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Chapter 40: Mom, Do You like Murals?

Zhizhi watched the video halfway, then closed it with a sneer.

In the original book, Qingchen and the original owner got engaged on that day. Jianwen clearly said that the marriage contract was annulled, but the plot still remained the same.

What does it mean?

Does it mean that some of the plots in the book really cannot be changed?!

She was about to call Jianwen and ask him about what happened on the day when her marriage contract was supposed to be annulled, but she was attracted by the second trending post on the search list.

The second hot search post on Weibo was also a video.

It was shot at the Imperial Capital International Airport.

In the video, a woman dressed elegantly and extravagantly walked forward hand in hand with another woman wearing sunglasses.

A microphone was placed before the older woman’s face.

The reporter asked sharply, “Excuse me, Madam Qin, how do you feel about Miss Qin’s loss in the international piano competition? How does Miss Qin feel about it?”

Zhizhi raised an eyebrow.

Are these women the mother and older sister of the original owner?

They should be.

In the novel, it was written that Yanran was an extremely talented pianist.

At the end of the author’s writing, she was hailed as a genius pianist by virtue of her talent.

The delicate face of Liang Ruyue, the original owner’s mother, was slightly wrinkled and a look of displeasure flashed in her eyes that somewhat had a resemblance to Zhizhi. “Victory and defeat are common things in military affairs and so are to ordinary people. I believe that even if my daughter, Yanran, did not win the competition, she will also become a shining star in the piano world in the future.”

“Then have you heard about the recent rumor that Miss Qin Zhizhi and Mister Ye Qingchen had annulled their marriage contract?”

Ruyue’s eyebrows slightly frowned.

Hearing these words, her eyebrows frowned deeper and her voice became a little deeper. “Zhizhi will not annul her marriage contract with Qingchen, and I have not talked with the Ye family about annulling their marriage contract. I wonder where have you heard these rumors from.”

Zhizhi put down her cell phone and didn’t want to watch it any further.

She watched two videos in a row.

All her sleepy spirits had run away, so she didn’t sleep anymore. She got up to wash and change her clothes, then went downstairs to look for food.

As soon as she approached the stairs, she heard an argument from downstairs.

Jianwen shouted in a solemn voice, “I have called and told you that I have already annulled Zhizhi’s marriage contract. How can you still say that in front of the media?!”

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Ruyue leaned back on the sofa and gently rubbed her temples with her right hand. Her expression was showing that she was a little tired.

Hearing her husband’s words, she raised her head.

She looked at Jianwen with her charming eyes. “I have already called the Ye family and told them that their marriage contract will not be annulled.”

When Jianwen heard this, he almost exploded and his face was flushed with anger. “How can a man like Ye Qingchen match up with Zhizhi? If you don’t annul their marriage contract and still marry Zhizhi to him, then you’re simply pushing my Zhizhi into the fire pit!

“Sometimes, I really wonder if Zhizhi is your daughter!”

Ruyue put her hand down and retorted, “When I gave birth to her, I stepped into the gate of hell and almost didn’t come out! Now that you don’t even discuss her marriage contract with me, I would like to ask, do you treat me as her mother?

“I have already discussed with the Ye family that they will hold an engagement ceremony on the ninth of next month.”

“You!” Jianwen’s face was livid with rage and he couldn’t utter another word as he pointed his finger at her.

He was obviously very furious.

Zhizhi was afraid that the old man would get sick because of his overwhelming anger.

She couldn’t help but speed up and walked downstairs, then she supported his trembling body. “Dad, the wrinkles on your face are coming out.”

“Really?” Jianwen hurriedly touched his face, panicking at a glance.

Zhizhi nodded. “It’s true.”

Jianwen suddenly scowled miserably. “What should I do? Daddy is only forty-nine years old! Daddy is still young!”

“I have facial masks in my room, how about you apply two on your face?”

“Okay! I’ll do it right now!”

Jianwen was easily coaxed by her.

On the other hand, Ruyue frowned as she looked at her second daughter.

Zhizhi also looked at her.

She found that her face really looked similar to Ruyue.

They at least have three to four points of resemblance.

She opened her lips and said, “Mom, do you like collecting murals? We have a lot of murals already.”

Ruyue was confused and asked, “What do you mean?”

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