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Chapter 46: Mommy Will Give Birth to Younger Brothers and Sisters for Me

Ruyue’s expression turned gloomy and her voice was extremely cold. “Zhizhi, what are you trying to do?!” she yelled.

Zhizhi put the tablet down.

She sat down on the sofa lazily and leaned comfortably, then she looked up at Jianwen, “Dad, I’m hungry. Is there some late-night snack?”

Jianwen raised his eyebrows and replied, “Oh! Daddy will go and look for someone to make something for you.”

Ruyue felt angry when she was ignored and saw this interaction between the father and daughter.

She didn’t want to talk nonsense to Zhizhi and yelled again, “It’s useless for you to play these tricks! You will marry Ye Qingchen and nothing can stop that, so the engagement ceremony on the ninth of next month will not be canceled!

“Before you get engaged, you must keep yourself safe for me! So starting tomorrow, you must stay at home!”

Zhizhi yawned lazily, half-squinting her eyes. “Mom, what did you just say?”

Ruyue repeated exactly what she just said.

“Oh, Mom, are you still not fully evolved yet? Why can’t I understand what you are saying?”

“Zhizhi, you—”

“It’s really embarrassing for you to look like a human being.”

Zhizhi stood up from the sofa and didn’t want to talk to Ruyue anymore. She stretched out her waist and walked upstairs. “Dad, your little sweetie is going upstairs now. Just have someone bring me some late-night snacks, okay?”

“Okay, little sweetie! Is there anything you want to eat? Daddy will make it for you personally.”

“I like everything you make.”

Ruyue’s face flushed with anger. Her good education did not include the words child abuse, so she could only watch Zhizhi go upstairs.

She mulled over this matter all night and planned to deal with Zhizhi again the next day.

She would tell her the pros and cons of marrying Qingchen, as long as she was willing to listen to her.

However, it never crossed her mind that she was harming her daughter by forcing her to marry a scumbag.


The next day, Ruyue knocked on Zhizhi’s door.

After knocking for two minutes, no one came to open the door. She pushed the door open angrily but didn’t find anyone inside. Where the hell is she?

Ruyue turned around and called the housekeeper, “Sister Li!”

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Mrs. Li, who was making breakfast in the kitchen, hurriedly ran to her. “Madam, do you need something?”

“Where did your young miss go?” she asked while pointing at Zhizhi’s room.

“The young miss left early in the morning and asked not to cook her a meal since she will not be back at noon.”

“Why didn’t you stop her?!”

Sister Li was terrified of hearing her ear-piercing voice. “We don’t dare to stop the young miss from going out usually.”

Ruyue swung her hand once, then went back to her room furiously.

Inside the famous teahouse in the imperial capital that offers breakfast, Zhizhi was sitting and eating breakfast gracefully early that morning.

There was a handsome young man on the opposite side who had been staring at her.

She raised her eyes and curled her lips towards him.

The young man hurriedly covered his nose and lowered his head to find a tissue. His action was a bit funny and ridiculous.

Zhizhi couldn’t help but laugh and even leaned back from the table.

The young man seemed to have the courage to come over and greet her, “Hi Miss! Can I treat you to breakfast?”



Qiuqiu was sitting in the last row at the kindergarten. His little head was so low under the desk and was looking into something.

All of a sudden, he stood up angrily, took out his school bag from the hole under the desk, and quickly carried it on his back.

But his deskmate stopped him. “Where are you going?”

Qiuqiu didn’t turn around to look at him and just replied, “I’m going to find my mommy!”

“I thought you don’t have a mommy.”

Qiuqiu turned around and glared at his deskmate, then he put the cell phone in his hand on the desk. “Who told you I don’t have a mommy?! Look, this is my mommy!”

His deskmate stretched his head to look over and saw a man and a woman, then said with envious, “Qiuqiu, your mommy is really beautiful! It’ll be better if my mommy is also this beautiful. Oh, your daddy is also handsome.”

Qiuqiu glared at him again. “He’s not my daddy!

“Anyway, I’m leaving now, so don’t tell the teacher.”

“Are you really going to find your mommy? The teacher will definitely call and tell your daddy when she notices that you’re not here.”

The little kid fixed the straps of his bag on his shoulders and snorted coldly. “If I don’t go to my mommy now, she will give birth to younger brothers and sisters for me tomorrow.”

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