April 4, 2022

Chapter 123: Develop an Interest

Zhang Huan would naturally ask: “In which school?”

“K University.” Yue Song said, “My grandfather is old and my parents are often not around, so I don’t want to go too far, so I enrolled in the local school.”

Before Zhang Huan spoke, Zhang Heling had already spoken: “Hey, isn’t that the same school as Sister Qiqi?”

Zhang Huan said: “My niece is also studying at K University.”

“Zhang Qi, right?” Yue Song said.

Zhang Huan was surprised: “Oh, do you know each other?” He found another link point for social relationships. Yue Song said: “We are all both in the student union and have dealt with each other.”

It has a spiritual nature to have spoken these words, but its social level is even lower than ‘acquaintance’.

Everyone at the dining table except Zhang Heling could understand.

Xu Lichen didn’t know Zhang Yansheng’s cousin, so he didn’t feel anything. But for Zhang Huan and Zhang Yansheng, Yue Song’s distance from Zhang Qi, which is their close relative, was clear at a glance.

After all, Yue Song took the initiative to call Zhang Huan to have dinner together, talking and laughing, respectfully and affectionately. If he is asked about it by others in the future, it’s absolutely not just ‘dealing with each other’.

The atmosphere at the dining table was very harmonious.

But when Zhang Huan went to the bathroom together, Yue Song turned to Xu Lichen, glanced at him and Zhang Yansheng, and asked with a smile, “Is Lichen Yansheng’s boyfriend?”

Xu Lichen was drinking the same juice as Zhang Heling, and when he heard the words, he turned his head and spurted out the juice with a “puff”!

The seats of this round table are arranged like this: Zhang Huan is in the main seat, and when Zhang Yansheng and the others came, Yue Song was already sitting next to Zhang Huan. So, Zhang Yansheng sat down next to Yue Song, Xu Lichen sat next to Zhang Yansheng, and Zhang Heling sat between Xu Lichen and Zhang Huan.

In clockwise order, it is Zhang Huan, Yue Song, Zhang Yansheng, Xu Lichen, Zhang Heling, and then back to Zhang Huan.

Xu Lichen was frightened by Yue Song’s words. On his right hand was Zhang Yansheng, and he didn’t have a decade of courage to spray on Zhang Yansheng. So, he forcibly turned his head to the left and sprayed all the juice on… Zhang Heling’s skirt.

Zhang Heling: “…”

Zhang Heling performed a flower face that was discolored and full of tears on the spot.

Don’t look at her usual appearance at home and school, she actually always imitates her sister and pretends to be cold. She wants to be an alpha with all her heart. When she encounters such a situation, her weak, pitiful, and helpless appearance will be revealed.

Xu Lichen coughed “ahem, ahem, ahem”, pulled a tissue to wipe his mouth, then pulled a lot of tissue to wipe Zhang Heling’s skirt, and apologized: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Don’t cry, don’t cry! Big brother will go downstairs to buy you a new skirt later!”

But Zhang Yansheng looked at Yue Song.

For the whole day, Yue Song looked so gentle and harmless. Zhang Yansheng has been observing, always feeling as if something is wrong. Although he was basically a stranger, she always felt that the young man whom she had met in the previous life and rushed into the private room to save her shouldn’t just be like this.

There is always something missing.

She didn’t expect that when Zhang Huan left, Yue Song showed a different side of him.

Although he asked with a smile, the light in his eyes clearly showed the aggressiveness unique to male animals.

The ‘person’ in Zhang Yansheng’s mind suddenly became well-developed.

Yue Song saw her deep eyes lit up, she smiled and replied, “No, I regard him as a brother.”

Xu Lichen was so scared like this, so Yue Song knew that all his previous guesses were about to be overturned.

Although the word ‘friend’ can be used obviously, Zhang Yansheng used ‘brother’ to express that the relationship between her and Xu Lichen should be better than a friend. However, she clearly denied the intimate relationship between men and women.

Although he didn’t take the initiative to talk to her today, she was surprisingly quiet, her eyes were calm with scrutiny. It was only at this moment that Yue Song saw in her eyes the same light as when she rushed to him with her sister in her arms a few days ago.

So, everything is not only an illusion to him.

It is a wonderful thing for a young man and a young woman to be able to clearly observe each other’s feelings.

There was a faint light in Yue Song’s inky eyes, and Zhang Yansheng’s cold face broke through the ice with a smile. The temperature and smell of the air have become different.

“Hurry up and eat while my dad is away.” Zhang Yansheng said, “He keeps talking, so you haven’t eaten much.”

As soon as Zhang Huan spoke, Yue Song stopped eating to show respect. Indeed, he hasn’t eaten much.

“Okay.” Yue Song picked up the chopsticks, “Jiao Liu meatballs are good.”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Crystal pig skin jelly is good as well, and it tastes refreshing in summer.”

Zhang Heling went to B City for the first time, and when she ordered food, she ordered all the specialties of B City for her.

So those beautiful hands with distinct joints, holding on to the chopsticks, firmly clamped a piece of crystal pig skin jelly into Zhang Yansheng’s plate. He put the second piece to his plate.

Zhang Heling was holding her skirt and Xu Lichen was holding a tissue. The two of them felt as if they were integrated with the air.

But the two people who regarded them as air, eat their meals calmly, occasionally talking, and commenting on the dishes. They all whispered softly, obviously they didn’t want their words to be heard by irrelevant people.

Zhang Heling: I always feel… that there is a strange atmosphere in the air.

Xu Lichen: H*ly sh*t!

Zhang Huan came back from the bathroom and took a seat.

Yue Song used a public chopstick to pick up dishes for him: “Uncle Zhang, Jiao Liu meatballs can’t be cold, eat them while they are hot.”

Obviously, he was still ‘Young Master Zhang’ before going to the bathroom.

Although Yue Song is young, his maternal cousin, Xue Xintong, and Zhang Huan are business partners. The two of them are friends of the same generation, and it is appropriate for him to call him as ‘Young Master Zhang’.

But Zhang Huan looked at him favorably and preferred to call him ‘Uncle Zhang’.

“Good, good.” He said with a smile on his eyebrows, thinking to himself, what a good boy, a hundred times better than someone.

In a blink of an eye, the person was looking at him with strange eyes, and Zhang Huan became even more discouraged. What kind of look is that? If it weren’t for the pitiful family affairs of that kid, he would have to say a few words to him in public.

Xu Lichen also picked up a meatball for himself and stuffed it into his mouth. A small ball bulged on his cheek and he chewed it slowly.

He’s being considered as a wild boar to guard against, but he’s holding in his hands a cabbage which can be considered as a treasure in the family.

Xu Lichen watched Zhang Huan being coaxed into a smile by Yue Song… You should be cautious, Uncle!

After dinner, they went back to the hotel. Before going to bed, Zhang Yansheng received Yue Song’s message for the first time: “What are your plans for tomorrow?

Zhang Yansheng replied: “I will take my sister to see the Forbidden City. She came to B City for the first time.”

“It’s so hot now, remember to take an umbrella.”

“I’ll pray for it to be cloudy tomorrow.”

Yue Song laughed and said, “Then I’ll see you at the premiere tomorrow.”

Zhang Yansheng bent her eyes and replied, “Okay.”

Yue Song: “Good night.”

Zhang Yansheng: “Good night.”

The next day, Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Huan took Zhang Heling to visit the Forbidden City. This is a must-see spot in B City, so anyone who comes to B City for the first time will come here.

Fortunately, it was cloudy that day and not so sunny. Otherwise, the sun in July and August in B City can roast people.

Zhang Huan looked around on the platform of the Hall of Supreme Harmony with great emotion.

“The last time I came here was with your mother, and the first time was when I was a student. This is my third time here.” He sighed, “Although the Forbidden City is here and this location will never be changed, and you can come in by just buying a ticket, but how many times can a person come here in a lifetime? Even those locals in B City have not come here for more than 10 or 20 years. It is estimated that after this trip, unless I am on a whim, I probably will not be able to come here again.”

Zhang Yansheng led Zhang Heling over: “You are getting old.”

“Hey! What nonsense are you saying?” Zhang Huan followed them angrily, “How old is Dad? Let me tell you, I am still in my prime! You don’t know anything!”

Visiting the Forbidden City is completely physical work. After visiting, Zhang Huan and Zhang Heling couldn’t hold on.

“That’s the physical strength in the prime of life?” Zhang Yansheng commented, “Lack of training.”

Zhang Yansheng’s physical strength is fine, but her feet hurt after walking.

The three of them went back to the hotel and had their lunch. When they returned to their rooms, they took a shower, arranged a wake-up call service, and took a nice nap.

When he was called up on the phone, Zhang Huan felt that his strength had recovered, but his calf felt a little swollen. Is he really that old?

He stood up and twisted his waist three times to the left and three times to the right, and knocked on his daughters’ rooms: “Get up, don’t sleep for too long, it will affect your sleep at night!”

A thoughtful father!

Zhang Yansheng’s voice came out: “I woke up early.”

When he heard that voice, it was full of strength and energy, which made Zhang Huan inexplicably jealous.

He went to knock on Zhang Heling’s door again, and after a long time, there was a kitten-like voice humming: “Oww.”

It took a long time for Zhang Heling to come out in a daze. The considerate father had already asked the room service to deliver the freshly squeezed juice: “Here.”

Under the cool freshly squeezed juice, Zhang Heling was resurrected with blood, and she was alive and kicking again.

Only Zhang Huan still feels that his legs are sore, as if he is really old!

After playing a game with his little daughter in the living room for half an afternoon, Zhang Huan said, “Go, remind your sister about the premiere this evening.” 

Zhang Heling ran over and knocked on the door, probed in and said, “Sister, Dad asked me to remind you to prepare…”

“Got it.” Zhang Yansheng sat at the dressing table, “I’m putting on makeup.”

Zhang Heling was reminded!

“Ah! I want to transform too!” She dashed back to her room.

Zhang Heling’s makeup is just putting on lipstick. She used a very light pale pink color, which matched her snow-white skin, without the abrupt feeling of a child’s makeup.

When Zhang Yansheng walked out of the room, Zhang Huan exclaimed, “Hoh!”

Zhang Yansheng was speechless: “Why do you say ‘hoh’ every time you see my makeup?”

Zhang Huan: “Your makeup is called ‘hoh’. Look and see why wouldn’t I say ‘hoh’ to our Hehe.”

“The lips are too red and the skirt is too short.” Zhang Huan began to be picky, “Anyway, you are still a high school student.”

“I’m wearing cycling shorts.” Zhang Yansheng didn’t want to pay attention to him, “Don’t be so feudal or I’ll look for my grandma to scold you!”

Since the old lady was mentioned, Zhang Huan was discouraged. The three of them went downstairs.

The premiere was held in the theater in this complex.

A red carpet was laid out, and the entrance was filled with baskets of flowers for celebration. Among the people there were Zhang Yansheng, Zhang Huan, and Xu Lichen.

There are a lot of people, there are invited reporters, there are news media with verified accounts, and there are all kinds of other people. The most distinguished of these are naturally investors like Zhang Yansheng.

The financial backers.

Before entering, Zhang Heling smelled the scent of popcorn and her nose twitched.

After signing, Zhang Yansheng saw Yue Song as soon as he entered. He and Mo Lin were talking.

It’s amazing, obviously there are so many people, but Zhang Yansheng can see him at a glance.

“Big Sister Mo!” Zhang Yansheng called out Mo Lin.

Mo Lin looked around and happily went over: “Yansheng.”

Yue Song turned around with Mo Lin and saw Zhang Yansheng.

Under the searchlight, on the thin black dress, the black sequins flashed with the shaking.

This girl didn’t hesitate to show her beauty, with slender legs and blazing lips.

The beautiful lip shape is outlined with a strong positive red color to form a seductive outline.

Yue Song’s gaze was glued to the red flame-like red lips for a long time, before he looked away.

He remembered why he deleted her photo in front of his cousin Xue Xintong in the first place —

Some people just grow up on the aesthetics of others, and when people see it, they become interested.

However, she is still too young.

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