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Chapter 52: You Don’t Look Like a Human Being at All

The woman’s face stiffened.

This person was the woman Zhizhi said to be a pig at the sisters’ party that day.

She chuckled.

Afraid that the bitch would say something astonishing again, so she didn’t say anything more.

Junhe was being fed with watermelon and a blush instantly appeared on his handsome face, then he hid back a little shyly. “Miss Qin, so your name is actually Zhizhi.”

This man was the one Zhizhi met in the teahouse in the morning.

She tilted her head and the blush on the man’s cheeks reminded her of Yuchen who left the beauty salon in the afternoon.

She couldn’t help thinking.

If such a man’s cheeks were also so red, what kind of scenery would it look like?

Junhe noticed that her gaze was distracted, so he couldn’t help raising his hand and shaking it in front of her. “Miss Qin?”


“It’s just—”

Someone looked over in their direction.

Zhizhi pinched a watermelon and sent it to him, “Come on, little brother, let’s continue eating.”

Junhe was talking when a watermelon was stuffed into his mouth.

Junhe: “…”

“Don’t you have eyes?! Do you know how much my dress cost?! You can’t even afford to buy them!”

A roar suddenly erupted in the lively party.

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They saw a young man, wearing a waiter’s uniform, in the crowd who lowered his head and did not say anything.

The waiter seemed to have spilled the wine on the dress of a certain young lady, causing that lady to scold him regardless of the occasion.

The young lady had a look of disgust on her face as if looking at that young man would make her eyes dirty. “Do you think that I don’t know what you’re thinking even if you are not speaking?! A poor sly like you just want to attract my attention, wanting to climb high and be a noble!

“Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror? Even a poor man dares to have delusions about me—”

“A person has one mouth, a dog has four legs, and the sea breeze, where are you blowing?”

A fluttering voice interrupted the arrogant and domineering female voice, and the cursing young lady turned her head. “What are you talking about?”

Zhizhi walked over slowly, “The sea breeze doesn’t dare to blow like you.”

The woman’s face turned pale and she couldn’t hold back. “This man is clearly hiding such thoughts!”

“How come?”

Zhizhi glanced at the waiter.

He kept his head down and there was a faint dark aura floating on his body. The hair hanging down on his forehead blocked his eyesight, making it impossible to see what he was thinking, and only a pair of clenched fists showed his mood at this time.

Zhizhi retracted her gaze after looking at him.

She came here today for this man.

He was the male supporting character in the book and the top boss among the hackers. In the original book, it was written that Cheng Ye was troubled by a green tea bitch that night and Qingchen helped him, then he later became the right-hand man of the male lead.

In the end, Qingchen was able to seize power successfully, and Ye played a very critical role in it.

But Ye fell in love with Qinyun, who was the female lead.

Qingchen couldn’t stand such a terrifying man coveting Qinyun, so he teamed up with Qinyun to frame Ye and sent him to prison. He was regarded as the number one dangerous person and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

If Zhizhi did not want to follow the old path of the original owner, she could only destroy all of Qingchen’s forces and strangle everything in the cradle when his wings were not yet full.

She hooked her lips and thought, the enemy of an enemy is a friend!

She sneered, looked at the young lady, and said, “You are as light as the wind, you are as gentle as the water, you are as tolerant as the sea, you are as delicate as a bee, you are as spirited as a dog, you are as cute as a rabbit, you are as…”

Kexin and others were all dumbfounded.

Is this bitch complimenting that young lady?

The cursing young lady’s angry face gradually calmed down, and her eyes showed a little arrogance.

Zhizhi lifted her eyelids lazily, “To put it simply, you don’t look like a human being at all, so how could he like you?”

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