March 21, 2022

Chapter 109: Vacation

Zhang Qi’s house is located in a villa district and taking a bus is very inconvenient, the nearest stop is quite far away. The students from K University came here by taxi together and shared the fare.

Zhang Qi sighed slightly in her heart and said, “Don’t keep talking nonsense.”

“What nonsense am I talking about?” The rich second-generation suitor followed her and walked into the house, sneered and said: “He must be reluctant to spend money.”

Zhang Qi felt unhappy when she heard this, so she walked in quickly.

She arranged a lot of programs, everyone participated in the games together, and there were prizes. The atmosphere of the party was very lively.

When Zhang Qi turned her eyes, she suddenly saw Zhao Lanfen’s figure at the entrance of the hall, who lifted her chin towards her. Zhang Qi understood and stood up: “I’m going to the bathroom.”

After leaving the hall, Zhao Lanfen was already waiting for her in the living room.

“The one you like left already?” Zhao Lanfen asked.

Zhang Qi lowered her head slightly and let out a ‘hmm’.

Zhao Lanfen’s voice was decisive and she directly pronounced the death penalty: “That won’t work! Why do you like him? I checked him all over, isn’t his cellphone the most valuable thing in his body?”

“But…” Zhang Qi tried her best to fight for herself, “Senior Brother Yue has excellent grades and is also very capable…”

“So what?” Zhao Lanfen disdainfully said, “I have seen a lot of talented people. Isn’t he also very cold and aloof to you, not attracted by your family background? Not impressed by your financial resources at all?”

Aloofness can’t be talked about, but coldness is true. Zhang Qi was speechless.

When Zhao Lanfen saw it, she became even more disdainful: “This kind of phoenix man from the poor family is always like this. He deliberately wants to show you a high and cold face to make him different. You are used to being praised by others. If you meet such a person occasionally, who looks better, you will find him special. In fact, in my heart, I bet he can’t wait to marry you right away and trap a rich and beautiful lady like you!”

“I’m telling you, the most important thing for people like ours is to be right.” Zhao Lanfen said, “Those soft farmers and fishermen, let them go as far as they can go. Just look at Liang Yingying’s virtues, how much stronger do you think your uncle is than her? It’s just Liang Yingying whose status has been changed. When you meet this kind of person, you can put on some airs. You are still young anyway, so it is not impossible to play. It is okay to give a little money and have fun.”

“But you have to be clear-headed and don’t let the phoenix man play with you and get you pregnant, so you can get married afterwards. If you dare to play this game for me, I will ask someone to break his leg first, and then beat the child to death. Just remember that if he wants to use this to entrap our family, it is all in his dream.”

Zhang Qi’s face flushed slightly: “Mom, what are you talking about? Senior Brother Yue and I are ordinary schoolmates.”

Zhao Lanfen snorted, “I’m just giving you a heads-up in advance. You’re not too young anymore, so you should look for someone else. I think the boy who drives a Maserati is not bad. I asked and found out that their family owns the Luo Ming Electronics. I just went upstairs to check it and learned that they actually relied on wiring boards back then. It’s not a bad start and it can barely be regarded as a good thing…

Zhang Qi was slightly angry: “Mom–”

“Okay, okay, today is your birthday and I won’t talk about it anymore, just know it in your heart.” Zhao Lanfen emphasized, “If you are serious, anyway, that plaid shirt won’t work! Did you hear that? Don’t look at him as handsome because you will get dizzy!”

Zhang Qi bit her lip lightly, and after a while, she said, “I understand. I know it in my heart.”

Zhao Lanfen nodded: “As long as you understand.”

Zhao Lanfen went upstairs.

Zhang Qi felt uncomfortable in the small hall alone for a while.

But thinking that Yue Song looked as clear as pine, who couldn’t even bear to take a taxi. After imagining the appearance of him squeezing in the bus, it does seem that his beauty has also faded a lot.

It is impossible for her mother to allow her to raise a pretty boy. She doesn’t like a man who is living off a woman as well.

Thinking about it this way, in the end, she sighed and gave up.

Back in the hall, with a smile on her face, she seemed to be much gentler to the rich second generation who is pursuing her.

But Zhao Lanfen, Zhang Qi, and the rich second-generation suitor didn’t know that Yue Song did really call a car, he called his own car.

He walked a little further by foot, and when he reached a place that could not be directly seen from the Zhang family, he stayed there for a while. Soon, a black car stopped beside him.

The driver got out of the car and opened the car door for him: “The chairman said, you can go back quickly, so you can catch up with the client group from the United States for a meeting in the afternoon. The clothes are put in the back seat for you.”

Yue Song nodded, got into the car, and as soon as the door closed, he began to unbutton his shirt.

The car drove to the group headquarters building of Yue’s family, and the driver got out of the car and opened the door.

One step at a time, it was no longer sports shoes that stepped on the ground, but shiny black leather shoes. The shirt was snow-white, the high-end western clothes were crisp, and the million-level watch on the wrist shone against the sun.

The handsome young man has deep eyes and a natural temperament. This is the future heir personally taught by Chairman Yue since he was a child.

Yue Song walked into the lobby, and the three front desk ladies at the headquarters immediately stood up and bowed slightly: “Young Master Yue.”

Yue Song nodded.

Yue Song is still young, has not formally held any positions in the group, and has not entered too many social situations. While studying with peace of mind, he is studying different things in the Xue family and Yue family.

Therefore, not many outsiders know him, but there are no people in the Yue family group headquarters building who don’t know him.

Stepping out of the elevator dedicated to the chairman of the board and walking to the meeting room, people kept greeting him respectfully along the way.

“Young Master Yue.”

“Young Master Yue, good afternoon.”

“Young Master Yue, the chairman is already waiting for you, and the client has just arrived.”

Yue Song clung to his feet and took the folder handed over by the secretary. Without stopping, he said ‘thank you’, stepped forward steadily, opened the door of the meeting room and went in.

The tall and upright figure disappeared, and the two young female employees who were mobilized outside to take charge of the coffee break exhaled a long breath and exclaimed, “So handsome!”

“The live-action version of a noble son!”

The secretary pursed her lips and smiled: “Don’t even think about it, he is several years younger than you, and he is still a college student.”

The young female employees were hit hard: “Ahh–”


Zhang Yansheng didn’t know anything about what happened on the birthday of her cousin, Zhang Qi. Because the final exams of high school students are later than those of college students, Zhang Yansheng is still struggling with the final review!

She is in a different class from Xu Lichen and they hardly speak much in school. Only occasionally, when passing by, they would glance at each other.

It’s not that she deliberately pretends to be estranged. For her, it doesn’t rely on chatting and being together every day to show your friendship.

And at school, she really doesn’t have the free time to chat across classes.

But at the end of the semester, she felt that she couldn’t study hard by herself, so she sent a message to Xu Lichen: “If you fall back to Class 8, don’t say that you know me.”

Xu Lichen replied: “Don’t underestimate me!”

Zhang Yansheng here is struggling to review, and Xu Lichen over there is not relaxed either.

Since entering Class 5, Xu Lichen knew that he had fallen into a big pit. In this pit, he can hardly help himself!

From start to end of class, the class leaders + the first place in the class, everyone is learning all the time! If you find time to talk to someone in the class, you have to be “booed” by the people around you.

What’s even more terrifying is that humans are a social animal and would instinctively seek assimilation. So, when everyone else is studying and you are not learning by yourself, Xu Lichen finds that he will experience adverse symptoms such as panic attacks, shortness of breath, and chest tightness.

And these undesirable symptoms, as long as you spread out the book and start brushing up on the questions, you won’t need medicine to heal yourself!

Xu Lichen knew in his heart that this was a coercion! He was held hostage by this class! Coerced by these ‘good students’!

But he can’t help it! He has to study and study, you’re no good if you don’t learn!

He doesn’t have much time to play games now. Friends and dogs usually want to call him out, sing karaoke and drink, but they basically can’t call him out now. In the eyes of his old friends, it was as if he had been reborn and changed.

It’s hard to tell.

While Xu Lichen thought viciously, ‘I have to go back to Class 8’, he will be then forced to review in order not to be despised by Zhang Yansheng.

When the final exam was finally finished at the end of the semester, he collapsed directly on the table!

The school tyrant in front of him turned his head and pushed his glasses: “Are you all done? No more questions?”

Xu Lichen has received a lot of help from this glasses brother this semester, and he is already a close friend of him.

He struggled as if he had shed layers of skin, and viciously pinched the brother glasses’ neck: “It’s done, it’s done! Don’t ask any more questions after finishing the exam! I forgot all about it after the exam! I just want to go surfing in Hawaii now! Diving in the Maldives! Skiing in the Alps!”

“Let me go, let me go!” The glasses brother frantically shook his hand, “Let go of me, I’m going to die!”

The classmates laughed loudly, put aside the weight of study, and discussed where to go, what to do, and what to eat after the exam.

This semester, they all finally got through it.

There are still 700+ days before the college entrance examination, but they can relax a little during the summer vacation.

After two days, the final exam results and new rankings came out, and the students in each class were adjusted. Some are promoted and some are dropped.

Zhang Yansheng looked at her own ranking first. Under the guidance of two excellent teachers, her math and physics no longer hindered her, and her grades improved a lot. It’s already above the middle level in the class.

The money was not spent in vain, and the time and energy were not spent in vain.

She searched for Xu Lichen again… Huh? Has his overall ranking actually improved?

Sure enough, if people change their environment, their situation will change for the better! Jumping out of Class 8, it’s impossible to be the same idiot he used to be in this life, right?

The corners of Zhang Yansheng’s mouth curled up.

After reading his results, her eyes went up again, looked for the top ranking, and quickly found the future champion.

He is really indifferent. He has never made any ‘leaps and bounds’, but he has passed the exams one after another, moving up step by step, seeing his ranking getting higher and higher.

It’s so stable that he can be at ease!

After all the chores have been handled, they will have a holiday.

Xu Lichen asked Zhang Yansheng if she wanted to go play together. Even if they are just friends, there is no need to create a situation where a lonely man and a widowed woman are working on firewood. What’s more, she had nothing but money in her previous life and she had visited almost all the places worth visiting in the world.

Zhang Yansheng refused.

And Zhang Huan gave Liang Yingying the itinerary printed by the secretary: “All arrangements are made for you, so you can take Hehe and Shuoshuo to have fun, call my secretary if you need anything, and he will solve it for you. Aunt Wang and Xiao Zhou will go with you to take good care of the children.”

Zhang Huan was very relieved that the little wife could finally be a bit of a mother.

“Dad, why are you not going with us?” Zhang Heling asked, a little disappointed.

“Dad has a lot of projects in his hands, and he is very busy now.” Zhang Huan rubbed her head with a smile, “Be a good girl, keep an eye on your brother. If he doesn’t obey, call your elder sister.”

Liang Yingying’s face seemed to have eaten sh*t.

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