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Chapter 10: Let’s Make an Appointment Another Day

Yuchen had a sullen expression and his black eyes swept coldly towards the woman outside the car window. She was wearing a burgundy fishtail skirt that reached her calves and a tight plain T-shirt on her upper body.

Such clothes perfectly showed her sexy figure.

She was big-chested and had a well-shaped rare end. She seemed to have a figure cut according to the golden ratio.

He looked at her face again.

Her eyebrows were delicately drawn, there was a tear mole in the corner of one of her eyes, her pair of big star-like eyes were blinking and looking at him, with a charming smile.

His expression became more and more sullen and looking at how she was dressed up made him ignore how she had addressed him just now.

His Adam’s apple throbbed and he asked in a cold tone, “You’re going out in those clothes?”

Zhizhi tucked the loose strands of hair on her temple behind her ears, then she cleared her throat and replied, “Yes! I didn’t have enough to eat at your place last night, so I’m going to have a big meal tonight. I’ll just invite you out another day.”

His eyes turned cold and gloomy in an instant, and a wave of majestic anger burst out, shocking the people around, who shivered uncontrollably.

Yifan almost fell to his knees when he saw it.

Yuchen narrowed his eyes sharply and a bone-chilling voice sounded. “It’s much better to invite me tonight.”

“Not tonight.”


Zhizhi cast a flirty look at him and said with a smile, “Yuyu, can’t you see? I’m going on a date tonight.”

His gaze fell on Yifan, who was beside her.

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His eyes were like two piercing sword winds, shooting straight at Yifan, forcing the air around him to condense and solidify, in a distorted state invisible to the naked eye.

Yifan was still an immature boy, so how could he bear this look?

On the other hand, Zhizhi, the woman who was driven crazy by Ye Qingchen, was not afraid of death and was bold enough to fight this big boss!

She even had the nerve to call him nephew!

Did she really think that she was a real member of the Ye family because she had been adopted and stayed with them for a few years?

Yuchen rolled the tip of his tongue, then asked, “With this sissy?”

Yifan felt like he was hit with a death blow right there and then.

Who the hell is sissy?!

He was so angry that he was about to step forward to talk back at him.

But Yuchen glanced coldly at him.

He was so frightened that he shrank behind Zhizhi, and he called out to her with a trembling voice, “Sister…”

Zhizhi touched his head. “Don’t be afraid.”

He experienced his older sister’s love for the first time today, so he hugged her waist tightly for protection. Who knew that the aura on Yuchen’s body would become colder and colder because of his action?

As a result, he was even more frightened and hugged his sister’s waist tightly.

Zhizhi felt a little uncomfortable being restrained by him, so she patted his hand and pushed him off her body. “Behave, don’t be afraid…”

Yifan was so moved that he almost cried and thought that his older sister really loved him!

For his sake, she dared to fight with the big boss!

Zhizhi flattened his wrinkled pink dress and said, “He just has a crush on you.”

Yuchen tried so hard to suppress his anger this time.

Yifan, on the other hand, stood still and was really too stunned to speak.

He realized that he was so self-indulgent!

Tell me again, who loves me? Is there really such a thing called siblings’ love?!

Now he knew that his thoughts about this kind of ‘love’ were all fake!!

His eyes turned red in anger upon thinking about this feeling that had dropped just now. He glared at Zhizhi and roared, “You’re a despicable woman!”

Yuchen’s aura became even colder after hearing his words.

He looked at Zhizhi again and his eyes were showing a hint of danger. They were really cold and frightening. “When did you raise a little puppy?”

Zhizhi glared at him and retorted, “Do I look like that kind of person?!”

Hearing that response, his expression softened a bit.

“I can only raise little wolfdogs!” she added.

Having a puppy didn’t cross her mind because when something happened, it will just hide behind her.

However, having a wolfdog was different as it would rush out to protect her like she was his wolf cub!

So, raising a puppy just like Yifan was totally out of the question. It was much better if she just kicked him to his death.

Yuchen’s expression was so gloomy now that she was shrouded with a chilly low pressure, and his eyes were as deep as the vast universe that seemed to want to kill her.

She shrank her neck a little bit and said, “He is my brother, okay?”

His expression didn’t change and his eyes narrowed a little bit with a murderous look, showing a little suspicious look at the same time.

“My younger sibling!” she added right away.

Yuchen frowned as if he was thinking about something. After a while, he opened his mouth to confirm, “Qin Yifan?”

He remembered that she really had a younger brother.

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