February 5, 2022

Chapter 65: Make Trouble

With a stinky face, Zhang Yansheng listened to Zhang Huan telling her what happened in the car.

Unsurprisingly, it was Zhang Shuocheng who made trouble at school again. Zhang Huan received a call from his head teacher today and asked him to go there.

In short, Zhang Huan was invited as a parent for counselling.

Zhang Huan also wanted to tell the teacher to let the child’s mother go there instead.

But the teacher’s stern voice came from the other end of the call: “Do you know why I chose to call you? This is my second year as Zhang Shuocheng’s head teacher. In the past year, I have dealt with your wife many times. She is very unsupportive of our teacher’s work and even caused us a lot of difficulties. Her attitude greatly influenced Zhang Shuocheng’s attitude. So, in today’s situation, I hope to be able to communicate with you face to face. I know you are very busy at work, but I sincerely hope you can make some time for your child.”

The head teacher didn’t know how angry she was with Liang Yingying and Zhang Shuocheng, and her attitude was very tough.

Zhang Huan was scornful and had no choice but to agree. When he hung up the call, thinking of Zhang Shuocheng’s virtues, his brain hurt immediately. He knew in his heart that he might not be able to control Zhang Shuocheng if he went there. This kid might have to lie on the ground and roll and cry, and he would be embarrassed by that time.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but complain to the driver, complaining that Liang Yingying doesn’t know how to educate her children.

The driver smiled and said, “I heard Xiao Zhou say that Miss Yanyan is very good at managing Shuoshuo now. He said that when he sent Shuoshuo to school, Miss Hehe used Miss Yanyan to scare him. He would pout and would be angry, but he didn’t dare to disobey.”

Zhang Huan, who was invited to be a parent, seemed to hear a ‘ding‘ above his head! That’s right, there is still Yanyan who can stop that little brat, Zhang Shuocheng!

“You don’t need to do anything. I’ll be the one to talk to the teacher.” Zhang Huan said with shyness, “Just calm him down and don’t let him lie on the ground and roll around to embarrass me.”

Zhang Yansheng’s voice sounded: “Do you know how many classes you have delayed me? Do you know how many notes I need to make up for them?!”

“Slowly make up, just slowly make them up. Don’t be angry.” Zhang Huan hurriedly smoothed her out, comfortingly said, “Look, your current academic performance is not very good now, so don’t worry too much.”

Zhang Huan smiled and said, “Don’t stress yourself too much. With you, being like this, Dad is already very satisfied. Our family is not the kind of family that must pursue grades. You are different from those kids. If you keep it like this, Dad will be very satisfied. Very satisfied.”

In fact, what Zhang Huan said was not completely wrong. Zhang Yansheng is indeed different from her classmates. Grades and academic qualifications only make her life look better, but they do not determine the direction and height of her life.

She is only in Class 2 now and the atmosphere of the class is already like that. She can’t help but be coerced into studying hard and dare not relax.

But Zhang Yansheng was still so angry that she didn’t want to talk to him.

The car went all the way to the school where Zhang Shuocheng and Zhang Heling were studying.

Zhang Shuocheng’s head teacher was surprised when she saw that Zhang Shuocheng’s father also brought a young girl. Zhang Huan said, “This is his eldest sister.”

“Hello.” Zhang Yansheng greeted the teacher and asked, “Excuse me, what did Zhang Shuocheng do?”

As she said that, she glanced at Zhang Shuocheng.

Zhang Shuocheng shrank for a moment. Since he saw his eldest sister come in with his father, he was in a bad mood and tried to dismiss the frantic bullet screens in his heart:

Why is she here?!

Why is she here?!

Why is she here?!

However, the ‘she’ came all the way and Zhang Shuocheng couldn’t drive it out.

He trembled and his whole attitude changed.

The teacher felt something and gave him a strange look.

Although she was a little surprised because this girl looked like a high school student, shouldn’t she be in the school at this time? But the focus of the teacher here is Zhang Shuocheng, not his sister. She invited Zhang Huan into the office.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t want to follow in and be counseled, so she said, “I’ll wait outside.”

Zhang Huan was so anxious to be separated from Zhang Shuocheng, as he didn’t want to lose himself in front of the teacher, so he said hurriedly, “Well then, look after your brother.”

He even gave her a wink! The thought of throwing Zhang Shuocheng to her was as clear as the sky.

Zhang Yansheng tried her best not to turn her head and look elsewhere, and she didn’t roll her eyes in front of Zhang Shuocheng’s class teacher.

The head teacher also knows Zhang Shuocheng very well. She originally wanted Zhang Shuocheng to go in and talk with Zhang Huan. After thinking about it, she felt that it would be okay to communicate with Zhang Huan first without Zhang Shuocheng’s interruption.

After all, when Zhang Shuocheng’s mother was invited last semester, Zhang Shuocheng started to roll and cry all over the floor as soon as he saw his mother, which also left a deep psychological shadow on the teacher.

What’s even more terrifying is that the mother didn’t think Zhang Shuocheng had done anything wrong at all.

“What’s the big deal? He is still young.” She said, “Why are you making such a fuss?”

It looked like ‘no one can bully us – mother and son’ or ‘I’m not easy to provoke’ kind of attitude.

The adults went into the office, leaving Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Shuocheng in the corridor staring wide-eyed.

Zhang Shuocheng was in trouble today. Seeing Zhang Yansheng’s gaze suppressing him, he couldn’t help but fight with two forces. He subconsciously shrank his neck and wanted to move away from Zhang Yansheng.

After the teacher closed the office door, there were echoes of talking and walking in the empty corridor, which was not a place to talk. Seeing Zhang Shuocheng trying to move his position like a quail, Zhang Yansheng snorted, grabbed his neck, and dragged him outside the building.

“Tell me, what did you do wrong?” She threw him in the sun, crossed her arms and asked.

Zhang Shuocheng grew up white and tender, with baby fat on his cheeks, which looked a bit cute in the sun, but he did all those annoying things.

In the crafting class, he used scissors to cut the girl’s braids in front of him!

Zhang Yansheng took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, then looked to the left and then to the right.

Zhang Shuocheng’s calves trembled when he saw her posture — his eldest sister was looking for something to take advantage of and wanted to hit him!

If his classmates saw him stripped of his pants by his eldest sister and made him cry, Zhang Shuocheng would have no dignity in the future! No one will be afraid of him anymore! Everyone will laugh at him!

Zhang Shuocheng became more and more frightened as he thought about it. With a cry, he rushed up and hugged Zhang Yansheng’s thigh: “Sister, I was wrong! I dare not do it again! Don’t beat me up at school! Can you beat me up when we go home instead? Wooo…”

Zhang Yansheng: “???”

Zhang Yansheng felt that it was hard to explain this situation. Why did he howl before she started to beat him? Howling quite loudly.

The blue veins appeared on her forehead: “Shut up!”

Zhang Shuocheng closed his mouth for a moment.

Zhang Yansheng pressed down the blue veins on her forehead and asked, “Why do you want to cut someone’s hair?”

Zhang Shuocheng muttered for a long time, his voice resembling a mosquito, and she couldn’t hear it clearly.

Zhang Yansheng said impatiently: “Speak louder! Have you not eaten enough?” Zhang Shuocheng’s voice became louder and said, “Because… it looks good on her.”

This reason… sounds irritating, and she wants to beat him even more.

“What did good-looking people have to do with you! Are you jealous of others?” Zhang Yansheng asked.

Zhang Shuocheng said, “I’m not jealous. She looks good with braids, so I just want to mess with her.”

“…” Zhang Yansheng, “I just asked you the reason why you did that!”

Zhang Shuocheng repeated: “Because she looks good.”

Zhang Yansheng suddenly lost her voice.

She stared at Zhang Shuocheng for a moment, and asked, “Zhang Shuocheng, do you… like that girl?”

As soon as these words came out, Zhang Shuocheng, the little brat, even had a trace of shyness on his face.

Zhang Yansheng felt that she could not comprehend at all.

Just like how Zhang Heling’s male classmate, who is in the fourth grade now, has begun to fall in love.

Zhang Shuocheng is very cute!

D*mn, why are the kids so precocious one by one now!

“You, yes, no, yes… Are you stupid?” Zhang Yansheng breathed a sigh of relief, gritted her teeth and poked the little brat’s forehead to ask.

With her strong hands, Zhang Shuocheng hugged his head and shrank in tears when he was poked.

“If you like someone, do you have to bully her? Why are you, elementary school boys, so stupid?” Zhang Yansheng was speechless.

She suddenly thought of the evil deeds done by Zhang Shuocheng, who had grown up in her previous life.

Normal children will mature slowly as they grow up. For example, the little boy who was pulling Zhang Heling’s braids may grow into a gentle and considerate gentleman in the future. To recall the bullying of the girls he likes in elementary school, he may just smile and cover his eyes later on. Black history is unbearable to look back on.

However, Zhang Shuocheng’s growth environment was not good. He grew up in an unregulated, over-indulgent, and undisciplined environment. He did not develop in the direction of maturity, but he completely went in the wrong direction instead.

Zhang Yansheng suddenly realized that this moment might be a special time node in Zhang Shuocheng’s life.

Just like how she was born again last summer vacation, she had time to think about the future, had time to review, and was admitted to the preparatory class. Since then, she has lived a normal life far from the previous pain of youth, and concentrated only in studying.

Zhang Yansheng’s hand poking Zhang Shuocheng’s head stopped and was clenched into a fist.

She took a deep breath and squatted down. Zhang Shuocheng was still a little pheasant, Zhang Yansheng squatted down and stared at him.

“Zhang Shuocheng, let me ask you this.” She stared into the child’s eyes and asked, “If you like someone, do you want that person to like you too?”

Zhang Shuocheng covered his head and nodded.

Zhang Yansheng said, “But if someone don’t like you, would you know that?”

Zhang Shuocheng blinked.

She asked, “If someone came to bully you now, would you like the person who bullied you?”

Sure enough, Zhang Shuocheng said loudly: “I will hit him!”

Zhang Yansheng let out a long breath and said, “So, if you bully others, others will not like you. Think about it, am I right?”

Zhang Shuocheng thought for a while, and then he was a little dumbfounded.

Unknowingly, the pattern of his three views were shattered into pieces, an indescribable feeling.

Zhang Yansheng looked at him, he was still a child. However, no one had carefully explained things and had given him a good reason for everything when he was a child. No matter what he did wrong, they would always say “he is still young”, so as he got older and older, he did more and more wrong things.

“Liking a person is not like that.” Zhang Yansheng said, “To like someone, you have to be good to her, give her things she likes, do things that makes her happy, and protect her when someone bullies her, instead of being the bad guy who bullied her.”

“There is a boy who likes me. Do you know what he said to me?”

At that time, Zhang Yansheng bit her cigarette and smiled.

Hearing her say this, Xu Lichen vomited white smoke and laughed wildly.

That mad energy made Zhang Yansheng’s heart throbbing, and there seemed to be heat in her body that could not be diffused. She turned her head and took a sip of wine to hide. When she turned back to smoke a cigarette, Xu Lichen held her wrist.

The party room was so festive with bright lights, the music was loud, and the demons danced wildly. No one noticed that corner.

They almost kissed.

If only Wang Qian had not come over with the wine.

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