May 1, 2022

Chapter 150: Epilogue

A few days later, it was also a very special day for Xu Lichen.

He has been restless since he woke up in the morning, but he doesn’t know why.

His gold manager called him and noticed that something was wrong with him: “Hey, are you listening?”

Xu Lichen suddenly returned to his senses: “I’m listening, I’m listening.”

The manager was dissatisfied: “Be careful, for a newcomer like you, the opportunity to cooperate with Director Zhang is too rare! Don’t be careless, be serious and attentive!”

“Of course, I will!” Xu Lichen immediately promised, “I just read the script too late last night.”

Xu Lichen is an unruly and unconstrained young master, but he is not vague about his profession and is willing to work hard. The agent still trusted him at this point and said to him: “Don’t be nervous, relax when the time comes, and play according to your level. I have had a good talk with Director Zhang, and I figured out that what he wants is your type…”

While listening, the manager’s voice became misty again.

“Hello? Hello?” The manager zoomed in and shouted.

Xu Lichen woke up abruptly: “Yes, yes.”

“Like what I said, what’s the matter with you?” The agent said, “Are you really okay?”

“Maybe I didn’t sleep well.” Xu Lichen said. In fact, he didn’t know what was going on. Today, he just couldn’t concentrate and was always in a daze.

His state of trance continued into the evening. While he was filming a night scene, during the break, one assistant said to another assistant: “Oh no, an international flight to China has crashed. Half of the people on the plane are Chinese.”

Xu Lichen turned his head abruptly, stood up, and walked over: “What plane, let me see…”

He almost grabbed the little assistant’s cellphone and clicked into the news headlines.

In the news, the origin, destination, and flight number of the plane that crashed…

With a ‘pop’, the phone fell to the ground and shattered the screen. The two assistants were stunned to see Xu Lichen, a tall young man… fainted on the ground.

Zhang Yansheng had been lying down and was about to fall asleep, but was awakened by the phone again, so she picked it up in a daze. There was no sound on the other line for a long time, only breathing.

Zhang Yansheng rubbed her eyes: “Hello…?”

After a long time, Xu Lichen’s voice sounded over there: “The plane crashed…”

Zhang Yansheng rolled over: “What plane…”

She suddenly stopped!

Because just a few days ago, she had just crossed an important time node in her life, and she had crossed her own death point in her previous life.

Counting it up, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it should be her funeral.

In Xu Lichen’s previous life, he flew to China and wanted to attend her funeral.

Then he died.

Xu Lichen was holding the phone when he heard Zhang Yansheng’s voice over there had stopped abruptly.

After a while, she said softly: “I’m doing well here in K City and you are also doing well with your movie filming. We are both alive.”

Xu Lichen’s heart seemed to be slammed by something!

She actually knew what he was talking about when she heard him say ‘plane crash’! If it was just a dream, how could she take his absurd dream to heart like this and react so quickly? But if that’s not a dream……

Xu Lichen felt dizzy.

“You… you already know.” He said.

Zhang Yansheng chatted and said, “I have classes tomorrow. We basically have no classes now, but we have to go to school tomorrow. What are your plans for tomorrow?”

Facing her calm question, Xu Lichen replied involuntarily: “Tomorrow I will shoot an indoor drama…”

Zhang Yansheng asked, “Is the shooting going well?”

“Not bad.” Xu Lichen said, “As long as the female lead actress doesn’t come, I can only read the lines to the assistant director and perform, and then synthesize the shots later.”

Zhang Yansheng’s laughter came over the phone.

“You are not big enough to be ordered around?” She said, “Why don’t you invest yourself and become the first party. Let’s see if that kind of little flower dares to despise you so much.”

Xu Lichen refused: “That’s boring. It has the same nature as cheating.”

Zhang Yansheng laughed again.

“All right. Don’t think too much.” She said, “Everyone is fine. What was supposed to happen didn’t happen, and what’s important is what is happening in real life. Don’t think about the meaningless ones.”

After a long time, Xu Lichen said “hmm” and hung up.

After chatting with her for a few words, his mood seemed to calm down a lot.

He rolled up his sleeves and looked at his arm.

Strong and powerful, the muscles are elastic, and the skin is young and smooth.

There weren’t any needle marks, it was totally clean.

But what has changed the direction of everything?

Obviously, at that time he was already thin because of drug abuse. By the time he died, his mother was still busy fighting his father in the country, and she didn’t care about him at all.

Xu Lichen sat on the hospital bed and thought for a long time, and finally figured it out.

In contrast to the ‘dream’, the point of disagreement started when Zhang Yansheng did not enter Class 8 in high school…

The point of divergence that turned his life in another direction was Zhang Yansheng.

The manager opened the door of the ward and came in, and saw him sitting by the hospital bed, holding the wrist of the other hand in one hand, with his sleeves rolled up high, staring at his bare arm, not knowing what he was thinking.

“You’re awake?” He heaved a sigh of relief, “What’s the matter with you, it scares everyone to death. The doctor checked and said that he couldn’t find anything wrong…”

Xu Lichen raised his head, with mixed feelings in his eyes.

He stood up abruptly, held the manager’s face and with ‘pop’ sound, he patted it vigorously, and rubbed it again and again.

Manager: “…”

The manager was really scared: “Lichen, Lichen, are you really okay?”

Why does he f*cking look crazy?

Xu Lichen sighed: “Big Brother Zhao, you are so real!”

Manager: “…”

It’s over, he’s gone crazy! He’s starting to talk nonsense!

The manager made a gesture to call a doctor, but Xu Lichen stopped him.

His eyes were bright and vibrant, and he smiled as usual: “Don’t talk nonsense, who is crazy? I’m starving to death, let’s get out of here and eat. I don’t match the hospital’s fortune.”

He put his arms around the manager’s neck and muttered as they walked.

“Will the leading actress come tomorrow? If she does not, this young master will throw money and change her! F*ck, it’s a big deal to reshoot all the scenes. She can’t be that disrespectful.”

“I’m starving to death! I’m really starving to death!”

“Let’s hurry up and eat, then I’ll go home and memorize my lines after eating!”

“By the way, didn’t I drop Xiao Wang’s cell phone? Pay him a new one tomorrow.”


Autumn is high and dry, and although it is a bit cold at night, it is really comfortable during the day.

Zhang Yansheng sat in the courtyard of their home on the weekend, under the blowing of a comfortable wind, looking at the information that her grandmother arranged for her to see.

Zhang Huan came over leisurely.

“Did you know that something happened to Qiqi?” He asked.

Zhang Yansheng was surprised: “Something happened? What happened?”

Zhang Huan said, “Just over the Wushan subsidiary.”

For the first two years, Zhang Qi has been following the headquarters, studying with Zhang Yu and the old lady. In the past two years, the old lady entrusted a subsidiary company for her to take care of, and she was also called ‘Director Zhang’ by others.

So now, there are three Director Zhangs in the headquarters and they have no choice but to distinguish the seniority.

“Didn’t you say that Sister Qiqi has always managed well?” Zhang Yansheng was a little surprised.

Zhang Huan let out a “heh”: “That’s just telling you the good things and not the bad things.”

He pulled out the outdoor chair and sat down beside her, then told her: “The backbone of the Research and Development Department took the whole team to change jobs.”

That was a big event.

Zhang Yansheng was a little surprised: “Is it that serious? Didn’t Sister Qiqi notice it beforehand?”

“Qiqi… exerted too much force.” Zhang Huan shook her head, “She always wants to behave in front of your grandma, but her style of doing things, she has a bit of…”

It was difficult to describe.

Zhang Yansheng paused, and added, “Pull the gang to form a faction? Exclude dissidents?”

Zhang Huan: “Oh, you know it too?”

“She was like that, she used to be like that at school.” Zhang Yansheng said.

When Zhang Yansheng was still in the freshman year and a new member of the student council, she listened to the sophomore and junior senior sisters talk about the former ‘Senior Sister Zhang’ and listened to it as gossip. As a result, it was only in the end that it was discovered that the so-called ‘Senior Sister Zhang’ who had set the rule of ‘not buying and using fake products’ was her cousin, Zhang Qi.

After she left the student council, the group of senior sisters in their junior year still had her style of doing things.

After all, the people who disobeyed her were squeezed out of the student council by her long before that, and those who stayed were all submissive.

When Zhang Yansheng was a student council officer in her freshman year and sophomore year, she often fought with this group of senior brothers and sisters. By the time she became the president in her junior year, she had purged the culture of the student union.

“Qiqi, oh, I don’t know what’s going on with her character.” Zhang Huan muttered, “I always feel that she’s not so open and bright. It’s strange.”

He said: “Your grandma asked if she has a boyfriend and she said that she is young now, focusing on her career, and doesn’t want to be distracted by falling in love. I remember she still fell in love when she was in college and even brought her boyfriend out to meet people. What kind of distraction was she talking about? What’s wrong with falling in love? Because she won’t be able to study well?”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t care: “She’s just like that. Just leave her alone.”

“Tsk.” Zhang Huan crouched up his legs and trembled, “What’s wrong with falling in love? Seriously, at this good age, shouldn’t it be time to fall in love. If you don’t fall in love now, how can you get married and have children in the future? When you are old, will a man just fall from the sky to marry you? Yanyan, I’m just saying, you should have a good talk with Xiao Yue. I think it’s time for you two to get married, have a few more children, and live together.”

“Dad, I’m telling you, don’t listen to Sister Qiqi. You and uncle are still both here, so it’s not my turn to open the door and set up an account yet. What’s the hurry? Major events in life like starting a family and planning to have children can be left behind.”

“Don’t worry about me.” Zhang Yansheng looked at the documents and said, “If you have that free time, go worry about Zhang Heling. Did you know that she has a boyfriend now?”

“Huh?” Zhang Huan sat up straight, “Hehe has a boyfriend? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

Zhang Yansheng calmly said: “Then you should ask how are you, as a father, and whether you care enough about your daughter.”

“Why don’t I care enough about my daughter? I am attending two parent-teacher meetings alone! Fortunately, the middle school and the high school don’t do it on the same day, otherwise I would have to be proficient in split body skills!” Zhang Huan was angry.

After he finished complaining, he asked, “How is Hehe’s boyfriend? Is he well-behaved or not?”

“Not so good.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I have seen him twice and I heard him say ‘My mother said’ twice in half an hour.”

When Zhang Huan heard this, he immediately rejected him with one vote: “Isn’t that a typical mama’s boy?”

Zhang Yansheng let out a cry and said, “Guess what your little daughter likes about that boy?”

Zhang Huan: “Don’t keep me on tenterhooks!”

Zhang Yansheng was also a little helpless: “She likes that boy because he listens to her.”

After Zhang Huan was silent for a long time, he changed his words and said, “Well actually… that’s okay.”

Zhang Yansheng: “???”

“My daughter, she is not short of money, and she doesn’t expect to rely on the other party to dress and eat.” Zhang Huan leaned back and crouched up his legs again, “It is more important to make my daughter happy.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

There’s no way to refute it.

If you think about it from this perspective, it seems to be true…

Zhang Huan brought the topic back again: “Don’t worry about Hehe, she is still young. From middle school to college, she has to have three, four, five, or six boyfriends. It’s still early for her to get married, so there’s no hurry.”

He squinted his eyes and asked, “It’s you and Xiao Yue that I’m worried about, what are your plans for the future?”

Zhang Yansheng covered his face with the documents: “Leave me alone.”

“How can you talk like that? Can’t I at least be a father and care about you?” Zhang Huan said, “Let me tell you, the dowry is ready for you. You can do it anytime and Dad will follow along! In fact, I think it’s good for you to get married after graduation. It’s good to give birth to a child while you are young. Your grandmother is also looking forward to her great-grandchildren. Look at Qiqi, who just keeps doing things and doesn’t want to fall in love. And Xiao Lin, he has a mixed-race girlfriend who refuses to return to China, and your grandmother doesn’t like to see mixed-race people. So, she can only count on you.”

He is rambling, and there is a tendency for menopause to come.

Zhang Yansheng stood up and left before he mentioned her dead mother as a sacrifice and squeezed out a few tears.

Two days later, she asked Yue Song, “Did Grandpa urge you to get married?”

Yue Song touched her head: “I always blocked him, so don’t worry.”

“Don’t be stressed out about this, it’s up to the two of us to decide for ourselves.” He kissed her face, “When you are ready, I will listen to you.”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t talk about this topic anymore, but she did think about reality. She is with Yue Song, so how will she go in the future?

A few days later, Yue Song suddenly received a message from her cousin, Xue Xintong. It was a photo of her taking her child to lunch with Zhang Yansheng.

Yue Song was surprised and called: “Why are you two together?”

Xue Xintong smiled and said, “We are having fun just by ourselves.”

The cousins chatted casually, and until they hung up the call, Yue Song always felt that Xue Xintong was laughing strangely, and he always felt some ill-intentions from it.

The mystery was revealed a few days later.

When he went home and opened the door that day, he felt a different atmosphere. Walking from the foyer to the dining room, he was surprised to find that Zhang Yansheng had prepared a candlelit dinner.

Of course, it couldn’t be cooked by Zhang Yansheng. The only thing Zhang Yansheng can do is scrambled eggs. In this regard, she is not as good as Yue Song, who can cook a steak.

In short, it doesn’t matter if she made it herself or not. Anyway, Zhang Yansheng carefully prepared a candlelit dinner.

Yue Song was quite surprised, and asked her with a smile: “What day is it today?”

Zhang Yansheng’s long hair was scattered on her shoulders like a waterfall, and she only told him: “It’s just a day of me having a good mood.”

Yue Song smiled. The two had a pleasant meal, and he asked, “You’re going to tell me why you are in a good mood, right?”

Zhang Yansheng pulled him: “Take a bath first.”

If the beloved girl sends out such a kind invitation, he will not be a man if he does not accept it.

Yue Song happily bathed with Zhang Yansheng like a happily married couple. When he wanted to withdraw and spread it outside at a critical moment, he was entangled by Zhang Yansheng again, so he gave it to her carelessly.

Of course, he was happy at the time, but Yue Song was annoyed when he got out of the bathroom. He opened the closet to get his clothes: “You have to take emergency contraceptives, I’ll buy them.”

Zhang Yansheng lay lazily on the bed and said, “I don’t want to.”

Yue Song was slightly stunned.

Zhang Yansheng rolled over and lay on his side, propped up her head and said, “Today is my ovulation day, which is suitable for getting pregnant.”

Yue Song’s eyes condensed.

“Yue Song.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I don’t want to get married, but we can have children.”

Yue Song’s mind was quick, and he immediately remembered that Zhang Yansheng had suddenly visited Xue Xintong a few days ago. He asked, “So you went to see my cousin a few days ago to…”

“Yeah.” Zhang Yansheng wrapped up a bath towel and sat up, “I asked Big Sister Xue to get some inputs about this matter. She shared with me a lot of her experience and gave me advice on raising children. After careful analysis, I think it is feasible.”

“I’m in my senior year now, and I basically don’t have any classes anymore. This year has been very easy.” She became serious, “It’s not on a whim, I’ve thought about it seriously, and I can make good use of this year.”

“Both our bodies are at the peak of our lives now. In this way, not only will I recover quickly, but the quality of the babies we give birth to is also high. Sister Xue very much suggested that I give birth early and have children early. She regretted that she made up her mind too late, so she did not recover so well.”

“Yue Song, do you agree? If you disagree…” Zhang Yansheng looked at him, “Then I will respect your opinion. I’ll go downstairs to buy emergency contraceptives right away.”

Yue Song thought for a moment.

Zhang Yansheng held her breath.

Having children is not a matter for her alone, but for two people. If Yue Song is unwilling, she will not make it difficult for others. Because after all, for her, this is just a choice, not a necessary option.

Yue Song asked: “You really do not want to get married?”

Zhang Yansheng was very firm: “Marriage is not a necessary option. I choose not to marry.”

Yue Song asked again: “Have you considered the reaction of the elders?”

“This is a choice of the two of us.” Zhang Yansheng said, “As long as you agree and support it, I think the two of us can carry everything together.”

Yue Song had already put on his pants, but he started to unbutton his pants again.

Zhang Yansheng: “?”

“How can you guarantee when I only hit it once?” Yue Song said slowly, “I still have to do it a few more times to be sure.”

Zhang Yansheng covered her face and smiled.

It was another hustle and bustle.

The young body lived up to expectations and won the bid with one shot.

Zhang Yansheng got pregnant and the two people who didn’t plan to get married exploded the two families.

Not only did Yue Song’s parents rush back from abroad, but old man Yue also personally called the old lady of the Zhang family and solemnly said: “I want to come to propose marriage.”

Old man Yue’s attitude made the old lady satisfied, but she said: “Don’t worry about proposing a marriage or something. Let’s meet first, sit down, talk to the children, and listen to what they think.”

There is no need to follow the wishes of old man Yue. With the children there, just press the two of them to put on wedding outfits and have a grand wedding.

They are all willing to have children together, so why don’t they want to get married?!

What is in the minds of young people nowadays?!

But the words of the old lady of the Zhang family had weight, and old man Yue had no choice but to agree.

He didn’t know that Zhang Yansheng had already talked to the old lady alone.

The old lady was originally angry with Zhang Yansheng for her nonsense. After all, the old lady’s traditional thinking is to get married and have children first, but after talking with Zhang Yansheng, she changed her mind.

Zhang Yansheng was obviously not fooling around; she was very calm.

“I don’t want to get married.” She said, “Real marriage is more of an economic relationship, and both men and women live together merely to share the cost of living and jointly support the raising of offspring. In a family like ours, whether it is to live or raise offspring, it is not necessary to require the financial support of the other party to carry this out.”

“The reason for having children is entirely out of eugenic considerations. Yue Song and I will not break up, nor did we have any conflict, we just chose a different way of life. This choice is made out of the common will of the two of us, and it does not hurt anyone else.”

“Taking advantage of the ease of my senior year, I will finish the matter of having a baby in advance. And after leaving school, I will have more energy to do other things. In the early stage, what I can do is relatively low-level and simple. This also happens to be the stage when children need their mothers to accompany them. When I increase the proportion in my career, my children are already grown up to be able to go to kindergarten and elementary school, and I can leave them. For me, this is a better plan than getting married and having children after leaving school.”

This plan is contrary to the life plan of ordinary people, but it did impress the old lady.

Most importantly, she understood why Zhang Yansheng didn’t want to get married.

She could only sigh.

Zhang Yansheng took advantage of the victory and pursued: “Grandma, I need you to support me.”

The old lady sneered at her: “You already have this big idea of yours, so why do you still need the support of my old bones?”

Zhang Yansheng looked at the ceiling: “My dad is going crazy. When he heard that I am not getting married, he said that he will have to roll up his sleeves and beat Yue Song.”

“So, if you are idle and have nothing to do…” Zhang Yansheng sincerely asked, “Move your muscles and bones, beat your son up, and calm him down.”

Therefore, if you entrust someone to do things, you must put your full trust in the right person.

Zhang Huan was going to blow up, but the old lady calmed him down.

“Why can’t you think of the reason why Yanyan doesn’t want to get married?” The old lady scolded, “She doesn’t want to talk to you about this because she feels sad when she talks about it. Think about Xiao Min, think about Hehe and Shuoshuo. You are a father, but what kind of role model did you set for your children? With a father like you, Yanyan doesn’t want to get married, and I can’t blame her at all.”

Zhang Huan was scolded by the old lady until he was speechless and could do nothing.

He felt deeply wronged, and it was all old things, so why did she take them all out to talk with him again.

He wanted to refute, but there is really nothing to refute it. And when he opened his mouth to argue, the old lady beat him up.

This is no better than when he was a child. When he was a child, he could dare to run. Now that the old lady is so old, he dares not to run anymore. He can only suffer from being beaten, bearing the pain and screaming exaggeratedly.

It was obviously those two little ones who were messing around, so how could he be beaten?

Such a bad luck!

In the end, old man Yue, Yue Song’s parents, old lady Zhang, and Zhang Huan, these elders all sat together.

Sitting on the opposite side of the trial were Zhang Yansheng and Yue Song.

“It’s not that you have a bad relationship and you will have children, too. I think you two are also very happy now. But why don’t you want to get married? This is outrageous!” Old man Yue was fuming in anger and glared at them.

Yue Song was very calm. He has always been a young man who gives people a sense of calmness. Facing such a three-class trial, he is not nervous at all. He said, “I have communicated with you well about the idea of not getting married. This is the choice I made with Yansheng. Our eras are different. Marriage is not a necessary option now, but I hope that you can accept it.”

Old man Yue pointed to Yue Song and said to the old lady: “Look at this kid, I am going to be so angry with him. Just say it, as long as you speak up, my betrothal gift is ready.” The old lady smiled slightly.

How could the old lady not see the attitude of old man Yue?

Regardless if they get married or not, although it’s not in line with the older generation’s concept, to the Yue family, there is no loss at all. What the old man cares more about is to hug his great-grandchild and fulfill his dream of being together for the fourth generation of the family.

The old man made this gesture entirely as part of the man’s family, showing a solemn gesture to the Zhang family, indicating that although the two little ones were messing around, their family never meant to despise Zhang Yansheng.

With the face of the two families, it is time to enter the substantive stage of negotiation.

The old lady said, “Let’s listen to the children’s thoughts.”

She gave Zhang Yansheng a chance to speak.

Zhang Yansheng was also like Yue Song, neither panicked nor in a rush, and she was very calm: “Grandpa, Yue Song and I have a very good relationship, and we are willing to give birth and raise children together. It’s just that young people like us have different ideas about marriage, and we don’t think marriage is a must. In addition…”

She even understood what old man Yue was worried about better than others, and made it clear: “Our child must be surnamed Yue when he is born.”

As soon as Zhang Yansheng said this, old man Yue didn’t show it on his face, but he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

His grandson talked to him about not getting married. There is no substantial harm to the Yue family’s interests, and it is actually not that difficult to accept.

Especially when his son and daughter-in-law also said that there are also such things happening abroad now. It is just a form of life choice to have children together without getting married.

Therefore, the only thing that old man Yue is actually worried about is the right to use his surname. Hearing Zhang Yansheng’s words, he was completely relieved.

However, Zhang Huan exploded again.

“This is not going to work!” He objected fiercely, “Since they are not getting married, of course the child will be with his mother, and our surname will be given to the child!”

After all, middle-aged people like Zhang Huan still can’t get rid of the traditional value of ‘the woman who would suffer losses’ in this kind of matter. Especially since he is the woman’s father, this feeling of ‘suffering’ is particularly heavy. Although he knew that Zhang Yansheng was unwilling to get married, he always felt as if Yue Song had taken a big advantage in this case.

Zhang Yansheng glanced at him, and said calmly: “The child’s surname belongs to the parents, and the law stipulates that it can be with either of the parents. The child’s surname is Yue, which I decided already with Yue Song.”

Zhang Yansheng’s personality cannot be said to be weak. Although she’ll give birth in an unmarried state, she did not want to compete for the right to her surname. After all… she just didn’t want her child to have the same surname as Zhang Huan.

As she once said to Zhang Heling, no one can choose their own birth. If she was not reborn, but given the right to choose her own birth, she would definitely choose not to be Zhang Huan’s daughter again.

In contrast, although Yue Song’s parents were a little irresponsible and pampered, they did set a better example for the younger generation in terms of marriage.

These two people are still slimy and greasy, as if they have just fallen in love.

At the same time, in order to thank Yue Song for his understanding and support, she made a decision about the child’s surname a long time ago.

The old lady has two grandsons in her own family, so she didn’t care about it at all and suppressed Zhang Huan: “The younger generation has their own ideas. Those of us with old arms and legs should not get involved with them. They are also adults now and can be responsible for themselves. Let them do it according to their own ideas.”

In front of the old lady, there was no reason for Zhang Huan to talk back. As soon as the old lady spoke, the matter was then settled.

Old man Yue said, “Okay, I’ll listen to you. Take a look at this.”

He pushed the long-prepared transfer agreement over: “Our family cannot treat children badly. This is for Yansheng.”

The old lady flipped through it, saw the sincerity of the Yue family, and was very satisfied. She also took some documents out: “This is what we gave to the children.”

In this way, the dowry and betrothal gifts were exchanged. Although there was no wedding ceremony or certificate, the parents of the two already regarded Zhang Yansheng/Yue Song as their daughter-in-law/son-in-law.

The atmosphere was very harmonious and friendly, except for Zhang Huan’s stinky face, everyone happily talked about the baby who was about to come into the world.

The communication has advanced rapidly, and they have already thought of buying a larger and more spacious residence for the two young couple, asking a nutritionist to regulate the body of a pregnant woman, arranging a hospital, finding the best midwife, and recruiting a real qualified service staff to help in her confinement. One is not enough, at least three… and so on and so forth.

Only Zhang Huan bulged like a frog.

Zhang Yansheng’s paternal uncle brought home the news of this incident.

Because Zhang Qi made a major mistake in her work, Zhao Lanfen and Zhang Qi couldn’t lift their heads recently. Suddenly, both of them breathed a sigh of relief when they heard that Zhang Yansheng was pregnant but is not getting married.

Although they feel that they are both out of luck, it seems that Zhang Yansheng’s luck is even worse. She is unmarried and got pregnant first, but she also can’t get married.

Only halfway through this breath of relief, Zhang Yu sighed again: “The two children are quite messing around, but the adults are still familiar with things.”

He told his wife and daughter the content of the betrothal gifts given by the Yue family, and sighed: “They are very sincere.” Of course, being able to have such ‘sincerity’ is also because of having a great family.

Zhao Lanfen and Zhang Qi didn’t let go of their breath, and they just returned to their true character again.

The adults were worrying about it, but Zhang Yansheng’s body was so healthy that made other people jealous. She spent the first three months without vomiting much during her morning sickness, and it basically didn’t affect her life.

She takes classes and goes to the company for internships as usual. Her grandma wanted her to stay at home to raise the baby and didn’t want her to do anything at the company.

Zhang Yansheng agreed, turned her head, and went to the gym — considering the impact of childbirth on her figure, Zhang Yansheng did not intend to interrupt her fitness. She has carefully studied the fitness experience of some female models and actresses at home and abroad during pregnancy, and under the guidance of professional coaches, she has maintained the amount of exercise.

When her grandma learned about it, she almost fainted and summoned Zhang Yansheng back.

The two negotiated well, and finally Grandma agreed to let Zhang Yansheng do things, and Zhang Yansheng also agreed to reduce the amount of exercise appropriately.

“You are just so worried.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Look at Secretary Yang of the secretarial desk, she’s almost eight months pregnant now, but she’s still working and keeping her post, right? I asked her and she said that she would never leave her post until the contractions were painful.”

That is true. Her position is well-paid and Secretary Yang is very worried about being sacked. She will have children in the future, and she needs to make more money for milk powder. She plans to come back to work immediately after maternity leave and be a nursing mother.

Grandma rubbed her temples with anger: “I still feel distressed that you are making a mistake here!”

Although she said that, she also knew that she was also concerned and kind of confused. Ordinary professional women don’t stick to their work with their bulging stomachs, not to mention Zhang Yansheng’s health is so good.

In the end, she still let her be. Zhang Yansheng didn’t delay anything in studying, internships, and pregnancy.

At the end of summer in the following year, Zhang Yansheng successfully gave birth to a healthy boy.

The child is named Yue Yan and Little Stone is his nickname. Little Stone is particularly healthy. He had thick black hair when he was born. His eyebrows, eyes, and nose are too similar to Yue Song. He will definitely be a handsome guy in the future. Both families were extremely happy.

Old man Yue quietly said to Yue Song, “Do you want to have a wife? Taking advantage of this, women are soft-hearted at this time, so hurry up and propose to her.”

Yue Song held his forehead: “Don’t worry about it.”

Old man Yue muttered: “With so many generations of our family, you are the most worthless, and you can’t even marry a wife.”

He was completely disgusted.

When Zhang Yansheng woke up, Yue Song was sitting by the bed holding her hand. No wonder in her dream, she felt as if she was holding something in her hand.

“You woke up, drink some water.” Yue Song poured her some water to drink first.

Zhang Yansheng was really thirsty, so she finished drinking a glass of warm water from his hand.

Yue Song put down the glass and held her hand again: “Thank you for your hard work.”

He looked at her very tenderly.

Although they are still a couple, they seem to be completely different from before after having a child of their own blood.

Zhang Yansheng felt something, so she asked, “Do you have something to tell me?”

Yue Song rubbed her hand for a long time, and said, “I am a very patient person, and I will not lose to you.”

Zhang Yansheng stared at him.

The young and handsome new father smiled slightly: “I will wait until the day you are willing.”

Zhang Yansheng was silent for a long time, then said softly, “I’m sorry.”

Her child’s father moved the slightly wet hair on her forehead and told her, “Don’t apologize, this is a decision I made with you.”

Zhang Yansheng’s body recovered extremely quickly.

In fact, when she was pregnant, except for her belly bulging, she remained in good condition in other places. When she got out of confinement, you couldn’t see any traces of giving birth at all, and she was full of young lady’s emotions.

Xu Lichen came back to see her and told her one thing.

“It’s about Wang Qian.” He said.

Xu Lichen and Zhang Yansheng have their own lives. Regarding the various things in that ‘dream’, Xu Lichen has long decided to move on and live in reality.

The film and television dramas he participated in when he was in college have become popular and he has become a 100% celebrity. The classmates from Class 8 of K City’s Yi High School met. Everyone discussed it and tried to send him an invitation.

Originally, they just tried it, but didn’t expect that Xu Lichen, a big star, would really come, so everyone was very surprised.

At the dining table, Cai Yan, who was robbed of her boyfriend by Wang Qian, suddenly mentioned Wang Qian.

The others asked, “Wang Qian? Who is she?” Most of the classmates don’t remember Wang Qian at all. Wang Qian only spent a short half-semester with them before transferring, and their memory of her had long been blurred.

But Xu Lichen’s brows suddenly twitched, and he asked, “What happened to Wang Qian?”

Cai Yan is very happy that there are still people who remember Wang Qian, otherwise no one knows who Wang Qian is when she talks about it. Isn’t that considered as a night walk in brocade?1锦衣夜行 – A night walk in brocade or walking in the dark night in gorgeous clothes. The original meaning of the idiom refers to wearing good-looking clothes to go out at night. It means that you have achieved success but others can’t see it. It’s a pity that they don’t know about it.

She said: “I was studying in the same country as her. After a while, I suddenly discovered that Wang Qian had disappeared from our Chinese circle. I just found it very strange because she is a person who likes to party so much, so how could she suddenly disappear? I just inquired about it, and guess what, it turned out that she was found to be taking drugs by her family, and her family forcibly took her back to the country to detoxify.”

Everyone gushed a few times, and let out some irrelevant sighs.

Only Xu Lichen raised his glass silently and drank all the wine in it.

He turned around and found time to see Zhang Yansheng to tell her about it.

“What does it matter to me?” Zhang Yansheng didn’t care, “Whatever happened to Wang Qian, it’s none of your business nor mine. Hey, don’t poke him in the face, have you washed your hands?”

Xu Lichen smiled and went to wash his hands, then he came back to tease Little Stone, and said, “I want to be his godfather!”

Zhang Yansheng said unceremoniously: “Bring the red envelope first.”

Zhang Yansheng stayed at home for half a year in order to breastfeed. After giving Little Stone the breast milk, she finally officially joined the family business.

As time passed, Zhang Qi learned about Zhang Yansheng’s daily life at the headquarters through various channels, and said to Zhang Yu with some worry: “Why does it feel that Grandma values Yanyan very much?”

Zhang Yu said, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Zhang Qi was aggrieved: “Can’t you feel it?”

Of course, Zhang Yu can feel it too. He was often at the headquarters, but he didn’t cross paths regularly with Zhang Yansheng and the old lady as expected. So, how could he not notice it?

The old lady taught Zhang Yansheng hand in hand. It is really different from the treatment she gave to Zhang Qi.

Zhang Yu knew exactly what this meant.

In fact, he actually felt that it was full of unpleasantness.

But he is a son of Zhang’s family, so he can’t say his opinion. If he wants to say it, the third generation of the Zhang family won’t have any harmony.

At the same time, he also had to admit that compared with his daughter, Zhang Yansheng was really much calmer in doing things. She is not conceited nor rash, she is not in a hurry to show off, and she is very steadfast while learning by the side of the old lady.

He still remembers Zhang Qi’s eagerness to show off when she first joined the family business. At the time, he told her not to worry that much.

But it was useless because she worried too much and was very anxious to show off in front of the old lady. It is particularly obvious that her force is too strong.

It’s not that the old lady hasn’t given her a chance. After all, she is the eldest in the third generation. However, Zhang Qi was always unaware that when she was released and given real power, she did not do a good job, leading to turmoil among the staff of the subsidiary.

His wife attributed the incident to ‘bad luck’, but Zhang Yu knew that it was not about luck at all. That is the intensification of contradictions that have reached qualitative changes after the accumulation of behavioral preferences of the upper echelons.

Although since then, he has tried his best to instruct Zhang Qi, and she has indeed improved a lot… But obviously, the old lady has other plans in mind now.

The relatives of the Zhang family, who worked at Xingnan Group, and some veteran figures in the company slowly noticed it in the following years. In the third generation of the Zhang family, the old lady chose Zhang Yansheng, the eldest daughter of the second son.

Gradually, there was a distinction between everyone’s attitude towards Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Qi.

Moreover, although it is a private matter, many high-level people have heard of it more or less that Zhang Yansheng gave birth to a child when she graduated from university.

That child is the heir of the fourth generation of Qingting Group. This is a strong alliance.

In a blink of an eye, Little Stone is already 4 years old, smart, healthy, and handsome. In the kindergarten, there are already little girls fighting over to play with him.

The son is handsome, but the father is more handsome. He is also extremely young.

The kindergarten teachers all look forward to Little Stone being picked up by the father, so that they can take a good look at the handsome young father.

They just sighed: “How can Little Stone be reincarnated like this?”

A handsome father, beautiful mother, born with a golden spoon. This… is the tenth level of reincarnation skills.

Zhang Yansheng is already Xingnan’s ‘Young Mistress Zhang’. This name used to belong to Zhang Huan, but it belongs to her now.

The young mistress Zhang worked calmly, without arrogance or impetuosity, and was very strong. She was highly praised by the veterans of the older generation.

The projects she presided over in cooperation with the government this year have achieved outstanding results. Xingnan has applied for her to be selected as one of the “Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in K City”.

The winning rate is very high.

On this day, it has been cloudy since the morning, and the whole morning was held back. As it approached noon, the rain finally fell. It’s not counted as heavy rain, but it is also a heavy rain.

Zhang Yansheng went to the National Development and Reform Commission to meet with a leader. After their meeting, she came out and it just so happened that it rained outside and it became a curtain of water while under the porch.

Only the employees of the National Development and Reform Commission can park at the internal parking of the compound. They have a yard nearby that is an external parking lot. Zhang Yansheng’s car is parked there. There is still a long way to go to get to her car.

Zhang Yansheng rarely encounters this situation. Because most of the places she went to either had underground garages or underdeck parking lots. When the key was lost, there were even dedicated parking guards to help you. This scene can only happen in places like this.

Zhang Yansheng stood under the porch and waited for the rain to stop.

In boredom, she was thinking of various things in her mind.

She thought about the meeting she had just now, if there was anything that wasn’t smooth enough.

She thought about the company’s recent funding schedule.

She thought of her own private investments.

She thought of Zhang Heling, a girl who originally went to study abroad, but was attracted by the publicity of a certain talent show on the street during the summer vacation, so she went to sign up. As a result, she overcame all the obstacles all the way and reached the finals, and was packaged as a ‘talented girl’. Then she took a break from school and debuted and entered the entertainment circle.

Xu Lichen, a young actor who is very popular in the entertainment industry, has the capital and connections. He patted his chest and promised to take care of Zhang Heling and let her participate in his own TV series. As a result, it didn’t take long for him to call angrily, begging Zhang Yansheng in a low voice to take her sister away quickly, so as not to ruin his well-crafted drama.

Zhang Yansheng wondered: “Is she that bad?”

She shouldn’t be. Zhang Heling has a good-looking face, a good temperament, a nice figure, a good hand at playing the piano, and a good knowledge. Compared with the other girls, with high school and secondary school degrees, who debuted in the same talent show, talented girls really deserve the opportunity.

So, she shouldn’t be that bad.

Xu Lichen looked up to the sky and sighed, “Acting requires talent.”

Xu Lichen belongs to those who are talented. In contrast, Zhang Heling belongs to those who are not talented.

“She is good at singing and dancing, but I would’ve never thought that she would be so ignorant in acting. I f*cking… I originally thought about a small role as the protagonist’s senior sister, and it would be okay for her to show her face, but I never thought that… any footage of her appearing is basically ruined, f*ck me.”

Zhang Yansheng was even more speechless: “Then you can just tell her, Hehe is very sensible.”

“I’m also just too sensible, so I could not tell her.” Xu Lichen scratched his head, “You don’t know how hard she tried! How serious she was! F*ck me, the director is begging me, he asked me to think of a way! The director couldn’t even bear to tell her directly!”

In the end, Zhang Yansheng called Zhang Heling.

Zhang Heling was relieved.

“Actually, I don’t think this is working as well, but no one told me ‘You don’t need to act anymore’, so I can only stand firm.” Zhang Heling was aggrieved, “Why didn’t Big Brother Xu tell me earlier? I actually wanted to leave a long time ago. I don’t like acting very much, I just like being on the stage.”

Zhang Heling eventually formed a girl group with a few other girls and became a full-time idol instead of an actor.

In the entertainment circle, there is Xu Lichen to protect her; and outside the circle, Zhang Heling’s grandmother, father, and sister acted as her backer and benefactor. The best resources are leaning toward her only, so her girl group was in a mess.

Zhang Yansheng thought about Zhang Shuocheng. Zhang Huan complained more than once about Zhang Shuocheng staying only in the mansion. He wanted to take him out to meet people, but he refused to go; he wanted to send him abroad to study, but he refused to go either.

Finally, the school that Zhang Huan chose for Zhang Shuocheng was the school that Zhang Yansheng went to in her previous life — in K City. Zhang Shuocheng was willing to go anyway.

Zhang Huan always looked for Zhang Yansheng to complain, and at the end of the complaint, he comforted himself: “Do you know the boy from the Li family, he committed a crime and went to jail. Old Li tried his best to get him out, but it was a bit difficult, as the matter is a bit serious. Hey, if you compare it like this, your brother is pretty good, at least he doesn’t break the law or commit crimes.”

With such self-comfort, he was balanced again.

Zhang Yansheng thought about Little Stone, it was time for her to pick him up today.

Thinking of the children sitting in rows on chairs, they will stand up when they see their parents appear, and rush into the arms of their parents happily. That little appearance is so cute. Of course, the cutest thing is her own child.

Every time he leaves, a bunch of little girls would chase him to say goodbye.

There was a smile at the corner of her mouth, and suddenly, a familiar figure was seen in the rain curtain.

Slender and tall, with trousers wrapped around his long legs. The black leather shoes were splashed with rain, wetting the hems. The umbrella was raised, revealing a handsome face, smiling at her.

Zhang Yansheng was surprised: “Why are you here?”

Yue Song said, “Just after driving, I saw that it was raining. I remembered that you were coming to the NDRC today. I thought about the parking compound of the NDRC… it was far away… Sure enough, I didn’t make a mistake.”

He raised his arm at her with his umbrella propped up: “Let’s go, just in time to have lunch together.”

Zhang Yansheng took his arm and stepped into the rain with him.

The rainwater slid down the umbrella, as if forming a world of water, in which there were only him and her.

He said: “Let’s pick up Little Stone together later. He likes it the most when the two of us pick him up. He can be proud of it for several days.”

He said: “The rain was held back for several days, so it won’t stop for a while. He should have worn shorts in the morning, he shouldn’t have worn trousers.”

They walked in the rain, while he was saying some trivial and ordinary things in a rambling manner.

Day after day, it is not surprising anymore.

Zhang Yansheng stared at the water curtain, as if she could clearly see a drop of rainwater rolling down from the umbrella bone to the ground, splashing. The impact seemed to make a loud sound.

Zhang Yansheng turned her head and looked at the face of her child’s father.

His handsome eyebrows and tall nose are extremely beautiful.

Zhang Yansheng suddenly felt her heart shrink, which was very severe.

In fact, she has never understood that even when there are so many schemes, foul smells, filthiness, and disgust in marriage, why are there so many couples in this world to succeed in having a happy married life?

But at this moment, she suddenly understood.

Because if you are lucky enough, you will eventually meet such a person. You know that there may be waves and bumps ahead, but you still want to spend your life with him or her for a long time.

Marriage is this ‘long-term’ ceremony.

When your thoughts are strong enough, you desire this ceremony, not only to declare your sovereignty to the world, but also to promise each other through vows with this person.

Such sweetness is wistful.

Yue Song suddenly felt a tightening on his arms, and Zhang Yansheng stopped walking. He also stopped and turned his head: “What’s wrong?”

Zhang Yansheng stared at his eyes in the rain, and saw her own shadow in his eyes. When he looked at her, he was always so focused, with only her shadow in his eyes.

So, Zhang Yansheng knew that Yue Song was that person.

Zhang Yansheng let go of his arm and proposed to Yue Song in the rain: “Yue Song, would you like to marry me?”

Perhaps after waiting for too long, Yue Song was stunned for a moment, his eyes blinked a few times before he reacted. “Oh…” He handed her the umbrella, “Hold it.”

Zhang Yansheng instinctively took the umbrella.

Yue Song took her other hand, then put his other hand in the inner pocket of his suit… He took out the heirloom ring and put it on Zhang Yansheng’s finger.

Zhang Yansheng raised her hand, and the huge gemstone was soft and beautiful in the rain.

“How come you have this with you?” She was surprised.

“I always carry it.” Yue Song smiled, as calm as him, with a rare hint of sly in his eyes, “I have always kept it close to my body, just waiting for one day you would say yes. As a result…”

He held his forehead and laughed.

“I do.” He said, “Zhang Yansheng, you have kept me waiting for a long time.”

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    锦衣夜行 – A night walk in brocade or walking in the dark night in gorgeous clothes. The original meaning of the idiom refers to wearing good-looking clothes to go out at night. It means that you have achieved success but others can’t see it. It’s a pity that they don’t know about it.