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Chapter 47: Mommy, Can I Ask You for Directions

Zhizhi was on the hot search list again.

This time, the post on Weibo includes a few high-definition photos.

It seemed that a paparazzi was following a certain celebrity, but he did not capture the celebrity on his camera and he photographed Zhizhi instead.

This paparazzi said that she was too kind and friendly to him.

She found out that he was taking photos of her secretly, but she did not become angry, nor stopped him.

She even called him out and posed for him to take photos generously.

It was just that her requirements were a bit high.

She wanted her photos to be posted in a three-by-three photo grid style.

The photos posted online were when she was sitting in a high-end teahouse and having breakfast with a handsome young man, and when she came out of the teahouse with the young man’s arm on her shoulders, not knowing what the young man was saying beside her, but she had a smiling expression and her eyes were raised looking at the young man.

There were countless comments building up below the post, and the netizens were all mesmerized by Zhizhi’s smile.

[Woo-hoo~ Oh my, I’m in love! What kind of fairy is this?]

[@Ye Qingchen, how does it feel to be given a different green hat every day?]

[Why are you all kneeling and fawning over her? Qin Zhizhi is a woman with a fiancé, but she is still messing around outside! Am I the only one who thinks that she is dirty?]

[Yes, you’re right! Only you think that way!]

[These days, are men the only ones allowed to be romantic and women are not allowed to be chic?]

Unexpectedly, there was even one blogger who came up with a poll.

Recently, there was a girl group talent show and this blogger had created a popularity poll and had earned responses from the netizens and voted on the poll.

Today, he added Zhizhi to the list of celebrities in that poll.

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In just one hour, Zhizhi’s number of votes surpassed the celebrity in the first place.

Many netizens re-posted this poll and tagged their friends.

[I will vote for her and you should vote for her too so that Zhizhi will debut tomorrow.]

[If you and I won’t vote for her, when will Zhizhi be able to debut?]

Netizens managed to come up with these topics to post and sent them all to the hot search list.

Would Zhizhi make a debut now?

Zhizhi took her cell phone and browsed on Weibo. She couldn’t help but laugh when she saw these posts on the hot search list. She found that these netizens were so cute and much friendlier than the netizens from her previous life.

There were a lot of flatteries and praises in the comment sections complimenting her.

She read all the comments with relish and she was really fluttered, then a call came in.

She frowned angrily looking at the name of the caller.

She answered the call with a rash attitude, “What do you want?!”

Kexin shrank when she heard her cold voice and replied embarrassingly, “Zhizhi, let’s go to Ye Qingchen’s birthday party tonight, okay?”

Zhizhi raised an eyebrow. “Ye Qingchen’s birthday party?”

“Yeah! He just returned to the country and many famous people in the imperial capital wanted to take advantage of this birthday party to entertain and welcome him back.”

The only reason Kexin called Zhizhi was because of her low social status, which made her not qualified to attend such a party.

But if Zhizhi took her to this party, it would be different.

There was no response for a while on the other end of the call, so she asked again with uncertainty, “Zhizhi, are you going?”

“I’ll go, why will I not go? What is the address?”

Kexin was overjoyed hearing that. “I’ll send you the address. We will wait for you at the entrance at eight o’clock tonight. You must come, okay?”

After that, she hung up the call and sent the address on Zhizhi’s WeChat.

Zhizhi took her cell phone and sent a message to the handsome young man she just met.

At noon, she ate some hotpot alone.

She felt a little sleepy after eating some hotpot, so she planned to find a spa to get some sleep and then dress up beautifully to blow up the party.

As soon as she left the door of the hotpot restaurant, her legs were hugged by someone again.

It felt so familiar, so she lowered her head.

The little kid raised his head sternly. “Mommy, can I ask you for directions?”

Zhizhi touched the little guy’s head and replied, “If you’re lost, then just ask me. I’ll tell you if I know the way to go there.”

Qiuqiu opened his mouth and said with gleaming eyes, “Can you tell me the way to your heart then?”

Zhizhi was dumbstruck.

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