February 21, 2022

Chapter 81: Attend an Event

On the way home, Zhang Huan drove the car and hummed a song.

Liang Yingying couldn’t understand why he was happy. She is not happy at all. Every time she goes to the old lady’s place, it is like going to church for her.

The old lady would never look at her directly. As for her noble sister-in-law, when she called her in person, she could turn her head with a smile and pretend that she couldn’t hear her.

She is used to pretending to be transparent on such occasions, so she just begs Zhang Shuocheng not to suddenly make a mistake and let the old lady notice her presence.

Thinking of this, she remembered that Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Heling were two fools who made Zhang Shuocheng’s grades embarrassing. Zhang Yansheng, she doesn’t dare to provoke her at all now. Zhang Heling was born by herself, so she can scold her if she wants.

She turned her head back and said to her biological daughter: “If you can’t speak well in the future, don’t get close to your grandma…”

But before Liang Yingying could speak more, a finger hit the tip of her nose.

“Shut up.” Zhang Huan drove steadily with the steering wheel in one hand, pointed to Liang Yingying with the other, and said, “Quickly, shut up.”

“If you can’t speak well, talk less to your children!”

“Why do you say that to our Hehe, huh? Why?”

“How likable and talkative our Hehe is! Her grandmother likes her, why don’t you let others get close to her? Huh?”

Zhang Huan said with his finger pointing at her. Liang Yingying was afraid of being poked by him, so she could only lean back hard.

She was still aggrieved: “How could she say those things? Look at her, she said that Shoushou only scored 28 points in the math exam, how embarrassing it is for her to say that?”

Zhang Huan said: “Oh? So, you now know that it’s embarrassing? Why don’t you go and teach when your child is studying? No, no, don’t tutor him, forget about your level! We have Hehe, don’t we, right Hehe? Your brother’s studies will be left to you!”

Zhang Heling’s heart has become stronger now, and she is not as aggrieved as before when Liang Yingying said that and tears would flow in her eyes. She was scolded for no reason just now, and was taken aback for a moment. Before she could react, Zhang Huan had already supported her.

She smiled happily and promised: “I will watch him do his winter vacation homework!”

Zhang Shuocheng snorted.

Zhang Yansheng saw the subtle changes in everyone’s status in this family with her eyes.

She tugged at the corners of her mouth, propped her elbows on the window frame, and moved her chin to look at the scenery outside without getting involved.

Anyway, now that Zhang Heling is covered by Zhang Huan, Liang Yingying can’t scold her at will.

Zhang Huan scolded Liang Yingying, and then asked the children: “You are all on vacation, do you want to go somewhere to play? Dad will make arrangements, are we going to ski? Or go to the beach?”

The two little one’s eyes lit up.

Zhang Shuocheng: “Ski!”

Zhang Heling: “Beach!”

Zhang Shuocheng: “Ski! Ski!”

Zhang Huan smiled and said, “Don’t make any noise, don’t make any noise, we will discuss it when we get home.”

He glanced at Zhang Yansheng from the rearview mirror, and cleverly did not ask her opinion in the presence of Liang Yingying.

Otherwise, based on his understanding of this eldest daughter, it is likely that she will give him a cold sentence: I will not travel with your little wife.

Zhang Huan really guessed it right.

Although Zhang Yansheng heard it, she didn’t even want to get involved in their discussion. Let her travel with Liang Yingying? She doesn’t have this dream, okay!

Zhang Huan wanted to give her a cue.

“Yanyan, Yanyan.” He called her.

Zhang Yansheng thought he was going to tell her about the tour, and coolly cast a warning glance in the rearview mirror. Unexpectedly, Zhang Huan said another thing.

“There will be a charity event the day after tomorrow. You can go with dad.” He also glanced at her from the rearview mirror and said that.

Sitting in the middle of the back row, Zhang Heling clearly saw her mother’s face change.

“Husband, I will accompany you.” Liang Yingying said hurriedly.

“Don’t make trouble.” Zhang Huan waved his hand and said, “You are not young anymore, you should go out with me more and have a look around. Your grandma deliberately told me about this after the National Day. I think you have been very busy studying, so I didn’t mention it to you. Now it’s a holiday, so do you have time? Let’s go and see it with your father?”

Zhang Yansheng was surprised.

She once felt confused about the future, and confided this confusion to her grandmother. After talking about it, then it was over for her. When she goes back to school, it’s time to learn and to brush up questions. The life of high school students is so simple and monotonous, and they can’t change to be a flower.

But she didn’t expect that her grandmother had communicated with Zhang Huan specifically for this.

There was a burst of warmth in Zhang Yansheng’s heart.

She couldn’t help but glance at Zhang Huan who was driving. It’s been four months since the National Day, and he’s still thinking about it…

Zhang Yansheng suddenly realized a truth that she had never understood in her previous life.

If you don’t give up on yourself, others won’t give up on you at will.

“Okay.” She raised her jaw slightly and agreed, “What is the dress code?”

“There will be auctions and donations, which are more business-oriented, so be more formal.” Zhang Huan said happily.

Zhang Yansheng nodded: “I got it.”

Zhang Heling has been listening to this conversation, and has also been looking at Liang Yingying’s side face. She clearly saw that Liang Yingying’s face was getting more and more ugly.

Liang Yingying loves this kind of formal occasion the most.

On this kind of occasion with shining lights, she is rich and wealthy, and she accepts people’s gaze as Mrs. Zhang — this is the highlight of Liang Yingying’s life.

And now, Zhang Huan actually deprived her of this happiness and gave it to Zhang Yansheng!

But this was what Zhang Huan meant, and Liang Yingying dared not refute or defy. She actually didn’t even dare to fart.

But she was vomiting to death and hated it to death!

She couldn’t help but glance back.

It’s just that Zhang Yansheng was sitting directly behind the co-pilot, and Liang Yingying couldn’t see Zhang Yansheng unless she turned her neck 180 degrees.

This glimpse was only received by Zhang Heling, who was sitting in the middle of the back row and paying attention to her.


Zhang Heling subconsciously leaned towards Zhang Yansheng.

“Hmm?” Zhang Yansheng asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhang Heling shook her head, did not speak, but leaned her head on Zhang Yansheng.

She’s a little soft, clingy, and quiet. Zhang Yansheng’s hands were itchy and couldn’t help but stroke the smooth black hair on her head.

It feels good!

When they got home, the two little ones went upstairs on their own. Zhang Huan waved her hand to Liang Yingying and dismissed her: “You go up first. I will talk to Yanyan.”

Liang Yingying forcibly kept smiling, and said softly, “Then I will wait for you…” She reluctantly went upstairs.

Zhang Yansheng rubbed the goose bumps on her arms and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“As I said in the car…” Zhang Huan smiled, “Where do you want to go to play?”

Seeing Zhang Yansheng moving her lips to speak, he hurriedly stopped her again: “I know, I know who is it, Hehe’s mother. Dad knows, dad will arrange it, so we will take only your younger brother and sister, the four of us! Without her!”

This kind of travel is not like Zhang Heling’s birthday, just go out for most of the day, as it will take at least several days.

Zhang Yansheng looked at Zhang Huan: “You won’t take your little wife?”

Zhang Huan thought Zhang Yansheng was confirming, so he promised: “No!”

Zhang Yansheng was silent for a long time and said, “You can arrange it.” Then, she turned around and went upstairs.

Zhang Huan stood at the entrance of the stairs and said: “Where do you want to go?”

Zhang Yansheng’s voice came from the upper floor: “The beach…”

This matter is settled.

Zhang Yansheng returned to her room, only to feel a cool feeling.

In this life, she once again experienced Zhang Huan’s coldness. It’s just that in the last life, his coldness was to her and her mother, and in this life, he turned cold to Liang Yingying.

In addition to property and inheritance rights, what is the meaning of marriage? Zhang Yansheng really couldn’t understand.

When Zhang Huan returned to the room, she was warmly ‘greeted’ by Liang Yingying.

Liang Yingying deliberately used pheromone perfume to mobilize Zhang Huan’s little remaining interest in her and carried out a husband-and-wife exercise.

Although it went well, after Zhang Huan fell asleep, Liang Yingying still opened her eyes.

The man has lost interest in her, the feeling is too clear and understandable, it is impossible for her to pretend to be stupid.

A day later, Zhang Huan was going to take Zhang Yansheng to the charity event.

Zhang Yansheng changed her clothes in the cloakroom, walked to the dressing table, and opened her lipstick cabinet.

The full-color lipsticks were inserted into the grid one by one, as shy as a concubine waiting for the emperor’s blessing.

Zhang Heling held her cheeks to watch Zhang Yansheng swipe a finger across an entire row of lipsticks, and finally selected one, took it out, and opened it.

Flame-like red.

“Wow~” she sighed, “It is so red.”

Zhang Yansheng blazed with red lips.

She didn’t put on heavy eye makeup like in the previous life, only drew eyeliner and mascara to compliment her lips color.

The lips color is so red, but the makeup gives people a retro cold feeling.

Zhang Heling opened her eyes wide to see Zhang Yansheng’s skillful makeup technique without blinking.

“Zhang Heling.” Zhang Yansheng twisted the lid of the cosmetics and called her.

Zhang Heling finally recovered: “Yes!”

Zhang Yansheng put the things in her hand back in place and told her, “You have to twist the lipstick back and close the lid again.”

Zhang Heling almost responded “okay”, but fortunately she reacted quickly, squatted and said: “I, I didn’t, no…” The voice was weak, and she was very discouraged when she heard it.

Zhang Yansheng pulled out a pink lipstick, opened it, and rotated it.

As expected, the tip of the lipstick was smashed. Zhang Yansheng has never used this lipstick.

Almost all the spoils were seized and arrested on the spot.

Zhang Heling wilted.

Zhang Yansheng tensed her face and said, “Do you know how I found out?”

Zhang Heling shook her head.

“It was returned in the wrong position, dummy!” Zhang Yansheng gave her a tremor in the forehead.

When she was changing clothes just now, she heard a sound of being pulled apart on the dressing table. When she was putting on makeup, she opened the lipstick cabinet and saw a lipstick inserted upside down in the grid.

The child secretly moved the adult cosmetics, and then put them back in a panic. The appearance was simply lifelike.

Zhang Heling covered her forehead and smirked.

Zhang Yansheng took out two more pink lipsticks, and gave them to Zhang Heling, along with the one that was tipped: “Take it and play with it.”

“Thank you, sister~” Zhang Heling cheered, picked up her new ‘toy’ and ran away happily.

Zhang Yansheng yelled: “No makeup is allowed in school!”

“I know– I know–”

The child has already run outside.

Zhang Yansheng went downstairs, and Zhang Huan was waiting for her there. Hearing the voice, he looked up, a little surprised that she put on makeup.

It was the first time that Zhang Yansheng, at this age, appeared in front of Zhang Huan wearing makeup.

“Hoh.” Looking at her lipstick, he said, “It’s so red!”

He took a closer look at her and said, “You look like a big girl.”

He said again: “Just like your mother, but she doesn’t use lipstick of this color. She likes to use softer colors to look good.”

Zhang Yansheng picked up the bag indifferently: “So, I look ugly now?”

“Hey!” Zhang Huan caught up, “What are you talking about, Dad didn’t mean that. Your makeup is so beautiful! My daughter is a beautiful woman!”

Liang Yingying followed them to the gate, shouting very kindly: “Come back early.”

When the father and daughter left in the car, the smile on her face disappeared and she slammed the door bitterly.

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