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Chapter 54: He Is the Child That Zhizhi Took Back to Marry

Zhizhi took Ye out of the private room.

A middle-aged man approached them and pointed at Ye angrily, “Cheng Ye, you are fired! Hurry up and pack your things, then get out of here!”

Ye pursed his lips. “My salary…”

“Do you still want a salary?”

The man yelled, “After working here for half a month, all the guests I have here have been offended by you, and you still have the face to ask me for salary?! You don’t have a face…”

The man scolded Ye like a shrew scolding someone in public, pointing at Ye’s nose. This kind of scolding was really unpleasant to hear that even all your human organs were taken along with it.

Ye looked like a dumb man, just standing there while being scolded by him.

Zhizhi sighed, as she really couldn’t bear for such a handsome little brother to be scolded like that.

Anyway, it was not the male supporting character’s fault.

She had to take advantage of this situation because he would be of great use in the future.

She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. “Why are you covering your face with your buttocks?”

The man who was scolding spit out and suddenly stopped. Seeing that Zhizhi didn’t dress like an ordinary person, he didn’t dare to be arrogant and domineering, then asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Looking at your mouth that is full of shit, I just thought that when your mother gave birth to you, did you see it wrong? Did you treat your buttocks as your face?” Zhizhi replied with full sarcasm.

The man’s eyes opened wide, then he glared at her to the point where his eyeballs were about to come out of his eyes sockets, then he jumped up in anger. “You bitch dared to berate me?! Don’t think about leaving today—”

“I don’t want the salary anymore.” Ye grabbed Zhizhi’s hand and walked out.

Zhizhi rolled her eyes because she hadn’t finished speaking yet.

She was dragged away by the little wolfdog, so she turned her head and shouted to the man, “When you go back, remember to change your face back with your buttocks. Going out with your buttocks every day, are you not afraid of infecting others?!”

She also made a fan gesture with her hand, fanning the air in front of her.

The man was furious and yelled at the security guard beside him, “Bring them back to me!”

So Ye grabbed her and ran faster.

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She didn’t have to say anything more.

The little wolfdog was young, but he was strong, so he was able to take her out of the club soon.

Zhizhi brought the homeless Ye back to the Qins’ house.

It was very late and all the lights in the house were turned off. She used her sense of touch in the dark to go upstairs and Ye followed behind her.

He followed all the way to the door of her room.

She was about to close the door before she remembered that she had brought the little wolfdog back.

“You, wait a minute.”

Ye stood at the door with pursed lips.

Zhizhi went back to her room, took a pillow and threw it to him, then pointed to the position on the left, “Go find a room to sleep by yourself. I’m sleepy, so I’ll find you tomorrow morning.”

She yawned and closed the door.

Ye was locked out of the room.

He hugged the pillow in his arms and the scent of the girl made his cheeks red.

He just sat at the door with a pillow in his arms.

Jianwen didn’t see his daughter for the whole day yesterday. He thought that he would go to work this morning and might not be able to see her when he came back from work. It was strange not to see her for a few days.

So, he walked over and would knock on his daughter’s door.

As soon as he arrived at the door of her room and was about to knock on the door, he felt that something was wrong, so he glanced down.

“Tok tok tok!!!”

“Zhizhi, hurry up and explain this to Daddy. Where did you abduct a minor? Although Dad asked you to marry a man back, I didn’t ask you to find a minor. Do you know that it’s illegal?!”

Ye was awakened from this noise, then he stood up from the ground.

“I am nineteen years old.”

Jianwen snorted and put his hand down.

“I am already an adult.”

“It’s pretty good, just a few years younger than Zhizhi,” Jianwen muttered, then he turned around and left. He had forgotten that he came to see his daughter.

He had just reached the top of the stairs before going downstairs, when Mrs. Li hurriedly walked up to him and said, “Master, Mr. Ye is here and he said that he was bringing something to the young miss.”

“Send that Ye Qingchen away! My daughter doesn’t want his stuff.”

“…No, it’s Mr. Ye Yuchen.”

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