May 4, 2022

Chapter 51: Learn to Speak Human Words

After her words fell, the entire private room sank into some kind of a weird silence.

One by one, they opened their mouths and looked at the man on the side with an unfathomable gaze.

They all looked surprised and were secretly interested in watching the show.

Qingchen’s face sank.

The five fingers both on his hands couldn’t help but tightened, and the clenched fists seemed to crush her to death.

Zhizhi held the arm of the strange man, leaning her head gently on the man’s shoulder, with her head tilted.

She said softly and tenderly, “Brother Chen, this little brother came from abroad to find someone, and that person couldn’t bear to break his heart.”

She patted the man next to her, “Little brother, come on, say hello to Brother Chen.”

The man smiled gently. He was really a handsome and dashing man.

He stretched out his hand amicably, “Hello, Mr. Ye, my name is Li Junhe.”

Qingchen didn’t even look at him and snorted coldly, “Qin Zhizhi, what do you mean by this?!”

Zhizhi let out a sigh and her beautiful eyes half-squinted. “I’ve come to celebrate Brother Chen’s birthday. Why? Can’t your fiancée come here? By the way, where is Miss Bai? I still want to find time and have a chat with her.”

Kexin said from behind, “Zhizhi, you forgot about what happened to Miss Bai two days ago…”

“Oh, I almost forgot! Miss Bai just did a strip dance enthusiastically in front of the national audience. Where could she possibly continue to dance?”

Qingchen was now furious, clenching his fists tightly.

Qinyun’s spirit had not been very good recently and she had committed suicide several times. If he hadn’t noticed something wrong in time and stopped her, she would have long been a corpse.

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And all of this was done by Zhizhi.

Thinking of Qinyun’s condition these past few days, Qingchen stared at the woman in front of him with anger and could not wait to devour her alive.

He couldn’t stop his anger and said, “You still dare to mention Yunyun to me?!”

Zhizhi patted her chest. “Boohoo~ Brother Chen, you are so scary. Are you trying to scare Zhizhi to death? I just mentioned Miss Bai, but you just look like you can’t wait for me to die. Is Miss Bai so important to you? Boohoo…”

Kexin cursed this shameless bitch in her heart.

Do you really have to mention that?

You are clearly rubbing salt on other people’s wounds!

But thinking of agreeing to her request just now, she followed suit and said: “Zhizhi, you are really a fool. You are obviously the victim, but you have to make concessions to others.”

There were whispers in the crowd.

That was right.

Speaking of which, Zhizhi was indeed a victim. When his fiancé came back, he brought back a woman, not to mention their child.

She hadn’t married yet, but she would have to be a stepmother.

It was too pitiful.

Qingchen’s face became more and more gloomy, and his clenched fists became tighter and tighter. He was like a furious lion that could pounce on his prey at any time and bite her to death.

The smile on Zhizhi’s lips deepened and she stepped aside to find a place to sit.

“Brother Chen, I know you are busy. You don’t need to worry about me, I can take care of myself.”

“Come on, little brother, open your mouth…”

Everyone watched the woman, who was someone else’s fiancée, holding a piece of watermelon and putting it into Junhe’s mouth. One by one, all their eyes almost came out.

Many people walked up to Qingchen and patted him on the shoulder.

They expressed their sympathy slightly.

Some of the women, who came in with Zhizhi, had already dispersed and integrated into the party.

There were also those who stayed by Zhizhi’s side and chased after her, “Zhizhi, you are really awesome! Have you seen it? Qingchen’s entire face turned green with anger and that green color is what you call marvelous!”

Zhizhi raised her head lazily and caught a glimpse of the familiar woman in front of her, “You have learned how to speak human words so soon and you’re even quite slippery.”