February 16, 2022

Chapter 76: Good Person

There were about ten players in a dungeon team and Heling was the last to join the team. Except for her, all were big men.

With a real girl on their team, a group of men rushed into the dungeon.

The operation of PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite was completely at a newbie level, but the guys didn’t care, as long as she was a real girl.

They chatted while fighting the monsters.

“Where are you from?”

“How old are you?”

“Are you a student?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Heling entered this dungeon for the first time and was not familiar with it. She was in a hurry at first and didn’t have time to pay attention to these players.

When everyone saw that she was not good, they blocked all the monsters for her.

“Don’t be afraid, girl, just follow us!”

Heling’s pressure dropped suddenly. She breathed a sigh of relief and replied, “Thank you!”

“Wow~ Sister, this voice is the best loli voice I have ever heard!” the team captain exclaimed.

In the game, he often encountered some girls who were old and young, pinching their throats and pretending to be a lolita, speaking in a coaxing voice and whining, begging for equipment and skin. Today, the girl’s voice sounded very natural, as if she was a real lolita, and it sounded really good.

The captain asked happily, “Girl, you must be young, right? Your tone is so natural. How old are you?”

Heling replied, “I am ten years old.”

“Hahahahaha, this girl is so funny.” The captain laughed. “How old are you?”

Heling said inexplicably, “Ten years old, I just said it. Didn’t you hear me clearly?”

There was silence in the team channel.

Someone said, “It seems to be true because that voice is really very lolita, very natural.

Another guy asked, “What grade are you now?”

Heling replied while killing monsters, “I’m in fourth grade, Big Brother, how about you?”

“This brother is working now, Little Sister.”

“People at work still play games?”

“What’s wrong with that, Little Sister? Can’t I play?”

Heling said, “I thought people who go to work don’t play games.”

“Hahahaha, Little Sister, you are so funny,” the office worker said.

Everyone pushed forward in the dungeon while talking.

The captain said, “I can hear that you have a K City accent, Little Sister.”

Heling replied honestly, “I’m from K City.”

The captain interjected, “What a coincidence, we are also from K City.”

Heling was the last to enter the team and didn’t know who he meant by ‘we’, so she thought they were all together.

The office worker said, “It’s fate, I am also from K City.”

He coaxed Heling with a smile, “Little Sister, since everyone is in K City, let’s be friends! What’s your name? Let’s meet later and I’ll treat you to KFC, okay?”

Heling didn’t lack that bite of KFC, but she was an honest child. When someone asked her name, she subconsciously opened her mouth and said, “My name is—”

“Don’t tell him.”

A cold and magnetic male voice suddenly sounded in the earphones.

Immediately afterward, the voice said, “Ah Wei, kick him!”

The captain said without hesitation, “Okay!” Then, he kicked the office worker out of the team directly.

The cold voice said coldly, “Kill!”

Four players, including the captain, suddenly became violent and attacked the office worker together. After a few swishes, the health of the office worker zeroed out, then he turned into a white light and returned to the city.

Heling hadn’t reacted yet, but the matter was already over and there was already one person missing from the team. She was stunned. “Why, what’s wrong? Why did you hit and kill one of your own?”

A wave of mobs had been cleared and it was safe there for the time being.

The voice that sounded cold but very nice just now said, “Little Sister, for strangers you meet in games and online, you can’t tell them your name, phone number, and home address, nor can your school or class, including family information, do you know that? You don’t know if the other party is a bad person, you have to cover up all this information.”

It sounds cold, but based on the content of his advice, he sounded like a very nice and gentle person. Heling figured out that the player they killed was a bad person and they were protecting her.

She was immediately moved and said, “I got it! Thank you, Uncle!”

The voice was silent for a while, and then slowly said, “Just call me brother.”

The captain and the other two players laughed wildly.

When they had laughed enough, the captain asked, “Didn’t you still call us brothers just now? Why did you change it to uncle?”

The four of them killed the player who tried to ask her name. Heling just didn’t react at the time. When that person died, she thought about what he said, ‘Let’s meet later, I will treat you to KFC.’ That person was not a good person anymore. Heling thought that the four of them, including the captain, who killed that person should be good people.

Heling asked, “Aren’t you all at work? Those who go to work are all uncles, right?”

“D*mn, who goes to work? Oh, that one just now! He was not with us and he just joined temporarily on our team,” the captain explained. “We are all still college students in our prime!”

“You are also students? That… hello, Big Brothers!” Heling said politely.

They thought that this lolita was really cute.

But after all, she was just a little girl. Although these remaining players talked about lolita here and there, they were not perverts. What they really wanted was the girl with a gigantic breast this lolita character was playing and not the real lolita.

They were just teasing PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite, but no one said too much.

Heling followed them all the way to fight monsters, kill them, gain experience, and finally get orange equipment. She was so happy.

The players who temporarily formed a team had dispersed and only four players were left including Heling and the captain.

The man Heling called uncle whose voice was cold said, “Goodbye Little Sister, be careful not to disclose your information to strangers in the future.”

“Okay, I know,” Heling said. “Thank you, Big Brother.”

The captain said, “Oh, my little sister, you have to grow up soon…”

Then, the team dispersed.

Heling took a look just now and the older brother’s game ID with a cold voice was ‘ListeningToPineByTheCreek’.

He was the one who stopped her from leaking her personal information just now. He also asked the captain to kick that bad person out of the team and then took them to kill that player. When chatting, she heard that a few of them seemed to be together, roommates in a dormitory or something.

Heling thought that he was a good person, so she clicked on his name and sent a friend request.

But she didn’t receive a response.

At K University’s male dormitory, everyone quit the game one after another.

Qian Wei leaned over to look and suddenly said, “Hey, the kid wants to add you as a friend. Add her, add her! Hey, what are you neglecting to do?”

Yue Song turned off the game, took off his headphones, and rubbed his neck. “What am I going to do with an elementary school student?”

“To cultivate her!” Wei said shamelessly. “She will grow up after a few years of raising!”

Song raised his leg and kicked him. “Get lost!”

The boys were laughing and the speaker on the door suddenly sounded, “Yue Song 417, Yue Song in Room 417, someone is looking for you.”

Song replied, “I got it. Thank you, Auntie.”

“Okay, hurry up,” the woman said. “In this cold weather, don’t let the beautiful young lady wait.”

“Ai yoh!” The roommates teased him, “Beautiful young lady! Hurry up, hurry up!”

Song smiled helplessly, picked up his coat, and went out.

“Aiya, some people are rich, some are pitiful, so unfair!” One of the roommates sighed. “Brother Yue always has girls chasing after him and we can’t catch up with them. Why is it always like this? Why?”

Wei, the captain of the team they formed when they played the online game just now, grabbed a mirror and put it in front of his face. “Open your eyes and see, the answer is in it.”

The roommate cursed, “…f*ck!”

Song went downstairs.

Visitors could only wait outside near the window of the dormitory office on the first floor. Although it was in the building, the door of the building was kept open for the convenience of entering and exiting.

It was the cold season now and the thick cotton curtains couldn’t stop the north wind. The dormitory director closed the small window and turned on the heater in the room. Visitors could only freeze outside. That was why the director told him to hurry up.

Song did not delay and quickly came to the first floor.

The director didn’t lie and the one looking for him was really a beautiful girl.

“Senior Brother.” She smiled with her teeth showing. He couldn’t tell if she was freezing. After all, she was wearing a down jacket that should cost tens of thousands of yuan.

Song asked politely, “What’s the matter?”

On such a cold day, he was only wearing a short coat. His eyebrows were deep, long, and elegant. The other girls who were also waiting there couldn’t help but peek at him.

The beautiful girl generously gave him the things in her hand. “I’m just sending you these materials, and please hand these to Senior Brother Wei as well, who shares the dormitory with you, so I won’t be bothered.”

Song nodded. “Okay.”

The girl kept a decent smile and said, “Then I will go home.”

Song finally asked, “I remember you’re a day school student, right?”

The girl replied happily, “Yes.”

Song asked again, “Why are you going back so late?”

“It’s nothing, I just got busy doing these things,” the girl said modestly. “I don’t like to delay things. I like to do things efficiently.”

Song only smiled and nodded, and said nothing more.

When he returned to the dormitory, before the door was closed, someone poked his head from the bed. “Who is it?”

Wei came over, gawked at him, and asked, “Is it Zhao Xiaoyue or Wang Xinxin? Did she give you cold medicine or love biscuits?”

“Neither. She just came to deliver these materials and one copy is yours.” Song handed the materials to Wei and took off his coat.

Wei took the materials and asked, “Who is it? Speak up!”

Song hung up his coat. “Zhang Qi.”

Wei suddenly felt that his face was not a face, and his nose was not a nose, he thought deeply, then said, “Ahh.. her.”

He opened the ‘materials’, was speechless for a moment, and said, “I thought it was some kind of urgent materials, but these? Why did she have to send these over this late at night? We’ll have a meeting with the public relations department tomorrow so she could have just handed these there!”

The roommate on the bed sneered. “Then, she wouldn’t have an excuse to see Song alone!”

Another roommate said, “Qi is a beautiful girl anyway, why do you always target her?”

Wei rolled his eyes. “You really think highly of me. A lady who drives a million-yuan-worth sports car, how dare I target her?”

The roommate on the bed said, “Do you still have to ask about it? It must be to make Senior Sister Jiang feel comfortable. Senior Sister Jiang is the goddess of Wei!”

Wei spat at him, “Don’t talk nonsense, Senior Sister Jiang has a boyfriend.”

Then, he added angrily, “What’s wrong with Senior Sister Jiang’s down jacket being an imitation? It was also bought for more than a thousand yuan with real money! Can’t she just say it in private? Does she have to say that in front of everyone, deliberately putting Senior Sister Jiang on the spot? It was intentional!”

Song hung up his coat while listening to their conversation, and he couldn’t help but think of what happened between Qi and Senior Sister Jiang before.

As the weather turned colder, everyone changed from thin down jackets to thick ones.

Senior Sister Jiang wore something of the same brand as Qi. At least everyone thought they were of the same brand, and Senior Sister Jiang herself thought so too.

The girls in the student union asked one after another where they bought it, which was so beautiful.

Senior Sister Jiang didn’t hide the information and shared it with them, “From the foreign trade shop over there in Tian Wai Tian.”

The girls discussed how to find that foreign trade store to buy the same down jacket.

This was the consumption level of most college girls.

As they were still enthusiastic, the new freshman, Qi, said in surprise, “No way! No one really believes that you can buy genuine authentic goods from foreign trade stores, right? The price of authentic goods is ten times. How can you buy it for just a thousand yuan?”

Later, everyone learned that Qi didn’t live in school and that she was a day school student.

She also drove a million-yuan-worth sports car to and from school.

The next day, Senior Sister Jiang didn’t wear the thousand-yuan imitation down jacket, so she temporarily took out the thin down jacket and put it on.

After wearing it for a day, she started to have a runny nose in the afternoon.