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Chapter 75: Fight for Favor

Yansheng patted Heling’s head and said, “Yes.”

Huan was already at home. When Yansheng changed her clothes and went downstairs to drink water, he came over and asked, “Why did you come home late today?”

Yansheng talked about asking her teacher for guidance. Huan thought it was good and told her, “Dinner must be eaten on time, and don’t tire yourself too much. Hey, the first year of high school has been so hard…”

He was like a peerless father.

But then he added, “How much is it? Dad will give you the tutoring fee. Oh, forget it, no need to tell me.” He made a money transfer on his phone. “Is that enough?”

The moment she heard the notification on her phone, Yansheng even thought that if their family and a family like Zhiyuan were evenly matched with each other, world peace might be achieved.

Huan looked at Yansheng and saw that there seemed to be something wrong with her expression, so he asked a little guilty, “What’s the matter?”

Although Huan had done bad things, his age and experience were there after all. Moreover, Yansheng felt that he was an expert on how to protect his own interests and make his life better.

She replied, “There is something I want to ask.”

It was rare for Yansheng to talk to him like this, so Huan suddenly felt energized, “What’s the matter? What’s troubling you? Tell me.”

Yansheng glanced at the two little ones and Yingying, then said, “Let’s go over there to talk.”

The father and daughter went to the room with the wine wall and the bar.

Yingying said to Heling, “You follow them too!”

Heling was puzzled. “Dad and Sister are going to talk about something important, why should I go there?”

Of course, it was to fight for favor. Yingying wanted to compete for favor with Yansheng, but she couldn’t do it. Right now, she could be compared to an ancient concubine who had lost her favor. Shuocheng didn’t succeed either. Fighting with Yansheng was like a rat fighting with a cat, it was not worth fighting for.

She had to rely on Heling.

She didn’t know what happened to Huan in the last six months, but he seemed to love Heling more than Shuocheng now. She didn’t know if his brain was damaged.

She said to Heling, “Stop playing, go get your father a glass of water, act cutely or something!”

Although the words ‘fight for favor’ couldn’t be used to describe Yingying’s attempt, Heling faintly understood what she meant.

“I’m not going!” Heling turned her head angrily.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you kid?! My words are getting more and more useless now, huh?” Yingying became furious.

“If you want to go there, then go! But Sister will beat you!” Heling said angrily.

“What are you about?!” When Yingying was annoyed, she would always get her hands on Heling. She moved her two fingers to pinch Heling’s arm.

Heling reacted quickly and immediately shouted, “If you pinch me, I will go and tell my sister!”

Yingying’s hand froze suddenly.

If Yansheng knew about it, she would either come to beat her in person or instigate Huan to beat her instead. Anyway, it was not going to go well for Yingying so she felt so hateful at the moment.

Heling had already broken free from her hands, and seeing her mother’s angry and annoyed face, she felt she couldn’t be in the same room with her mother. She ran away in a blink and went back to her room.

Then, Shuocheng suddenly shouted, “Oh no!”

Yingying was annoyed, pointed at Zhang Shuocheng, and scolded him, “Oh, no what?! Why are you playing games now, have you finished your homework?”

She mentioned the homework instead of displaying a loving relationship between a mother and son, Yingying’s behavior was now a total mess.

On the other hand, Shuocheng had a deep psychological shadow from the image of his mother’s frenzied state.

He jumped up quickly and yelled, “It’s finished.” Then, he also ran away without hesitation.

Yingying was left alone in the small living room.

The maid, who made the dessert, brought it in. “Huh? Where are the kids?” They were there just now and were clamoring for a snack.

Yingying said irritably, “They all went upstairs!”

The maid muttered and asked, “Would you like some snack, Madam?”

But Yingying scolded her, “Eat what snack?! Can’t you see that I have gained weight recently?!”

The maid resisted the urge to roll her eyes, so she turned around and sent the dim sum upstairs to the two little ones. Going downstairs and returning to the small dining table in the kitchen, several maids gathered around the table while eating fruits and snacks and watching the TV hanging on the wall.

This was the advantage of working for a wealthy family, you didn’t have to complain about food and drink.

The maid aunt complained to everyone, “I don’t know what’s gotten into her…”

Mrs. Luo asked, “She has become more and more temperamental recently. Is it because of menopause?”

The maid sneered. “How old is she? I haven’t even gone through menopause yet, how can she possibly go through menopause?!”

All of a sudden, Mrs. Wang covered her mouth and laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” everyone asked her.

Mrs. Wang beckoned and several heads came together. She lowered her voice and said, “Well… the life of husband and wife is not in harmony!”

Everyone was stunned.

Then, all their eyes lit up.

“Tell us what happened! Come on, tell us!”

Mrs. Wang lived on the third floor with Shuocheng, so she should know something.

Mrs. Wang lowered her voice and said, “I have been paying attention to it secretly a long time ago. Since her nephew was arrested by the police before, Master has not been treating her well. In the past, the two of them used to close the door of their room early, but that’s not the case now. Looking at her now, she just spends a lot of time guarding an empty room.”

Yingying used to be arrogant and her temper had become increasingly irritable in the recent months. She often scolded the maids at every turn, except for Mrs. Luo.

After hearing such a secret, everyone suddenly felt much happier.

They all thought that she deserved it.

Yansheng revealed what Lichen was about to encounter ahead of time in this life, and gave him the advice she thought was right.

But in this life, the more she examined the others around her, the more she knew how many things she had done wrong in her previous life. So now, she was doubting if her advice to Lichen was really correct.

She was just a college student when she died.

So, she decided to listen to Huan’s opinions.

The first sentence she said, “There is a man, about your age, who gave birth to an illegitimate child outside” made Huan’s eyes twitch.

He almost thought that Yansheng was deceiving him in order to mock him.

Fortunately, Yansheng said next, “The illegitimate child and the legitimate child are only a few months away. The legitimate child is my classmate.”

Huan breathed a sigh of relief, but it didn’t mean that he was fine.

As long as you didn’t talk about him, Huan listened to rumors about other people with great relish.

Yansheng gave a general overview of Lichen’s family situation and asked, “I suggested that to him, am I right?”

Huan said, “At the moment, there is nothing wrong with it. Your analysis of everyone’s interests is correct. If this child is smarter, he should resolutely unite with his mother, and not let his father notice it. It’s best to coax his father’s side as well.

“His mother and his father have become mortal enemies, and they almost tore each other apart. But he is his father’s son, too! This man, even if there is favoritism, your classmate is also his own. In the end, he won’t be treated too badly. You persuade this child not to tear his face with his father. There are only benefits and no disadvantages in establishing a good relationship with his father.”

As Yansheng expected, he was truly an expert in ‘making one’s life better’.

But she pondered for a while and rejected it, “It can’t be done.”

To what extent did Lichen make trouble with his father from her past life? As soon as he appeared, his father couldn’t wait to immediately open his arms to protect his one true love and illegitimate son like an old hen who protected her little chicks, lest Lichen hurt them.

The more his father was like this, the madder Lichen became.

Later, his mother forcefully sent him out of the country.

Huan was very dissatisfied and reproached, “Why can’t it be done?”

A husband should be able to bend and stretch. Moreover, in Huan’s cognition, no matter what Lichen’s father did, no matter how scumbag or rotten he was, he was still his father.

He couldn’t understand why the father and son couldn’t resolve their conflict after one night.

“His character is…” Yansheng said in a deep voice, “Imagine a male version of me when I was in middle school. Well, it’s almost the same. Basically, just a gender difference.”

Your male version in middle school?

The corner of Huan’s eyes twitched at that time as he thought about it.

Fortunately, she’s a girl with less destructive power! Thanks to her mother for educating her well! Fortunately, as soon as she entered high school, she became mature and sensible!



Heling escaped Yingying’s clutches and returned to her room.

For Yingying, who always wanted to take action against her opponent to bring her down, Heling always felt that her chest was particularly suffocated. She returned to her room and threw her phone aside, then she went to her bed and lay down for a while to feel better.

However, a child couldn’t really stay idle inside a room, so she got up after a while and turned on her computer.

There was a very popular game recently that many students in her class were playing. She clicked on the game logo and entered her username and password to log in.

As a result, a female warrior with a huge chest, slim waist, and slender legs, with the game ID ‘PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite’ went online.

Heling glanced at her friend list and was surprised that none of her classmates were online.

She took a look at the time again and recalled that they had a lot of homework today. Everyone should have not finished their homework at this time. Heling’s good habit was to do nothing else as soon as she got home, she would need to finish her homework before doing anything else.

Some children would wander around first and wouldn’t start doing homework until it was dark.

On the other hand, if Shuocheng was left unattended, then he wouldn’t be able to finish his homework or even start it. But Heling would watch him very strictly, so he had to do his homework first when he returned home.

When Yansheng talk to her about this matter, she also called Mrs. Wang. She instructed Mrs. Wang to look after Shuocheng on the third floor. If he didn’t do his homework seriously, Mrs. Wang would call Heling on the second floor so she could rush up and teach him.

Every time Heling said, ‘If you don’t do your homework well, I will inform elder sister!’, Shuocheng’s eyelids would twitch and he would be unhappy, so he could only reluctantly do his homework first.

Heling waited for a while but did not see several of her friends coming online. She killed the monsters in the wild for a while and watched the world announcement that a certain dungeon was about to open, so she quickly teleported to its location, planning to join a wild team.

The channel was full of bullet screens calling for people to join their teams.

The messages popped up so fast that she couldn’t see them clearly on the screens. Anyway, knowing that they were all going to enter the dungeon, the elementary school student didn’t care what their requirements were, just wanted to find a team to join.

A certain team posted: We want a girl! We want a girl! As long as it’s a girl! Shemales get lost! Only girls!

Heling sent a request to join this team and the captain looked at the game ID—PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite. The captain said, “It’s a girl!”

One of the teammates said, “Idiot! It’s definitely a guy pretending to be a girl!”

The captain said, “I’ll accept it first then we can ask!” As he said it, he accepted the application.

Big-breasted royal sister-type female fighter PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite has entered the team.

As soon as Heling entered, a male voice in the team channel was heard asking anxiously, “This PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite, are you a male or female? Speak quickly and prove yourself! Shemale automatically gets out of here!”

The voice was so loud that it made Heling’s ears hurt, so she quickly lowered the volume and turned on her microphone. “I am a girl.”

Her voice was soft and gentle, a total loli sound.

The team channel suddenly became excited. “Girl! It’s a real girl!”

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