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Chapter 27: Zhizhi and the Young Master Have a Really Good Aunt-Nephew Relationship…

Qingchen’s clenched fists gradually tightened and the gloomy aura on his body became more and more intense, making Zijie shiver with fright.

The little kid murmured, “Daddy…”

But Qingchen didn’t hear him and even yelled angrily, “I never agreed to that marriage contract with Qin Zhizhi! It’s all your own self-assertion and wishful thinking!”

“Bastard!” Old Master Ye scolded him angrily, “Even if you don’t like this marriage contract, you should discuss it with your family and you shouldn’t even give birth to your son outside quietly! Did you ever think about Zhizhi’s face when you did all of this? Do you not know that because of you, Zhizhi has become the laughingstock of the entire imperial capital?!”

“Boohoo…” Zhizhi covered her face in cooperation and cried bitterly once again.

Her pair of eyes blinked under her hands and there was a puzzled expression in them. Old Master Ye seemed to like the original owner, she thought.

He even spoke up for her.

Seeing her crying again, Old Madam Ye immediately felt distressed, she hugged Zhizhi and nodded agreeing to her husband’s scolding.

Jianwen seized the opportunity and said, “Old Master Ye, Old Madam Ye, if you really treat Zhizhi well, then please agree to annul their marriage contract. No matter how bad my daughter is, she is still one of the best ladies in the imperial capital. I will never let her suffer any slightest grievance.”

“No way!” Old Madam Ye was the first to refuse. “This marriage cannot be annulled! Mr. Qin, you brought Zhizhi to annul their marriage contract, but does her mother know about this?”

Jianwen’s expression suddenly became strange. “Old Madam Ye…”

Zhizhi only remembered, when she heard those words, that the original owner’s mother was still alive and there was also an older sister.

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However, she just hadn’t seen them at the Qins’ house yet, so she had forgotten about them for a while.

Yuchen got up and his dark eyes glanced at the eyes of this woman beside the old lady. “Aren’t you tired of crying for so long? I’ll take you to wash your face.”

“Thank you, my nephew, but no—”

Jianwen interrupted her words. He nodded a few times and said, “That’s right, Zhizhi! Your eyes are red after crying for so long. Go wash your face with the young master.”

Old Madam Ye also agreed and said, “Yes, Zhizhi. Go ahead.”

Zhizhi was bewildered and asked herself, why do you all have to drive me away?

She was one of the main parties involved in the annulment of this marriage contract, but it looked like she had no right to annul this marriage contract herself.

Yuchen saw that she didn’t move, so his expression turned a little cold. “What? You can’t move now? Do you need me to help you up?”

How could Zhizhi not know that he did that on purpose?

But the question was, would he be willing to admit it?

She immediately lowered her head and muttered, “Then I’ll trouble Yuyu.”

Yuchen snorted coldly, walked to her side, grabbed her slender wrist, pulled her up without any gentleness, and dragged her to walk out of the room.

When he passed by Qingchen, he didn’t even look at him and just walked past him.

Such disregard could be said to be an attitude of indifference.

This made Qingchen’s anger even worse, there were faint blue veins on his forehead, and Zhizhi’s soft voice came from behind.

“Yuyu, slow down, it’s hard to keep up with you.”

Jianwen’s forehead was sweating with fright when he heard that. “Zhizhi and the young master really have a very good aunt-nephew relationship. Hehe…”

Zhizhi was taken straight to the garden by him. His hand clasped her wrist tightly along the way, without any intention of letting her go.

For such a beautiful person like her, it was okay to be rude once, maybe twice or three times, but he was being rude to her all the time.

She glared at him bitterly from behind and scolded him in her heart, this man is so rude just like a barbarian!

At this time, Yuchen suddenly turned his head which interrupted her thoughts. “What now? Are you scolding me in your heart?”

Zhizhi blinked.

She instantly put on a smiling face, while her beautiful eyes were still blinking at him. “How could I? If I say that I was complimenting you instead, would you believe it?”

The woman was wearing a red off-shoulder dress, so her beautiful collarbones were exposed and her skin was fair and clean. Her charming little face smiled at him and the breeze blew her dress.

It formed a beautiful scene that could not be ignored in the magnificent garden.

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