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Chapter 41: Zhizhi Has Given You a Green Hat

Ruyue repeated those words in her mind and suddenly found something.

Her expression darkened.

Her face grimaced and said, “What exactly do you mean by that?”

Zhizhi let out a sigh and said indifferently, “A few days ago, Dad bought a lot of paintings. I was curious and asked, and he said that my mother likes murals.”

“Zhizhi, you—”

“Anyway, welcome back! I’m going out so no need to prepare my lunch meal.”

Ruyue was about to scold her, but Zhizhi waved her hand, leaving Ruyue with an angry expression on her face, while she went out in a graceful manner.

Luckily, that day, she ran into a taxi as soon as she walked out the gate.

Before getting in the car, her cell phone kept beeping and that was because of all the messages from the green tea bitches and white lotuses.

Green Tea Bitch No. 1: [Zhizhi, have you made up your mind? Ye Qingchen, that man, do you really want to marry him? My brother said he would wait for you at the same place tonight.]

Green Tea Bitch No. 11: [Congratulations, Zhizhi. That Bai Qinyun is nothing, but dare to rob a man from you!]

White Lotus No. 23: [Zhizhi, can you invite me to the engagement banquet?]

There were too many messages and she was too lazy to read them.

She stuffed her cell phone directly into her bag, leaned back on the seat, and yawned.

She woke up too early and didn’t get enough sleep.


Later that evening, a post broke out on Weibo and instantly topped the search list.

Everyone clicked on it to watch the video.

In the dimly lit private room, there was a sound of deafening music.

A woman with stunning beauty, a charming smile, and bright eyes was lying on her back on the chaise longue, surrounded by thirty-six handsome men.

Two men were massaging her legs, two men were kneading her shoulders, one man was feeding her frozen grapes, one man was giving her wine, and the others were singing and dancing to attract her attention.

Zhizhi, the woman in the video, narrowed her eyes and took a sip of wine.

The wine stains flowed out from the corners of her lips, and her red lips sipped back the wine left behind.

Biting the corner of her lips lightly, the expression on her eyes was rippling. She seemed to be drunk, but she was really not. Her enchanting expression could make the people watching her on their screens look like a flaky pastry.

Each and every one, who was watching her in front of their screens, turned stiff and intoxicated.

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They were holding their hearts, holding their quick-acting heart-saving pills, and asking her to smile and move again.

Without a doubt, Zhizhi lived up to their expectations.

She raised her beautiful eyes slightly and with tipsy eyes, she patted the young man’s abdominal muscles in front of her. “Handsome, move to the side, you’re blocking me.”

The beautiful and charming woman pointed at the camera and curved her lips.

Everyone’s heartbeats increased and they all stood up.

And when they were just about to look at their screens again, the video had ended.

The comments section on the post was in full swing.

[@Ye Qingchen you searched for her thousands of times in the crowd and when you suddenly looked back, Zhizhi was giving you a green hat.]

[The water in the Peach Blossom Lake is a thousand-foot deep, but it’s not as good as @Qin Zhizhi giving you a hat.]

[Life will be lush green after marriage, but you’ve already gotten a green hat from her.]

[Military hats, top hats, baseball hats… they’re not as good as the green hat that Zhizhi had given you.]

[I don’t care what kind of hat it is. I just want to see the fairy!]

[Woo-hoo! @Qin Zhizhi what kind of immortal beauty are you, a cosmic beauty? I don’t care, I’m just going straight to your face, I love it!]

[Pregnancy through the air!!!]

Zhizhi waved her hand to the men who were massaging her legs, kneading her shoulders, feeding her, and giving her wine, and they all stood a meter away in an instant.

She sat up from the chaise longue and glanced at her cell phone.

Her slender hand rested on her chin, then she snapped her fingers. “Come on, let’s continue! Lighting engineer, you should pay attention to the brightness. The previous video was shot too dark, which made me look ugly.

“Cameraman, you should pay attention to shoot all the faces of these young men. These handsome men will make people jealous!”

Both the lighting engineer and the cameraman were too stunned to speak.

I thought this bitch just wanted to shoot a video.

What the hell did I sign up for?


Translator’s Notes:

I have a feeling that there’s a meaning behind the mural paintings mentioned in the previous chapter and this chapter because the author likes to use idioms and internet slang in the dialogues. However, this time, I didn’t get a clue from the context and it was not even an idiom or slang. So, I did some research and it took me a long time to find this reference. I’m not sure though if this is really the right one, but this is the closest I can find as I’ve encountered another viral video that the author referred to as well in the later chapters. I’m sharing what happened in the video, so you’ll have an idea why Zhizhi asked Ruyue if she liked mural paintings.

The video is about a mother who suppressed her anger when she was helping her youngest daughter with homework. In the process, the mother’s patience had run out, so she blurted out these words:

“Believe it or not, I will slam you to the wall and turn you into a mural!”

The eldest daughter came out of her room, probably to calm the mother down, but she was dismissed immediately so she returned to her room.

On the other hand, the father held back his laughter watching this scene in front of him. Knowing that his wife is the real boss in their house, so even though he somehow felt sorry for his youngest daughter, he couldn’t interrupt them.

After a while, his wife noticed him (he was literally just in front of them) and asked him to get the fruits from the car. But he was puzzled because it looked like she just mentioned that out of nowhere, so he asked if she was talking to him. As a result, the wife vented her anger to him. “What? Do you want our youngest daughter to go outside and get the fruits in the car? If I’m not talking to you, then do you think I am talking to the fish here?” she said while pointing to their daughter first, then to the fish tank behind her.

The father was full of resentment after receiving his wife’s anger, but he was also frightened at the same time to be mad at her. In the end, he walked up to his daughter to vent out his own grievances. He said, “I’m here to help and turn you into a mural on the wall.”

The poor daughter was scolded both by her mother and her father that day.

The video got viral because it was funny to watch the husband’s reaction and how the wife vented her anger toward him. Also, many mothers and elders empathized with the mother because it is really not that easy to tutor the young children. I think the little girl in the video is only around 4-7 years old.

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