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Chapter 57: Licking Dog

What Yansheng couldn’t believe was that Zhiyuan, the provincial champion of that year, was not in the top class, but was actually mixed in the preparatory class. It was so surprising and so, when she returned his notebook, she could not help but say, “You have such a good score, so why are you here in the preparatory class?”

Zhiyuan was surprised. “The results of the monthly exam have already come out?”

They had just finished the monthly exam and the overall score ranking had not yet come out.

Yansheng knew that she had made a mistake, so she covered it up and said, “It would probably come out in the afternoon, right? I mean, I just think that you remember your notes so well, so your learning habits must be very good and your grades should be very good.”

Zhiyuan smiled shyly and replied, “It was okay in middle school, but No.1 High School is the best high school in K City, so… you see.”

It was said that the school tyrants were very hypocritical. Their ‘okay’ was not the same thing as your ‘okay’. If you took it seriously, you would be stupid.

Yansheng understood the meaning of his words and roughly guessed that he should be one of the top students from the middle school. But since No.1 High School was at the tip of the K City pyramid, he entered and became an ‘ordinary outstanding’ student.

But a good and hardworking person couldn’t hide his edge. In the next three years, this boy would still stand out and show his brilliance.

It was the same three years, others’ three years and her own three years… Yansheng became silent.

“Yansheng?” Zhiyuan asked, a little worried, “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I was just distracted.” Yansheng smiled and returned the notebook to him. “I took photos of your notes, as I also want to learn the method of how you take notes.”

Zhiyuan smiled embarrassedly. When Yansheng walked away, he quietly let out a sigh of relief and felt relaxed.

The boy in the next seat winked at him. Zhiyuan’s ears turned a bit red.

In the afternoon, the results of the first monthly exam came out.

Yansheng’s expression was very bad. Her total score was ranked within the bottom five of the class, she was hanging by a thread. According to the class placement rules of No.1 High School, it was adjusted in the middle of the semester. If someone in the ordinary class surpasses their grades, the students at the bottom ranking would be pushed down.

For teenagers, this kind of last-place elimination system was really cruel.

Even for the reborn Yansheng, it was very stressful.

Yansheng deliberately took a look at Zhiyuan’s grades, and it turned out to be much better than her. But it was not particularly good and could be considered as average in Class 2.

So, there was really someone who spent three years trying to become a champion.

Yansheng couldn’t help but turn her head and glance in Zhiyuan’s direction, she unexpectedly met his gaze. The boy was a little nervous and quickly looked away, pretending to be reading a textbook, but the speed of him turning the pages was a bit too fast.

He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, but he was shy and obscure, a little cute. Yansheng couldn’t help but hook the corners of her mouth.

When she walked out of the school gate after school, she suddenly heard someone calling her from behind. She turned her head and found Zhiyuan running towards her. He handed her a square folded paper. “Um… this is my physics paper, you can take it back for reference.”

Yansheng looked at him in surprise.

The boy scratched his head, a little shy, and said, “I saw your result from the exam, and your physics score is particularly terrible. Well, my physics score has always been okay and my problem-solving ideas are relatively clear. You can take a look at it. It should be of some help.”

Yansheng understood his kindness and said, “How can you correct your mistakes if I take it?”

Correcting errors in the paper was also today’s homework and would be handed in tomorrow.

Zhiyuan replied, “I have already changed it.” He patted his schoolbag again and said, “And I also took a picture of my wrong answers. I’ll print it out later with a wrong question printer at home, so I can check them again.”

Yansheng, a trash student from her last life, felt that she had been exposed to a new world, so she asked, “What is a wrong question printer?” Although she could guess it through the name, she was still surprised.

“Huh? You don’t know?” Zhiyuan was also surprised. “Wrong question printer, wrong question tape, don’t you usually use it?”

Yansheng thought to herself but she had never heard of it. If she told him the truth, her academic trash attributes would be exposed, and would be a little embarrassed. She only asked, “Does it really work? If it works, I will buy one too.”

“It works well,” Zhiyuan said, “I will give you the online shop link. Don’t buy the wrong brand, some brands are not good.”

“Okay,” Yansheng replied happily, “You can add me to the class group chat.”

“Okay.” Then, Zhiyuan asked, “Which way are you going?”

Yansheng was sloppy and replied, “I’m going to the subway.”

“Oh, I’m going this way.” Zhiyuan waved his hand. “Then, bye.”

“I’ll bring your paper back tomorrow. Thank you,” Yansheng thanked him.

Zhiyuan’s ears turned red again. “It’s nothing, it’s nothing.”

Only then did she separate from Zhiyuan, and after walking a few steps, Lichen followed.

“You’re very popular,” he joked with a smile.

But Yansheng ignored him, put on her sunglasses, and strode forward.

Lichen also put on a pair of sunglasses and followed her.

No.1 High School required school uniforms to be worn on Mondays and casual clothes were allowed on other days. On the way to the subway, you could see some high school students wearing casual clothes, but only the two of them were wearing sunglasses.

Moreover, the temperaments of these two were very different from those of other students, and both seemed to be not very student-like. One looked cold and aloof, the other looked very social.

From the others’ views, they felt that the two of them, regardless of clothing or their temperament, were actually a very good match. Compared with these two, the other students always seemed a little bit childish.

“Is he from your class?” Lichen asked her.

Yansheng replied, “None of your business.”

Lichen was a very jealous guy. He was also like this in her previous life. Although he was above the level of a friend but not a lover, if she paid more attention to a boy, he would be jealous.

Seeing that the subway station was just in front of her, Yansheng stopped. “Don’t follow me!”

When she faced Lichen, she had the advantage of her mental age, her familiarity with him in her previous life, and her own strong personality. So, she was not polite when speaking to him.

But Lichen didn’t mind it and even liked Yansheng’s tone.

At first, he only chased her because he thought she was beautiful. But now, he liked her as a person.

He didn’t care if Yansheng was fierce to him, so he said with a smile, “I’m going home.”

As if, his family doesn’t live in this direction at all, Yansheng thought but she had already begun to pay attention to her words, and did not intend to let him discover some loopholes again. This kid, speaking of it, was actually quite keen.

He was not stupid, but just like Yansheng, he didn’t study well.

Yansheng knew that Lichen had always been such a ruffian. He had thick skin and it didn’t work to talk to him seriously.

She rolled her eyes, tugged at her schoolbag strap, and continued to walk to the subway.

Lichen caught up with her and asked with a smile, “Hey, I haven’t asked you yet. Yesterday, you beat Qian and the six of them by yourself, didn’t you?”

“Ask them,” replied Yansheng.

Lichen asked again, “You must have been trained in some martial arts, right? What did you train for?”

Yansheng told him bluntly, “You can’t beat me.”

Lichen was shocked. “What is the basis for your judgment? Let me tell you, I have also been trained.”

When she went out to fight in her previous life, Qian relied on the number of people to fight blindly. Lichen was trained like Yansheng, and he was trained in free combat. He was ruthless and had a little reputation for fighting.

In the previous life, Yansheng and his strength were almost on par, but her strength had greatly increased in this life and she estimated that Lichen was no longer her opponent. She only said “heh” without explaining.

After walking through the subway station, Yansheng stopped again when she saw her car and Mr. Zhou.

Another luxury car was parked end to end with her family’s car, and Mr. Zhou was talking and laughing with the driver of that car. Yansheng already knew whose car and driver that was—Lichen’s car and his driver.

She took off her sunglasses and turned to look at Lichen.

Lichen shrugged, spread his hands, and smiled ruffianly. “Like I said, I am going home.”

He really didn’t lie.

Qian saw Lichen standing there at the entrance of the school, watching Yansheng hook up with another boy she didn’t know.

The eyes and expressions of Lichen looking at Yansheng made Qian jealous and crazy.

She wanted to go over but hesitated. She said more than a dozen words to Lichen earlier today, but he only casually answered her with one or two. Although she had always been able to tolerate it, she was also very annoyed and secretly resentful in her heart.

She got into her car and told her driver, “Go to the subway.”

The driver started the car, and then she said, “Drive slowly.”

She slowly followed Lichen and Yansheng all the way, staring at them from the car.

What was hateful and ridiculous was that Lichen ignored her in class, but turned into a licking dog in front of Yansheng, but Yansheng also ignored him.

Qian felt happy and angry.

Of course, this irritation was all listed under Yansheng.

It was after school now and many cars honked in their back. The driver drove slowly for a while, and the car behind them kept honking at them, so he said helplessly, “Not good, we’re blocking the others.”

As he said that, he started to speed up.

At this moment, Qian happened to see Yansheng stop and turn to look at Lichen, while Lichen smiled and shrugged at her.

Qian also saw Lichen’s Maybach parked on the side of the road behind the subway station. Her driver drove across the intersection before the traffic lights changed, followed by the weaving crowd of people crossing the road, so she couldn’t see more.

Qian turned her head back and sneered.

Just now, Yansheng ignored Lichen all the way and was very proud. But then, she didn’t get into the subway and followed Lichen to his car instead. Heh!

Lichen’s car used to pick him up at the entrance of the school. Today, it suddenly parked there on the subway, hiding under the covers. Maybe Yansheng is afraid that her classmates will see her sitting in his car, so she deliberately asks him to park there.

She thought that Yansheng was such a noble goddess, but it turned out that she was just a gold digger.

Qian smiled contemptuously.

The goddess of perfection is impeccable, really? The woman who worships the gold is simply covered with holes.

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