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Chapter 14: How Many Can You Match

Zhizhi was confused all of a sudden. She asked herself, this party, which you specifically said is for me, is to make me happy, huh? Are you sure it’s not to watch me as a laughing stock?!

Whose crazy person would believe that this party was really organized to make me happy?

But the crucial point was that the people next to her were all agreeing to what that woman said.

“I also think that Zhizhi is not worthy of Qingchen from the Ye family.”

“That is indeed a fact.”

Kexin smiled embarrassedly, which seemed to be helping her, but in fact, she was insinuating something. “How can you say that to Zhizhi? Ye Qingchen is a remarkable person and we all know that. However, who in the whole imperial capital can match him?

“So, don’t say that, there are really a lot of women who don’t deserve him.”

Zhizhi calmly listened to what these women were saying.

Yifan, who was on the side, couldn’t listen to them anymore, so he pulled up his sleeves wanting to teach these people a lesson.

Damn it!

In his opinion, he should be the only one who could bully Zhizhi.

Who the hell are these people who have the audacity to bully my sister in front of me?!

Zhizhi raised her hand to stop him.

He glared at her and blurted, “Where did that strong aura you put up before me go? You’re just letting them scold you like that?!”

“Shut up,” she calmly said.

She raised an eyebrow lazily and glanced at the six or seven women near her. These few people who saw her meaningful glance were terrified, stuttered, and couldn’t speak even though they wanted to.

“I recently learned a new skill,” she told them.

Everyone couldn’t guess what would happen to them next. They dissed her frantically, but she was not angry at all.

They all thought that Qingchen had stimulated her this much which exhausted her mental state.

Everyone showed sympathetic glances one after another, and many of them had smug looks as if watching a good show.

Kexin immediately probed, “I haven’t seen you come out recently and it turns out that you’ve gone to learn something. I just don’t know what skill you have learned.”

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Zhizhi looked at her coldly. “Do you want to cheer me up?”

“Of course!”

“We will all cheer on you. After all, we are all good sisters.”


“That’s right.”

A few of them answered one by one.

“Oh~” Her gaze was very indifferent, then she slowly said, “I recently learned how to match locks and keys. Tell me, how many can you all match?”

Everyone was stunned as they didn’t know what kind of skill was that.

Specifically, Kexin went blank after hearing that.

Someone who had not said anything yet reacted and looked at her with slight contempt. “Zhizhi, you are in such a state now?”

Yifan burst out laughing on the side.

His laughing sound grew louder and louder.

That person then realized that Zhizhi’s words have a different meaning, so she repeated those words slowly in her mind. After a while, her face darkened.

It just so happened that the cell phone in Kexin’s pocket rang which broke the ice. When she took it out and saw the caller’s name, her eyes lit up.

She shook her cellphone at Zhizhi and uttered, “Zhizhi, my brother is here.”

Everyone had the expression of watching a good show once again.

They all heard about the rumors.

The rumor was about Zhizhi and Ma Ketai, Kexin’s brother, who went in and out of the hotel together, and stayed there all night before coming out.

What can a man and a woman do when they go to a hotel together?

Of course, everyone thought that it was ‘that’ kind of thing.

People at every level had a circle and the wealthy people were no exception. At that time, this matter was spread within the circle.

Everyone said that Zhizhi cheated on Qingchen and he got so angry that he would rather have a child out of marriage than get back together with her.

During that time, this slanderous gossip that had been circulated was quite serious.

The original owner did not know where to hide for a full year before she dared to show up again in public.

At this point, Zhizhi was thinking about something.

She didn’t know who spoke next, but that person said, “Zhizhi, your old lover is here, why don’t you go and greet him? Now that Qingchen doesn’t want you anymore, maybe Ketai will change his mind, see you as pitiful, and will rekindle his old relationship with you.”

Qin Zhizhi frowned, as it interrupted her thoughts, so she wanted to curse at this person angrily.

She looked up and asked, “Did you kiss a pig on its mouth when you were young?”

Translator’s Notes:

你们配个几把/how many can you match (derogatory) – looking down on people. It’s like asking someone, ‘What are you?’ ‘Are you worth it?’ ‘What else can you do?’

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