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Chapter 11: Cry after the Defeat

After speaking clearly, Yuchen’s expression softened again.

Although there was still an inviolable cold aura coming from his body, it was much better than the shady hostility of wanting to kill her before.

Zhizhi showed a beautiful smile on her face.

Her star-like eyes became clearer and brighter because of the divine help.

“Yuyu, do you think my younger brother is beautiful?” she asked in a playful voice.

Yifan tugged at her shirt nervously. “Zhizhi…”

He was having a bad feeling now.

When Yuchen heard how she addressed him, he frowned slightly but he just ignored it, then he replied nonchalantly, “Not as beautiful as you.”

She was astounded for finding out that the big boss turned out to be so insightful!

She stood in a perfect posture with a jutted chin, then proudly said, “Of course, I’m the most beautiful woman in the whole world.”

Yifan muttered, “Hmph! Shameless!” He never thought that he would be heard, but it seemed that Zhizhi really had sharp ears.

She squinted at him, so he trembled with fear and backed away step by step.

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She grabbed him, restrained his hands, and pressed him on the car door.

“Look at my stupid younger brother, isn’t his figure so well-proportioned?”

Yuchen had no idea what the hell she was doing, so he followed her gaze and his scrutiny eyes turned on her again.

He seemed to be comparing them.

He only glanced at Yifan once, but he looked at the woman several times.

After a while, he came to a conclusion and said, “Not as shapely as you are.”

Zhizhi covered her lips which were a bit trembling as she was trying to stop herself from laughing.

She couldn’t believe that she could still have fun in this way!

But she pondered on how to continue the conversation.

She slapped Yifan on the back of his head and said with disgust, “What use do you have now?! No man will look at you even if you have a good face! What use do,”—she pointed at his rear end—“these buttocks have for you? Apart from drawing out shit, what else can they do?!”

Yifan was stunned by those gun-like words. He subconsciously blurted out, “What are you saying? They can also release gas!”

Yuchen pretended that he didn’t hear their conversation just now. He just sat inside the car watching them, who both had foolish expressions.

“Yow~” she uttered but she didn’t know what else to say and just kept thinking. What should she do if her foolish brother was getting more and more brainless?

Of course, she would kill him and throw him in the ocean!

Zhizhi sneered and provoke him, “Can you release one for me now?”

Yifan’s nostrils flared as he held his breath, then he exclaimed, “I’m not going to fart!”

Suddenly, the cell phone in her bag rang due to an incoming WeChat video call. She didn’t need to guess who was calling her because she was so sure that it had to be that Green Tea Bitch No. 1 who was rushing her to the party.

She didn’t care so she just ignored it.

She looked at Yuchen with her eyes slightly bent, then said, “Yuyu, look at how useless my brother is, so can you let him get in the car? Although he’s a bit stupid, he has the strength, so you can take him back to provide some help as a bodyguard or a servant, and he can occasionally be a woman for you as well.”

She pinched Yifan’s waist and showed it to him. “Look how thin it is!”

She was making a lot of effort but she realized that it wasn’t that easy to hitch a ride.

Yuchen was dazed at first, then he was suddenly stunned. His pair of deep eyes narrowed and two cold beams shot directly on her body. The words he was about to spit out were frozen three feet deep. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Qin Zhizhi, does the world owe you a living?!”

Qin Zhizhi was confused. She didn’t react for a while, then her eyes widened slightly.

Damn it!

She was a master tactician, but she was unexpectedly defeated using the same tactic!

Yifan was an underage boy and couldn’t understand what they were talking about. He only saw his older sister’s expression change twice after hearing what Yuchen said, which actually looked amazing.

First, she was at a loss, then suddenly, she became angry.

But how could Zhizhi admit defeat? The word ‘defeat’ had not been added yet to her dictionary.

She smiled and stared back at him, then said, “Oh, my good nephew, this auntie really wants to kill you, but unfortunately, auntie is a Hui citizen.”

Yifan was puzzled. How do I not know that I am from the Hui ethnic group?!

Yuchen sneered and didn’t want to continue talking nonsense with her. He gave an order to the person in front of him, “Go and bring them up here.”

“Yes, boss!”

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