February 23, 2022

Chapter 83: High School Freshman

“Wow, she is a legendary young lady from a noble family, right?” Qian Wei held up the camera, “I’ll take a photo to show it to Lao Zhao and the others. Okay, I’m sending it to the group.”

Yue Song clicked on the dormitory group chat, glanced at it twice, and smiled: “Do you still edit the picture after taking it?”

“What? No? Let me see.” Qian Wei turned on the camera settings, convinced that he hadn’t turned on the beauty effect, “It wasn’t turned on!”

“No?” Yue Song stared at the photo, a little incredulous.

Qian Wei poked his head over: “Why don’t you just say that she’s beautiful?”

He also stared for a while.

The two of them were silent for a moment, and then looked up to see the girl in the audience.

Her makeup is very cold, and her skin is flawless under the light, as if she had a beautiful face scrub in reality.

“Make-up technique!” Qian Wei insisted, “It must be a make-up technique! I don’t believe it! What kind of foundation, concealer, etc., as soon as you remove the makeup, she will definitely just…”

Qian Wei couldn’t continue talking.

Although they were separated by a distance, it could be seen that the girl’s makeup was not strong. The color of the lipstick is obviously gorgeous, but it gives people a cold feeling.

He felt that even if this girl removes her makeup, her appearance should… not change much.

Qian Wei was speechless: “If it’s not makeup, that means that her skin is this great, huh?”

Speaking of his crush, senior sister Jiang, who had a few acne spots on her forehead because she was too busy recently. She was born very white and her skin did not have the same effect as this kind of microdermabrasion.

“F*ck.” Qian Wei said angrily. “She has money and good looks, and I can’t even pick out blemishes on her skin. This is too enviable!”

Yue Song laughed, put away his cellphone, and looked at the girl for a while.

Pleasing to the eye.

Zhang Yansheng always felt as if someone was looking at her.

She cast her eyes to the side of the stage. The spotlights on the stage were cast down, forming a light curtain, and it was impossible to see what was behind the light curtain.

Zhang Yansheng retracted her gaze, her attention was completely attracted by Xue Xintong on the stage.

Standing on the stage, this big sister was full of momentum. That aura is not the cool, handsome tyrannical drag of a stupid young woman, but it has been polished over time and constructed from knowledge and experience.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t know why, but she couldn’t look away from this big sister.

She didn’t know why but something had sprouted from the bottom of her heart and broke through the ground. Although she was still young, she had a direction.

The auction went smoothly and there were no unsuccessful auctions.

Xue Xintong alone took two or three pieces, including an antique classic car.

Zhang Huan got an enamel clock from the Qing Dynasty: “Your grandma likes this kind of thing, let’s send it to her when we get back.”

He also asked Zhang Yansheng if there was anything she liked. The auctioned items are mainly antiques. How could a young woman like Zhang Yansheng like them? She just said, “None.”

But she has been very quiet on the way back. Although she is usually very quiet, the silence at this moment can be described as her being taciturn.

Zhang Huan felt some and asked with a smile, “Were you bored?”

“No, I think it was interesting.” Zhang Yansheng said.

Zhang Huan let out an “Oh” and asked, “Would you still like to come with dad from now on?”

Zhang Yansheng nodded: “If I have time, I will.”

Zhang Huan is in a good mood. Not only did he complete a mission after his talk with the old lady, but he also promoted feelings with his daughter, killing two birds with one stone.

Moreover, when his daughter gets older, she should also come out to meet more talents.

He was thinking about it, but suddenly he heard Zhang Yansheng ask, “How can I become a person like Director Xue?”

Zhang Huan was startled and looked at Zhang Yansheng.

His daughter was looking at him with a serious expression that he had never seen before, her eyes were full of seriousness.

The words that the old lady said to him alone after the National Day rang in his ears — “This child is very confused now”.

At this moment, Zhang Huan suddenly felt the weight of the word ‘father’ and felt the responsibility on his shoulders.

He propped up his seat, straightened his body, and asked rhetorically, “Do you want to be like her in the future?”

Zhang Yansheng did not answer ‘yes’ directly. She looked at Zhang Huan and asked a rhetorical question back: “How about you? What kind of person do you want me to be in the future?”

Zhang Yansheng’s hand clenched into a fist unconsciously.

She stared at Zhang Huan, wondering about his answer.

“Me?” Zhang Huan said, he thought for a while, and recalled the past, “You have studied well since you were a child. Your mother and I have great expectations of you. At that time, as a father, I thought that my daughter is so smart and when she grows up, I will teach her how to do business hand in hand…”

His eyes suddenly became wet.

“Your mother thinks so too. She herself is a person who can’t relax. She can put things together and stay up for three days and three nights for a proposal. Your grandmother likes her very much. If your mother hadn’t died due to illness, now that others mention these famous women with surnames in our K City, your mother’s name should be on it…”

Zhang Yansheng’s fist clenched tighter.

Zhang Huan sniffed and said, “Yanyan, don’t be afraid. Your mother is gone, but Dad is here. Dad is still young and can still live for many years. When you get older, Dad will teach you to ensure that you will not be worse than Xiao Xue in the future!”

Didn’t you just use some money to send me off?

Why do you still say such a thing?

Zhang Yansheng didn’t know how to proceed with this statement.

Zhang Huan saw her dazed expression, then he broke into a smile through tears.

She usually looks quite outstanding and has a great idea, but she is actually still a child. In this kind of matter, the ultimate goal is to find the person who gave birth to her and raised her to seek answers and remove her doubts.

Zhang Huan patted her hand: “Don’t worry, how old are you? Right now, just study hard and get into a better university. You don’t need to think about other stuff. You and Hehe are both so smart. Dad will train you both into Little Zhangs in the future. Anyone who sees my daughters in the future will have to say: Oh, this Zhang Huan can really raise his children, and these children are not worse than Director Xue!”

He fantasized about the future and became proud. Suddenly remembering that he still had a son, he was discouraged: “However Shuoshuo, this kid is worthless. Hey, what you said makes sense. This kid still has to be controlled more strictly. Otherwise, I’m really afraid that he will be like President Xue’s son in the future, and he won’t learn well…”

He talked about this, rambling.

Zhang Yansheng remembers that he was not a person who talked so much before.

Is he that old? When people get older, it’s much easier for them to talk. It is also easy for them to shed tears.

In the second half of the journey, Zhang Yansheng kept holding her chin and looking at the street view outside the window…

The charity event ended smoothly, Yue Song and the others were busy again, and the finishing work was done. The task of the demolition of the stage was the PR company’s business.

The person in charge of them also said “Thank you for your hard work” to them and told them that they could leave.

“It’s over.” Qian Wei stretched out his old waist and sighed, “Today, I have really seen the world. These rich people didn’t hesitate to hold up their placards. They are impatient with the price increase of 100,000, then directly increased to 500,000 and 800,000, shouting millions at every turn. D*mn.”

Senior sister Jiang laughed: “Don’t you feel more motivated to fight? Although we are not a rich second generation, we must work hard to be a rich generation!”

“Senior Sister, you are so ambitious. It’s better to do this, you become a rich generation, and then take care of me. I don’t want to struggle anymore. It’s still comfortable to be paralyzed, Yue Song, don’t you think so?”

The three of them talked and laughed while going downstairs to the hotel lobby.

Qian Wei asked, “Senior Sister, how are you going back?”

Senior sister Jiang had a sweet smile on her face: “Zhang Bo came over to pick me up. Hey, he’s here!” She said, waving towards the sofa in the lobby.

Her handsome boyfriend had been waiting for her for an hour. He came over and took her hand when he heard them.

He is a graduate student of K University. Both Qian Wei and Yue Song greeted him: “Senior Brother Zhang.”

Senior brother Zhang knew that Yue Song had found this opportunity, so he thanked Yue Song again: “Thank you.”

Yue Song said, “Senior Brother, you are welcome. Senior Sister has always taken good care of us in the student union.” After the greetings were over, the two watched the sweet couple leave.

Qian Wei let out a sigh with envy.

Yue Song patted him on the shoulder.

Senior sister Jiang is beautiful and has a good personality, and she is a goddess-level figure in the student union. Senior brother Zhang is tall and handsome, and he is also a grassroot figure in the school.

The two of them are a well-known couple in school, and they are a perfect match.

So, if you have a crush on this kind of person, just… keep it secret.

“What are you doing?” Qian Wei shook his shoulder and shook Yue Song’s hand off, “It’s as if I’m out of love. Can’t I just envy it? It’s not that I don’t have self-knowledge. Even if Senior Sister Jiang is not with Senior Brother Zhang, it is impossible for her to notice me.”

Qian Wei is a sensible person, Yue Song smiled.

Qian Wei put his hands over Yue Song’s shoulder this time and said: “Let’s walk around, I am too tired today to take the subway. Let’s take a taxi back to school and I will pay for it! But I can’t eat with you anymore, I have an evening train ticket, so I have to leave when I go back to pick up my bag.”

The other classmates have gone home after the winter vacation. Qian Wei belongs to the city next door. Because he has followed this project until now, he specially applied to the school and still lives in the dormitory. Because they have been working all together these days, Yue Song is also living in the dormitory.

Yue Song said, “I still have something to do, so I have to go home first. I won’t go back to school today.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll treat you to dinner when school starts.” Qian Wei is thinking about returning the favor this time.

Yue Song responded with a smile and watched him get into the taxi.

When Qian Wei left, Yue Song took out his cellphone and made a call: “I’m at the gate of the hotel.”

Soon a black Bentley drove over, and Yue Song opened the door and got into the car. It was his cousin, Xue Xintong, who was sitting in the car. She said in disgust: “You are too low-key.”

Yue Song’s clothes are very ordinary, and there is no big brand from head to toe. His classmates and even roommates, which he has good relationships with, do not know his family background. And Xue Xintong is notoriously fond of high-profile.

Yue Song smiled: “So what? My surname is Yue and not Xue.”

Xue Xintong spat at him.

The two talked about today’s auction, who chatted with whom speculatively, who said that they are going to cooperate on a project, and who and who are going to fight for a piece of land in front of the Provincial Party Committee leaders.……

After almost finishing their chat, Yue Song took out his cellphone and handed it over: “Sister Xintong, let me ask you about someone, do you know who she is?”

Xue Xintong glanced at it and said “Hoh”, with a smile in his eyes: “What’s the matter? Do you like her?”

Yue Song said, “Tell me who she is first.”

The girl is very young, and there are middle-aged men sitting on her left and right sides. Yue Song didn’t know who she came with, and he was a little worried about her identity — she was so beautiful. He was worried that she was an 18th-line starlet and didn’t know whose old man did she follow.

Although the contact time is very short, it is difficult to forget such a beautiful girl. What’s more, people like Xue Xintong almost never forget anyone she met. She returned the phone to Yue Song and teased him: “Don’t worry, it’s a girl from a decent family. She’s a granddaughter of Mrs. Zhang’s family.”

Yue Song asked, “Which Zhang family?”

It is said that she is the old lady of the Zhang family, but in fact, the old lady’s surname is Song. Xue Xintong said, “It’s old lady, Song Lanying.”

The old lady, Song Lanying, is also ranked among the strong women in K City. As soon as Xue Xintong mentioned her, Yue Song knew and nodded: “That Zhang family.”

He suddenly remembered and asked, “Her father is Zhang Yu?”

“No, Zhang Yu is her uncle.” Xue Xintong said, “Her father is Zhang Huan. I have a project and I am talking about cooperation with him.”

So, this girl and Zhang Qi are not sisters, but cousins.

Yue Song just thought that it was good, when he heard Xue Xintong say with a smile, “However, this girl…”

Yue Song heard that his cousin’s voice sounded not quite right, so he raised his eyes: “What’s wrong?”

Xue Xintong couldn’t hold back her laughter and finally revealed: “She is a first-year high school student this year!”

She laughed to death, this little cousin of her family, who is always above the top, has a crush on a high school freshman!

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