April 2, 2022

Chapter 121: Thunder

Zhang Heling has been playing games for more than two hours from K City to B City.

Zhang Yansheng kept staring at the two people in front of her, listening to them speak.

She found that Yue Song is a person who is very good at listening and getting along with the elders. At the beginning, her father was still holding social distance modestly, with the attitude of ‘Zhang family versus Yue family’.

But slowly, Yue Song listened patiently, asked sincerely, and complemented sincerely… Zhang Huan adjusted his attitude to ‘the elderly vs. the young’. At this moment, the attitude became two points closer.

“I’ve had a very pleasant cooperation with your cousin in the past two years.” Zhang Huan said, “She is a powerful person. The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves. We, the front waves, will all be shot to death on the beach. From now on, it will be the world of young people like you.”

“I heard my cousin mention you.” Yue Song said slowly, “It’s said that Xingnan Group is steady and flourishing. Your old lady is in charge of the rudder. It is as stable as Mount Tai. It should not be underestimated in our province, as the ginger is still spicy. We are still young and we have to learn too much from the previous generation.”

Zhang Huan praised him sincerely: “You’re so humble, you’re so humble!”

Zhang Yansheng had a strange feeling. Yue Song sometimes spoke to Zhang Huan at a more stable and slower speed than Zhang Huan.

He may be a person with a thousand faces. Zhang Yansheng had already observed that as soon as Zhang Huan arrived in front of the old lady, his speech speed became faster and his voice became thinner; as soon as he returned to his home to face his wife and children, his tone sank; and when he gave orders to the secretaries, he sounded very majestic.

Yue Song is now talking to Zhang Huan, neither humble nor overbearing, neither anxious nor slow, and he doesn’t feel like a young man. If you close your eyes, you will feel like he’s an old man. Of course, Zhang Huan is very adapted to his intonation and speed of speech, because the older people are, the more so.

But a few days ago, when she met him in a restaurant by chance, although he only said a few words, Zhang Yansheng was very sure that the way Yue Song talked at that time was completely different from now.

Thinking about it, even when facing different people, Zhang Yansheng unconsciously adjusted her tone and intonation as well. Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help but find it very interesting.

Therefore, Yue Song would behave very old-fashioned and stable in front of people like Zhang Huan. What would he look like at other times?

During the two-hour flight, Yue Song was talking to Zhang Huan, and he hardly looked back at Zhang Yansheng. And Zhang Huan was very interested in talking as well, so he chatted with him all the way. When they got off the plane, they were each picked up and said goodbye with a smile.

When he got in the car, Zhang Huan said emotionally: “This is someone else’s child. The Yue family taught their children so well. Oh, this young man! I just hope that Shuoshuo will be like him in the future, and I will be very satisfied in my life.”

What a big face!

Zhang Shuocheng has been taken care of by her in this life, and Zhang Huan should thank her for him not doing evil and hurting others!

Zhang Yansheng rolled his eyes and they almost rolled into the sky!

Zhang Huan completely misunderstood. He thought that Zhang Yansheng was looking down on Yue Song like this, so he also spoke for Yue Song: “Why are you rolling your eyes? I’m telling you, people like him are called steady, you should know that. You probably think that everyone is like Xiao Xu, a big monkey, that if you say a few words, your eyebrows have to be raised four or five times, and the corners of your mouth have to be hooked several times. Still like this, in this way, hook diagonally!”

He personally demonstrated what a ‘diagonal hook of the mouth’ is. In fact, it is the corners of the mouths on both sides, one side does not move, only the other side is evoked, which is an eviler way of laughing.

“It looks like the big villain in the TV series.” Zhang Huan complained.

Anyway, he didn’t like Xu Lichen alive or dead, and he was not pleasing to the eye anywhere, not even the corners of his mouth and eyebrows.

“Don’t do that.” Zhang Yansheng said coldly, “You really look like the villain in the TV series when you smile like that.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Zhang Heling expressed her thoughts sincerely, “Especially like the one in《A Man who Holds the Sky》, the master’s disciple. He always looked down on the male lead from the beginning, he always laughed like that, his mouth crooked, and it was like that. Later, he was very miserable and the male lead killed his whole family.”

“Bah, baaah!” Zhang Huan was so angry, “What are you talking about?!”

When they arrived at the hotel, Xu Lichen was already waiting for them at the entrance.

“Uncle Zhang, it’s been a long time since I saw you!” Xu Lichen greeted Zhang Huan enthusiastically, “I’m sorry, I can’t pick you up as I was still in the class. But let’s have dinner together later.”

I never wanted you to pick us up anyway.

Zhang Huan curled his lips and said, “It’s okay, you take your class well… Hey, what class are you taking?” It’s summer vacation now and this is not K City.

Xu Lichen talked about the acting class.

Zhang Huan said pretentiously: “It’s very good, very good, work harder. Uncle is waiting to see the movie that will star you in the future.”

Most people have to be humble when they hear these kinds of words. Looking at Xiao Yue, how subtle and elegant he is to be humble. Zhang Huan followed the procedures and waited for Xu Lichen to follow the routines of ‘will live up to your expectations’ and ‘will definitely work hard’.

However, Xu Lichen never knew what humility was. He raised his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth slanted. He said with great confidence: “That is for certain!”

Zhang Huan: “…”

He felt very uncomfortable in his chest.

Not pleasing to the eye! Really not pleasing to the eye!

But Xu Lichen is not a fool, and Zhang Huan’s attitude towards him is clear in his heart. He quietly said to Zhang Yansheng, “Is your dad going through menopause?”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Xu Lichen made a solemn vow: “I’m serious! I suspect that he is.”

“I’m just saying,” he explained to her, “As far as the men in their 40s and 50s I know, there are only two men I can’t handle. One is our dean and the other is your father! Look at the smile on his face at me, he must not know what to say about me in his heart.”

“Needless to say, the dean and the students were natural enemies in the school. But your father is really strange, is it really at odds with my aura.” Xu Lichen was puzzled, “Seriously, I can even treat others as brothers and sisters, but I can’t handle your father.”

Xu Lichen has the ability to quickly integrate into the new environment and quickly get others to surround him.

This was the case in her previous life, and he was not bad at it in this life, too. He went from Class 8 to Class 5, and soon he had friends. He was the kind of friend who would really worry about him when he was in a certain situation. They also deliberately ran to Zhang Yansheng to inquire about the situation.

In this life, Zhang Yansheng gave him a hand, so that he could deal with the adults like Director Xie early, and it was also handy. From Producer Wang to Director Xie, to the assistant directors, to the lighting directors, and make-up artists, they call each other as brothers and sisters, even hooking up their shoulders.

He can handle so many people, but he can’t handle Zhang Huan.

Xu Lichen, a person with bursting self-confidence, certainly doesn’t think that the problem will be on himself.

It must be Zhang Yansheng’s father who has a problem!

The corner of Zhang Yansheng’s mouth twitched: “Maybe…”

After talking about her father, she also asked Xu Lichen about his father: “What’s the situation with your father?”

Xu Lichen’s eyes dimmed, then he hid it, and said indifferently: “Well that’s just it. He was taking a lot of pills every day and got two more injections. Now, he is already out of his mind and doesn’t even recognize me when I see him. In that kind of place, it’s totally dark inside.”

Zhang Yansheng asked again: “Since your dad suddenly became like that, didn’t those two people react?”

“What kind of reaction?” Xu Lichen snorted, “My dad was already no match for my mom. Just the two of them, do they still want to fight with my mom?”

In the past few months, Mother Xu has completed a series of finishing tasks.

When Father Xu had not contacted his white moonlight for a week, she had already begun to be very neurotic, suspecting that Father Xu had abandoned her.

She vigorously called Father Xu’s secretary. The secretary has completely surrendered to Mother Xu, handed over all the materials and documents, confessed all the information he has, and had taken a severance pay, and resigned afterwards.

He hasn’t answered the white moonlight’s phone calls, and even blocked her number. The white moonlight even felt that Father Xu was about to abandon her and she began to collapse. In the end, Xu Mulin used the public phone to call him, but the secretary didn’t answer it for a while.

After finding that it was him and hearing the child’s tone of pleading sincerely, the secretary softened a bit and told Xu Mulin and his mother the truth.

As if struck by lightning, the mother and son immediately went to the police station to report the case, saying that Father Xu was imprisoned by Mother Xu.

When the police registered the case and asked about the relationship between the two of them and Father Xu, the white moonlight naturally wanted to say “I am the one he loves”. Fortunately, Xu Mulin was sober and covered his mother’s mouth. “My mother and Uncle Xu are classmates. They have known each other for many years and they have a good relationship.”

The policeman’s gaze patrolled them twice and nodded.

The two went home and waited. A few days later, the police called them to the station. They told them: “Mr. Xu is indeed suffering from a mental illness. There is no illegal imprisonment or illegal restriction of his personal freedom.”

The white moonlight screamed: “That’s impossible! Impossible! He was forcibly sent in by his wife! She hates him! She hates us both! She wants us both to die so that she can occupy all their assets!

But the police just routinely told her to calm down and told her that they had investigated everything and that everything was legal. Mrs. Xu is Mr. Xu’s legal spouse and had legally obtained custody of Mr. Xu.

The two words ‘legal spouse’ stimulated the white moonlight.

“I am the one he really loves! He married her just to make do with his life!” She shed tears and cried hysterically, “He loves me, it’s me!”

There was no great surprise in the expressions of the police. It was obvious that they had learned about the relationship between the complainant and the ‘victim’ in her mouth during the investigation in the past few days.

But the way they looked at her made Xu Mulin really embarrassed.

Her tears and weeping, her hysteria, in the eyes of the man who loves her, are weak and pitiful, her girlish aura has not been erased, and the echo of the love she had when she was young.

In the eyes of others, she is a neurotic middle-aged aunt.

Xu Mulin dragged his mother away.

When their figures disappeared, the police took off their hats and muttered, “I think this woman should also be sent to a mental hospital.”

The truth is already very clear, Mrs. Xu has controlled his father, and she has mastered all the initiative!

Xu Mulin was just a high school student. He couldn’t do anything, so he called the secretary for help. This secretary used to have frequent contact with them, and he was very familiar with them.

He said: “What can I do? Just hurry up and pray that Mrs. Xu will let you go. Don’t mess around, you are not her opponent. Don’t you have money in your hand? The house is also in your mother’s name. Take the money. Live your life. Don’t think about your dad anymore, he’s over. I’m going to change my phone number, so don’t call me anymore. I have changed jobs. These things have nothing to do with me now!”

Human kindness is so indifferent. Obviously, he used to kindly tell him, “Your dad is busy, tell this uncle if you have anything, uncle will help you deal with it right away.”

Now that his father has lost the power, they should just back away as well.

But his mother still doesn’t recognize this, so she urges him to call the secretary every day. They also went to the mental hospital to see Father Xu, but they were not relatives, and his legal guardian had already made an arrangement with the hospital and did not allow anyone else to see Father Xu.

They couldn’t even see him.

Xu Mulin was a bit clever and gave money to a caregiver, wanting to know about his father’s situation. The caregiver illegally recorded Father Xu’s situation inside and showed it to Xu Mulin.

Although it was only a little more than a minute, Xu Mulin understood that unless he and his mother had the ability to rescue his father from this prison-like hospital, his father would really be done.

However, what can he do as a high school student who has no social connections?

His mother broke down and cried every day. As soon as he came home from school, he was faced with a hysterical woman. He is already in his second year of high school, and his academic burden is very heavy. He comforts her exhaustedly every day: “You still have me, you still have me.”

He looked at the deposit in her bank card. Fortunately, there was still money and they could still live, he thought.

Xu Mulin realized that they were powerless to rescue his father, and was determined to live a good life with the money in their hand as the secretary said, at least he had to finish the college entrance examination first.

However, how could Mother Xu forget the existence of him and his mother?

The white moonlight received a subpoena from the court.

The house she lives in, the car she uses, and the money in her account were all given to her by Father Xu.

Mother Xu thoroughly checked Father Xu’s financial records and sued to recover all these gifts made with their marital property without her consent.

It was simply a thunder from a clear sky.

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