April 9, 2022

Chapter 128: The Taste

Yacht parties are exciting for some people, but different for others.

Fortunately, Yue Song was accompanying her. The two of them were drinking non-alcoholic drinks while watching the half-grown children play crazy. When you are hungry, form a gang to go for food on another yacht and explore the space. Yue Song and Zhang Yansheng followed them.

Zhang Heling turned her head and took a look in front, and there was no one.

After crossing the bridge, she turned her head to see that her sister and Brother Yue were holding hands together.

Whee hee!

Zhang Yansheng was speechless when she heard Yue Song talk about his parents: “So they…”

“They just don’t want to be responsible.” Yue Song shrugged, “Both of them have been spoiled by their families since they were young. They have thought about a two-person world and don’t want to worry about getting involved. My grandfather is so angry with them every day.”

It is true that both of them were not in good health when they were young, but after so many years of modern medical technology, under the conditioning of senior nutritionists, and under the supervision of fitness coaches, there is no physique that can’t be improved.

It’s just that this couple, who have been pampered since they were young, are used to it and are unwilling to take on the responsibility of inheriting the family business.

Old man Yue Qifeng couldn’t help it, lest they bring up his only grandson like this, so he raised his grandson himself.

“When I became an adult, the two of them became more casual too. They run around the world. Anyway, they won’t stay in one place for too long, and they dare not come back to be scolded by my grandfather.” He smiled helplessly.

“It’s enviable.” Zhang Yansheng said, “This is what everyone said. Those who are favored have nothing to fear, right?”

“That’s right.” Yue Song admitted, “My uncle can’t do anything to my mother, and my grandfather can’t do anything to my dad. When my cousin stayed with my mother, she felt more like an elder. My mother was the one who was taken care of.”

“Big Sister Xue, indeed, is not the kind of person to be taken care of, but the one taking care of others instead.” Zhang Yansheng nodded, “Although I have only met her once, I am very impressed.”

Yue Song smiled: “Do you admire people like my cousin?”

Zhang Yansheng nodded: “I think that kind of woman attracts my attention more than other women.”

Yue Song said, “With your grandmother as an example, you will not be worse than them in the future. What you did with this investment this time really surprised me.”

But this one is completely speculative.

Zhang Yansheng knew that she couldn’t afford this compliment, she couldn’t help feeling ashamed in her heart, and she said softly: “I just happened to meet Big Sister Mo, and I was lucky enough to bump into her. I actually don’t understand anything.”

It is rare for a person of her age to be so calm and rational in the face of the expected success of her first investment. Yue Song held her hand and squeezed it slightly, then smiled slightly: “You shouldn’t be in a hurry, you should study hard first.”

When the party was finally over, everyone returned to their yacht, crossed the bridge and put it away, and the yachts slowly dispersed.

Xu Lichen returned to Yue Song’s boat with a bottle of wine, and when he came back, he saw Yue Song and Zhang Yansheng holding hands together.

“Yo!” He made a weird noise.

Zhang Heling covered her mouth and laughed, and yawned again after laughing.

“Go go go, go to sleep.” Xu Lichen blasted her away, turned around and opened the wine he brought back, “Have a drink, have a drink.”

The three of them drank wine under the stars and listened to Xu Lichen talk about his new friends.

“They don’t even believe that I am only a high school student!” He boasted, “They think that I am very mature.”

“You could also be.” Zhang Yansheng said, “You look old.”

Yue Song choked on a mouthful of wine, coughed a few times, and laughed loudly.

Xu Lichen turned his face furiously: “Hey!”

Xu Lichen had already had a lot of drinks on the party yacht, but when he came back, he still drank some more, before going to sleep.

Yue Song took Zhang Yansheng’s hand and they strolled on the deck.

The sea is black, the night sky is ink blue, and the galaxy spans, shining brightly. The noisy music was silent, only the sound of the wind and the faint sound of the waves could be heard.

Yue Song sent Zhang Yansheng to the door of her bedroom: “Go to bed early and we’ll return tomorrow.”

He wanted to let go of Zhang Yansheng’s hand, but Zhang Yansheng held his hand instead. She looked at him.

There is a natural flow of hormones between the young boy and young girl.

But as long as he thought that she was still a high school student, Yue Song always felt that she was still young. He suppressed the dry and hot feeling in his throat, and gently touched her forehead with his lips.

The feeling of electric shock made him feel that the air was even hotter. He pressed his forehead against hers and whispered, “Good night.” His body went against his will and didn’t want to leave.

If you compare it, Xu Lichen is full of problems, and he is almost like a sieve. Yue Song had almost nothing to be accused of.

But now, Zhang Yansheng thinks he has a serious problem.

He always seemed to worry too much about something, as if he couldn’t let go.

Zhang Yansheng is not such a person.

The young man’s voice was low and magnetic, and his forehead felt hot where it contradicted each other. With their faces so close together, they could feel each other’s breathing.

Why do you want to be restrained?

Zhang Yansheng raised her hand, pressed the back of his head, and stood on tiptoe…

The taste of gin exploded on the tip of their tongues.

Mellow fragrance and long lasting.

Alcohol makes people dizzy and there is an erratic feeling of emptiness. It may also be that the shaking of the yacht itself makes people drunk.

There seemed to be a crisp sound of fingertips tapping the edge of the glass in his ears, cheerful and jumping. Until they fell asleep, they could still hear this sound.

Accompanied by the sound of the waves, remembering the aftertaste repeatedly, they had a really good night’s sleep.

On the way home, after returning from the sea, Xu Lichen found that his position in the small group had fallen.

He actually fell to the point of sitting in the back row with Zhang Heling! D*mn, this is too much!

But from time to time, the driver would glance and smile at the person sitting in the co-pilot. If the person sitting in the co-pilot was forcibly placed behind, he would have to turn his head to look back.

Considering the safety of driving, Xu Lichen endured it.

“This time next year! As soon as my birthday is over, I will take the driver’s license test as soon as possible!” He vowed to say, “Then I can drive legally!”

This is also Zhang Yansheng’s grievance: “It is too inconvenient without a driver’s license. You can’t drive even if you have a car.”

Yue Song asked: “You two can drive?”

Zhang Yansheng and Xu Lichen synchronized once: “Of course we can.”

Zhang Heling sat up straight: “When I grow up, I will also…”

Xu Lichen clawed the top of her head and said: “It’s still too early for you!”

In front of him, Yue Song completely ignored Xu Lichen and only asked Zhang Yansheng, “What kind of car do you like?”

Zhang Yansheng’s first car in her previous life was a Ferrari supercar that was more expensive than the newer model at that time, which was specially bought to pressure Liang Yingying. The color was also the same bright red.

But in fact, Zhang Yansheng didn’t like that car very much, and even got a little tired of the bright red color.

Like a mistress’ car.

She later bought another car and threw the red Ferrari in the underground garage of her apartment.

Zhang Yansheng thought for a while. She couldn’t be sure that her favorite model was not on the market now, so she said another classic model with a similar style.

Yue Song readily agreed: “That is a classic model and I like it too.”

When they got home, Zhang Huan looked at the two daughters: “Yo, you still got tanned?”

Especially Zhang Heling, whose snowy white skin had a light honey color. She is either soaked in water or soaked in water every day, so it’s no wonder it’s not that dark.

But she doesn’t care, staying at home for a week can get her skin color back. She hopped to Zhang Huan’s side: “Dad! The yacht is interesting!”

She also accused Zhang Huan: “My sister said that our family also has a yacht, why haven’t you taken us there?”

The father who was exposed to negligence hurriedly justified himself: “Dad is too busy!”

He wrote another blank check and said, “I will definitely take you next time!”

He quickly changed the subject and said to Zhang Yansheng beaming: “Have you read the report in the past two days? Our box office is rising steadily!”

When did it become ‘our’?

Because Zhang Yansheng had predicted it a long time ago, she no longer felt excited, and only said “Oh”.

Zhang Huan’s joy was shared by no one, and he was also depressed and dissatisfied: “You just don’t care.”

“?” Zhang Yansheng, “Even if I don’t care about it, it won’t affect the box office, right?”

Zhang Huan choked.

This stupid girl, how can she not understand the heart of her old father who is happy for her?!

Zhang Heling pestered Zhang Huan and asked, “Dad, when will Shuoshuo be back?”

As soon as they returned from B City, Liang Yingying immediately packed Zhang Shuocheng and sent him to a summer camp.

Zhang Huan said: “It’s still early, it seems that it might take another week.”

Zhang Heling was disappointed: “Oh!”

She wanted to show off about the yacht party to Zhang Shuocheng!

Zhang Huan still has to go to work every day. He didn’t know that Zhang Yansheng had added a new item to her life, which was dating.

From time to time, Zhang Yansheng and Yue Song would either bring Zhang Heling or Xu Lichen to go out together.

Even the old man Yue found that his grandson was different recently, there seemed to be something special between his eyebrows and his eyes, and he seemed to smile more at others. In the past, many people felt that Yue Song was brought up by the old chairman, so that’s why his personality was too cold.

“Has there been any good news recently?” The old man wondered.

Yue Song thought for a while and said, “Of course, the movie I invested in has exploded.”

“And that’s enough reason for you to be so happy?” The old man was even more puzzled. He didn’t think that Yue Song was such a calm person. Yue Song only smiled and said nothing.

He has a girlfriend and if the old man knows about it, with the strength of the old man, he is bound to try his best to see Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Yansheng, a girl with a cold face and a wild heart, Yue Song observed her attitude towards her father and felt that she was a person who did not like to be restrained and disciplined by her elders. They have just been together, and no young girl likes to see her boyfriend’s elders so soon.

What’s more, she is still only a high school student, and she is at an age that is rebellious to the group of ‘elders’.

Yue Song decided to wait.

His girlfriend is too young, so he is really distressed.

The summer vacation is quickly over,《Leaving the Solar System》is still in theaters, and the seats are still full. The usual movie release period is one month, and it has now been officially announced that the release period of this movie will be extended to three months.

There are many people who watch it for the second and third times.

At the start of school, everyone looked at Xu Lichen as soon as he walked into the school.

Many students he didn’t know came to greet him. They wanted to take photos with him when they met during lunch breaks and after school.

The students in the same class remembered what he used to brag, and finally knelt down and said: “It turns out to be true.”

“F*ck, I cried when you died!”

“Xu Lichen, you acted so well!”

Xu Lichen was in a daze, with a strange feeling.

Everyone gathered around him, not because he had the money to be generous and forthright, nor because he was ‘loyal’ to help the gang form a faction to help fight. Instead, all these people agreed with something in him, which is the value he has.

This feeling…

It’s just so f*cking passionate!

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