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Chapter 142: Agree

Zhang Yansheng was informed by Yue Song the day before the meeting that in addition to old man Yue, she would also meet his parents.

“Just pretend that you don’t know.” Yue Song said helplessly, “The two of them have to let me tell you that they want to give you a ‘surprise’.”

For any girl who is about to meet her man’s elders, this is a shock rather than a surprise.

Zhang Yansheng held her forehead: “Your parents…”

“The two of them are like children, you will know when you meet them.” Yue Song’s tone was full of helplessness.

In contrast, he is more like a broken-hearted parent.

Zhang Yansheng smiled: “I got it, don’t worry.”

On New Year’s Day, Zhang Yansheng arrived as scheduled. When she appeared, Yue Song saw that the eyes of the three people in his family lit up.

Zhang Yansheng gave her gifts. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, just to express her heart.

“I didn’t know that you two are back, so I haven’t prepared anything.” She said seriously. He did tell her to pretend that she didn’t know, just to save her some worry.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Yue Song’s mother was so happy, “It’s good as long as you come.”

When they met for the first time, old man Yue gave her a thin red envelope, and when she squeezed it, she knew that it contained a check. Yue Song’s parents gave her a green emerald bracelet. This is the first time that the elders meet the juniors.

These elders are very easy to get along with, Yue Song’s parents have no arrogance, they are very easy-going people. They told Zhang Yansheng about the farm that the two of them had just bought in Australia, and kindly invited her to play with them.

There is no trace of troubles and stress that ordinary people would have between their eyebrows, and there is also a kind of heart-to-heart connection between the husband and wife. One person opens his mouth and the other knows what the other person is going to say, such a tacit understanding.

What they said was funny and even a little naive, which often made Zhang Yansheng smile.

In comparison, old man Yue puts a lot of pressure on people.

He is very energetic and his eyes are piercing, which makes people feel that he is particularly powerful.

He asked about Zhang Yansheng’s previous investment in the movies, and asked her if she had made any other investments afterwards.

Zhang Yansheng said: “I have invested in two million-level small projects. They are all well-regulated and traditional industries. They are relatively conservative and have low rates of returns, but they can be expected. The previous time was pure luck and I didn’t understand anything back then. Luck will not always be there. It’s time to learn from scratch and start from an early age. I won’t make investments of more than ten million for the time being before graduation.”

This attitude is not arrogant or impatient, unlike some young people who occasionally have the luck to win a small victory, and they have to stick up their tails to the sky.

Old man Yue’s gaze at Zhang Yansheng became more eager.

Zhang Yansheng can feel the old man’s satisfaction and liking for her, but the old man is different from Yue Song’s parents — Zhang Yansheng feels that Yue Song’s parents are just really there to see the excitement. They have no expectations or requirements for her and Yue Song.

But the old man is different, the old man obviously has.

Several times during the conversation, the old man’s voice had to deviate, leading to ‘in the future’ and ‘later on’. Every time it happened, Yue Song would interrupt silently, and then force him back with his eyes.

The old man was aggrieved, and he could only put away his fantasies that had been in the same room for four generations, so as not to frighten the little girl who had just entered her freshman year in college.

Zhang Yansheng pretended not to understand, she would not answer that question anyway.

Miraculously, Yue Song’s parents also didn’t answer either. The two of them just looked around and talked to her, obviously wanting to divert the topic. Generally, if the man’s parents are satisfied with the woman, don’t they all start to urge marriage and childbearing?

There was no supporter, and the old man had the sadness of a hero in the evening, and he was even more aggrieved.

Zhang Yansheng adhered to the etiquette of being a guest, arrived at the right time, had cordial talks with the elders, had lunch, sat for a while and had a cup of tea, and got up in time to leave. She didn’t drive. Yue Song picked her up in the morning, and naturally Yue Song sent her back.

“I guess my parents are going to run away tonight.” He said, “They didn’t even open their luggage. They just came back to see you and didn’t plan to stay at all.”

“The idea of running away is a bit…” Zhang Yansheng held her forehead.

“They will run away.” Yue Song said with certainty, “Our family has been passed down for three generations. My grandfather has always wanted them to have more children. When I grow up, I want my parents to have another child too. But my mother is so squeamish, she has had enough of giving birth to me, and she resolutely refuses to have another child, so my dad took her away. Otherwise, why do you think the two of them have refused to return to China? Of course, to avoid my grandfather.”

“My grandfather is now older and more anxious than before. He will definitely urge us to get married early and have children early.” Yue Song said, “If you don’t like listening, just treat it as if you didn’t hear it. Just don’t pay attention to him, I’ll stop him.”

Her grandma said that if she has any ideas that are inconsistent with the elders, then she doesn’t have to argue with them in person, just pass them vaguely, and communicate with Yue Song in private.

Her grandma also said that if he has her in his heart, he will take her place and will not make it difficult for her. It’s good to meet the parents, this will give you an opportunity to understand the man’s attitude.

Her grandma was really an experienced person.

Zhang Yansheng raised the corners of her mouth: “Okay.”

Yue Song asked her again about the arrangements for the next two days.

Zhang Yansheng said, “Xu Lichen is back and I will accompany him to Nanshan Temple to worship tomorrow.”

Yue Song was surprised: “Does he believe in Buddhism?”

“Do you think he looks like one?” Zhang Yansheng said, “He had a dream and dreamed that he was dead. He was so scared that he was going to say goodbye to bad luck. He’s afraid that it will follow him home.”

Yue Song laughed.

On New Year’s Day, there will be a three-day holiday. Early the next morning, Zhang Yansheng drove to Nanshan Temple in the mountains on the outskirts of the city, accompanied Xu Lichen to worship, and donated 100,000 yuan of incense money.

It alarmed the person in charge, he personally came out to receive them, recorded their names, and put them on the merit list — the next time the merit monument is engraved, their names will also be engraved there.

He asked the two people why they came to worship, and he personally interpreted Xu Lichen’s dreams.

“The life of doom in the dream has passed, and the reality will come to an end.” Although the old monk doesn’t eat oil and water, he has seen too many worldly people and knows what these people want to hear. He was dressed in a monk’s robe, his white beard was fluttering, and his temperament was tightly controlled. What he said was like philosophy, making people feel as if they had been enlightened when they heard it.

Xu Lichen is the one who feels deeply enlightened.

He slapped his thigh: “You are right! It is true that none of those things is true in reality! I am doing well now!”

The shadow in Xu Lichen’s heart was resolved by the high monk, and he went to vegetarian fasting with Zhang Yansheng beaming, and finally, he was willing to tell her about the bad dream he had.

Zhang Yansheng asked a lot of details, all about Wang Qian.

It is impossible for Xu Lichen not to be suspicious. He asked, “Why did you suddenly ask me about this dream and Wang Qian?”

Xu Lichen knew too much in his dreams, and Zhang Yansheng didn’t want him to know more.

She said: “When I saw her on Christmas Eve, I suddenly remembered the dream you were talking about. At that time, you were so terrified of something.”

At that time, Xu Lichen was indeed terrified. He was so frightened that he was panicked and incoherent. Zhang Yansheng gave him a big slap on his face to calm him down.

Xu Lichen stuck his neck: “Nonsense! It’s nothing!!!”

Zhang Yansheng spent money to find a private investigator, who specializes in tracking and investigating extramarital affairs and helping to catch the couple in the act.

It doesn’t sound very good, but the work is very neat.

“Wang Qian and Huang Zhe, their mothers are cousins, and they are cousins who are separated by one layer. The two families have a good relationship and often communicate. Traces of each other’s existence can be found in the Moments and QQ space of the two of them.” He said solemnly, “Miss Zhang, you misunderstood the relationship between your boyfriend and his cousin. However, according to my follow-up observations, your boyfriend is indeed not honest. He has dealings with many girls and often goes in and out of nightclubs. I have taken pictures…”

Zhang Yansheng packaged herself as Huang Zhe’s girlfriend, and under the guise of investigating whether her boyfriend is cheating, she asked a private investigator to find out the relationship between Wang Qian and Huang Zhe. It turned out that they were really relatives.

She was not interested in Huang Zhe’s relationship between men and women, and said to the private investigator: “I recently discovered that there’s a bit wrong about my ‘boyfriend’. He met some messy people. I suspect that those people might take him on drugs. Can you find out about it?”

The private investigator agreed.

He continued to follow for a while, and told Zhang Yansheng: “Your suspicion is correct. He does take drugs, but it should still be in its infancy and there is still time to save it.”

But Zhang Yansheng didn’t check these things to save Huang Zhe, such a rubbish thing. She just wants to confirm her conjecture.

Sure enough, as she thought, Huang Zhe was not deep on drugs at this time. She also remembered that when they first met, Huang Zhe was just a fun-loving person. Later, he gradually became different.

If a person enters a drug pit, there is always a process from inhalation to selling.

Zhang Yansheng did not hide this from Yue Song because he even wanted to take over at the beginning, and he would really do it, but this is Zhang Yansheng’s business. Not to mention the many causes and consequences in it, it is not convenient for Yue Song to know. To end this grievance, Zhang Yansheng has to do it herself, which is considered an end.

Zhang Yansheng said, “He will get deeper and deeper. If I say that I don’t plan to do it now and want him to continue for the future, will you think that I am too vicious?”

She stared at Yue Song.

Yue Song put her hair together and told her, “If you are willing to leave this matter to me, I promise to do it more viciously than you. There are some things that cannot be forgiven and tolerated. Indulging evil is equivalent to suppressing good, and tolerance for such people will only harm more other people.”

Zhang Yansheng held his hand and smiled slightly.

There is nothing that makes people feel more comfortable than that person who agrees with your three views and principles of doing things.

“Where is the other person?” Yue Song won’t forget Wang Qian.

He remembered very well that on the night of Christmas Eve, Zhang Yansheng stood on the street and her face was very pale.

She is a courageous and temperamental girl. She will not be easily frightened. When she mentioned that someone had tried to drug her, her tone was also very flat.

She was shocked by an unexpected malice.

He asked, “What are you going to do with the other person?”

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