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She Became a Villainess

Author: Liu Qingyang (琉晴阳)


What will you do when you wake up and find that you have transmigrated into a book? And what if you have transmigrated as a villainess?

Qin Zhizhi falls down in front of the male and female leads. She hugs the big boss’ legs tightly and complains, “Yuyu, she pushed me.”

Lord Yuchen embraces her and warns everyone in the imperial capital that her body is very delicate and weak, and can be blown down by the wind!

No one can speak loudly in front of her! Nobody shall stand beside her to pollute the air she breathes!

One day, a lot of people witness how she is being bullied by a group of bitches and they all want to go and help her. But who knows that she will suddenly put her hands on her hips and scold those bitches? As a result, those bitches shrink their necks and dare not to move.

When she is done, she falls to the ground and points at them. “Boohoo… Yuyu, they beat me.”

Everyone is instantly dumbstruck.


Qin Zhizhi – main character
Ye Yuchen – male lead
Ye Qingchen – original male lead/ML’s uncle/MC’s ex-fiancé
Bai Qinyun – original female lead
Qin Jianwen – MC’s father
Qin Yifan – MC’s brother
Liang Ruyue – MC’s mother
Qin Yanran – MC’s sister

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: A Thunder from a Clear Sky Transmigration
Chapter 2: You Must Not Blame Auntie
Chapter 3: Fall Faster than the Female Lead
Chapter 4: Boohoo… It’s All My Fault
Chapter 5: She Is the Online ‘Skunk’
Chapter 6: You Need to Grow Up and Start Hooking up with Guys
Chapter 7: Chopped with a Knife
Chapter 8: I’m Scared to Death
Chapter 9: I Will Not Wear It Even If I Die
Chapter 10: Let’s Make an Appointment Another Day
Chapter 11: Cry after the Defeat
Chapter 12: You Are the Best Person in My Heart!
Chapter 13: You Change Your Appearance
Chapter 14: How Many Can You Match
Chapter 15: Come On, Cheers!
Chapter 16: Boohoo, Miss Bai, My Heart Hurts So Much
Chapter 17: Miss Bai, You Are a Fairy, You Can’t Drink Alcohol
Chapter 18: Fawning All over the Female Lead
Chapter 19: Zhizhi, I Want to Go Home with You
Chapter 20: Yuyu, Have You Forgotten? I Am Your Aunt
Chapter 21: Sister Will Definitely Find a Good Man for You Next Time
Chapter 22: Move Him to Tears
Chapter 23: You Can’t Even Let Your Father Off!
Chapter 24: Can’t Be a Daughter-In-Law, Then Be a Granddaughter-In-Law
Chapter 25: I Don’t Want to Be Zijie’s Wife
Chapter 26: I Don’t Blame You for Not Understanding Human’s Words
Chapter 27: Zhizhi and the Young Master Have a Really Good Aunt-Nephew Relationship…
Chapter 28: How Did My Hero Annul the Marriage Contract?
Chapter 29: Mommy, Please Don’t Unleash Your Beauty to Harm This Baby
Chapter 30: Fourth Master, Do We Still Need to Inject the Drug?
Chapter 31: Ye Qingchen, You Made Yourself a Fucking Idiot
Chapter 32: Ah! Fourth Master, Someone Came In
Chapter 33: If You Don’t Wake Up, I’ll Sell You to the Remote Mountain
Chapter 34: Hey, Big Boss, Come Up and Lie Down Together
Chapter 35: Miss Bai, You’re Lowering My Face Value
Chapter 36: This Is the Place I Carefully Selected for You
Chapter 37: Handsome, Come and Dance with Me
Chapter 38: She Can’t Take Revenge a Day Later!
Chapter 39: I Know That She Has Long Been Deeply in Love with Me
Chapter 40: Mom, Do You like Murals?
Chapter 41: Zhizhi Has Given You a Green Hat
Chapter 42: Boss, Miss Qin Is Inside
Chapter 43: This Is Their Sound of Repentance!
Chapter 44: Can I Have Them All?
Chapter 45: Marry Them All Back and Daddy Will Raise Them!
Chapter 46: Mommy Will Give Birth to Younger Brothers and Sisters for Me
Chapter 47: Mommy, Can I Ask You for Directions
Chapter 48: Mommy, This Is My Daddy, Do You Like Him?
Chapter 49: How Does It Feel to Ask My Son to Call You Mommy?
Chapter 50: Gave a Green Hat from Thousands of Miles Away, It’s Still the Thought That Counts
Chapter 51: Learn to Speak Human Words
Chapter 52: You Don’t Look Like a Human Being at All
Chapter 53: Brother Chen, I Know You Love Me So Much That You Can’t Extricate Yourself from This Love
Chapter 54: He Is the Child That Zhizhi Took Back to Marry
Chapter 55: Which King… Which King?

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