April 8, 2022

Chapter 127: Because of You

The other party obviously understood very well, ​​laughed “haha” twice, and replied: “It’s summer vacation now, so most of the families have brought their children, so don’t worry.”

He also told Zhang Yansheng that two yachts have already taken the initiative to assume the responsibility of the ‘children’s paradise’, so the children will not be bored.

That sounds great, Zhang Yansheng told the other party that she would reply for the confirmation later.

After cutting off the communication, she looked at Yue Song. After all, this is Yue Song’s yacht, and he has the final say whether to participate or not.

Yue Song looked at her differently from usual.

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows.

Yue Song didn’t say anything in front of Xu Lichen and Zhang Heling. After turning around to discuss with the staff, he gave Zhang Yansheng confirmation.

Zhang Yansheng replied to the organizer and finalized that their yacht would participate and would provide food for the barbecue.

“Bingo!” Xu Lichen commended exaggeratedly, “This trip is worth it!”

Because this kind of activity is not always possible, first of all, there must be a strong leader to coordinate in the middle, and then everyone must respond in order to gather popularity. You’re lucky if you chance upon one.

“I want to study hard and see what to do with this party.” He said, “I will organize it myself from now on!”

Sure enough, Xu Lichen was still Xu Lichen. The last thing he lacked in his previous life was a party. There was a carnival all night in those villas, and when you woke up the next day, you’ll see a mess everywhere, and people were indescribably empty in the sun.

But after all, there is something different. When Xu Lichen said this, his eyebrows fluttered and he was elated, but he didn’t have the decadent feeling of drunkenness and dreaming in his previous life.

Zhang Heling was also so excited that she asked a lot of questions about the party. However, the two older brothers and her elder sister can only tell her: “We haven’t seen it yet, so how can we know?”

It made her itchy.

When Zhang Heling and Xu Lichen were clamoring to go up to the jacuzzi on the top floor, Yue Song walked behind and suddenly grabbed Zhang Yansheng’s wrist.

Zhang Yansheng was caught by him, so she turned around to look at him in surprise.

There was no one else on the deck. In the bronze-golden light at dusk, Yue Song stared at the young girl who was still in high school, and asked in a low voice, “Why do you know so much?”

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t understand what he was asking.

She was not flustered. As a reborn person, it is inevitable that from time to time, her body will reveal things that are inconsistent with her current age. This is inevitable. Fortunately, as she gets older and older, this kind of thing will become less and less, and it will get better and better.

But as for this time, in front of her……

Zhang Yansheng threw the pot to Zhang Huan without hesitation: “My dad’s private life is a bit messy.”

Although it was throwing the pot, it was also telling a big truth. Zhang Yansheng dared to bet her life that Zhang Huan must have attended such an adult-level party. He is absolutely not wronged for carrying the pot.

In the setting sun, a distressed look flashed clearly in Yue Song’s eyes.

He stretched out his hand, just like Zhang Yansheng used to do to Zhang Heling, and touched the top of her head: “You have worked hard.”

That gentleness is also the same as in the previous life.

Zhang Yansheng stared at him for a long time, then said, “I know more than you think. I am just such a person. Are you disappointed?”

Everything you experience will leave indelible traces on your body. She can’t pretend to be that kind of pure little white rabbit-like girl.

It’s better to reveal her true side.

Yue Song’s attention to her should have started with those videos with her classmates. His understanding of her is based on the empty foundation, so naturally his expectations of her may not be down-to-earth enough.

If he can’t accept the real her, it means that they have no fate. Perhaps the encounter in the previous life was just to be an ordinary friend in this life, and not something else.

“What’s to be disappointed about?” Yue Song sighed softly, “You are what I expected. It’s just that when I really saw something like this, I still felt uncomfortable.”

Zhang Yansheng asked in surprise: “What do you think? What do you expect me to be like?”

“That you would say things that don’t match your age, and do things that don’t match your age.” He said.

In this case, what makes people distressed is the ‘inconsistency’.

“Yansheng.” Yue Song was also honest, “That meeting in the restaurant was not the first time I saw you.”

Zhang Yansheng blinked.

“During the winter vacation last year, I was an intern at my cousin’s place — Xue Xintong. I participated in the charity event she had hosted. I saw you at that time.” Yue Song said.

Zhang Yansheng still remembered Xue Xintong’s charity event and was surprised: “Is it that early?”

And she was still stupidly thinking about waiting for five or six years later, and waiting for him at the point in time when she died in her previous life.

She didn’t even know that when she thought he was someone who had to look for in the vast sea of people, he was already watching her.

Fate is sometimes too quiet and imperceptible.

Yue Song nodded.

“In the spotlight of that banquet hall, people’s faces will look more three-dimensional, especially yours. I saw you at a glance.” He tapped Zhang Yansheng’s lips with his fingertips, “The color of your lipstick was so gorgeous, it looked so great.”

“But your eyes and expressions are too cold, and in fact, I can tell that you are very young, younger than the other young girls who participated in the event.”

“I can’t help thinking, why is this girl so cold, who is she? What has she experienced?”

“After the charity event, I went to my cousin to ask who you are. My cousin laughed at me because the girl I had a crush on turned out to be a freshman in high school.” Yue Song recalled, “But my cousin told me about your family, and I thought sure enough, as I have expected, you have to go through something like that to have that look in your eyes.”

“You are too young. I was a 2nd-year college student at that time. I couldn’t chase a freshman high school kid, so I just gave up.”

“But what I saw in you that time and what I heard about your family are the source of all my expectations of you.”

He stared at her and sighed: “You are just like I thought — you have experienced too much and know too much, so you will naturally be separated from your peers.”

His eyes were soft, his sighing voice was low and deep, and his emotions oozed out with the sound and seeped into the air.

Zhang Yansheng lowered her eyes for a moment, then raised his eyes: “Don’t feel sorry for me at every turn.”

Yue Song stared at her pool-like eyes and asked rhetorically, “Why?”

“It makes people feel soft.” Zhang Yansheng said, “This won’t work. If the whole person has been softened, how can it work if you can’t get it hardened? I can’t do it anyway.”

Yue Song thought for a while, and said, “Then, do you feel distressed occasionally?”

Zhang Yansheng hooked the corners of her mouth: “Yes.”

As she spoke, the copper-golden sunlight was converging on the horizon. The natural light dimmed, and the staff turned on the lights.

There were lights where Zhang Yansheng was standing, and there was light behind her. Yue Song looked at her as if she had melted into the light.

The diffuse light hit her face without a trace of blemishes on her skin. It was breakable and almost perfect. Yue Song’s eyes couldn’t help falling on her lips.

The slightly raised corners of her mouth seemed to have temptation. The fingertips that he touched there just now were a little hot.

The atmosphere is just right.

Zhang Yansheng thought, if Yue Song bowed his head and kissed her at this time, she would not refuse.

She refuses to be softened by the care and concern of others, but she never refuses to taste this gentleness occasionally.

She clearly saw Yue Song’s Adam’s apple move slightly.

That’s an exposed manifestation of a man’s desire.

Yue Song just stopped looking, turned his head slightly and looked elsewhere, and said, “Let’s go up. If we don’t watch them, Lichen will be messing around again.”

“…” Zhang Yan said, “Oh.”

So, do you still blame her for being too young now? Not attractive enough?

Just thinking about it, there was a stream of water falling from the sky, and I heard Xu Lichen’s quack laughter. Looking up, Xu Lichen took Zhang Heling with a water gun to the railing of the upper deck and leaned down laughing.

Sure enough, Yue Song was right. If he doesn’t watch them closely, Xu Lichen is really going to mess around.

“If you have the guts, stay there and don’t move!” Zhang Yansheng, who was drenched into a chicken in soup, gritted her teeth with a smile, and said to Yue Song, “I have to teach him a lesson!”

Yue Song, who was also drenched in chicken soup, lifted up the hem of his T-shirt and wiped his face, his narrow waist and abdominal muscles flashed by: “Go!”

The two went upstairs.

“F*ck!” Xu Lichen shouted, “Run!”

Zhang Heling followed Xu Lichen and fled frantically.

When the sun set on the horizon the next day, all the yachts arrived at the agreed sea area. Under the command of the organizer, they were arranged in order according to the scheduled location. All the yachts are connected by a bridge, forming a closed loop.

Each yacht has undertaken some projects or provided some supplies more or less. For example, Yue Song’s boat provides food for the barbecue.

The two families that have undertaken the children’s playground are all families with more children in their own homes. One has three and the other has four.

The oldest child in the family of four is only in sixth grade, and the others are small beans. There is a special children’s playroom on their yacht, and there are many facilities for children to play.

Those families with small children brought their children over.

In the family with three children, there is one middle school student and two senior elementary school students. Half-grown children like Zhang Heling gathered there.

As soon as Zhang Yansheng saw many half-sized children inside, she said to Yue Song, “You go to the party and have fun.”

There was a yacht full of people on board. It was a reunion of classmates from a wave of graduates of a private high school who had graduated and went to university.

They originally came to have a party at sea. After playing for two days, they suddenly received an invitation and found it more interesting to have more people, so they participated.

It not only brings popularity, but also provides the largest amount of food and drinks. The music was so loud that Xu Lichen rushed over as soon as he heard it.

Yue Song asked: “What about you?”

Zhang Yansheng said: “I will accompany Hehe.”

Yue Song was a little surprised: “Hehe is not young anymore.”

Moreover, seeing that her self-care ability is also good, Zhang Yansheng doesn’t need to worry about her these days.

Zhang Yansheng glanced at the half-sized boys who had entered puberty, and raised her chin: “This kind of half-sized boy is much more dangerous than you think. If you are out of luck and run into someone who has been raised crooked by your family, it will be easy to have an accident.”

So, a girl as old as her, who was jumping out of her age, gave up the party on another yacht because she wanted to protect her younger sister, and stayed next to these half-aged kids who were very noisy…

Yue Song said: “Then I will stay here too.”

“No need.” Zhang Yansheng said, “You can just go there and have fun.”

“This time, I called you out to sail to the sea to spend time with you.” Yue Song smiled softly, “Why do I need to accompany the other people?”

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