April 3, 2022

Chapter 122: Bring to an End

The white moonlight’s mother and son found a lawyer to respond to the lawsuit, but the evidence is no match for conclusive evidence. The court ruled that the white moonlight must return all the gifts.

Moreover, under the operation of Mother Xu, this kind of case, which usually takes several months or even a year, was quickly opened, quickly pronounced, and quickly enforced.

The white moonlight’s mother and son lost their house and car, and their savings were also taken away. They had nothing now and they left the high-end apartment where they had lived for many years in embarrassment.

In the dilapidated rental room, the white moonlight lay down and shed tears for a few days, then suddenly jumped up: “No, you are his son, and you have the right to inherit his assets! You can have half of his assets!”

They went to a lawyer again to fight for the assets.

The lawyer directly refused: “Your child has the right to inheritance. But right now, his father is still alive, so there is no so-called ‘inheritance’, only ‘assets’, and this right of inheritance has not yet taken effect.”

The white moonlight fell into the mud for the second time in her life. At this time, she wished that Father Xu could die immediately and let Xu Mulin inherit the inheritance immediately.

But the lawyer shattered her dream and advised her with some compassion: “It is better to arrange your lives earlier. Not to mention how long can Mr. Xu live, just looking at Mrs. Xu’s methods, how could she leave any inheritance to you if there will be such a day in the future.”

The lawyer looked at the haggard woman and shook his head.

The matter of the Xu family has spread in the circles. The woman in front of her and Mrs. Xu are not heavyweight players at all.

The white moonlight felt that she was having a nightmare again.

The last time she had this nightmare was when her ex-husband committed suicide because of bankruptcy and she fell from being a rich madam to lifelessness.

Fortunately, at that time, a man suddenly appeared to save her. But now, how could another man save her again?

Her son is still young and can’t save her.

She is hopeless.

The white moonlight jumped from the rooftop of a high-rise building, ending this nightmare.

Xu Mulin just returned to school but was called back again, watching the police and professionals converge on his mother with a blank expression.

The neighbors watched and sighed, saying that the children were pitiful, and asked about the father of this family. No one knows but someone from the crowd said, “This woman is a mistress. She was supposed to fight a lawsuit and had to return back all her money, so she jumped off the building. The child is also an illegitimate child.”

Xu Mulin raised his eyes to find the person who just spoke. That person was already hidden in the crowd, and he didn’t know which one it was.

But the neighbors said, “That’s just…”

Everyone’s tone of voice changed, and the eyes that looked at him also lost sympathy and pity. Some people even laughed and spat at him lightly.

It looked like he deserved retribution for hearing and seeing this now.

Xu Mulin gritted his teeth loudly.

He has no money, no relatives, and has become nothing. Everyone in the school also knows that he is an illegitimate son, the son of a mistress, and everyone sees him differently from before.

He lost his mind and didn’t go to school. He took a fruit knife and went to the door of Yi High School to hang around keeping a watch out.

At that time, the final exam was about to take place. Xu Lichen was in a daze from studying, and his mind was dizzy when he came out of school at 10 o’clock in the evening.

When he was about to get into my car, he suddenly heard exclamations and noises. He heard the sound and looked, and saw that not far away, several men rushed over in the night and pressed a man to the ground. There was also a flash of light on the ground, as if there was a knife.

It’s natural for Xu Lichen to be attracted to the bustling noise and excitement, so he was about to go over as he prepared himself to raise his foot for a kick: “What’s the matter?”

The driver grabbed him: “Don’t go there! What’s so interesting? Your mother told you to go home quickly after school, finish your homework, and go to bed early. It’s almost time for the final exam!” Xu Lichen was discouraged and looked again. After another look, the man had already been stuffed into a van just now. As soon as the door was closed, the car drove away.

Even the knife on the ground was gone. In the blink of an eye, the excitement was over. Tsk!

The driver coaxed and pushed him into the car, closed the door, and made an “OK” gesture to the bodyguard who pretended to be a passerby on the side of the road.

The bodyguard also responded with an “OK” gesture, indicating that the matter was over.

Xu Mulin, who tried to stab Xu Lichen to death and died together, was also sent to the mental hospital. He was diagnosed as schizophrenic from strong stimulation and was admitted to the hospital. He can now see his father every day.

Since he was a child, he dreamed that his father could live with him and his mother every day and never go back to his ‘home’. This dream was realized in a mental hospital.

In the last life, even if Xu Lichen hated him like that, he just harassed Xu Mulin often, which made him extremely annoyed, so he failed in the college entrance examination. He never thought of harming a person, physical destruction, or detention.

In this life, Mother Xu was thunderous, cutting the grass, and rooting out all the dangerous factors that might harm Xu Lichen.

This is the difference between a child and an adult.

Of course, Xu Lichen didn’t know all this. When he asked his mother how the two of them were, Mother Xu helped him organize the collars of his school uniform and told him gently: “Don’t worry about them, just study hard.”

In this life, there is no such thing as struggle for assets which is truly exhausting. She had the energy and time to spend more time with her son. She now tries to eat breakfast with her son every day, even if his schedule is not the same as hers.

So, when Zhang Yansheng asked about these things, Xu Lichen naturally told her not to worry, the white moonlight’s mother and son would definitely not be able to beat his mother.

Zhang Yansheng nodded. Mother Xu has won in this life, so there is no need to worry about everything.

Zhang Heling knocked on the door and poked her little head in: “Sister, Dad went down first, he told us to go to the restaurant to find him later.”

Zhang Yansheng was baffled: “Why did he go down already?”

Zhang Heling shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know.”

Zhang Yansheng said, “You go to the living room and wait for a minute, and we will be there right away.”

Zhang Heling retracted her head and took a step, but heard Zhang Yansheng’s voice in the room saying, “Don’t look at her like that.”

Her sister said, “She is already in our house. She is still young. She is different from your younger brother.”

Brother Xu said, “Bah, I don’t have a brother who is as good as a fart! If it weren’t for my mother telling me to leave them alone as she would clean them up, I would have to make him sleep badly every day!”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Anyway, pay attention, children are very sensitive.”

Xu Lichen said, “Tsk! I just glanced at your sister’s cuteness and took a closer look. You seem to be on guard to keep pace with.”

After listening to this conversation outside the door, Zhang Heling showed a slightly confused expression. It should be talking about her, but there was something subtle in the words of this brother and her sister… She hesitated for a while and went to the living room.

After Zhang Yansheng and Xu Lichen finished speaking, they came out together.

The Xu family was staying in a three-bedroom suite. The two of them went to the living room and called Zhang Heling, then they went downstairs to the restaurant together.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they knew why Zhang Huan came down first — he was sitting and talking to someone.

Seeing Zhang Huan raising his hand to call them, the man he was talking to turned around. It was not someone else, it was Yue Song, who was on the same flight with them today.

Zhang Yansheng was surprised.

Zhang Huan chuckled with “hehe”: “Xiao Yue called me to ask if we want to eat dinner together. I asked where he was. As a result, he was in the seat next to me.”

While Zhang Huan was speaking, Yue Song’s gaze stayed on Xu Lichen for two seconds. When Zhang Huan finished speaking, he explained: “Our family has a lot of business in the north and comes here often. We have a house here.”

The hotel where Zhang Yansheng and the others stayed is in the Second Ring Road, which is a building in a huge architectural complex. This complex contains office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and apartments. Therefore, Yue Song and the others lived in different buildings in the same architectural complex.

After Yue Song finished speaking, he leaned forward and stretched out his hand to Xu Lichen: “Yue Song.”

Xu Lichen leaned forward and shook hands with him: “Xu Lichen.”

Xu Lichen felt that Yue Song was a very strong person, but fortunately, he was not a weak person either. In response, he also held it very hard. After all, they are both men.

When everyone was seated, Zhang Huan introduced the background to the two of them: “Xiao Yue and his family are from Qingting Group, and Xiao Xu and his family are from Diancheng Group. He is a classmate from the same school as our family’s Yansheng.”

It turned out to be Diancheng Group, the Xu family who had recently been frequently mentioned by everyone because of divorce disputes and men being sent to mental hospitals.

Yue Song nodded: “It’s an honor to meet you at last.”

Xu Lichen said “Ah, ah” twice, then nodded to deal with it. He couldn’t say “It’s an honor to meet you at last” also because he was actually a real high school student, and furthermore “I’ve heard so much about you” is not something to celebrate.

Yue Song saw that he couldn’t take up this topic, so he raised his eyebrows slightly.

Zhang Yansheng told Xu Lichen: “Qingting Group is Director Xie’s other investor from our K City. Their family invested 100 million.”

Xu Lichen suddenly realized and patted the table: “It’s your family!”

“Let me tell you!” He became excited, and everyone leaned forward, but across a round table, he wanted to get as close as possible to Yue Song, “Have confidence in our movie! I’m telling you, I can vouch for it, we will definitely make a profit, we certainly will!”

His eyes flashed, and his smile was full of confidence and sincere enthusiasm.

Yue Song paused and was silent for several seconds!

Xu Lichen was born with a pair of peach blossom eyes, a romantic and thin face, and a strong personality. He is very distinctive. He will never forget it after seeing it. So, when he appeared side by side with Zhang Yansheng, Yue Song recognized him. He is the ‘classmate’ who is said to have been drawn by Zhang Yansheng to invest together.

Knowing his background just now, and considering his complicated family situation, Yue Song had already made an estimate of Xu Lichen in his heart — even if he was younger, he should be more mature than his peers.

In this way, he is worthy of Zhang Yansheng.

But, however, but… facing Xu Lichen’s sudden burst of foolish-style enthusiasm, Yue Song found that he had made a mistake in his estimation.

Seeing Xu Lichen leaning forward and enthusiastically telling him about the movie, Yue Song really couldn’t think of it anymore. This guy who was suspected to be Zhang Yansheng’s boyfriend turned out to be… a little silly and sweet.

Yue Song’s mood was a bit complicated.

The atmosphere at the dining table was pretty good. Both Zhang Huan and Xu Lichen could find common topics with Yue Song, and they both liked to talk to Yue Song.

As soon as he became familiar, Xu Lichen opened his chatterbox and inquired about Yue Song: “Are you already doing business for your family?”

Yue Song said: “It’s not official yet, I’m still in school.”

Zhang Huan was shocked: “Are you still in school?” He talked with Yue Song for so long, and he said that Yue Song could connect to anything. He really thought that Yue Song had officially entered the family business to help, but he didn’t expect that he was still in school?

“Yes.” Yue Song said, “I am a third-year college student, and will be a fourth-year college student at the start of school.”

“That’s not much different from us. I thought you were a lot older than us.” Xu Lichen said.

“No, only four years older.” Yue Song glanced at Zhang Yansheng and emphasized, “We are all of the same age.”

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