellphone and glanced at it, only to find that her classmates had already exploded, and everyone was frantically looking for her.

“@ZhangYansheng Yansheng! Yansheng! There is a tyrant! He rewarded our videos with 100,000 yuan!”

“@ZhangYansheng He gave 10,000 yuan rewards for each of the ten videos! A total of 100,000 yuan!”

“@ZhangYansheng Yansheng! The videos he rewarded are all yours! And it’s not just on one account! He followed several of our accounts!”

“@ZhangYansheng This must be your fan!!! D*mn, it’s too tyrant!”

The classmates have been fried into a pot of porridge. High school students from ordinary families usually have a few hundred yuan to a thousand yuan of pocket money, which is very good, and they rarely have access to money of the order of 100,000 yuan.

They were really excited and terrified.

There was already too much information in their group chat. Zhang Yansheng only glanced at the messages where she was tagged. After looking at them, she posted directly in the group: “?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yansheng is here!!! She’s finally here!”

Zhang Yansheng asked, “What’s going on?”

She added: “Only one person will respond. Everyone else, do not post at the same time, I will feel dizzy.”

So, a classmate who was better at summarizing told her about the situation, and sent her a screenshot of the background of the video platform.

In the screenshot, the ID of the local tyrant who gave the rewards is called ‘ListeningToPineByTheCreek’.

This kind of four-character name with a little bit of national style is too common, and the recognition is far inferior to ‘PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite’, which is basically forgotten after reading it, so it has never entered Zhang Yansheng’s mind at all. Zhang Yansheng didn’t even feel familiar when she saw the name.

In short, the matter was clarified. This ListeningToPineByTheCreek paid attention to several uploader masters in the class who had uploaded videos with Zhang Yansheng. In particular, it is especially important to explain that ‘with Zhang Yansheng’ is because there are other students in the class who also posted their own videos. For example, there is a classmate who will record a video of himself brushing the questions. The process of solving the questions is clear and clear. It is actually very popular, with more than a thousand fans.

Moreover, this account and the accounts of several other classmates are interrelated, but ListeningToPineByTheCreek did not pay attention to such accounts. The uploader accounts he only followed are those who had posted videos with Zhang Yansheng.

And the videos he rewarded all feature Zhang Yansheng as the protagonist.

Therefore, although there were no messages and no voices from him, they had silently expressed a clear and unambiguous meaning: The money was rewarded to Zhang Yansheng.

Most of the students received this message clearly. That’s why there were a lot of messages tagged at Zhang Yansheng.

When everyone was excited, they were also a little overwhelmed.

Some people are even asking: “What should we do? Are we going to return the money back?”

“What are we going to return? This is a reward!”

“Then what should we do with the money?”

Because those videos are not owned by the uploaders alone, they are actually taken by everyone together. High school students were a little panicked when they encountered so much money for the first time, and they didn’t know what to do with it.

A classmate with a clear mind said: “I understand that this money is for Yansheng. So, let Yansheng decide.”

Everyone: “I second the motion!”

“I second the motion!”

“I second the motion!”

“I second the motion!”

Zhang Yansheng thought for a while and said, “The money on every video that was rewarded will be given to all participants in this video, including actors, cameramen, creatives, and assistants. The reward money will be divided equally among all participants.”

When Zhang Yansheng said this, everyone had the backbone.


“This method is good!”

“Let’s do it!”

Zhang Yansheng glanced up at the adults who said that Zhang Qi’s suitors were in full swing, and then said in the group: “We only make videos for fun, not to make money. It’s easy to distract everyone now because of this. It’s better if we don’t shoot videos in the future, let’s study hard from now on.”

“I also think the same, I am so dumbfounded to see so much money today!”

“Yeah, it scared me to death!”

“Yansheng is right.”

But some people were confused and couldn’t help muttering in the group: “We can make money in this way, so why don’t we just keep making money?”

Someone with a good relationship immediately sent him a private message: “Are you stupid? You think this money is for us, it is obvious that someone has a crush on Yansheng! If Yansheng didn’t appear on the videos, do you think that person would give you money for nothing?”

That classmate shut up.

Zhang Yansheng listened to the adults chatting for a while.

It’s quite boring anyway, it’s just the reserved appearance of her cousin. As for her aunt, what she talked about the boys were their family backgrounds, looks, and how they tried their best to please Zhang Qi.

She listened for a while and then looked down at her phone again.

The classmates in the group had obviously communicated privately, and announced to Zhang Yansheng in the group: “@ZhangYansheng Yansheng, we have discussed it already. These rewards are actually mainly for you. We think that it is better to distribute it like this: each rewarded video will give you 1,000 yuan separately, and then the remaining 9,000 yuan will be divided equally among all participants (including you). It has been agreed by all members and your objection is invalid. That’s it!”

There is a row of “OK” emoticons at the bottom, in a neat formation.

A group of little cuties.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help but smile.

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