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Chapter 12: You Are the Best Person in My Heart!

Before Zhizhi had time to run, she heard the opening and closing sound of the car door, then a gust of wind swept past her, her eyes flashed, and she was thrown into the man’s arms.

Her head hurts as it bumped into his chest.

She pouted, slowly got up from the man, calmly smoothened her wrinkled clothes, and said to the person in the front, “Heaven and Earth Club please, thank you.”

Lu Lei, the driver, was bewildered.

What she mentioned was a high-end entertainment place, which was also referred to as a nightclub.

No matter how high-end it was, it was still a nightclub.

Yuchen’s face turned gloomy, like overcast clouds, as if there would be lightning, thunder, and storm in the next second.

Zhizhi moved to the side, silently moving away from this unpredictable man.

Yifan watched their battle earlier, so he was afraid that Yuchen would kill and bury his older sister. After all, she was still his own sibling, so he definitely couldn’t just watch her die.

It was rare for him to be afraid of her death for the first time. So, he ran over, pulled the passenger door, and opened it.

When his buttocks touched the seat, he shrieked, “Ouch!”

Yifan jumped up in pain and slammed his head into the roof of the car. The whole car was suddenly filled with his painful screams.

How did it feel to hear a ‘girl’, who was beautifully dressed in women’s clothing, with a rough male voice as she opened her mouth?

Zhizhi couldn’t help but laugh.

Beside her, Yuchen’s still had a gloomy face.

The car stopped at the entrance of Heaven and Earth Club.

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Zhizhi got out of the car first.

Standing outside the car, she blew a kiss at the man inside. “Yuyu, thank you for the ride! You are much better in my heart than that scumbag, Ye Qingchen!”

Yuchen’s gloomy face did not soften along the way. But after hearing those words, his face that was originally cruel turned vibrant, as if spring had come in an instant.

She saw him heave a sigh softly.

Thinking of where she was about to enter in, his eyebrows twitched again, and he said in a cold tone, “Don’t drink!”

She raised her eyebrows.

What did he just say?

She was appalled because he now wanted to control her after sleeping together last night.

He already has control over heaven and earth, but he also wants to control the air now?

She slammed the car door with a loud bang, ignoring whether the tens of millions-worth luxury car would break after that.

Yuchen’s face turned gloomy again after that.

Yifan, who just got out of the car, pulled her away and left.

He scolded her while walking, “Zhizhi, just saying, are you a woman who has been stimulated too much to become absent-minded? Who was that man in the car? It’s Ye Yuchen! The most powerful person in the Ye family! The person who is admired by the entire imperial capital circle, but you actually dared to call yourself an aunt in front of him, and how brazen are you to call him Yuyu?!

“Is your brain broken now?”

While holding her chest and staring at him coldly, she retorted, “If you don’t keep your rough voice for me, believe it or not, I will let you experience what it means to have a broken brain!”

Yifan almost jumped up in anger. He was only concerned about her.

Isn’t that for her well-being?

She was a despicable person anyway, so what’s the use of helping her out? Hmph!

He decided that tomorrow he will contact someone to sell her to a remote mountain where there was no electricity, no water, and no damn shit!

After thinking about it, he roared angrily, “You ignorant woman!”

The two of them just walked into the nightclub and all the staff, who were welcoming the customers at the door, shuddered when they heard his shout and they glanced at them with a slightly suspicious look.

Yifan shouted again, “What? You haven’t seen a big man in women’s clothes yet?!”

The welcomers were all dumbstruck.

As soon as Zhizhi walked into the door, a woman greeted her enthusiastically and held her arm.

Then, she shouted towards the people inside, “The most famous lady in our imperial capital has arrived, so why don’t you all come here to greet her?!”

Zhizhi was choked by the pungent smell of perfume from her, so she was not able to react for a while.

She pulled this leather plaster off her body. She raised her eyes and asked, “You—who are you?”

The woman’s face, whom she got rid of, showed an expression as if a familiar sense of stiffness hit her face.

She opened her mouth and replied, “Zhizhi, I’m Ma Kexin.”

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