February 22, 2022

Chapter 82: Younger Male Cousin

On the way, Zhang Huan gave her a brief talk about the theme and background of this charity event and the important guests. Incidentally, he talked about the Zhang family and some of the charities he did by himself.

Zhang Yansheng was a little surprised: “Has our family done so much?”

“Of course.” Zhang Huan said, “We have been doing it for many years.”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t know.

In her previous life, she had already embarked on the path of a rebellious girl since this time. Zhang Huan and her did not have the opportunity to attend any activities together, let alone such an atmosphere of teaching, learning, and listening.

Zhang Yansheng has a lot of things she doesn’t know.

She suddenly realized that with Zhang Huan’s charity, the father who made her gritted her teeth with hatred in her previous life might also be the best good person in the world and in the hearts of other poor children.

Zhang Yansheng’s feelings are a bit complicated.

Why are people such complex creatures?

The longer Zhang Yansheng was reborn, the more she couldn’t understand.

When they got there, it was indeed an environment where the light and shadow were intertwined, and the clothes and sideburns were shadowy. No wonder Liang Yingying was so jealous that the smile on her face was deformed when she sent them out.

She likes to be ‘Mrs. Zhang’ the most.

Zhang Yansheng took Zhang Huan’s arm and followed him to greet others.

Zhang Huan has many people he knows here. Some of them let Zhang Yansheng call them “President X” and “Director X”, while others let Zhang Yansheng call them “Uncle X” and “Grandpa X”.

When someone else is around, that person will also introduce Zhang Huan to a stranger, making a ‘long-admiring’ greeting and conversation.

Many people came with their spouses. Seeing that Zhang Huan is accompanied by such a beautiful young girl, everyone’s reaction is quite consistent. No one will show their surprise, they all smile, but they didn’t say hello to her first.

When Zhang Huan introduced her and said, “This is my daughter, Zhang Yansheng”, the decent smiles on their faces relaxed and became much more sincere.

She doesn’t know what kind of treatment Liang Yingying will receive when she comes to this kind of occasion.

Zhang Yansheng followed Zhang Huan around, and had to admit that her father had left the messy private affairs of the family. When he appeared outside in a neat and dignified manner, he was actually very charming.

Indeed, if you put aside the black spots of private morality and the scum of personality, others can only see his exterior when they look at him.

He is good-looking and has a well-managed figure. He has money and has the aura honed after years of immersion in the business world. He greeted people, talked, and laughed with ease.

The scumbag father in her eyes, in the eyes of others is an ‘uncle’ class man.

But her attention was suddenly attracted by others.

The people introduced to Zhang Huan by a familiar person are surnamed Xu, and they are a couple. The woman held her husband’s arm with a kind and decent smile on her face.

Zhang Huan greeted and complimented each other without changing his expression. After walking away for a while, he asked Zhang Yansheng, “What’s the matter? Do you know them?”

When he was meeting with the couple just now, Zhang Yansheng’s hand holding his arm suddenly tightened.

Zhang Yansheng looked at the Xu couple and told him quietly: “Remember that I had a classmate whose father raised an illegitimate child?”

Zhang Huan suddenly realized: “It’s that him?”

He ate the melons on the spot with relish, looked at the couple for a while, and asked, “Is that his wife? Your classmate’s mother?”

Zhang Yansheng let out a “hmm” and stared at the couple.

Zhang Huan admired and said, “Your classmate’s mother is very good.”

The wife already knew everything about her husband, but she appeared on this occasion holding her husband’s arm, with a kind and decent smile on her face, without flaws. Even when she looked at her husband and smiled, the emotions in her eyes were showing affection.

Zhang Yansheng also said, “Yes, she’s amazing.”

She thought to herself, how could she do it?

She knew that Mother Xu resented and hated Father Xu. She just hadn’t seen them before they officially tore their faces, Mother Xu already surprised her with her smile and appearance.

This control of self-emotions is so powerful that she dazzles and yearns for it.

In her previous life, she was too weak in this aspect, like a small firecracker, she was blown up by Liang Yingying and smashed to the ground.

A woman’s voice suddenly sounded not far away: “Director Zhang!”

Both Zhang Huan and Zhang Yansheng followed, and a woman strode over and stretched out her hand to Zhang Huan.

Zhang Huan shook hands with her: “Director Xue.”

Then he introduced her: “This is my daughter.”

Zhang Yansheng thought she looked familiar just now. As soon as Zhang Huan introduced her, she remembered that she had later seen her in a magazine.

This President Xue is different from the habit of many entrepreneurs who do not appear in public. She is a person who often appears in the media.

She remembered Huang Mao and the others once pointed a cigarette at the woman on the TV and said meanly: “This kind of woman, she looks restless at first sight, who the hell would marry her?”

Zhang Yansheng was born in this circle anyway, and she was speechless at the time: “She’s someone who has a net worth of 10 billion yuan, do you need to worry about whether anyone will marry her?”

This Director Xue looked to be in her 30s. Unlike many wives in this event who were dressed up with jewels, she was wearing a high-set formal dress and did not wear any jewelry. Her long hair is tied behind her head, looking so capable and elegant.

Zhang Huan mentioned her on the road, the daughter of the president of the K City’s Chamber of Commerce, and the organizer of this charity event.

Zhang Yansheng just didn’t associate this name and identity with the faces she had seen in the media in her previous life.

After the greetings, Director Xue and Zhang Huan talked about a project. Zhang Yansheng couldn’t understand too much professional vocabulary, but this woman obviously came to talk to Zhang Huan specifically for this.

It’s just that her time is limited, and there is a voice urging her from her headset. She pressed the headset and replied, “I’m coming”.

“We’ll talk about it another day.” Zhang Huan said.

“Okay, then my secretary will make an appointment with your secretary later.” Director Xue said.

Zhang Huan responded and Director Xue strode away.

She walked very vigorously, and when she passed through a bunch of bejeweled ladies, it was those ladies’ husbands who greeted her.

Zhang Yansheng asked, “She is a very powerful person, right?”

Zhang Huan praised: “She is very powerful.”

He added: “Your classmate’s mother is also very powerful. I have known both the husband and wife before, but today is the first time we have personally met each other.”

Zhang Huan became interested and told Zhang Yansheng, “You should be able to see three or four of the most powerful women in K City today.”

Zhang Yansheng became curious and asked, “The most powerful women? Who are they?”

Zhang Huan took out a finger triumphantly: “First of all, your grandma… don’t laugh, it’s true. Your classmate’s mother, Director Xue, whom you just met, she is the daughter of President Xue…”

Zhang Yansheng said, “I heard that she has a brother?”

She can remember this because Huang Mao and the others pointed to the TV and said, “This woman robbed her brother’s property”, so that’s why “she deserves not to get married.”

However, if someone has a net worth of 10 billion yuan, who the hell cares if they marry or not? Huang Mao’s logic is touching for these people.

“You also know her brother?” Zhang Huan was slightly surprised, and then said, “Her brother can’t do it. He gambles and does drugs, so he’s completely useless.”

Therefore, President Xue handed over the family business to his daughter to inherit.

Zhang Yansheng sneered: “If Zhang Shuocheng is not disciplined well, he will not be much better in the future.”

“He wouldn’t be like that, okay?” Zhang Huan didn’t believe it. That’s how people are. When they talk about others, they are all wise. When they talk about themselves, their eyes are as if they are blind and they can’t see anything.

“He’s still young.” Zhang Huan often says this.

Zhang Yansheng shook her head speechlessly and walked away.

“Hey.” Zhang Huan followed, still muttering to himself, “I’m telling you that he wouldn’t be. How can my children…?”

Director Xue returned backstage, and a young man in a black suit came over with a stack of papers: “Do you want to go through it again?”

He has a tall figure and a clear temperament. It stands out from the crowd among the busy staff.

But if you look closely, what he is wearing is not actually a high-end Western suit, but, like most of the backstage staff, it is neither very exquisite and expensive, nor too rough and cheap, an ordinary work suit.

It will make people feel that their eyes are shining, entirely because of a good life.

“No need, I have remembered it all.” Director Xue said.

The young man handed her a few hard cardboard cards: “Teleprompter cards”. Chief Xue took them, but asked him with a smile: “How is it going, is there any gain?”

“Yes.” The young man said, “Empty talk is better than practice. Some things are easy to take for granted, and you only know what will happen once you start doing it.”

Someone over there called him: “Yue Song!”

The young man turned his head and responded, turning his head: “I’m over here.”

“Go, go ahead.” Director Xue patted him on the shoulder, looking at him completely as her little brother.

Before leaving, Yue Song lowered his voice and said, “Sister Xintong, don’t forget to help me get that antique car and give it to my grandfather.”

Xue Xintong agreed with a smile.

In fact, they are indeed blood cousins. Yue Song’s mother is Director Xue’s aunt.

Yue Song had been busy for a while, and the event activities had officially begun. He could also hear his cousin’s slow and steady voice in the background: “Dear guests, friends, leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, Municipal Party Committee, and Red Cross Association, I would like to welcome everyone on behalf of the K City Business Federation…”

It really started, but he was relaxed.

His roommate, Qian Wei, also leaned over and greeted another person: “Senior Sister, Senior Sister Jiang, come here, you can see clearly from here.”

Senior sister Jiang also came over.

The three of them followed this charity project from the beginning as interns, but on this important occasion, the subsequent work must be handled by real professionals and will not be handed over to the interns, so that’s why they are free now.

“The day is almost over.” Senior sister Jiang sighed.

The junior brother, Yue Song, has a relative in this charity project, and he gave them this opportunity to enter the project as interns. Although they haven’t seen him all the time and they don’t know who the relative of junior brother Yue is, this relative obviously takes care of them very much, letting them follow from beginning to end, and arranging for them to participate more or less in all aspects.

Yue Song also asked the same question: “How is it, is there any gain?”

“Of course, there is.” Senior sister Jiang said, “At school, I thought we’re doing pretty good, but comparing it with this kind of project, the ones we did in school are simply playhouses.”

She said with great interest again: “Yue Song, thank you so much this time. If it weren’t for you, where would this practical opportunity come from?”

Qian Wei put his arms around Yue Song’s neck and picked it up for him: “You’re welcome, you’re welcome, what do you want to thank us for? Senior Sister, you are so kind.”

Senior sister Jiang was happy.

Only when she was free did she feel hot and thirsty, so she went to find water to drink.

As soon as she left, Qian Wei patted Yue Song on the shoulder and said, “Thank you, Lao Yue, I owe you a favor.”

Yue Song didn’t care: “It’s not a problem.”

The student union of K University is not bad and can do some practical things, but as senior sister Jiang said, one-to-one comparison is like playing house.

Xue Xintong asked him if he wanted to come to this project for an internship. He had planned to take a walk in the company’s grassroots level in the past few years, so he came.

Thinking that the opportunity was good, Qian Wei had a good relationship with him, so he brought Qian Wei with him. Qian Wei knew that senior sister Jiang had always wanted to find such a project for an internship. After begging Yue Song, he brought in senior sister Jiang as well.

After being busy for a month until now, after today’s auction is over, they don’t need to do the subsequent follow-ups, and it will be considered over.

The two stood in that position and continued to watch.

Qian Wei suddenly pounded Yue Song with his elbow: “Hey, look over there, there is a very beautiful girl!”

Yue Song looked in the direction he pointed.

He saw her at a glance.

At the very front row position, among the middle-aged people, the girl looked like a sword orchid by the water.

Serene and distinct.

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