April 10, 2022

Chapter 129: Return of Investments

Xu Lichen became a celebrity in school. Within two days, the head teacher of Class 5 talked to him. The main reason was that the head teacher was worried that he was distracted by these things and delayed serious study.

To be honest, Xu Lichen has grown up to such an age and met so many teachers, and his favorite is actually the head teacher of Class 5 of Yi High School.

Because in the past, the teachers hated him so much that they wanted nothing to do with him, but that kind of dislike was also expressed clearly. But after entering the Yi High School and relying on his own efforts to enter Class 5, the treatment became different. He only learned later that the reason why his seat was surrounded by school tyrants was specially arranged by the head teacher. Brother glasses often helped him. At first, it was arranged by the head teacher, and then he gradually became a real buddy with him later.

By the way, brother glasses finally got promoted to Class 3 this year. Because he wrote beautifully just by using a regular pen, Xu Lichen gave him a fountain pen as a gift at the beginning of school: “If you dare to fall back from Class 3, then you must return the pen to me.”

The brother glasses happily gave him a punch and snatched the pen away.

It is a brand that he loves very much, and because it is too expensive, his parents are reluctant to buy it for him.

In short, Xu Lichen later recalled that since he left Class 8 and came to Class 5, with different teachers and different classmates, his high school life has been rushing in a direction he never expected.

The head teacher’s concern made Xu Lichen’s heart warm. He also communicated his future plans with the head teacher.

The head teacher understood some of his family background, and heard that his mother had agreed, and obviously the family had already started to deal with this matter, so she was relieved, nodded, and said, “Then you can’t delay the cultural class. Although the three major art exams are important, they also have requirements for cultural courses.”

Xu Lichen agreed.

When he walked out of the teacher’s office, he knew what he was going to do in the future and what he should do now, and everyone, parents, teachers, friends… all of them supported him.

Xu Lichen suddenly felt that he had grown up so big and he had been living in chaos before, but he had only now understood it.

This is the last year before the college entrance examination, and it is also the most bitter year of a person’s student life.

Every student hang and pierce their heads. Zhang Yansheng also clearly felt the pressure.

Yue Song has also gone through this stage and understands it very well. Zhang Yansheng doesn’t usually have time to talk to him on the phone or communicate with him, so there is really no time. Senior high school is really not suitable for dating. If the couple are both in the same class, you can get along with each other between classes or when you tutor each other.

Like Zhang Yansheng and Yue Song, there is too little time.

If Yue Song is free, he will pick her up from the school in the evening and take her home so that the two can spend time together on the road. Zhang Yansheng has to continue studying when she gets home.

Zhang Huan never knew that Zhang Yansheng had a boyfriend already.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t want Zhang Huan to know. She didn’t want Zhang Huan to intervene in her affairs. If Zhang Huan knows, whether he opposes or supports it, it will become very troublesome, or… very annoying. She has this hunch.

So, she already warned the little Zhang Heling not to snitch them as early as when they returned from their yacht trip during the summer vacation.

And for Driver Zhou, although it was a bit strange, he didn’t know what the specific situation was every time she called and told him not to pick her up. Zhang Yansheng is not like Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng, who must guarantee that he will pick up and drop off these children. He just needs to make sure that she has a car when she needs it.

At the end of September,《Leaving the Solar System》had finally stopped showing in the cinemas, becoming the dark horse of this year’s summer archive. Various tidbits, behind-the-scenes screenings on the internet have also begun to sell in the surrounding areas.

During the long holiday in October, Zhang’s family gathered at the old lady’s place.

Her aunt, Zhao Lanfen, was exceptionally quiet, and Zhang Qi never mentioned the TV series she had invested in before, nor Zhang Yansheng’s《Leaving the Solar System》.

Zhang Yansheng originally thought that Zhang Huan would embarrass her uncle and aunt in front of everyone, but unexpectedly, although Zhang Huan smiled and chanted throughout the process, he didn’t mention a word.

Of course, the old lady would not mention it. The old lady is calmer than anyone else.

No one provoked things, no one said sour words, and the atmosphere of this small gathering was particularly peaceful and beautiful.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help but said to Zhang Huan on the way back: “I thought you had to mention the movie and show off in front of my uncle and aunt.”

Zhang Huan gave a “tsk” and said, “It’s not time yet.”

Zhang Yansheng: “Huh? The box office data has come out already.”

The media has exploded the box office data of《Leaving the Solar System》, which is similar to the previous life, and may actually be slightly better. The financial statements have not come out yet, but Zhang Yansheng has already estimated a number in her heart.

Zhang Huan gave a “heh” and said, “As long as the money hasn’t fallen into your pocket, it won’t be considered your money. Don’t be naive. If you don’t get the money in a day, you can’t guarantee it. The money is not yet secured, as the other party might suddenly go bankrupt, or the other party might run away with the money, or the other party suddenly dies and the money disappears… anything strange can happen. Commercial disputes are even more common.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

“So, showing off can’t be done too early.” Zhang Huan said, “Look at your aunt, she did it too early. She had not seen the financial statements yet, but she had already told everyone that they made money. Look at how my sister-in-law was so quiet today! She was so courteous and restrained, I don’t know her anymore!”

Zhang Huan had no problem with his eldest brother, so he was not satisfied with him being a ‘henpecked’ husband.

The younger generations are gone, and the old lady is drinking tea and chatting with an aunt.

“It’s not surprising that an adult can hold his breath.” She said, “I’m surprised that Yanyan can also hold her breath so well. Now, in her movie, as long as you turn on your computer and cellphone, you can see the screen refreshing. Making money is a certainty. She was able to mention it without mentioning it, I really didn’t expect it.”

The aunt fawned: “Tell me about it! Miss Yanyan has changed a lot in the past two years! She’s getting more and more magnificent!”

The old lady sighed and said, “When Qiqi was a kid, she was very smart. I thought she was good, but I don’t know what’s been going on in these years. The more she grows up, the more impetuous she becomes.”

Although the old lady said to Zhang Yu, “Just don’t suffer a financial loss”, she still panicked when she thought of the joke about Zhao Lanfen and Zhang Qi’s investment.

And thinking of Zhang Lin again, her eldest grandson, she sighed again: “Xiao Lin is the eldest grandson and I also have expectations for him in my heart. Although he’s a good boy, he has never suffered anything and he is getting more and more squeamish. He couldn’t even look at the squatting toilet. He said that they were on a highway and stopped in the service area to use the toilet. He vomited directly when he saw the squatting toilet… oh dear.”

The aunt hurriedly comforted her: “The juniors of this family, as long as there is a promising one then it’s fine, don’t be greedy.”

The old lady sighed and stopped talking.

It was Christmas Eve in a blink of an eye. How many young men and women were having a party outside, and the underage high school girls were not getting enough sleep. They were doing their homework with the blue color under their eyes!

The boyfriend called suddenly, and the female high school student picked it up; “Hello?”

The boyfriend’s cello-like voice asked softly, “Do you still have much homework left?”

The female high school student glanced at the watch on the wall and sighed: “It will probably be finished by 1 o’clock.”

“Poor thing.” The boyfriend said, “Then this will only take you a minute. Take a look out the window.”

Zhang Yansheng held her cellphone and walked to the window. Because the glass reflected the light, she opened the window and asked in the cold air, “What to look at?”

“Three, two, one.” Yue Song said, “Look at the sky.”

As his voice fell, Zhang Yansheng saw a stream of light rushing into the sky. Fireworks exploded in the night sky, in the shape of a red heart. After changing several colors, it gradually disappeared.

Yue Song asked: “Did you see it?”

Zhang Yansheng said with a cold voice: “Fireworks are forbidden in the city.”

“Moreover,” she said, “Your location…” It seems to be next to the community police station.

“I know, I have already seen the police lights flashing.” Yue Song said, “So, I’m going to run away now, goodbye!”

She heard the sound of the door closing and the engine on the phone, so he should have gotten in the car and started to run away.

Zhang Yansheng was lying on the window with a smile.

The call was disconnected for two seconds. It should have been automatically connected to Bluetooth after getting in the car, and then it was connected again.

Zhang Yansheng asked, “Have you run away?”

Yue Song: “Yes, I did. Don’t worry, they can’t catch up with me.” When you listen to the sound of the engine, then you’ll know that it is a sports car.

Zhang Yansheng gloated: “There are surveillance cameras.”

“I’m not afraid. It’s either robbery and theft, where you will be taken to the police station to criticize education and write a review once you get caught.” Yue Song said, “I even took away the barrel and there was no garbage left. The police uncle would not check the surveillance for this.”

“Stop talking, go do your homework, don’t waste time, and try to go to bed early.” Yue Song said thoughtfully.

“Hey, isn’t it you who takes up my time?” Zhang Yansheng said.

In the night, Yue Song drove the car with a smile in his eyes: “Yanyan, there’s only half a year left, come on.”

He said: “I’m waiting for you at K University.”

Zhang Yansheng said silently: “You would have graduated already when I got in there.”

Having said that, she closed the window, closed the curtains, and sat back at the table.

Just thinking of the red heart that bloomed in the sky just now, she couldn’t help but cocked her mouth slightly.

At school, Xu Lichen said to Zhang Yansheng: “I have already applied for the art examination. When will we get our share?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Big Sister Mo said that it will probably be around New Year’s Day. When will you take the exam?”

Xu Lichen said: “It usually takes place in February or March of the next year.”

Zhang Yansheng nodded, and suddenly said with emotion: “It’s so fast, the time…”

One semester passed in the blink of an eye, and another semester passed in the blink of an eye. In the student era, which is based on semesters, it is too fast to keep up.

Turning her head and seeing the reflection in the glass window of the teaching building, she was already a completely different girl from her previous life.

A few days after New Year’s Day passed, Zhang Yansheng, Xu Lichen, and Yue Song all got their due shares and financial statements.

After deducting 5% of the special film fund and 3.3% of the taxes, and then deducting the share of theater chains and movie cinemas, commissions, distribution costs, taxes, etc., the remaining box office revenue will be distributed to investors in accordance with the investment amount.

Forget it, the return on investment is 370%, which is higher than in the previous life.

Who knows which butterfly effect caused it? Maybe because it was released in the Spring Festival and the weather was too cold in the previous life, so some people are reluctant to go out to watch a movie.

Maybe, but it doesn’t matter what the reason is. In short, Zhang Yansheng invested 34 million yuan in and got 159.8 million yuan back.

Xu Lichen invested 10 million yuan in and got back 47 million yuan.

Yue Song invested 100 million yuan and got back 470 million yuan.

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