April 11, 2022

Chapter 130: Talk Later

When Zhang Yansheng got the money, she first transferred 2.35 million yuan to her maternal uncle in advance, and called her uncle: “500,000-yuan principal and 1.85 million profits, a total of 2.35 million, with a return rate of 370%.”

Her uncle was dumbfounded: “What did you invest in?”

Zhang Yansheng smiled. In fact, her uncle came to K City before the start of school. At that time, the movie was in full swing. Her uncle went but didn’t mention a word. Zhang Yansheng guessed that when she said to invest in movies, her uncle didn’t take it to heart at all. He might not even remember the name of the movie at all.

“It’s《Leaving the Solar System》.” Zhang Yansheng said.

When she mentioned this movie title before, her uncle really didn’t remember it and didn’t know it at all. But now, no one doesn’t know《Leaving the Solar System》anymore.

The movie title is too resounding.

Her uncle was so surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth together: “So you said the investment… is this?”

Zhang Yansheng’s laughter came over the phone: “Yes.”

Her uncle couldn’t help asking: “How much did you invest in total?”

Zhang Yansheng said: “If you count your 500,000 yuan, I have invested a total of 34 million yuan.”

Her uncle counted and said: “You made more than 100 million?”

Zhang Yansheng: “Yes!”

Her uncle took a breath, and after two seconds, he suddenly laughed.

“Okay! Okay!” He smiled, “Yanyan, in the future, uncle won’t worry about you anymore!”

Zhang Yansheng said with a smile: “No need, I’m older now.”

Her uncle told his wife about making this money, and her aunt was also confused.

“Now that I’m looking back at it.” Uncle said, “I thought that Yanyan just wanted some money, but it turned out that she wanted to make money with us. Aye!”

It can be called a surprise, but after the surprise, they regretted it. Her aunt was annoyed: “I wish I had given Yanyan more at that time! Blame me!” In that case, they could have made more money!

If this kind of regret falls deep in the heart, it will take root and grow up.

Her uncle hurriedly said, “Don’t think about it that way. Think about it from another perspective. If you are that kind of vicious aunt, bad and stingy, and you are not willing to give my niece a penny, then we won’t be able to make a penny. Look at it now, how nice it is! We are not that large, and we have done our best to Yanyan and given what we can. How big is the bowl and how much rice to eat? So, don’t regret it blindly, the money that shouldn’t be made by you is destined to be made by you.”

Her aunt thought about it and felt that her husband made sense. It was a bit distressing to give out half a million at the beginning, but she never thought about getting it back.

Speaking of which, it is purely for profit, so she was relieved.

For the other family in the gathering of the Zhangs, Zhao Lanfen did not show up. Zhang Lin also went to study abroad. Zhang Yu brought Zhang Qi alone and awkwardly covered up for his wife: “She is not feeling well…”

The old lady said lightly: “Then she should take a good rest and don’t get angry. If you are angry, you will easily get sick. You have to be open-minded and have good blood circulation to be healthy.”

Zhang Huan smashed it, smashed his mouth, and there was nowhere to spill his belly when he was ready to show off. His brother is so embarrassed that he can’t get down to the ground. He is not that kind of a villain!

But Zhang Qi was sullen all the way and she didn’t say a word.

Zhang Yansheng also didn’t want to take out the money-making matter this time and hit anyone in the face.

After experiencing it this time, she has a clear understanding of investment. Knowing that this is a rigorous and meticulous process that requires data support, it also requires an understanding of the current situation and development of related industries, laws and policies in related fields, and even the general economic situation as the basis for making final sound decisions.

How many local tyrants slapped their brains and threw money out, and they were all in vain?

Zhang Yansheng didn’t rely on any professional knowledge this time, she relied entirely on her cheats. There will be no second time in her life for this kind of cheat.

After experiencing it, she knows what level she is at, what she lacks, and what she needs to do.

So, she just left this matter behind her, she was not proud, and she wasn’t even that happy. She has never been short of money. The money is in the account, which is nothing more than numbers.

But Liang Yingying’s three views were completely shattered, and it can even be said that she was crushed into dust!

After pretending to be sick and refusing to show her face, her aunt flew directly to see her son abroad. This was obviously an intention to avoid this matter for a while and wait for things to cool down by itself. Zhang Huan had nowhere to show off — if he dared to show off in front of the old lady, then the old lady would scold him, so he could only show off in his own home.

The number stunned Liang Yingying.

She felt that the world had become different.

For her, the word ‘making money’ was to get money from Zhang Huan’s pocket before.

Yes, basically in her eyes, the world will be as big as Zhang Huan is. In her eyes, Zhang Huan is a big cake. Although it is very big, it has limits after all.

So, if Zhang Yansheng cuts one more piece, then Zhang Shuocheng and Zhang Heling will cut one less piece.

Therefore, in her eyes, Zhang Yansheng and her and her children belong to a hostile position of grabbing cakes.

Liang Yingying never thought that apart from Zhang Yansheng cutting Zhang Huan’s cake, Zhang Yansheng could also… bake her own bread.

And it’s also a big pile of bread!

Liang Yingying tremblingly asked Zhang Huan: “Then, the money… then that money must be recovered, right?”

Zhang Huan inexplicably: “What money will be recovered?”

Liang Yingying swallowed and said: “Well, the money made by Yanyan, ah. It’s more than 100 million yuan!”

“Yanyan earned it herself, so of course it was her own.” Zhang Huan disagreed, “Why do you have to get them from her?”

Liang Yingying was dizzy: “But, with so much money… Yanyan is still a child.”

“She can make 100 million yuan by herself, but you still treat her as a child? You still want to limit her finances?” Zhang Huan knocked Liang Yingying on the head angrily, “What kind of brain do you have? Don’t pass it on to Hehe and Shuoshuo.”

Although she was too busy with her studies and rarely met at home, Zhang Yansheng still noticed a change in Liang Yingying’s attitude towards her.

In the past two years, with a series of changes in her family, Liang Yingying was so overwhelmed by her that she didn’t dare to make small moves or irritate her. But occasionally, when Zhang Yansheng raised her eyes and shot past her, she could still see the indignation, annoyance, and disgust that she couldn’t hide in her eyes.

Zhang Shuocheng’s occasional unintentional words could also be heard in her attempts to unite her children with her and be hostile to Zhang Yansheng.

But now, Liang Yingying’s gaze at her has changed, she has become cautious, and even a little flattering.

Didn’t she use that kind of gaze to look at Zhang Huan before?

Zhang Yansheng didn’t care about her at all. It will be the college entrance examination in another half year, and her mind is devoted to studying.

She only occasionally caught a glimpse of that woman at home, thinking of herself who was young and lost in her previous life, she deeply felt that… it’s really not worth it.

It’s worthless to waste yourself for anyone, so you must live your own life well.

Immediately afterwards, there was a thunderstorm in her paternal uncle’s house.

In order to avoid Zhang Yansheng’s investment in movies that made a lot of money, Zhao Lanfen went to see Zhang Lin under the pretext of going to M Country.

She also wanted to surprise her son, so she didn’t inform him about her arrival in advance. As a result, when she arrived at Zhang Lin’s university, she found that no such student was enrolled there.

Zhang Lin is not in that university at all.

When Zhang Lin applied for school, he fooled Zhao Lanfen with an offer from a certain university. In fact, he accepted an offer from an art college.

Drawing and painting were originally only used as something to cultivate sentiment for him to learn. Everyone also knows that Zhang Lin is very talented in this area. But she didn’t think that he would take this as a life choice.

This is exactly what happened in the previous life. Although Zhang Yansheng knew about it a long time ago, she thought that it was Zhang Lin’s own life choice, so she didn’t say anything. Anyway, in the previous life, Zhang Lin and Zhao Lanfen had a very stiff fight, and he refused to return to China. The Zhang family still has Zhang Qi to train anyway.

But Zhao Lanfen didn’t think so.

Although Zhang Qi is also her daughter, she has a son. Her son is the oldest grandson of the Zhangs. Zhao Lanfen has high hopes for Zhang Lin! She planned the path for him — success in his studies, then he’ll return as an elite and join the family.

She is a very controlling person, controlling her husband and daughter, except for this baby son that was brought up in her palm since he was a child. The young master has a great temper and is not as willing to listen to her control as Zhang Qi.

After she discovered the truth, she had a fierce quarrel with Zhang Lin. Zhang Lin’s rebellious heart became heavier, and he resolutely refused to listen to her.

In the end, Zhao Lanfen cut off Zhang Lin’s financial sources and failed to force Zhang Lin to go back — he had enough money to pay for tuition and living expenses.

In this family war, Zhao Lanfen lost to her son.

And she didn’t know that after Zhang Lin gave up inheriting the family business in the previous life, the old lady could only choose Zhang Qi as the heir to cultivate.

But in this life, Zhang Qi is not the only choice left for the old lady.

In February and March, Xu Lichen went to sign up for the art examination and was very busy.

Zhang Yansheng asked him, “Have you taken the entrance exams for the Big Three?”

“I’m done taking the exams for those three.” Xu Lichen said, his eyes were a little erratic, then he paused and said, “There are also JY, HY… I’ve also taken their entrance exams…”

Zhang Yansheng: “… “

Someone once said blatantly that he will not enter the other art schools aside from the Big Three, but the flag fell down without hesitation, hitting the face like a storm.

“This is to have a guarantee! You don’t understand me!” Xu Lichen twisted his neck and said, “When the head teacher talked about applying for the college entrance examination, she also mentioned about having guarantees!

But the results were much better than expected. In April, Xu Lichen’s school entrance examination results came out, and he was among the best in all three majors.

He put his hands on his waist and looked up to the sky with a big laugh: “As I said, my teacher said that I am really talented!”

As soon as this result and ranking came out, he was basically stable. As long as the cultural courses can reach the three required score lines, he will be admitted on merit according to the ranking of the professional courses.

That score line is really nothing to a school like Yi High School. Xu Lichen is very stable.

Zhang Qi suddenly saw Yue Song again in school.

She hadn’t seen Yue Song for a long time. When Yue Song and the others arrived in their senior year, they all quit the student union and started various internships. It was difficult to see them in school anymore.

Zhang Qi was surprised to see him in the corridor, so she greeted him: “Why did you come to school today?”

“I came to work.” Yue Song said.

Thinking that she is Zhang Yansheng’s cousin, the person he will face sooner or later, Yue Song’s tone and attitude are very gentle, and he even smiled at Zhang Qi and said, “Going to a meeting?”

“Yes.” Zhang Qi said, “These freshmen don’t understand anything, we’re all exhausted.”

Yue Song said, “Then I won’t delay your time. I’ll go now, goodbye.”

He also nodded and smiled at the younger brothers and sisters behind Zhang Qi.

This senior is as handsome as a movie star, and the demeanor between his gestures is indescribable. In short, it makes people’s eyes straight.

The younger students who were not familiar with him all responded helplessly: “Goodbye, Senior Brother.”

When he left, everyone whispered: “Who is that?”

A senior told the freshman: “He’s Senior Brother Yue. Last year, he was the president of the student union. This year he was in his senior year and retired from the student union, so you have never seen him.” A freshman girl praised: “He looks like a noble son in the novel.”

When she said this, Zhang Qi recovered from Yue Song’s back.

Indeed, when Yue Song was not with his roommates, and when he was not mixed up with any other students, he did look like a noble son.

Zhang Qi recalled that it seemed that the clothes Yue Song was wearing just now should be genuine from big brands. She was completely fascinated by Yue Song’s smile just now, and she didn’t have time to pay attention to his clothes. But now that she thinks about it, they should indeed be genuine.

When it’s time to look for a job in the senior year, many people who were usually not particular started to buy some formal clothes that were much more expensive than their own dressing habits, just to make an impression during the interview.

Yue Song, this is… just like everyone else, would rather pay the price and act as a great person just to save face.

The price of men’s clothing of that brand can really only be described as ‘expensive’.

Zhang Qi thought of the gentle and charming smile he had just shown to her.

How indifferent he was to her in the past, his eyebrows were cold and his eyes were faint. Although it was charming, it was also hateful.

But why has it all changed now?

Thinking of some acquaintance seniors spitting out bitterness in front of her, hoping that she could arrange jobs for them…

Zhang Qi smiled contemptuously.

Sure enough, he had to endure severe beatings from the society to make him understand how lucky it was to meet a daughter with a rich background like her as a schoolmate.

Some people just don’t know how to cherish this kind of good luck, and they don’t know how to regret it until they hit a wall.

If Yue Song also comes to ask her for help…

Zhang Qi thought about it for a while, but couldn’t figure out whether she would help him arrange a job or not.

We’ll talk about it later then!

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