February 20, 2022

Chapter 80: Intelligence Quotient

Now that the final exams are over and the holiday has begun, Zhang Huan, the son, took his wife and children to see his mother.

Of course, he made an appointment with his eldest brother’s family, and the two children went to see the old lady together.

For men, this is filial piety. As for how difficult this time is for their wives, it is not the focus of their consideration.

For the old lady, she still likes this kind of time. As you get older, no matter how tough people used to be, they are now beginning to like their children to go around their knees and have a full house of children and grandchildren.

In this kind of family gathering of a large family, of course, the most talked about are the children.

“Hehe is the first in her grade!” Zhang Huan showed off to his mother, proudly putting it on his face.

The old lady pointed her finger at him and cursed with a smile: “Look at you!”

She hugged Zhang Heling again: “Our Hehe is getting better and better!”

Zhang Heling smiled shyly and her small face was glowing.

Zhang Qi smiled and said, “Like when we were young, me, Xiao Lin, and Yanyan, we all took the first and second places in the exam casually. When we got to middle school, we started to work hard, and it was easy to fall if we didn’t work hard. It’s still the happiest in elementary school, which is really enviable. By the way, how was Shoushou’s final exam?”

Zhang Huan kept his smile unchanged, looked at his niece with a smile, and waved his hand: “Forget it.”

Zhang Yansheng suddenly discovered that maintaining a smile is actually an ability. At least now she hasn’t cultivated this kind of ability. She clasped Zhang Shuocheng’s head, who wanted to retreat, with one hand. She said, “It’s okay. He passed this semester.”

Their cousin Zhang Lin laughed loudly. Aunts and uncles all looked like they couldn’t help laughing. Zhang Yansheng looked at her coldly, with such a trace of disdain in her cousin Zhang Qi’s smile. She saw that although her father Zhang Huan kept his smile unchanged, he rubbed his hands on his knees.

Zhang Yansheng was slightly startled.

In their own home, Zhang Huan is the sky. He has the greatest power and influence in the family, and pursues his own happiness and enjoyments as he pleases.

But in front of the old lady, in front of his eldest brother and sister-in-law, he turned out not to be so arbitrary.

Zhang Yansheng looked away and was about to speak, but Zhang Heling had already said what she wanted to say.

She closed her mouth with her little palms, trying to tell her grandmother quietly: “He has made much better progress this time. He failed two subjects last semester and even scored 28 points in the math test…”

But everyone was sitting together in groups, and there was nothing inaudible. Zhang Qi and Zhang Lin laughed even harder.

Liang Yingying’s face was hot, and she couldn’t wait to sew the mouths of Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Heling, these two who couldn’t speak well, so don’t embarrass her!

The old lady was surprised and said: “That is really a great improvement.”

She beckoned to Zhang Shuocheng: “Shuoshuo, come here, come to Grandma.”

Zhang Shuocheng hesitated. Children have very good instincts and can distinguish creatures on top of the food chain. Zhang Shuocheng has always been a little afraid of this grandma. This grandma was not close to him before.

But his eldest sister Zhang Yansheng put her palm on his back and gave him a push.

His second sister Zhang Heling took the initiative to stand up and gave him the position next to his grandmother.

Zhang Shuocheng reached the old lady’s side.

The old lady has sharp eyes and has been observing her children and grandchildren all the time. She has long noticed that Zhang Shuocheng is much more honest than before. Not the kind of honesty that is stupid and honest, this kid’s eyes are still dripping, but he doesn’t dare to be naughty.

She held the little grandson’s hand and asked, “Tell Grandma, why have you made so much progress?”

With Zhang Heling’s first place and the Learning Star award in front, Zhang Shuocheng is actually quite self-aware, knowing that his grades are unmatched. So, he was actually not happy to be with the old lady just now, he thought he would be scolded.

Something like “Your sister can get first place in the grade, how can you pass”, and so on.

The result surprised him. Grandma’s tone seemed to be full of praise and encouragement.

Zhang Shuocheng has never had stage fright. He is different from Zhang Heling. He dares to open a dyeing workshop if he gives some color! Immediately he said loudly: “My sisters and the aunt watch me study every day, so I have made progress!”

The old lady laughed.

Zhang Yansheng saw that Zhang Huan’s smile, which was only ‘maintained’, burst into a real smile again.

Zhang Yansheng suddenly discovered that it was really interesting to observe Zhang Huan from a place other than ‘home’. Even observing Liang Yingying outside, seeing her embarrassed and flattering with a smile, it turned out to be interesting.

In the past, her vision was too limited to the small field of ‘home’, and she saw too little.

“You, you are the little skin monkey!” The old lady smiled and poked Zhang Shuocheng’s forehead, “You have to let your sisters control you more strictly. Remember, what your sisters do is all for your own good. Look at it, as soon as they take care of you, your academic performance will rise, ah! Everyone is happy, and you will be beaten less.”

Zhang Shuocheng thought for a while, it was true.

As long as he listens to them and do his homework seriously, Zhang Yansheng, the great demon king, won’t beat him casually.

And he passed all the exams, as if everyone was very happy, and he also became happy inexplicably.

Remembering that he had a great time in the mountains before, he boldly said to the old lady: “Grandma, when will we go to the mountains again? I want to go to the mountains to play!”

This kid, who looked dignified and strong and not naughty, was quite likable. The old lady got closer to him at several points in her heart, and said, “It’s winter now, so there is nothing in the mountains. We will go again during the summer vacation. Isn’t it a holiday? You also take the children out to play and go to a warm place.”

The last two sentences were said to Zhang Huan.

Zhang Huan nodded immediately: “I will make arrangements.”

Zhang Yansheng’s aunt said at this time: “We have to go somewhere during the holiday. We’ll let Xiao Lin go to study in Country M, and let him take a look at the school environment, campus environment, and humanities environment over there. So, when he applies for school in the future, he knows in his heart where he really wants to go.”

Compared with the first place and just passing the two elementary school chickens, Zhang Lin’s choice of university is obviously much more important.

The topic and the old lady’s attention were all pulled over by Zhang Yansheng’s aunt.

Zhang Yansheng noticed that Zhang Huan did not go to compete with his eldest brother’s family for topics, allowing the old lady’s attention to be attracted by their family.

Zhang Yansheng suddenly realized that the reason why Zhang Huan always faintly falls behind at such family gatherings is because his children are not as good as other people’s children!

Zhang Heling is still young after all, leaving her aside, Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Shuocheng alone can’t handle Zhang Qi and Zhang Lin.

Zhang Yansheng suddenly felt ashamed.

Zhang Yansheng did have a faint yearning and slight inferiority to those good students and cousins ​​​in her previous life.

But this is the first time she felt this kind of hot and positive shame.

Her gaze fell on the floor for a moment, and when she raised it again, she ran into the sight of her cousin Zhang Qi who seemed to be smiling.

Some words need not be spoken, because the eyes are the windows of the soul.

Zhang Yansheng has always been sensitive to the word ‘hostility’. The shame faded, her gaze became cold, and she turned back to meet Zhang Qi’s gaze.

Zhang Qi and her looked at each other for a moment, and then turned their gazes away.

After talking about Zhang Lin’s studies with her eldest daughter-in-law, the old lady came to care about Zhang Qi’s studies again.

Zhang Qi smiled and said: “As soon as I entered school, I joined the student union. I think the student union is the most effective institution in the school. Not only are there many specific matters to be done, but there are also many interpersonal relationships between students that need to be handled properly. The university is like a small closed society, although it is small, it has all the internal organs.”

The old lady kept smiling and nodding.

Zhang Qi suddenly changed her words, smiled and asked Zhang Yansheng, “How is Yanyan doing in Yi High School? Have you been promoted to the top class?”

And Zhang Yansheng’s aunt also turned her head and said, “I heard that the Yi High School has to transfer classes twice in one school year? If you don’t study well, you will to fall into a different class? Is there a lot of pressure?”

They really deserve to be a mother and daughter, the tone and even the expression of the words are so similar!

Zhang Yansheng saw that Zhang Huan’s smile that had been maintained was finally a little unnatural.

It turned out that in front of her uncle’s family, she was Zhang Huan’s biggest weakness.

Zhang Yansheng felt ironic, because no matter how she felt about Zhang Huan in her heart, or even if they had made trouble like that in her previous life, in the eyes of others, they would always be father and daughter, constantly cutting through each other.

Zhang Yansheng turned his eyes and said, “I have been in the preparatory class. The top class in Yi High School is almost the tip of the pyramid in our K City. They are full of people with strong IQ and hard work, and their goals are all Top 2 Universities. A person with an ordinary IQ like me can only rely on the day after tomorrow to strive for a double first-class exam, just like Sister Qiqi.”

In the previous life, if she dared to say that she wanted to take a double first-class exam, it would be a joke.

But this life is no longer a joke. In terms of the slightly higher grades in the preparatory class of Yi High School, it is normal to pass the exam, but failure to pass the exam is due to insufficient effort.

In this life, entering the K University like her cousin Zhang Qi is something that can be achieved by her own efforts and planning.

There was light in Zhang Huan’s eyes, and the trace of discomfort and self-confidence a moment ago disappeared. He looked at his daughter with a smile at the corner of his mouth and encouragement in his eyes.

Zhang Qi’s mother and daughter choked on one breath.

Her aunt said with a smile: “You are still young, so you think everything is easy. In fact, it’s not as easy as you think. Do you think it’s easy to take a double first-class exam? You don’t know how hard your sister studies!”

Zhang Yansheng nodded: “You are right. If you have an insufficient IQ, you can only balance it by hard work.”

Zhang Qi almost vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Before her aunt was able to speak, the old lady suddenly clapped her hands and sighed, “In our family, there has never been such a particularly intelligent child. I have really seen the kind of children who are born intelligent. They go to class the same way, and after they finish their studies, they will have a plenary meeting, and they will do whatever topic they want. As for us, we have also learned, and we really have to pay more time and energy to catch up when it comes to whether we can do the questions or not.”

Zhang Yansheng’s voice became gentle, and she took the topic and said, “Yes, students at the top class in our school are all like this. A few classmates that are like this in our class have all been promoted to the top class this semester.”

The old lady touched Zhang Shuocheng’s head beside her: “Did you hear that, so you have to keep working hard.”

Zhang Heling was a little confused: “Grandma, what kind of person am I? Am I also the same as Sister Qiqi, who has insufficient IQ and can only rely on hard work?”

The old lady laughed.

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