May 8, 2022

Chapter 55: Which King… Which King?

Jianwen shivered. “What is he doing here?”

Sister Li seemed to say that he will give something to my daughter just now, right?

To whom?


No, I have two daughters!

Lei walked in, followed by a row of men holding bags, perfumes, lipsticks, jewelry, and watches in the living room of the Qins’ house.

Seeing this battle formation, Jianwen’s legs shook again.

“Assistant Lu, what’s your master doing early in the morning?”

Lei replied with a straight face, “These are all given by my boss to Miss Qin.

“Miss Qin Zhizhi.”

Jianwen nodded. “Oh, so it turned out to be for—

“No way!”

His eyes widened in response. “Why is he doing this for Zhizhi?”

Ye heard their voices and walked out from the inside.

The teenager looked at the rows of luxurious and sumptuous things, then his eyes flashed slightly. Does she like these things?

I can also give them to her.

Lei saw the teenager at a glance. Judging from his keen observation, he deduced that this young man was not from the Qin family so he asked, “Mr. Qin, who is this young man?”

“Oh!” Jianwen’s mind was still on figuring out why Yuchen would give Zhizhi gifts, so he replied casually, “Zhizhi brought this child last night to marry.”

Lei: ???

Lei nodded, turned around and left, and said to the men waiting behind him, “You guys should wait here for a minute.”

It was now Jianwen’s turn to be dumbfounded.

What did he just say?

There was a black car parked in front of Qins’ house, with the doors and windows all closed.

Lei walked over and knocked on the window, but who knew what he said to the person inside.

Then, there was a sneer from the car.

Lei nodded. “Yes, Boss!”

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Zhizhi was sleeping soundly with the quilt in her arms. She was dreaming a beautiful dream when she suddenly felt that it was difficult to breathe and she was almost out of breath.

She half-opened one of her eyes.

There were two men holding the quilt. They rolled her up tightly, wrapped her in the quilt from head to toe, then carried her on their shoulders and walked away.

She was still a little confused and didn’t react to what just happened.

Jianwen wiped his tears by the main door. “What is Assistant Lu doing?”

The two men carried his daughter out of their house all the way out, and Lei opened the door of the car parked outside and commanded with a straight face, “Throw her in.”

The two powerful men did not hesitate to throw Zhizhi from their shoulders into the car.

Lei closed the door with a bang.

Like a doorman, he stood there guarding the door.

There was a ‘bang’ sound.

Zhizhi was awakened by the fall. She rubbed her eyes. A pair of black and translucent shoes were only a centimeter away from her.

She immediately became angry. Which blind man dared to throw her in front of a man’s shoes?

She raised her head angrily, “Which bastard…”

Yuchen narrowed his eyes and stared at her coldly.

She shivered in an instant.

“Which king of all men is sitting here? From a distance, I can feel an aura of a king coming towards my face.”

The man’s face darkened for a moment.

Zhizhi rubbed the aching part from the fall, then sat on the quilt, bent her legs, and shamelessly put a smile on her face. “Yuyu, can you, a domineering emperor who looks down on all beings and has a high status, take away the aura of a king which is leaking from you?

“It’s quite cold.”

She rubbed her arms as if it was the coldest morning in late autumn.

As soon as the cold aura on the man’s body spread, it went directly from the slight coolness into the cold winter.

Zhizhi hugged the quilt and rolled herself up, revealing only her head, with messy hair, rheum in the corners of her eyes, and a small face with beautiful eyes blinking at him.

Yuchen’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

He felt that he had a problem with his eyes. Because looking at her like this, he thought that she was so cute.

He raised his hand and pinched the center of his eyebrows, then said solemnly, “Close your eyes!”