February 24, 2022

Chapter 84: Clean and Orderly

Yue Song stared at the photo for a long time, then slowly said, “It’s impossible…”

Although the more he looks at it carefully, the more he feels that the girl is really young, but… her face does not have the innocence and sentimentality that a girl of 15 or 16 would have. It’s hard for Yue Song to believe that she is only a freshman in high school.

Yue Song is already a sophomore in college. Because of his family background, he is a bit more mature than his peers, so in Yue Song’s heart, a high school freshman… is still a child.

Xue Xintong was speechless: “Why would I lie to you? She said it herself. I asked her earlier when I gave them my greetings. I thought she was a college student and asked her how old she is. She said she was a freshman in high school.”

His cousin’s tone is serious, and she is not a person who jokes incessantly.

Yue Song pinched the middle of his eyebrows: “Are the little girls nowadays so precocious?”

Xue Xintong laughed, took his mobile phone from Yue Song’s hand, took a closer look at it, and agreed: “She really looks more mature than her real age.”

She thought for a while and said, “Maybe it’s because of her family situation. Her mother has been dead for several years. She grew up in the hands of her stepmother, so she became more mature than her peers.”

Yue Song raised his eyebrows: “Is she having a bad time?”

Xue Xintong teased: “Why, if she is having a bad time, do you want to be the Prince Charming who saves Cinderella? Take a closer look at the temperament of this little girl’s eyes, does she look like Cinderella squatting in the kitchen picking up beans?”

Xue Xintong was more certain that Zhang Huan’s daughter should not have been mistreated. Because when Zhang Huan introduced his daughter, his eyes and attitude were full of affection and love.

Besides, if she is an unfavored daughter, with the kind of ‘where there is a stepmother, there will be a stepfather’, Zhang Huan probably will not bring her there. Zhang Huan brought a daughter of this age to this kind of occasion, obviously he brought a child to meet the world.

It really doesn’t look like it.

Her hair, makeup, and clothing are exquisite. If she was treated badly by her stepmother, you will always see some flaws in these details. She didn’t have it on her body, and it was obvious that at least there was no grievance in material terms.

In terms of temperament, people who are often bullied will cringe or be gloomy when they see others, and neither does she. The indifference in her eyes made her look a bit more mature than her peers, and there is a kind of alienation that strangers shouldn’t approach, which gives people an intuitive impression of ‘she is not easy to bully’ at first glance.

Yue Song was relieved. He took his cellphone back, looked at the photo again, moved his finger, and clicked on the ‘Delete’ button.

“Hey, why would you delete it?” Xue Xintong smiled, “She’ll turn 18 in a blink of an eye, and it’s going to be fast.” 

“Those who play and raise young ones are all perverts.” Yue Song was unmoved, “I’m not like them.” 

After speaking, he clicked on ‘Confirm’ button.

Zhang Yansheng’s maternal uncle called Zhang Huan: “The children are on vacation, so I want to take Yanyan out to play with them. Dongdong hadn’t seen his sister for a long time.”

Her uncle lives in S City, and he came to see Zhang Yansheng once two months ago. It’s a holiday now, and their family is going to travel, and her uncle wants Zhang Yansheng to go with them.

After all, according to her uncle’s understanding, Zhang Huan, the father, doesn’t care much about his children.

Zhang Huan greeted her uncle enthusiastically, checked her aunt’s health, cared about her cousin’s test scores, and then resolutely rejected her uncle.

“We also have arrangements to travel and the whole family will go together. If Yanyan is not there, her younger brother and sister will not be happy.”

When her uncle came to visit last time, he did not have any contact with Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng. He did not know that the relationship between Zhang Yansheng and her younger brother and sister was very different from before. When he heard Zhang Huan say this, he was so angry that he was full of smoke.

When facing Zhang Yansheng, of course, he had to persuade his niece not to take Liang Yingying to heart, but to live her own life.

But Zhang Huan was a bastard who made illegitimate children when his sister was still alive, so her uncle always hated him. If it weren’t for the niece who was still at Zhang’s house, her uncle would never have spoken to Zhang Huan again.

After being rejected by Zhang Huan, his uncle called Zhang Yansheng directly: “If you want to come, your uncle will pick you up. Let’s just ignore your father.”

Zhang Yansheng heard that her uncle was angry. She comforted her uncle for a long time with a gentle voice, but she did not agree to go with him.

After all, her uncle has his own home. Who doesn’t want his family to be neat and tidy? It’s always awkward to have an outsider.

Moreover, her uncle originally thought about taking her on holiday trips because he felt that Zhang Huan was not good enough for her. If she agrees, wouldn’t it even confirm that Zhang Huan treats her badly?

She deliberated for a while and said, “My dad has been preparing for a long time and he will wait for our holiday to take us out to play.” Her uncle said, “I don’t want that woman to make you angry and you won’t be happy to play.”

Zhang Yansheng said, “My dad said not to take her, only me and my younger brother and sister. He knew that it was impossible for me and the person surnamed Liang to get together.”

Her uncle was surprised, he raised his voice and asked, “Really?”

Zhang Yansheng said with certainty: “He said it himself. Besides, if he doesn’t count what he says, it’s a big deal for me not to go, and he can’t force me. However, I think he will do what he says.”

Her uncle was keenly aware that the relationship between Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Huan had obviously been greatly repaired compared to before.

Her uncle must be willing to let Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Huan get along well. After all, they are father and daughter. Zhang Huan is the key determinant of how much assets Zhang Yansheng can get in the future.

Her uncle stopped persuading her to go with them and said, “You have fun then.”

Zhang Yansheng said softly: “Definitely. You have fun with aunt and Dongdong too.”

After hanging up the call, the smile on her face disappeared, she snorted, and went downstairs to find Zhang Huan. She threw her cellphone which almost hit Zhang Huan’s face. She asked aggressively: “What did you say to my uncle which made him unhappy?”

Zhang Huan was aggrieved: “Nothing, I’m so polite to elder brother, so how can I upset him?”

Zhang Yansheng’s eyes were full of disbelief.

Zhang Huan was even more aggrieved: “Your uncle wants to take you out to play. During this long holiday, every family goes out clean and orderly. Although your mother is gone, I, your father, is still here! How can you disturb the three-person world of your uncle and aunt? Besides, it’s not that you don’t understand what your uncle means. Your uncle always secretly thinks that I am not good to you. When did Dad wrong you? Look at how much pocket money you have, it has to be 10 times more than that of Dongdong! No, I don’t think that it’s about 10 times!”

He was still very angry, feeling that he had been wronged and suffered a great grievance.

Zhang Yansheng rubbed her forehead.

“My uncle, he has never said in front of me that you are not good.” She declared, “Not only did he not, every time he mentioned you, he persuaded me to get along with you.”

“I know, I know.” Zhang Huan hurriedly said, “He’s my elder brother-in-law, I understand. There is nothing to say about his character, and he will definitely not do that kind of thing that speaks ill behind someone’s back. It’s just that… I can’t help but worry about it.”

Seeing Zhang Yansheng’s fierce eyes, he hurriedly said, “I’m not worrying about it, I care about you! But didn’t Dad arrange a trip too? Dad told you a few days in advance. You can’t leave Dad, Hehe, and Shuoshuo halfway, and run to your uncle, right? How should I say it, we are a family, ah!”

Zhang Yansheng breathed a sigh of relief speechlessly, and asked, “Then, did you arrange something for your little wife?”

Zhang Huan immediately stated: “I have arranged it, and she will leave tomorrow!”

“?” Zhang Yansheng said, “Where is she going?”

Liang Yingying will go to T Country.

Zhang Huan asked the secretary to arrange air tickets and hotels for her, and paid for her to invite a few younger sisters to travel together.

This gave Liang Yingying a lot of face in front of her younger sisters, and all she heard along the way were envious compliments from her girlfriends.

But she didn’t know that as soon as she set off in the morning, Zhang Huan called up the two small children and told them: “The aunts will help you pack your luggage and prepare summer clothes, and we will take the plane tonight. We are going to Indian… Ocean~”

Zhang Heling cheered.

Zhang Shuocheng pouted: “I’m going to ski!”

Zhang Huan poked his forehead: “You can ski next time. Let’s enjoy the sun and the beach first!”

The two younger ones went upstairs to pack their things, and Zhang Huan talked to Zhang Yansheng to take credit: “I arranged it well, right?”

But Zhang Yansheng didn’t find this interesting, shook her head, and went upstairs.

In the evening, Zhang Huan took his three children and Aunt Wang, who would take care of Zhang Shuocheng, and set off enthusiastically.

Target: A certain island nation in the Indian Ocean.

From K City, where the north wind is strong, to an island with a tropical climate.

The sky is blue, the water color is turquoise, and the beach is delicate and milky.

Zhang Huan stood up, took off his sunglasses, and said, “I’ll show you…”

He raised his cellphone and pointed it into the water: “Look, Hehe and Shuoshuo are thumping there. Yanyan… Yanyan? Oh, she’s floating there. An aunt is here, so don’t worry. The three of them are good at swimming, and Shuoshuo can swim in the deep water. He is a kid with good physical strength, and I can’t catch up with him when he runs. The aunt can also swim, so don’t worry, see… look at him.”

The old lady Zhang was on the video call with him, watching the children having fun, and she rarely praised this stupid son: “You finally look like a father.”

Zhang Huan has a toothache. Why does everyone think he is not a good father?

He raised his cellphone and yelled at the children: “Say hello to Grandma!”

Zhang Shuocheng yelled, “Grandma! Look at me! Look at me!” He’s fluttering in the water like a little seal.

Zhang Huan chuckled and told the old lady: “When his two sisters pressed him down to apply sunscreen to him, he screamed like a pig being killed.”

He called out his daughters again: “Hehe, Yanyan–“

Zhang Heling waved her hand vigorously and shouted: “Grandma!”

Zhang Yansheng also raised her hand and waved at Zhang Huan. The weather was really pleasant, and she also showed a pleasant smile.

“That’s right, you have to often go out with the children.” The old lady praised Zhang Huan in particular, “Your arrangement is not bad this time.”

Zhang Huan understood what this ‘not bad’ meant.

He hung up the call and lay down on the recliner, the sun was peaceful, the breeze was peaceful, and the beach was peaceful.

The eldest daughter is already slender, the youngest daughter is well-behaved and caring, and even the naughtiest youngest son looks very pleasing to the eye.

Zhang Huan put on sunglasses and bathed in the sun.

So peaceful!

On the other side, Liang Yingying, the enviable Mrs. Zhang, who was in the limelight in front of the younger sisters, accidentally turned on her cellphone while playing and looked at her Moments.

A middle-aged man like Zhang Huan doesn’t even post pictures in Moments for private trips.

Zhang Yansheng was not interested in this either.

But elementary school students will!

Zhang Heling’s profile is full of sunshine, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters.

A family of four seems to be clean and orderly, and does not violate the harmony.

No one seems to mind that there should be a fifth person included.

Liang Yingying felt nothing but black in her eyes and almost spewed a mouthful of old blood.

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